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Let us first start by asking how everyone is doing out there with their sex lives? Hopefully your answer is Great just like ours. We believe you can not get enough of sex and we are trying to see how many hours of sex can someone have in a sexual encounter. Here is our story and answer to the question that we have asked. Our names are John and Lisa and we have been married for over 30 years (1980) and we have had the pleasure of experiencing the swingers lifestyle for probally 10 of those years but not 10 straight years on and off and maybe once a month. (something to look foward to) We have done it all from photo sharing, phone, webcam, masturbating, same room, watch or be watched, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. We are still very active in the lifestyle and our main thing is sharing Lisa with others while I watch but I am always ready to join in. Here goes our answer to the question above "How Many Hours Of Sex Can You Have" will have to be the first and only time my wife was with another woman. I know everyone would think another man or a group party but no it was with another woman. Back in the 2001 we have invited a couple Mike and Debbie to our home. We have been speaking with them on the internet and phone for quite awhile and I finally convinced my wife to indulge with another woman so we called them. It was a Friday night around 9pm as me and my wife were sitting around the house me in sweats and my wife dressed to the nine in her sexy lingerie attire and high fuck me heels. We were both feeling real good from some fine wine and some GREAT smoke. My wife was very horny thinking about her first experience with another woman since our few prior experiences were with other single men only. We were meeting a couple for our first time and wow we couldnt believe it but it was going to take place real soon! It was about 9:30pm and the door bell rang and my wife got so nervous that she said to me not to let them in. I said what to her and she said make up a story i am not going to be with another woman I am not she yelled to me completely blowing my mind and my high, (lol) I yelled out by the door just a minute and Lisa went into the bathroom and locked the door. I wasn't gong to tell these people a bogus story and I was so fucking horny begging my wife since 1980 to be with another woman this was the shot I dreamed of for 20 years. I opened the door and the most stunning woman I have ever seen with a very attractive man next to her. She introduced herself as Debbie and he reached out to shake hands and said he was Mike. Debbie was wearing a long coat with boots and he was in jeans and a blazer. I said we have a problem and invited them in. They asked what the problem was and I explained to them that my wife is all dressed to kill and got scared when the door bell wrang. I explained that since we were married in 1980 we have only met a few times and it was with single men never with another woman present. As I was speaken the bathroom door answered and there was Lisa standing in a sexy see through lingerie top and pants with high heels. Within a few minutes maybe seconds Debbie took off her coat exposing the greatest naked body I have ever seen and a pair of tits to die for. My wife standing in still motion just staring and Debbie walking towards her Mike said to me this is going to be a long night and asked if I had anything to drink so we went into the kitchen and left the girls in the living room. when we came back in they were gone and I said to him where are they and yelled for Lisa and she answered in here but everything was okay but I still headed to the bedroom where I heard her yell from and what I walked in on FORGETABOUTIT they were both on the bed touching each other. next to them on the bed was my wifes toys and a huge double dildo that wasn't my wifes but something Debbie brought with her. My wife asked for me to leave a close the door. I went back to the living room where Mike was sitting and started to talk to him. I asked if we were going to join them and he answered if they want us to but he thought that Debbie was able to handle it without our help. I still wanted to watch and I explained to him that I was and still am 10000000% straight and plan to stay that way and he answered so was he. After a while we both got up to go to the bedroom to sneak a peak and we found them both kissing each other and fondling each other. We were asked to leave a gain so I went to the living room and put a tape into the vcr and asked if he wanted to smoke some good shit and that's what we did we drank and smoked. I was alittle dissapointed that we weren't involved in the sexual encounter but I was very turned on know what was going on. I am going estimate and say about 1 hour passed and all we heard was moan and groans so I got up from the living room wasted by this time and went to the bedroom to find my wives toys being used on her by Debbie. there was a circle of water or wetness around where they we playing and it was soaking wet. My wife had the most horniest face on and Debbie smiled at me. I was again asked to leave the room so I did. About another hour past and I heard them both yell to me and Mike come in check this out, hurry they yelled so we both got up and ran in and what we say and what I saw and will never forget was my wife laying there spread open wide and Debbie shoving a dildo in her fast and hard and as she pulled it out of my wifes pussy a gush of water (pussy juice) squirted out of Lisa's pussy and shot across the room hitting the both of us where we wre standing at the foot of the bed. I never saw that ever happen in real life and I never saw my wife being able to do that. Debbie said watch and Lisa said here it cumns again SQUIRT wow gushing all over the bed and her thighs. Lisa was shaking no she was trembling from pleasure. I went to go close to my wife and Debbie said no what do you think your doing that was for her to clean up and Debbie wsent between her legs and started to taste and clean Lisa up with her mouth tasting every inch of my wife. mike had taken out his cock and went over to my wife and had my wife start to suck on his cock so I took out mine and my wife said no all I want you to do is watch so watch is what I did. Debbie now took the double dildo and put it in my wife and in herself and thwe both of them began to fuck each other while Mike leaned over Lisa jerking himself to pleasure all over Lisa. Mike then had my wife clean his cock up and he pulled his pants back up and he went back to the living room. They continued to fuck each other in and out fast and slow cum everywhere so I pulled off my sweats and walked towards my wife and started to jerk off and she said no so I asked Debbie and she also said no so I jerked off and shot the biggest load that I have probally shot to date. I asked my wife to clean me up and she said clean yourself up so i just pulled my sweats up and continued to watch. Within minutes another hard on so I dropped my sweats and started to jerk off again and Debbie got up from the bed and told me to fuck my wife so I did and fucking I did pounding her hard and shooting my load deep inside of her. Debbie asked me to get off the bed now and she started to clean my wife up licking her like a mother cat would lick her litter and kissing her and touching softly and telling how much of a great time she had. Lisa said thank you to her and looking up at me and Mike standing in the door way she aslo thanked us. Debbie asked if she could use the shower and her and my wife went into the bathroom and took a shower. When it was done and the night was cumming to an end Mike and Debbie said goodnight to us and said we'll talk again. we both walked them to the door and said goodnight Debbie reached into the house and kissed Lisa good bye. This night was amazing and the night that Lisa had sex no not just sex but love for over 3 hours straight without cumming up for air and it was trully amazing and probally will never be duplicated again as that was the first and only bi/sexual experience my wife encountered. She is strickly Dickly but I am still trying to find that special woman to re-enact that night so many years ago. If there are any of you woman out there single or part of a couple get in touch with us.

P.S. Men are always welcum!

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