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A woman & Her Prey

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There she looks into the room looking at her prey. She has fantasized & dreamed about this every since she saw her standing there in the dress shop trying on the most beautiful red low cut silky dress she had ever seen. And there she was, this amazingly beautiful woman, long flowing Raven colored hair.  Her breasts were the most voluptuous spectacular & oh so firm breasts. So perky, firm & yet supple, in all their splendor. As she continued looking at herself in the mirror twirling around & smiling with the most deliciously  decadent   lips I?ve ever seen, I couldn?t help but notice her legs that seem to go on forever & a day & those stilettos made it all the better to devour with my eyes. As I pass by not able to look away, I smell the most intoxicating smell of fresh soap & Honey Suckle..  As I sit & try on some shoes (I don?t even remember what they looked like or cost) just to be able to be near her. It was while I was there I came up with the idea to get her number on some sort of pretense of lunch or something. I think it was about a week later when we had our first lunch at a place called ?Serendipity,? that was the first of our many occasions we would spend together as ?new best friends?.  She had just come out of a very bad abusive relationship & apparently ?Brad? was a huge mistake she would never make again. And of course I was the very supportive & willing friend ready to be there through this terrible time in her life (and of course pick up the pieces for myself). As time goes by, we become closer & she more trusting. Finally after months of ?befriending? her, I ask her to come over to my house for a pajama, girl night for some fun & of course lots of drinking. Finally it?s Friday night, & as I hear the knock on my door I feel so giddy, so excited, nervous, & so damn horny that I can hardly stand up as my legs feel like Jelly.  I open the door & there standing in front of me is the object of my all consuming desire & wanton lust. She smiles, we embrace & I show her to the couch next to a warm fire. Everything is ready & so I say let the fun begin. So there we are chit chatting away & she starts feeling light headed & so I suggest she have a lie down upstairs in my bed. As I walked her upstairs (knowing what was to come next) she thanked me                                             for being such a good friend & grabbed my hand tightly so as not to fall. As I sat her down, I removed the shoes from her feet & prop her legs up onto my bed. I told her I needed to get a cold compress for her head & that is the last she remembered until she awoke the next morning when I brought her some breakfast. And if I have my way, she never will.

Once she had passed out & I was sure of it, I began undressing her & propping her head on my very plush silk pillows. So just then I am thinking to myself, ?Wow would you just look at her, and I am going enjoy every single moment of this night & all that is has to offer?. As I emerge from the bathroom dressed in nothing but a thong & a bustier (white of course as this is ?our? first time) I know what?s to come next. There are candles of all different shapes & sizes that are now lit & placed all over the room. The smell of Honey Suckle & Jasmine now permeate the air in such a way that it makes me heady just thinking of it. And did I mention she wore that oh so lovely red dress that first captured my attention & the captivated my imagination from that very first day? As I slowly walk toward her, I hear the sound of her breathing & look at her amazingly beautiful body just glistening from the glow of all the candles. Slowly I take one hand & slide it into the already waiting & tied sash & I tighten it just so around her delicate little wrist & then I do the same with her other. Once she is securely tied to my rod iron bed, I then gently raise her head to push a third sash round her eyes so as to blindfold her, thus enhancing the experience even further. I raise myself ever so gently & straddle myself over her. As I am looking down upon what is to me a feast for the senses, I can?t help but think, ?Here she is in all her loveliness unmatched  by another?

 I have by now slipped off her dress to reveal a black lacy bra with snaps in the  front & and the smallest lacy black thong I have ever seen.  Finally no longer being able to restrain myself, I have to lick those lips. Those plump, pink moistened, lips. First I gently put my tongue against her lips and proceed to trace the outside perimeter (wow they feel & taste like pure ecstasy) and then with my tongue I slowly start to part her lips & give her a kiss that soon begins to bring our 2 tongues together as one & becoming one motion as they have no ending nor beginning to where one starts & the other ends. Once I have finished that (for the time being) I start to lick around her neck, over to her ear & begin sucking on her lobe & begin to work my way down to just above the rounded curve of her breast. With each unsnap of her bra I reward her with a kiss. Finally all three have been undone & the beginnings of her firm glistening breasts are exposed just enough for me to want to peek a little further until I have moved each side of her bra to one side to expose those mouth watering 38 DDs all to be devoured at my pleasure. While still straddling her I reach down for a lick, just a taste & I notice the more I lick, the more erect  her large perfect nipples become. I notice she starts to quiver with each touch as though she were now joining in. After awhile, I start to lick down to her belly, then belly button until I get to the strap of her thong and as my hands touch each of her silky smooth thighs I start to pull down her thong with my teeth. Slowing downward & in a motion of a very slow & sensual dance I finally have removed them from around her very sexy manicured feet. Now with those tossed to the floor I can begin my next phase of my love making. As I turn & start to slide back up from her toes to her knees, thighs & finally landing at her crotch. I start to touch with my finger, but wait, one more detail I almost forgot, I need to put some strawberry edible oil all the way into her pussy & all around her clit. First I will taste an un-oiled   sample & then use the oil. I spread her pussy open with one finger, then 2 until my tongue can slide in as deep & as far as it can go. Just as I thought, her taste & smell drive me wild. I start out slow & easy licking back & forth, in & out until I start to feel her wetness start & then I pull my tongue out & put some oil everywhere my tongue & lips might venture to go. I then start to French kiss her clit with a movement that can only be described as a slow & continuous dance where tongue, soft suction & movement all become joined as one. I feel her lips start to pulsate, getting warmer & more moist until finally in one exquisite moan & a slight thrusting motion I feel the juices of her cum all over my waiting tongue. I need some water by this point so I can continue. She starts to awaken just long enough to ask who it is & why she is there & when there is no answer she lays back and starts to moan yet again. So now I start licking all the way back to those breasts & as I slowly take the very tip of my tongue moving it around & around in one continuous swirling motion, I move downward putting more of that plump, soft, firm breast into my mouth sucking & suckling as I go as though I were nursing on her breast. As I pull my mouth away from her left breast, I then take the right one & do the same thing all over again.. As I?m doing this I find myself touching & rubbing her inner thighs up and down, back & forth in one fluent motion. I start reaching back to touch her oh so petite & yet supple ass & start to grab each cheek & squeeze as though I was holding a human heart & trying to stimulate it back to life. I have to have just one more kiss & then I will stop (even though I wish this would never stop) & I will think of something to tell her in the morning?.. Well good morning sunshine!! How are we feeling this morning? Just then it happens, I realize that I while I was sitting there day-dreaming & fantasizing about this amazing creature I had just beheld, she was gone, out of sight. But it all seemed so real, so orgasmic what do I do now? Oh crap, I guess I better pay for these damn shoes & go home :--((

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