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All Wet

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I met Dena at a club while waiting on my boyfriend. She had this soft smile and very sexy body – brown flowing hair, 5’7”, maybe 125 lbs. She was wearing a single layer satin bra that hugged her high, firm 34C’s very tight, a pair of matching print panties, and high heels. I was naked except a red thong. I was instantly attracted and started talking with her. She was waiting on her boyfriend also. We were not more than a couple of minutes into our little chat when I surprised myself by asking if I could touch her boobs.

They were every bit as firm as they looked and her nipples quickly responded to my touch, growing larger and harder. I cupped both breasts and gently ran my cupped hands back and forth in a rotating manner. She smiled and reached out to my bare 36C’s, only her hands started massaging with gentle squeezes. All the while we were looking into each other’s smiling faces.

I removed one hand and slowly moved it down her tight belly to the little (and equally as tight) panties. Her pubic mound was truly a mound! Through the thin, stretched satin, I felt smooth skin – shaved! I started rubbing the palm of my hand slowly up and down over her mound, feeling her tight slit, and oh ever so slightly, a bit of dampness between her legs.

As I reached this point in my exploration, Dena removed a hand from my now achingly hard nipple and rather quickly moved it downward. Only she was not content to rub me thru my thong, and slipped her hand underneath to my shaved lips. (I maintain a slight landing strip that ends about an inch above my slit.) Her index finger slipped right down between my pussy lips, right across my clit to the entrance of my hole. I had been wet since I first touched her boobs; now I became even wetter! Whereas Dena was standing, I was resting on the arm of a couch, so it was easier for Dena to get her fingers more involved, quicker. She didn’t pause long, before she rubbed her wet finger upward to my bud and massaged it for a few seconds before sliding back down, this time sliding her index finger inside my hole.

After a shiver ran thru my body, which was not an orgasm, but about as close to one as anyone can get without truly coming, I snaked my hand inside to discover what I already knew – she was bald – and worked my dry finger in between her lips. She was just starting to get wet. I moved my finger in and out of her lips, not being able to reach down further between her legs yet. Her clit was larger than mine, and I fantasized that I felt it getting harder by the stroke. She certainly was getting wetter. Soon, my finger was soaked sufficiently to slide on down and curl up into her hole. She didn’t shiver, but grabbed my hand and held it there. All the while she kept finger fucking my hole with long slow strokes.

After an eternity of this (probably just a few minutes) I felt her legs begin to quiver, ending with a couple of hard pelvic thrusts against my fingers as her eyes closed, her head went back and a deep, low moan escaped her lips. I came an instant later, only I am loud and shook violently.

We didn’t move for a long time (again probably only eternal seconds), except some slow hand movements. Then we hugged tightly (I marveled at how big and hot her nipples felt).

“My boyfriend is upstairs looking for a private room for us and some friends we have already met. Would you like to join us?” I asked.

“Yes, certainly. Let me find my boyfriend.” Dena answered.

It took longer than expected to find my boyfriend and the couple that we had arranged to meet; the party was quite crowded. The room that they had found was not anywhere near where I had told Dena to look. We went about having our fun, but all the time my mind would wander off to Dena. I wanted to be kissing her, fingering her, tasting her, fucking her.

Finally it was time to take a break. I seldom wear much clothing, and this was no exception. I pulled on my little schoolgirl style skirt that doesn’t even cover my pussy, and nothing else. I left my boyfriend with our friends and went looking.

After perhaps 10 minutes I found her. Her boyfriend was sitting – slouched – on a couch and she was straddling his hips, rocking back and forth. She still had on her bra and heels, but had lost her panties and was obviously impaled on his cock. They were tenderly kissing as I approached. I didn’t think she saw me approach in the low light, so I quietly slipped my arms around her sides to again cup her breasts. For an instant she stopped rocking and tensed. Then, must have realized who it was because my cupping action was exactly the same as it had been earlier. She slumped back against my breast and began rocking again. I leaned forward as her head came back and we melted into a long wet kiss. Her mouth was so sweet and soft, and she obviously knew how to kiss other girls.

I am a bit unusual. For a girl, I mean. With guys sex is all about a looooong build up. Lots of foreplay. But with another girl, there is something about . . . well, about getting to her pussy. I love kissing and breast play, but I am really very focused on playing with pussies.

Now, I don’t know Dena’s boyfriend; I really don’t know anything about Dena except we had chemistry earlier in the evening. But my lust took over; I didn’t think. When we broke our kiss, I sat down on the couch about two feet away, so that I could lean over and kiss her pussy while she was still fucking her boyfriend. It must have been OK; she continued rocking back and forth. I lay my right cheek on her boyfriend”s lower abdomen and started licking her pussy in earnest. Her clit was so hard and was sticking out from between her folds. I latched on and sucked hard while running my tongue across the end of it. It didn’t take long before she was in the throws of a bigger orgasm than she had downstairs. As the violent shudder wracked her entire body, she slid backwards on his legs and his cock popped out, slapping me on the left cheek. I was so desperate to taste her, I again didn’t think. Her pussy was only inches away, but his cock that had been buried inside of her, was on my cheek totally wet with her cum. I swallowed it in one quick gulp. I loved her juice! But soon I was tasting more of him and less of her. I quickly grabbed her hips, pulled her toward my waiting tongue and got the full effect of her own sweet juices. She had just composed herself from her orgasm when my tongue was again between her wet lips.

Sometime while we were in this position, her boyfriend must have cum; I late noticed it in my hair on the right side and on his abdomen. But that was maybe 15 minutes later.

Dena slid off of his legs, and came around to the couch where I was sitting. With my head still in his lap, she pulled me around so that she could stretch out next to me. Only she wanted to get into a 69, so she had to ask her boyfriend to move over. Finally her leg went over my face and her pussy settled down on my mouth. She momentarily played with my breasts, pinching my nipple up to full attention, before lowering her mouth to my cunt. How I had been aching all evening to feel her tongue down there! She did not disappoint!

At first we explored each other’s cunt with our tongues and mouths. Sucking sweet (hers) and tangy (mine) juices; dancing tongues around very hard clits, and reaching deep into each other’s juicy holes. I was so lost in pure wanton sexual lust that it took me a while to realize that the probing of my hole had changed It was reaching deeper, to my G-spot, then to my cervix. Dena had substituted two fingers for her tongue, but continued the purposeful probing that I had experienced with her tongue. As much as I love to get finger fucked by guys, this was way different.

The ecstasy continued and returned the favor, sliding two wet fingers of my own into her tight, wet box. I paused for a while at her G-spot. It felt rougher than mine, and yet softer. Her hips started to move. Not wanting her to cum – at least not so violently that she would have to move off of me, I moved my fingers on up to her cervix and began to fuck with long, slow strokes, being sure to stimulate her G-sot and cervix with every stroke. She began to match me stroke for stroke, so I knew she loved this.

Finally I felt my self building and needing a release immediately. Not missing a stroke with my fingers, I latched my mouth over her clit and sucked hard and curved my fingers up against her G-spot at the same time. She started to cum – a big one. Just anticipating her cum and my own high state of arousal (and her fingers still fucking me), did it for me. She moaned loudly and slumped against my body, her head falling between my legs. I bucked three or four times violently and let out a loud OHHHHH!!!!!!

Moments passed. I was very content to smell and idly lick at the juices that were soaking her thighs.

We were soon to realize that we had gathered quite an audience as we became aware of quiet clapping and low whistles. We slowly disengaged from our 69 position, to sitting side-by-side. We acknowledged the audience that still remained by playing with each other’s breasts and idle kissing. Her boy friend had gotten up, no doubt for a drink, so we slowly gathered ourselves together and wandered off, arms around each other.

This was the encounter that made me realize that I really want some evenings – perhaps a full weekends – with nothing but girls. Girls and aggressive sex.

By: pinkpocket

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