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Addiction By Realkinkcple

I'm out again in another sleazy redneck bar, what fun; sarcasm even in my mind, it figures. Well, what else; I'm a sex addict, tried treatment, was told it was a compulsive problem, there is no cure and the only way to control it is better will power. Yes, tell someone who has a compulsive problem to control their compulsion, sure, and maybe some one stranded in the desert can control the their thirst for water, idiots! So, here I am prowling, hopefully I'll find something to whet my appetite. I know I don't look too bad for 32, 5'5", 120 lbs., firm C-cup chest, and green eyes and shoulder length wavy blonde hair. I'm wearing a blue-jean mini skirt and a snug black T-shirt.

I scan the crowd; three beer bellied truck driver types by the lone pool table, nope. Next, I see four blow dried wanna-be-party-girls in a booth trying to get the truckers to pay for another round, nope definitely straight. Yes, I like women too, no need to discriminate, man or woman; sex is sex to me. The stools in front of the bar yield nothing but four drunks and a hooker rather not have vomit on me during sex and I do not pay for it. Oh, here we are; a pretty brunette next to the pay phone with a hip propped against the wall, bent down to adjust the strap on her shoe and I get a nice shot of black thong under her little black leather skirt.

She stands up, turns my way and looks right at me with a grin. Yes, that is a go signal, I start over to her, she looks to be in her late twenties, pretty with a nice body, in good shape. The dark blue tank top is a great contrast to her light skin and shows nice cleavage. I stop in front of her, smile and introduce myself. "Hi I'm Lynn" she grins again and replies "I'm Tina" then shakes my hand, lightly rubbing the back of my hand with her thumb. Oh, yeah she knows what she wants can we say, "girls night”. She tells me she stopped to meet a friend and the friend was a no show. All I can say is thanks friend you were right not to show, I get this little morsel tonight. I ask her if she was going to leave if the friend didn't show, she said she would give him another couple of minutes, finish her drink and then take off. I ask if she minds if I wait with her. "Not at all" she answers, "Why don't we grab a booth over by the door, away from the jukebox?” "Sure" I say.

We slide in the booth and I take a sip of my watered down drink, she does the same. "Do you come here often?" I ask with a laugh "Damn, I sound like a man, don't I?" She laughs, a nice husky sound, "Well, maybe" she says and adds, "I was going to ask you the same thing". She has been here a few times because it is close to her work, she tells me and I tell her that I come here every once in a while. She tells me she works as a paralegal two blocks from here. Hmm, smart and nice looking, better and better.

We make small talk for a couple of minutes, then she looks down at her watch and says "Well, he's almost 30 minutes late, I guess that means I'm officially stood up". We both laugh at her quip, and then I ask "OK, so do ya want to go grab some food with me since you seem to be dateless and free now?" She acted as if it took deep thought but ruined it with another quirky grin and replied, "Well, I don't know. How do I know that you’re not just after my body?"

Yes, sweetie you know how to play the game don't you? I think to myself. I rein in the hardened part of myself and answer with the same playfulness "Be assured Tina, I definitely am", still smiling. It was then she really looked in my eyes and saw beneath the playfulness there was raw need. She blushed, looked down, and then back up to meet my gaze, I saw a similar need. "Well, then we might have a few things in common then, huh?" she paused, took a breath and added, "Because the feeling is certainly mutual." I did respect her for her apparent honesty, no, I don't trust too easily.

"Well" I say "I can fix you something at my place if you like, I'm a pretty good cook, I know I have some chicken breast thawed and I make a mean salad." She smiled again sweeter "Sure, I think that would be nice, do you live close?" I'm somewhat surprised; she didn't seem the type to agree that quickly. "Yes about 10 minutes from here. At that she asks, "Great, what's your phone number?" I'm puzzled for a second and watch her pull out her cell phone, I tell her and she starts dialing it. She grins again and inquires; "Do you have an answering machine?" I'm starting to catch on and reply, with a chuckle "Yes" pause and add "The message is 'You've reached Lynn, thanks for calling please leave a message and phone number and I will call back when I can, thanks!'" She says "Yup, it is." she disconnects and hits speed dial and then asks, "What’s your address?" I tell her and then she speaks to someone on the other end and tells them my name, address, phone number and tells them she will check in by noon tomorrow. "You got all that?" she asks, then listens and laughs and adds "Of, course, don't I always tell you the juicy details?" I'm pretty impressed at this point; she says her good-byes and hangs up.

She is still smiling and says, "My best friend" she says, "She trained me well, I don't go any where with out letting her know." "She's a good friend,” I say "and your lucky to have her." She replies "Yes I am, so where are you parked? I'm out back" as she stands up. She doesn't waste time; I like her more and more. "I'm out front, I'll just drive around back and you can follow me, I'll be in a green VW bug" She laughs and says, "Well, I'm in a yellow one!" we both break into giggles. We head out to our cars and I hear her humming 'Shook Me All Night Long', I think I'm in for a great night.

She parks behind me at my cozy little brick house. She gets out of her car commenting "Wow, this is a nice house." "Thanks" I say with a smile "I just fixed it up, I did a lot of it myself, I think it turned out rather well." She gives me a considering glance "A real renaissance woman, huh?" I can't help giving her a smirk and say "Yes, I dabble in quite a few things, come on in to my little abode."

She follows me in the side door and my two dogs wagging their tails immediately surround us, hopping up and down to meet my guest. "I hope you’re not afraid of...." I trail off because she immediately kneels on the floor putting her purse on the counter and starts petting and talking to them. "Oh, look at you two, aren't you sweet!" She looks up at me and asks, "What are their names?" I answer, also kneeling to pet them "Well the big gray & white tornado is Gonzo, he's a Keeshound-Husky mix and the Golden Retriever there is Honey because she is so sweet." She pets them a few more times, stands up and says; "They are great dogs!" "Thanks I think they are too, but don't tell them that they might get swelled heads" "No they won't, they are smart doggies, they conned you into taking care of them!" "OK, you have a point" I concede. I open the back door leading to my back yard and they both scamper out. "They like to go out after the sun goes down, since it's so hot during they day right now" I say as explanation, She nods her agreement "Oh, I'm sure they do, these 90's are killing me, I'd hate to be wearing a fur coat in this heat!"

We talk about the weather and the movies we have seen lately while I fix our dinner. She helps to set the table; she brushes by me a couple of times to reach the silverware and glasses. I'm running on instinct while fixing the food, I'm so attuned to her. I don't really know what we talked about while we ate, I just remember watching her, wanting her.

She helped me clean up and asked for a tour of the rest of the house. I showed her, saving my bedroom for last, she really seemed interested in what I had done with the house. We stopped at the open door of my room, it is a large room because I had the wall between two smaller bedrooms taken out and expanded the adjoining bath. "Wow!" she says, taking in the canopied king size bed and fireplace "you like to indulge yourself don't you?" I silently laugh at that, she has no idea. "In some things, I do" smiling I say "If you want to see indulgence, why don't you take a look in my bathroom?" We walk over to the door and I let her go first. "Whoa!" she takes in everything, turns to me and says, "You must really like to bathe!" She has seen what I call my most hedonistic addition to my home. I have a 3ft by 6ft roman soaking tub set in the floor and a glass block shower with 4 different shower heads at varying heights that can fit 4 people with enough room not to touch shoulders. "I take my pleasure and those of my guests seriously." I say while catching her hand and leading her back into the bedroom. "Am I one of those lucky guests?" she asks.

I don't answer I just stop at the bed holding her hand and gently pull her in my arms and kiss her softly. She sighs, wraps her arms around my waist and starts rubbing her hands up and down my back. I deepen the kiss and pull her flush with my body, licking and nipping my way into her mouth, groaning at her obvious hunger. I move my hands on either side of her face and push her back slightly asking, "Are you sure about this?"

She opens her eyes slowly and looks into mine and says "Yes, Lynn I'm very sure" as she steps back to remove her tank top with her bra and shimmy out of her skirt just leaving her thong. Her body is gorgeous, full breasts, slightly rounded stomach, smooth firm legs and is shaved bare like I am, yum! I strip off my t-shirt with my bra, also. Then slip my skirt down, I'm not wearing panties, she laughs, "So, you were that accessible and I didn't know it, huh?" I laugh with her "Well it's so hot I tried to get away with as little clothing a possible." She laughs again "Well, I was burning up in that leather, so I understand."

She sits on the bed and removes her shoes and crawls to the pillows and waits for me to join her. I sit in front of her and start running my fingers along her skin barely touching, learning her body. She mimics me and starts doing the same, soon our caresses become firmer and more erotic. We lay down facing each other, I lean in, start kissing her neck, nipping here and there soothing the small pain with my tongue. She lays back moaning and panting, as I slowly make my way down to her breasts. They are pouting for attention; I lick around one breast in slow circles working my way toward her nipple. I reach my destination and suck her nipple in my mouth as far as it will go and run my tongue around and over it until she arches off the bed spearing her hands in my hair. I move on top of her to switch breasts and torment her again, by the time I'm suckling that breast she has her legs wrapped around my waist grinding into me chanting, "please" repeatedly.

I start working my way down, noticing my stomach is very wet and slippery, so I pretty much slide down using her juices as lubricant. I kiss her belly button and slow down, nipping again, she tastes and smells so good so I feast on her. She is half screaming by the time I reach her wet folds, I part her and inhale her sent then lightly blow warm air on her, she screams, shudders and comes. I can't believe how easily she came and with so much force, I lap her up, sliding my tongue inside her as far as it will go. After, I suck as much of her essence as I can; I slide my tongue up toward her clit, lapping her outer and inner lips on the way to my goal. I reach her fully extended clit that is as big around as an erect nipple; my tongue softly bathes it. She arches again and shudders, I keep my caresses light because of her sensitivity but I can't keep from sucking on her clit and pressing lightly on it with my tongue and ram two fingers inside her pumping as her inner muscles contract around them. Her screams are almost constant now; my body feels her screams of satisfaction like caresses.

My pussy is so wet and hot as I crawl back up her body I leave a trail behind. She helps pull me up, fastens her mouth onto mine and practically eats me with her lips and teeth. She flips us over "Oh my god that was fantastic" she breathes into the skin of my neck she is kissing "I want you to feel what I did." I just shudder with the expectation of what she will do to do to me.

Tina is a master when it comes to foreplay, she licks and sucks my breasts repeatedly, until I lose track of time. She never lets up, I come repeatedly as she fucks me with her fingers deep inside, still sucking and licking my breasts. She works her way to my wet aching folds and puts her mouth around my entrance, she sucks me gently and I gush into her mouth screaming my release again and again. She's not through with me yet, she licks up as much as she can and works her way to my hard clit. She is gentle, like I was to her; she laves it gently with a soft tongue. I'm still coming when she does something mind-blowing she hums and vibrates her tongue on my clit and sucks all at once. I arch and writhe under her skilled mouth and then suddenly I black out.

When I regain consciousness, she is bathing my forehead and chest with a soft damp washcloth to wake me. She smiles as she sees I am back with her "Well, I guess I did OK, huh?" I stretch a bit and sigh "Oh, baby you did more than OK!" She laughs and asks, "Umm do you think you will be up for round two, soon?" as she moves the cloth around my breasts. "Oh yeah, definitely.” Her smile went up a few watts "Great I was wondering...." She trailed off then asks with her sexy voice "Umm...Do you have a strap on or other toys?" Oh my, I think I met my soul mate!

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