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Lori was a successful basketball coach. While coaching high school girls basketball in Kansas, her teams went to the state tournament four years in a row, winning the last two.

After winning the last state championship she was offered a job coaching at a major junior college in Arkansas and she gladly accepted, and her ability to produce a winning girls team continued.

Taking over a team that won only two games the entire previous season, her team lost the first two games, then ran off 12 straight victories, winning their conference and now were in the playoffs for the first time in school history.

Before leaving for Kemper arena, at a pep rally, the president of the college said, "Not only do we have a winner on the court with coach Naifah, she is a winner off the court as well."

So, coach has an excellent reputation.

Lori, 35, had never married, and had no kids. She is 5-7, 105 pounds and has ample size tits and legs that put most females to shame. Being athletic, she has taken very good care of herself. Her short, very short, brown hair was usually spiked, sometimes people thought maybe she was a dyke,lesbian, butch,etc.

Coach nearly married once, but when she caught him in bed with the mother of one her star basketball players, she was devastated, called of the wedding and resigned her position as coach in that town and quickly found employment at another school. Another school,another championship, she recalled.

Everywhere she had been at all four high schools and now at this junior college, she had a reputation above reproach, and was very young when she was first named high school teacher of the year, and girls basketball coach of the year, in the same school year.

Even in junior college girls basketball, coaches were allowed to recruit and one of the girls she recruited, Karla, always from the first visit, had Lori "wondering."

When she went to visit her on one of her visits, her mother knew Lori would be there at 5 p.m. and although Karla was waiting, expecting her, the mother was in a robe, nothing else, preparing supper and invited the coach to stay for a home cooked meal.

Trying to communicate was difficult, with the mother letting a tit fall from the road from time to time and Karla just laughing, and constantly complaining that Karla's dad had ended up in prison due to a banking "skam" where someone snitched on him and he was the "scape" goat.

Communication was much easier with Karla than the mother, Karla found her mothers behavior, "ridiculous,but funny," she described to coach.

"If I wasn't there, you two would communicate much better,I'm sure," Karla once told Lori laughing.

In the final home conference game of the year against this junior college schools biggest rival, the field house was packed, standing room only,(which means over 500 people were there for girls basketball) and it was a close game, horribly officiated and very,very warm in the field house. Lori's team, with lots of help from Karla hitting clutch free throws, pulled out a three point win.

Kind of like high school Lori was responsible for turning out all the lights, adjusting the thermostats, which were set way too high she thought, locking the doors, and making sure all the cars had exited from the parking lot.

After doing all the newspaper and radio interviews Lori had locked the main part of the field house, turned off the main lights and decided after all that sweating she would shower before checking the parking lot and going home.

She turned on the water in the girls locker room, took off her pant suit, bra,panties, and shoes, adjusted the heat and got under the water.

"God that feels good," she uttered to herself, thinking she was there alone.

"What did you say coach?," a voice responded, causing Lori to jump high in the shower.

"Sorry coach. It's Karla, I didn't mean to scare you, I had to walk mom out to the car, she gave me some money and I just got back in to shower, I hope you aren't mad," she said.

"No, it's fine. No big deal, but you made me age about 10 years," she laughed at her star student, who was in the shower next to her now.

Lori kept catching Karla looking at her nudity and in actuality, Lori couldn't help noticing the beauty of Karla. Nice firm tits, they had to be c cups, Lori thought, and very nice legs, but what caught her attention was the very nicely shaved pussy.

"Karla,I have to ask a question," coach said to her student while the two were drying.

"Sure coach," Karla said.

"I'm almost embarassed to ask, but I have to, and I hope you won't be offended. But, who shaved your vaginal area," the coach asked.

Smiling, Karla replied, "Well, she isn't actually my mother, she is my step mother, I can't explain how she got custody when dad went to jail when I was a sophomore, but she is only six years older than me, and well, you promise you won't repeat this to anyone coach?," she asked sweetly.

"You are safe,it will be a secret," the coach replied.

"After a game one night I went home, and we got to talking about boys. You remember that robe she was wearing when you came to my house?," Karla asked her coach.

Lori laughed and said, "Yes, she had a hard time keeping it shut," the coach replied.

"Well, all the talk about boys turned to sex, and she told me some graphic things she did as a girl, which really she still was, and soon I was breathing rapidly, and she kissed me, not like a mother should or would kiss a daughter, and things got out of hand, and we ended up in her bed that night. Well, that continued and one Saturday night, on a dare, I laid on the kitchen table and she shaved me," he young player explained.

"Well, I just wondered. Actually, Jan (her step mom's name) is a gorgeous young lady, I just thought she had taken very good care of her self, and anytime you have something to share it is safe with me Karla," Lori added.

Laughing,Karla replied, "Ok, since I told you that, you remember when you left my house that night you had that look of curiosity on your face, all the weird behavior of Jan had caused?," she asked her coach.

"Yeah,she was definitely acting different than what I imagined," she smiled, not knowing what Karla would say next.

"She said, 'I wonder if hers is shaved!' I bet it isn't," Karla laughed.

"Well, after you scared the daylights out of your coach, I guess you know now," she smiled.

For some reason, Lori liked this Karla, she didn't know why, maybe the talk about Jan aroused her, or maybe she thought she had some problems because of Jan and her dad, and against her better judgement she said, "hey Karla, I have some roast and potatoes in the crock pot at my house, I can't eat it all, and I know cafeteria food has sucked this week, you help me eat it up?"

Karla accepted and in 10 minutes they were at Lori's apartment eating roast, drinking bottled water and laughing about different things, basketball was never mentioned, which intriqued Karla, who though she never told anyone, she always thought Lori was sexy!

"I never told anyone this,until now," Lori said. "You are the first one of any of my players I ever, high school or college, saw nude," she smiled.

"And,had I known you were there, I would have waited until I got home," the coach added.

"Just my lucky night," Karla laughed, bringing a curious laugh to her coach.

The two talked for a while about guys, Lori sharing about her near marriage and catching him in the bed of one of her player's mothers.

"I had never seen his dick so huge the entire time we dated!," Lori told Karla, for reasons she didn't understand.

Karla laughed and asked, "did it anger you, or did it arouse you?"

Laughing for a second then very seriously Lori answered, "at the time I was angry! I could have killed them both. Time has passed, looking back, man, that would have been one wild fuck!"

Lori paused, not beleiving she had just made that comment.

Karla said,"dayum, was he more than seven inches?"

"At least nine," Lori said,"now why would you ask me that?"

With a seductive laugh, licking her lips she said, "coach, when I went out to mom's car, she handed me a bag and laughed and told me to enjoy. Before leaving the field house parking lot, I opened it, it's a 10 inch black dildo. Jan has a thing for black men although she says she never fucked one. Want to see it?," Karla asked.

Lori didn't know how she got into this mess, but her level of arousal was beyond out of control now. Her level of lust, seeing Karla's shaved pussy, hearing of her and Jan being lovers, her pussy was wet, very wet.

"Well, do you know how to use it?," the coach asked, laughing.

"If I don't, for some reason, I think my coach can 'coach' me," she said,winking at Lori, then planting a soft kiss on her cheek before going out to her car to get it.

Lori knew she should have stopped her, but didn't, she couldn't! She wanted her player naked, naked in her bed. She wanted to touch her, kiss her, feel her and have her do the same to her. Never had she felt like this about any female.

She worried about her reputation, but not enough to stop Karla. She worried about getting caught, yet not enough to stop her player, and in seconds, with a grin, Karla returned with the package.

Karla had already removed the monster from the box,and Lori sat in awe looking at the cock like dildo, gasping saying," dayum, that is a pussy buster," she laughed.

"Naw, with a little ky, which I keep in my purse, you'll be writhing in pleasure in only a few minutes," her young basketball player said to her, then planting a light kiss on her lips.

To her suprise,Lori returned the kiss. Breaking the kiss, Karla said, "Honey, we can't use this with our clothes on!"

The two forgot about their dirty dishes, and adjourned to Lori's bedroom and in record time both were naked on the coache's bed, exploring each other's bodies!

As Karla fingered her coaches pussy Lori screamed,"Dayum, God, this is wrong but it feels so good, whatever you are doing bitch, keep doing it!," she screamed.

"Bitch? You call me a bitch? That will get you fucked in the ass," Karla laughed, "besides you are my coach, and I am in your bed, you slut," Karla screamed out as Lori was returning the favor,fingering her young players pussy.

It was approaching 2 a.m., of course it was Friday night and no practice on Saturday until after the men's game ended around 5 p.m., so Lori suggested Karla stay there that night. "I live far enough out of town, no one will know," she laughed sneakily.

Karla straddled her coach, and put some ky not only on the dildo but in the coaches ass, and broke her in that night to the joy of having sex with a female, one of many encounters that would occur during her tenure there at the junior college.

"Wow, you scored big at the game last night and you scored big in the coaches bed last night," Lori smiled when she awoke Karla with a kiss the next morning.

"One question though Karla. You think Jan would shave my pussy?"

The two shared a long kiss and Karla made her coach cum again before the two showered and began making plans on when to meet, and Karla returned to her dorm, acting her normal,cheery self, and Lori sat on her bed,fingering her pussy,thinking of all the great female sex,she had experienced in the last 18 hours!

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