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A quiet neighborhood

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Once a week, I take the train back into the city. It is a little after nine and the car is virtually empty except for me, a drunk sleeping in the back and a Hispanic couple who can’t keep their hands off each other. I begin to tingle when they start to make out. This morning is my weekly meeting with my lover. My husband doesn’t know or suspect. We are the typical happy suburban couple with a handsome young son. After my son is off to school, my husband is off to make that deal and I am filled with lust thinking about being in the special person’s arms in her quiet neighborhood.

My husband is not a bad man but he is not exactly the most attentive of people. He is so preoccupied with business that he “forgets” certain things like birthdays, anniversaries, and such. Sex is even worse. He rolls over on top of me… he enters me… he grunts a few times… a kiss on the cheek and he rolls off. He doesn’t even cover me up when he is done. Just enough to have a child to make his friends envious and his family proud. At least, he has a family though.

My family has a nasty habit of dying. My mother died in childbirth with my younger brother. My father was heartbroken when she passed away. It took years for him to return to the human race but he eventually found Nancy. Nancy was a woman in the office. Pretty, blonde, and vivacious. She was exactly what Dad needed. Though my brother and I were cool to her when they married, I must admit that she made my father very happy. She made our lives a little difficult. She was the typical mother that all the other mothers hated. Now that I am older, that meant her tits were bigger and her tan was darker than theirs and their husbands all had fantasies about Nancy. Though she did not mean to be, all my brother’s friends and my boyfriends all wanted to jump Nancy. It wasn’t easy when your stepmother looked better than I did in a string bikini. I just about died one day when I brought a boyfriend home caught Nancy sunning herself in my swimsuit in the backyard. It did look good on her though. Her breasts were large, her waist was small and her legs were long. With her long blonde hair, she looked like a centerfold! I stopped bringing boys over after that.

When I went away to college, I planned for things to be different. I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I had a nice face with blue eyes and light brown hair framing my face. My breasts were smaller than Nancy’s but still a firm C cup with a gentle curve and large light brown nipples that looked like pale strawberries. My waist was small and my skin pale with nice tight legs. All in proportion other than my hips. I though my hips were a little big. I wasn’t pair shaped but I was self-conscious about my bottom. I hated hearing about my “breeding hips” and getting hit upon by the guys with an ass fetish. Still I dated a lot in college until I met Dan.

Dan was my first love and it was love at first sight. He was smart, good looking and a “catch”. He also had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I had given a few BJ’s and more handjobs than I could count but Dan was just hung. I couldn’t wait to get that monster into me. Dan was my first… and only. Being my first was, as most girls will tell you, all passion and no motion. Our first time was a lot of fumbling, and a sprint to get out of our clothes and hoping no one would walk in on us. Still, I adored how my breasts felt in his hands. His lips on my neck and then the pain and pleasure as he entered me. And as quickly as it started, it was over. I was still in bed and he was ordering a pizza. I expected so much more and was so disappointed, hoping it would get better. It wouldn’t.

Still Dan was there when my father passed away suddenly. Nancy was devastated. She was inconsolable and wept for days. My father passed away from a heart attack in the back yard planting Nancy’s favorite roses. It was then it struck my brother and I how much in love Nancy was with my father. I stayed a few extra days to help Nancy with the arrangements and the details and Nancy insisted that we remain close even though she was not my mother. I promised.

Soon Dan and I were to be married and we stayed in the house with Nancy. Dan was out with his friends at a bachelor party and I was alone in the house with Nancy and her newest boyfriend. I turned in early, expecting to be awakened in the night by Dan drunk out of his mind. I woke up and wanted to raid the refrigerator when I heard noises out of Nancy’s bedroom. Even though the lights were not on, I could see Nancy standing at the end of the bed. She was nude, cupping her breasts… leisurely sucking on her own nipples and asking if it turned her boyfriend on. He was lying on his back stroking his cock. It was not as long as Dan’s but it was incredibly thick. Then Nancy’s other hand dropped between her legs. It looked so hot and then I felt myself get turned on. I soon was mimicking Nancy’s movements and noticed how sexy Nancy looked. Her full milky white breasts, her dark tan, her blonde hair and tight ass were turning me on as much as her boyfriend! But it was her lust, her desire… her attitude that turned me on just as much, I almost gasped as she crawled up the bed to his cock and slowly deep throated that monster. In one deliciously long moment, she engulfed his cock and consumed it as he moaned loudly. Then she retreated just as slowly and began to jerk him off as she licked and sucked on his balls gingerly taking one after the other into her mouth. Then he moaned as her finger entered his ass. She whispered, “don’t cum” and she explored his ass and mouthed his ball as her strokes increased in tempo. His breathing increased and his cries became louder. Her requests were in vain and he screamed he was cumming and then she throated him again and he held her head. When he relaxed, he released his grip on her head and he pulled her up to kiss her. I withdrew back to my room to wait for Dan when Nancy still naked peeked into his room whispering she hoped I enjoyed the show.I had never seen anyone else have sex before and I masturbated until I came.

My life continued as it had. Dan and I turned out to be the happy suburban couple and my sex life did not improve. I felt empty and alone… like a trophy to be left on the shelf. I was miserable. Eventually, I had a happy baby boy. I hoped it would bring Dan and I together but I was happy to have a healthy son also. Unfortunately, Dan’s mother convinced him that I should breastfeed until the child entered kindergarten. When my son turned three, it was a little overwhelming. Our baby was beginning to wean off my breasts but my husband continued to insist. It seemed every evening my breasts were engorged and painful. Finally, my husband wanted to take our son away for a “men’s weekend” and insisted I visit Nancy since she had been asking so often. I agreed if only to stay away from my sister-in-law who was constantly insulting.

I took the train into town upset that my husband was away with my son and his family. Still, Nancy greeted me warmly and hugged me as I entered the door. Funny, it seemed she was not wearing a bra. She dressed matronly so I assumed it was my imagination. She wanted to show me how she had changed some of the house like new paper in the hallway and how she had painted and redecorated some of the rooms. It looked nice. It was not to my taste but nice. Mostly, I was happy to be with someone who was happy to see me.

Nancy made a wonderful dinner and then we sat drinking wine in front of the fireplace and gossiping about people we knew. I asked about her old boyfriend. She mentioned he was a nice guy but she wasn’t interested in marrying again after my father. He went on to marry some girl younger than I was but he still came around to get his cock sucked. I blushed. Nancy laughed and commented on the time that I had seen them. The conversation continued onto sex and how much she missed it and how unhappy I was about it. We talked some more about sex until I mentioned that I was cold.

Nancy then wanted me to follow her into the bathroom. It was her newest home improvement project… a sauna. It wasn’t the biggest but I was chilled. Nancy set the thermostat and started to strip. I was shocked but she encouraged me to go with the flow and jump in. She handed me a towel and led me into the sauna. The heat felt great after the chill of the day. Nancy also looked enticing. She had traded her tan lines for an all over tan and her breasts looked like ripe juicy fruit. Her sex was bare from a fresh waxing. Her blonde hair was pulled back revealing her smiling face as her body stretched out on the bench. As she lay on her back, I was on the bench over her and stretched out on my tummy, hoping she would not notice my arousal.

We continued to talk and gossip and giggle like a couple of schoolgirls while the heat penetrated our bodies. I was developing a good sweat while Nancy look flushed. Still, I was beginning to feel a familiar pain. My breasts were becoming engorged. I started to leak since I had not nursed all day and I grimaced in pain. I excused myself to the sink where I tried to express my right breast but this was always difficult for me.

“Honey, let me help”. Before I could say a word, I felt strange hands begin to manipulate breasts and squeeze my nipple. I closed my eyes and let my pain dissipate as Nancy milked me. I enjoyed her touch as her fingers worked my nipple and let my milk empty into the sink.

“Feel better?” Nancy whispered into my ear. I bit my lower lip and nodded. I did not dare to admit that I enjoyed her touch, her arms wrapped around me, her breasts pressed into my back. I began to shudder. Nancy took that as being cold and she held me tighter. I began to melt in her arms. Nancy started to cup my breasts and her other hand began to drop below my waist… gentle probing at the top of my mound. I could hear Nancy purr.

I broke from her embrace and ran into my room. I was overwhelmed by my emotions. I enjoyed her touch so much but this was my stepmother… the woman who had shared my father’s bed but her touch was so warm. It was what I knew that I had been missing. This was a forbidden desire. I was so wet and … pent up. I needed sex. I needed sex that fulfilled me… I needed sex with Nancy. I let my hand run between my legs touching that special spot that I had touched long after my husband rolled off me to fall asleep. I needed to address my arousal. I closed my eyes and touched myself thinking about the embrace of a woman.

I opened my eyes and saw Nancy standing before me, watching me, touching her sex as I touched myself. Our motions mimicked each other. Nancy then took my hand and got on her knees and moved between my open thighs. She said nothing but looked at me with lust in her eyes. She put a finger to my lips and lowered her head to my breasts. She kissed my bosom and held my right breast to her lips and closed her mouth around my nipple and drew upon it. The milk flow into her mouth and she gently sucked. My pain abated, as did my inhibitions. I began to hold her head to my breast and kissed the top of her head. My arousal was building with each moment I breastfed my stepmother. I was so wet. Finally, I looked down and whispered that I had two breasts.

Nancy looked up at me and smiled. She allowed me to lie on my back. Nancy giggled as she looked down at me. She stood over me and then placed her wet sex on my thigh. Gyrating on my leg, she lowered herself to my other breast and hungrily attacked my nipple. She was greedily feasting on me. Sucking hard, taking as much of my breasts as she could into her mouth. Then her fingers entered me. I gasped loudly. She was exploring me roughly, tugging on me, her thumb on my clit as her fingers touched the parts of me that my husband never bothered to find. I was being taken by my stepmother and I did not care. Nancy was feasting on my breasts, exploring my womanhood and I was crying with joy.

Suddenly, Nancy drew away. I was confused as all the pleasure disappeared. Nancy just smiled an evil smile as she looked at me. I wondered what I had done wrong. Then Nancy pushed my thighs as wide as they could be and buried her face between my legs. Her tongue ran the entire length of my wet slit. I moaned as she explored my sex, tugging on my lips, opening my muffin and exploring with teeth and tongue until she settled on my clitty…. I came loudly almost immediately.

From that day, Nancy and I have been lovers. It took me a while to work up the courage to do the same to Nancy. Almost a day. So now, I return to Nancy once a week for the sexual release and the intimacy that a true lover gives. It is about a twenty minutes walk from the train to Nancy’s back door.

Today, Nancy looks as matronly as ever, belying the passionate woman she is. She hugs me as she usually does but today, I have a surprise for her. My lover looks up at me in disbelief as I remove my coat revealing that I am not wearing much underneath other than my thigh high boots and the strap-on and harness that is now aimed at her sex. I order her to take off her panties and I push her down on the dining room table. I kiss her passionately and paw at her boobs until I detect the scent of her arousal. I continue to knead her breasts until I push my hips into her. Nancy is mine now. She moans to my touch…loves my tongue and touch. Nancy writhes on the table as she takes my pounding. She will accept my touch wherever I desire and I desire Nancy often. Her neighbors think Nancy is so lucky to have a loving daughter but they do not understand the extent of our loving but they could. The dr*pes are open anytime Nancy and I are together. They could watch Nancy and I having sex but as I said, this is a quiet neighborhood.

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