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Back to work

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I hate the fact I have gone back to work, but with no kids at home during the day, not like I have good reasons to stay at home all day. At least it is only part-time. I get adult interaction & am still available for my kids.

My boss is a nice young girl. I say she is a young girl because she is about 15 years younger than me. No issue for me. She is nice to me and doesn?t treat me like shit even though I?m just an assistant around the office. She knows of my education and the reason I have stayed out of work for the past 10 years and says we can help each other.

I learned what she want she meant by I could help her out when the other night she asked me if I could stay late to help her finish up a project. I thought it was the big proposal for the Monday board meeting. It started out that way, but soon took a turn down a road I had often fantasized about but never went.

It was around 12:30 am. I was tired from looking at the numbers and working so long. I was sitting at my desk trying to get the last graph done up when she came up and started rubbing my shoulders. I melted. It felt so good. I thanked her and told her she didn?t have to. She told me she wanted to show her appreciation for my hard work and continued. I was of no use at that point. After about 5 minutes of rubbing my back while I?m sitting at my desk she offers her couch as a place for me to lay down while she finishes the last touches for the night. I thought she meant the report.

Nope. She meant me. I laid down on the couch and she told me to lay on my stomach so she could work on me. I started to ask what she meant but she closed & locked the door & said ?roll over bitch?. I did as I was told. She rubbed my back until I was jelly. Then she told me to take my shirt & jeans off so she could continue. I told her I appreciated the massage but maybe I should go. She told me ?strip bitch? and I did. She didn?t let me stop at my bra & panties. I stood there naked in front of my boss wondering if this classified as sexual harassment but at the same time starting to feel my juices run down my leg from the excitement brewing in me.

She pushed me onto the couch where I was sitting up and she got down on her knees and began to eat me. I was shocked but so charged. Her tongue on my clit was driving me nuts. This chick knew how to eat pussy and she was working mine into a frenzy.

Before I knew it I came all over her face. But she didn?t seem to mind as she kept licking me until I stopped.

As I sat there in a kind of daze she stood up & stripped her own clothes off.

What a beautiful body. It wasn?t model perfect but rather nicely curved the way beautifully curvy was back in the 50?s. Her tits weren?t perfect either but very nice and I wanted to touch them something fierce. Her legs were long and muscular; I love muscular legs.

She told me to stand up & lean over her desk. Even though my legs weren?t working very well I did what she said. I put my hands against the edge of the desk and leaned. She told me to spread my legs & I did. I wasn?t going to cross this chick any more.

She got out a whip and began to whip my ass. It hurt at first then I started to enjoy it. She asked if I liked it and when I said yes she laughed and whipped me some more. It was feeling so good I almost came like this. I was thinking to myself ?what the hell has gotten into me??

All of the sudden she stopped & walked around to her chair behind the desk. She told me to come around and pay homage to my boss. Not exactly sure what she wanted I walked around and stood there. She could tell I didn?t understand so she told me to kneel and eat. I had never eaten pussy before but figured now was as good a time as any to begin.

I didn?t know what I was doing but just did what I liked. And apparently that was good enough. She began to moan and lean further back in her chair and scoot down more. Before I knew what was happening she came all over my face. I was shocked and hesitated a bit. She didn?t like that. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face back into her wet pussy. I licked and licked, swallowed and swallowed. I thought this chick would never stop cumming.

When she did I sat back on my heals and waited her next command. She looked at me and smiled. She told me she appreciated my help with the project as well as the ?extras?. She told me we were done for the night and that she hoped we could work together on another project soon.

As I got dressed and headed home, I wasn?t sure what to think about what had happened tonight but I was going to have some very sweet dreams.

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