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A Winter Story

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I'm a college aged female My female housemate works at the Tanning Salon Cold, snowy night Can barely stand running to the car Crank up radio & heat & drive as fast as possible Got to get to Pam before she locks up Look into rear view mirror after blowing off stop sign Cops terrify me Too much pressure in just living Promised Pam I'd be there I look in mirror again, this time at myself Face getting pale Think I can almost see the veins under the transluscent skin I haven't tanned in two days White flesh sure is ugly Damm, gotta stop & get gas Below empty Oh well, it's just 2 more miles Scared, I just keep going & hope I'm there Yeaah, Pam's car is too Shut off car & run up stairs The door is locked I knock Pam, Pam She opens the door Her skin is so dark it is glowing Her brand new black cowboy boots look so solid with her broken in Guess jeans I'm jealous but have the same affect with my Levis & black hiking boots She smiles I give her sugarfree gum & ask her if I can still tan Yuppers, I run right into a room Take off all my clothes Put them on the only chair in the room & remove the protective eye things from the open tanning bed & place them on top of my stack of clothes so they don't break I don't like raccoon eyes I put my long blond hair up In my scrunchie Head phones to my yellow Sony walkperson under my head The walkperson itself on the chair, on my clothes next to the glasses Some evil tan owners turn the bed on when you walk in the room Then you stress out undressing And lose valuable tanning time This place I can turn the bed on after I'm laying on my back with the top down almost on top of me but enough room for me to stick my arm out & hit the on switch Most places only allow you to go for 25 minutes but the bed can be set for 30 I set this one for 30 The room is dark due to the curtains being drawn tight The lights are off the bed, now on, fills the room with a warm glow The plastic bed feels cold and steril at first but now I can start to feel the intense heat The first place to feel prickly is the flat part between my breasts then the skin on my butt that my body weight has squished to the bed My eyes are closed to not damage my sight The top of the bed is pulled down so close it is smooshing my nose I have the headphones turned up as high as they will go I start singing at the top of my lungs I know no one will hear except Pam I love the song so much I want to share it with her I start to feel hotter, hotter, hotter About 15 minutes in I always wonder if I can stand anymore My heart is pounding I have one leg straight One leg bent to expose its inner thigh to the heat The sweat is making the bed slippery so I can easily adjust my body to make sure every inch of flesh feels the heat In between my legs is now all I can think about I can feel how wet I am and how big my clotoris has become I am so hot I feel light headed & dizzy I open the top of the bed a little and grab the mist bottle I cover my body with the light cool mist and return the cover flat against my face My clotoris feels a little throbby now I have to move the cover up an inch or so to move my hand between my legs But the non-direct contact with the heat is worth the pleasure I reach one finger into my vagina Ahh, I'm so wet I rub the juice all over my clotoris Instantly I feel my heart buzz in my chest I am afraid I will make myself cum too fast I am soo excited all ready so I touch very lightly on the side of the clitoris instead of directly on top I rub to the beat of Rage Against the Machine & sing out the words at the same time HAEH! Suddenly the heat stops It is dark not bright in my head At first I think my 30 minutes is up and reach my arm to turn the bed back on But when I open my eyes I see Pam smiling at me all naked She takes my earphones off and throws them on the floor She says she came in to tell me we had to go but noticed what a good time I was having and decided to let me stay I lay there shocked and excited totally still and quiet She rubs her index finger in circles around my nipple using my sweat as a lubricant The nipple is so hard I doubt it can get bigger But it does I can't hold a moan back I have never felt my heart beat so hard in my whole life She asks if she can taste the sweat on my breast I don't answer I gasp in the middle of a pant & she laughs and brings her mouth down around my tit She sucks on the nipple for a while and then I feel her tounge licking back & forth back & forth I can smell the scent between my legs and am embarrassed for a second but she looks right into my eyes gives me one soft kiss and asks if she can taste my "cum" she calls it This time I just kiss her back and she stands up next to the bed I see her perfect cooper colored body she has epiladied every hair on her body so her arms are thin and smooth I can easily make out every rib under her breasts which are twice the size of mine I want them so bad Her hip bones stick right out at you and have a perfect flat V of skin between them leading to a perfect view of her pink labia Everything on her body is rich tones of brown except the flaps of skin between her legs I place my finger where her wet vagina begins and move it forward to her clotoris she licks her bare dry lips and tells me to stop that and to let her concentrate She kneels at the bottom of the bed and sticks her head between my legs I slide down my body in the sweat so my feet are touching the floor and my clotoris is in her mouth she reaches up & pulls the top of the bed down over the top of us like a blankie I feel the intense heat close my eyes & sigh I can feel her tounge circling around my clotoris for a few minutes it is very relaxing & warm then suddenly she puts her tounge directly on top & rubs it up and down faster than the beat of any thrash song seals her lips down into my labia and sucks hard really hard I have never felt like this before I can feel the pool of juices running down my butt crack collecting in the sweat on the bottom of the bed and right before melting down deep into the moisture of the bed I cum My body jerks up and hits the top of the bed and the rush of slight pain feels good She just holds her mouth still and then gently starts licking the cum out of my butt hole I thought I could feel her purring I still can't talk or move And for a moment nothing matters but Pam Pam makes me happy I am ok Everything is ok Everything is Pam I adore her so much I want to be way up inside her Everything about her is beautiful

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