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American Culture, Lesbian Style, Part 2

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Saturday morning Rosso and I awoke early and at sunrise went for a bicylce ride on our regional park trails. We talked of our decision to experience the day separately with the possibility that our evening also would be enjoyed in the same way. While my 'unicorn' had eluded me, my hairstylist had reappeared. On our ride I talked about my desire the spend the day and the night with Darla, and asked Rosso if he would agree. We biked for more than an hour and then returned home to have a light breakfast, and dress for the day. He wanted me to go. I decided to wear a short sun dress with a cut collar and spaghetti straps and daytime sandals and also took along a change of clothing for the night. About 10 o'clock we said goodbye for the day and I drove to meet Darla at her house. My anticipation about our tryst gave me a cheery and seductive sensation.

Turning into Darla's parking lot I parked and checked my lipstick in the rear-view mirror, took my night bag and day purse, and closed and locked my doors. Knocking on her door, I was ready to enjoy the day with her. She was dressed in pale blue button-up cuffed patch-pocket cargo pants and a cap-sleepved, v-cut summer top with a swirl pattern in the fabric, wearing ankle socks and tan-colored boat shoes. Her hair was smooth, not spiked, brushed back at the sides and top, and her eyes sparkled when they met mine. I was dressed in a sleeveless pink undertone-with floral pattern day dress with a mid-thigh hem and countour cork-souled sandals. She cheerfully volunteered to drive to Harriett Island Park for our day outing. My hair was brushed back at the temples and lay at the nape and down my back, with the top hair swept back and no band. Darla decided she wanted me to look a little different and took some scrunch gel, and used it to work into my hair to 'stack it out' for more valume and a loose, finger-curled shaggy effect, which she said was 'really sexy.' That's was how I felt when we left for the day.

We would spend the late hour and early afternoon hours walking through the park looking at the various venue tents where storytellers, musicians and dancers, Irish history book and lore vendors, and other merchants were located, and then in the early evening to the large outdoor concert stage for the featured band performance. Walking around together, Darla interlocked her arm in mine, and at times would hold my arm and touch my derriere, and show her fascination with me. Sometime in mid-afternoon she confided in me, saying in a low tone, "My partner and I have been together for more than a year and I haven't flirted with any other femme...until now." Truly, I sensed her flirtation with me and I knew I appealed to her and liked what I sensed. We bought food and beverage tickets and sampled some of the food and drink, and then walked along the riverfront to observe the various boating craft and view the skyline of the city and bridge across the Minnesota River in the distance. It was there that we stopped to kiss romantically, and there that Darla revealed her interest for us that evening, saying, "Doreen, tonight I want to 'mark you' when we are alone." Puzzled, I thought she might mean giving me a tatto or a piercing, which is something we in the salon industry offer as bodywork service to our clients. "What would that be?" I asked for clarification. "You'll know later, Doll!" She asserted and assured me, and we continued on to the bridge stage for the evening concert. It seemed we were an interesting, contrasting couple because we noticed others looking at us. We felt the sensual magic of being attracted to each other and took it home with us.

Back at Darla's townhome, we began to caress and kiss each other, and undressed each other. Placing pillows in her living area floor, Darla had us kneel before each other, and she had me bend backwards while she sumptuously licked an sucked my breastfruit, and then had me do the same for her, feasting on her larger mango-shaped melons. Then she pushed me back, arranged my hair to one side of my head, and straddled me at the hps, directing me to keep my arms alongside my torso, and moved forward over it, positioning herself just above my breastfruit. She leaned forward to support her body and placed her pussy just above my face. "This is how I will mark you, Doreen. Don't lick me yet, OK?" she asked. She dominated me and 'marked' me as hers. She dipped her torso at the hips and touched her clitoral hood directly on the bridge of my nose, and wiggled slightly until her cuntlips opened as a flower, and kissed my nose, annointing it with her femme crème. Moving up and own slowly, her pussyclit rode the length of my nose and then stopped at the tip, where she nudged the tip of my nose with her clitoral shrimphead, arousing herself, letting her cuntlips kiss my nose and mouth, and then eased down to my chin, where her cuntmouth sucked it and then moved up again and over my mouth and to my nose, pussy-smothering' my breath,too make me her submissive lover. Her aroma filled my nostrils and her taste filled my mouth. She captivated me in this way while she pleasured herself into a sweet-moaning first orgasm.

Lying quietly with her torso over my face, I sensed Darla's wonderful orgasm, and as the waves of pleasure filled her I knew she would recover and be ready for another. When she was, she spoke softly, "Lick my clit this time Dore,." and she moved her cuntlips over my mouth, and my tongue eased into her inner labia and licked through their delicious texture to her simmering clit. There I found my joy, and there I stayed until I had coaxed her into her second, more intense and sudden, screaming orgasm. Again she swooned and stayed in the smothering position. My arms were still at my sides, and I moved them up and outside her thighs so that with my hands I could lift her hips by pushing slightly, and I positioned her for another lick-through and her third emancipating, joyful, shouting orgasm. Yes, yes yes, she skydanced into the 'triple-O!'

Later, after her recovery, she would do gown on me from the top. At the end of our wonderful evening, we lounged in her bed, she swore me to secrecy, promising never to tell her partner. It was then that she showed her partner's picture to me, and I viewed the face of an attractive but not beautiful femme, someone to admire and cherish. We then began our late evening kissing and caressing which led to a deep, relaxing sleep, without regret.

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