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When we finally meet, after talking over the internet several times, the air it charged with sexual frustration. My eyes meet yours and I know I want to pleasure and be pleasured by you. I look you over from head to feet, stopping for a good look at your beautiful, full breasts. You've chosen to wear a low cut shirt that exposes your cleavage for me and I sooo want to walk right up to you and run my tongue down that crack..

We go through the pleasantries of hand shakes and head to the bar (the one in the little town near you). We all order a beer. As we're standing near at the bar, you ask me... did you wear your jewelry for me tonight? I answer with a nod of my head. As we talk over our beers, I can feel me wetness, and with every move I make, I feel my clit jewelry moving making me aware of of horny I am.

As we're standing there talking, you run your hand down my long hair saying how beautiful and soft it is. You let your hand linger on the small of my back making me wish you'd move it down to my ass.

After our second beer, you announce that you have to use the ladies room. You ask me if I need to go also. Hell, I won't pass up a chance to go with you anywhere. I follow you to the bathroom and you run your hand over your cleavage asking me if I like what I see. I ask if I can touch them. You tell me yes. I move to you and reach out to feel your hardened nipple through your blouse. You tell me to pinch it like I would if my teeth were on it. I do as you say. I can see and feel the result of my touch.

You reach to me and put a finger in my mouth. You tell me to suck on it and ask me if I'm getting wet. All I can do is nod. You take your wet finger and put it to your own mouth and tell me, "I can't wait to taste you."

We return to the bar and have a few more drinks. During our conversation, you've leaned over to me and whispered that you want to taste me and finish the comment by putting your tongue in my ear several times. All the while, your breasts are leaning on my arm, and our thighs are touching on the bar stool. By this time, I want your hands on me sooo bad! I've been lucky enough to secretly pinch your nipple and make it hard.

We finally leave the bar. Once to the motel room, you tell me that I seem tense and look like I could use a massage. I agree. You tell me to s l o w l y, remove one article of clothing at a time while you watch until I'm down to my black lacy bra and black thongs. You then come to me and tell me to slide my bra staps down off my arms so you can feel the weight of them in your hands. The material is still between them and your hands. Once you've felt them and squeezed them, you back away from me and tell me to finally finish taking off my bra. You tell me to reach behind me and unsnap it, and to keep my hands behind my back as it falls to the floor. You come to me once again and hold them in your hands. You bend your head to my nipple and grab it with your teeth. I take a deep breath and reach for your head. You say "I didn't tell you to move your hands from behind your back did I". I place them back behind me and you resume your biting, almost to pain, but more pleasure.

You stop once my nipple is hard and tell me to turn away from you and bend over and slowly take down my panties. You are standing right behind me and as the strings come off my hips, your hands replace them. You are feeling my ass and grabbing handfulls of it as I slide my thongs the rest of the way to the floor. You tell me to step out of them, and as I do, you tell me to keep my legs apart and to put my hands on the bed. You make me stand in that position and you just look at me from behind. You are admiring the view of my round ass and the glistening of my pussy and the dangle of my clit jewelry.

After a minute or 2 of that, you smack my ass, and tell me to lie on the bed on my stomach. It's time for my massage. I comply with your demand. You start with my feet and work your way up my legs. As you reach my thighs, you tell me to open my legs to you. I'm afraid you'll see how wet I am and get a swift smack on the ass for my delay. I then open my legs wide. You continue your massage up my legs and my inner thighs. You are nearing my private region and my hips rise uncontrollabaly. You smack my ass again telling me that this is not for my pleasure... yet... and to keep still. You continue your massage of my legs finally moving to my ass cheeks. As you massage them, you are pulling them apart. You ask me if any female has ever touched my ass before. I answer "no". You continue to massage and pull them apart, each round bringing your fingers closer to my hole. I try to clench my cheeks together, and you reward me with several slaps on the ass. You tell me that I am not to make decisions on my own and you will do with me what you wish and I am to let you. I say, ok.

You resume your massage of my ass, and let a finger stray over my hole. I don't clench this time. You reward me with several more darting fingers over my ass, but never penetrating it. Your massage then works up over my back and shoulders. As you work up, you massage the sides of my breasts that are mashed to the bed in my position. Once my back is massaged, you tell me to roll over so you can do my front half.

I do as I'm told and roll onto my back. You staddle me and begin by massaging my collar bones and down my arms. As you get to my chest, I start to stiffen as you're getting close to my breasts. You tell me that I am to stay relaxed and that a full body massage means just that... full body. You then begin to cup my breasts, running your fingers over my nipples. You can see and feel them respond. You tell me I'm a bad girl for getting turned on by a massage and should be punished for my response. You tell me that even nipples need massaging during a full body massage. Once said, you begin pinching them between your fingers. Soft at first, but as they respond you continue to massage my breast and pinch my nipples harder. You again tell me that I shouldn't be responding this way, and maybe the best way to massage my nipples would be to try a different way. You lower your head to my breast and take my nipple in your mouth. Once I feel the warm wetness of your mouth on my nipple, I moan. You bite.. hard... and tell me to take it. I silence again. This goes on for several minutes. I'm enjoying the feelings so much I can't help but to moan. Every moan I make, makes you bite my nipple as punishment.

Finally you finish by massaging my globes and run your hands down my abdomen. You massage your way down to my pubic area. You comment on how smooth I am... no hair at all in fact.... You say to me... I thought I told you to keep your legs apart... I scramble to comply and open my legs to you. I receive a swat to my clit as punishment. You tell me to remember to keep my legs open to you and not to close them unless you tell me to.

As you massage my pubic area, my hips rise involuntarily. I'm met with another swat to my clit. You remind me that I shouldn't be responding this way. You tell me that you plan on massaging my clit and my vagina as part of my full body massage.

Finally, your finger meets the outermost part of my secret region. You run your fingers up and down. You comment that I have worn nice jewelry for you and that for some reason I seem very wet. You then slowly run a finger over my clit. I raise my hips again. Swat... on my clit... You tell me that this area may be like my nipples and my need your mouth to massage it since it's so sensitive. You also tell me that the only way you can tell if your massage is working is to put a finger inside of me to see how I'm responding to your technique. I quietly moan ok.

With that, you lick my clit. Once, twice, so slowly I'm dying. You then insert a finger inside of me. You feel how wet I am. You stop to tell me that I'm such a bad girl and shouldn't be so wet from a massage. You bite at my clit as my punishnet. That rewards you with fresh wetness on your finger. As your tongue glides over my clit, you insert another finger inside of me. Oh, my... I'm sooo full. You sense I'm nearing the edge... and you stop and withdraw your fingers.

I let out a disappointed moan. You tell me that the only way to have my body fully released of all it's pent up tension is to ask for it. You tell me that I have to look you in the eyes and ask for my body to be released to your satisfaction.

I look at you, but remain silent. You lower your hand and tease my clit, running your fingers down and tempting my rear entrance. Every time I raise my hips, you remove your hand...Once I come down again, your teasing starts.

Finally, I look you in the eye and say "please let me cum" You aren't that easily satisfied. You ask me how... I say please lick my clit. To that request you do for a few strokes and stop. God I'm so wet. I say, please don't stop licking my clit. To that, you start again. It feels so good, but you know how not to make me cum. I say, put a finger inside of me while you lick my clit. You play with the opening to my vagina, but just look at me and say... What do you say... I say... please put your finger inside of me while you lick my clit. You respond by putting a finger in but not moving it. I'm going crazy. You take your finger out of my vagina and trail my juice to my ass. I say... yes, please... You reach over the edge of the bed and pull out a butt plug. You enter it in me to lube it and ask me if I want to feel it in my ass. I nod my head yes. Swat... on my clit... You ask me again if I want to feel it in my ass. I respond by saying, please put that in my ass. S l O w l y, you enter the butt plug into my ass. Again, every time I wiggle you stop and pull it out some. Once it's inside completely, you look at me again and ask what I want to complete my body's release from this massage. I look at you again and say.. please lick my clit and finger me. I want to feel not just 1 finger inside of me. I want you to feel how wet you've made me. I want to come on your fingers while your other hand is fucking me with the butt plug and you're licking my clit...

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