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Adult toy party 2

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thay were all here now an said I told them I had a surprize for them I got you all a teddy for them an said help yourself to them an put them on, thay all striped an put them on kris came over an give me a kiss an said thank you long with patty an sue kelly, now jill said I have one more for you I called for mary she came out jill said I would like you to meet her we have one more surprize for you mary had her teddy on An so did I now to the party room jill lead us in the living room an said to mary it up to you now, mary said I'm glad you girls are here for the party with that she pulled a sheet off the table there was all sort of dildos on the table some were thin one an some thet were about ten inchs long an three inch wide, mary sid you can try them if you like an I here more on this table which were strap on an anal plugs, jill said the best one is over here an pulled off the sheet off it kelly said what is it mary said a fucking machine kelly said how dose it work first take your teddy off an come her I jill helped kelly on the machine while mary put a toy on it it was 2 inch wide on 8 inchs long while the other girls were play with the other toys, mary told kelly to neal down over the machine an I will help you jill tyed kelly hands an leggs to it an mary lubbed the dildo an kelly now are you ready kelly I think so with that mary turned it on as jill put it in her kelly said OMG this is great as it fucked her, as mary turned it up it went deeper in her, patty an sue were on the floor with a to headed didio kris had a dildo inside of her mary told jil I have some thing I saved for you mary got it out of a box an told jill to take her panty off mary put so lube in it an walk to jill was laying on the floor then put it on my pussy an started to pump it as it suck on my cunt an pulled my lipps into a cylinder then her put on a breast pump on my breasts an begain to pump it as it pulled on my nipples, mary said I need to check on kelly, mary ask her how she was doing kelly said I came two times so far mary said I have two more things it will do mary said as she turned it off an took the dildo off an put on another one on you will love this one as her put it on the machine an in me she turn it on then said how is that kelly said I love it as mary turned on another button an out if the dildo came a little one an went onto my wome about three inchs then I felt somthing warm shooting into me it felt like it just cum in to me mary just lafed an said it did. than mary walk over patty on sue an said what do you think as thay were siting now mary said have you ever been fisted to sue an patty? mary asked kris to come over to them mary took kris hand an put lube on her hands than sue pussy an patty than took kris hand an put two finger in both of them than told kris to go for four as kris pushed she had four finger in them now make a fist kris an heres so more lube now push kris an her hand was deep inside of them now fuck them with your fist, now I went back to jill an took off the pumps her pussy was a bright pink an her nipples were hard as a rock now what do you think mary said ? jill said I loved it as she looked at kelly an riding at maching an kris fist fucking patty an sue now I went to kelly an turned off the maching an untyed kelly she said I never been fuck like that before I loved it,now told kris to come over as she pulled her hands out of patty an sue, now kris its your turn on the machine we tyed her hands an liggs an lubed her she said I would like to try that three inch dildo as jill gave it to mary on lube her good as mary put it on the machine as mary put it into kris OMG it big kris said as mary turned the machine on jill put on more lube on her as the dildo went deeper into her now she had four inchs in an had five to go kris said I can take it all, than mary said ok as she pushed a button an the machine pushed it all on her OMG I'm going to cumm AS she pasted out mary turned it off as we took kris off it we took kris an put her in bed, now patty said I would like to try it as we put patty on it, Jill said I better check on kris as jill left mary an sue lubed patty an put the two inch dildo in her an mary turned it on an it begain to fuck her sue walked over to the table an got a butt plug an came back to patty an put lube on it an pushed it into patty ass till it was all the way in as patty said dam that fill grate one in my ass an in my cunt as mary turned up the machine GOD I CUMMING as patty shot cum all over the machine as we took patty off it was sue turn now, sue got on an said I what it in my ass? mary said ok, we lubed her up an put it up her ass are you sure I SAID YES as mary turned it on it went all the way in her now fist me mary lubed her hand an started to fist her while she got fucked up the ass by the machine mary had hafe her arm in her all most to her elbow. jill went to chick on kelly by now kelly said what happened jill said you passed out an I can't belive you took all nine inchs as patty sue an mary came in the bed room an ask how was kris she is fine now,said we need to get one of those machings, jill said? mary said I will give it to you if I can bring some of my byers to sell my toys here? jill said that would be fine with me if we all can help you sell the toys an play, Mary said OK I have another show next week if its ok with you? SAID SEE YOU SATURDAY.

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