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…I got back earlier than planned

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It had been a long flight an even longer week trying to complete my business. The car turned onto the drive and came to a stop. I lugged my briefcase and luggage through the front door. There were no lights on in the house yet there were other cars in the driveway. I set my gear on the floor in the living room and walked towards the kitchen. It was then that I heard the sound. I wasn?t sure what it might be. It reminded me of the sounds children make sometimes while playing and trying to be invisible to the adults. I knew there weren?t any children around. As I followed the sounds down the hall it became easier to hear yet it was still muffled somehow. My ears led me to the master bedroom. I stood in the hall for several seconds, maybe even minutes. I had heard these sounds before. It had been a while but I was sure they were the sounds of my wife, Julie, breathless and gasping for air, whispering and moaning in ways she had only done when we were first in love. The sound was intoxicating me. My mind was running fast. Who was here? Did I know him? When did this start? What should I do? My thoughts ran wild and at the same time I had to remember that she had not had those feelings with me. Perhaps I was the problem here.

I found my arm and hand reaching for the door, pushing it slowly open. My heart racing and beating hard. There was Julie. She was completely in rapture and totally oblivious to my presence. Julie lay on top of the other person who I could not see but for the deep down pillows and soft white sheets were flung all around. Julie?s shoulder length blonde hair was dangling downward teasing her partner as she moved down for a kiss. It was a long, slow deliberate kiss that took forever to bring to completion. Then she ground her hips and thighs onto her helpless mate. I could only remember the feeling of her wet pussy grinding on my cock so many times. I felt myself growing and throbbing as I watched.

My hands gripped the chair in front of me as a crutch and as my cover keeping me from view. My initial anger was waning and my own appetite to taste Julie?s essence was growing. I was conflicted with my surprise and anger and my own raw lust. Clearly I was jealous that someone else could bring her so alive. Julie continued to touch and kiss and penetrate with her hands and mouth every inch of her prey. The sounds were getting louder, a harmony of gasps and moans. I shifted my weight against the chair and it moved slightly on the hardwood floor making a small noise. As I tried to restrain the chair Julie paused and looked up. She saw me standing in the corner with a bewildered look. I did not say a word. Julie continued to grind her pelvis onto her lover and struggle for breath. She just looked at me as if she were a lioness feeding at night and caught in the gaze of another passing lioness. Her face was flushed and red. Her expression was foreboding and serious. The seconds passed quickly and then Julie?s expression began to soften. Her eyes lost the predatory intensity and began to look nurturing and caring. As she continued to press herself to her partner she softly reached down for a pillow. She then laid a sheet down the side of the bed revealing the body of her lover. Julie bent down, her hair again dangling on the face of her prey. They kissed as Julie ran her hands down between the sweaty thighs and back up again to a mass of curly dark hair and wet pulsating pussy. Her hips thrust upward reacting to Julie?s hands finding her wetness that probe the depths of her senses. She screamed and Julie pressed her own wet body onto her, their breast and hardened nipples rubbing against one another, trying to the other. They kissed again. This time I could see the open mouth of Julie?s lover, her tongue waiting for Julie?s to find her. Her lips parted and seeking Julie.

My heart again raced and I could feel my groin bulge as I reached down to touch myself. My emotions were still confused and mixed but as I watched I knew there was beauty and simplicity playing-out before me, a simple raw beauty between two people. I had never acknowledged the possibilities before. I had never allowed room for discussion or an opportunity for Julie to share her feelings, her inhibitions and the primal sensations she must have been keeping inside her. In the midst of her longing and lust Julie found a kindred spirit to share the moment. The two lay together embraced in each other?s scent and their instincts. I had held myself for as long as I could yet I did not want to disturb their pleasure. I stepped cautiously from behind the chair and stood in front. I was closer to the bed where Julie and her lover were devouring each other. I unbuttoned my shirt, then released my pants and stepped out of my shoes. They knew nothing. I sat in the chair, naked and feeling myself. My thighs were spread wide and my cock was hard and dripping. I lay back and watched the beauty unfold before me accompanied by my stroking my cock and holding my release when the orgasms merged with the screams I heard from the two beauties. My own breathing was hard and deep and my groans were become audible. At one particularly intense moment I guess I exclaimed much too loudly and both women rose from their ecstasy and looked at me. Julies? lover was gorgeous. She had long brunette hair, long legs, suntanned skin with dark eyes and full lips that would haunt any person?s night dreams. She smiled and whispered ?hello? in a low raspy voice. Then she turned back to Julie, rolled Julie over and mounted her. Her dark hair now dangled onto Julie?s face and breast. She kissed Julie softly. Then Julie pulled her head down to her and drew her tongue into her mouth and the rapture started all over again.

When I once again became aware light from the morning sun was filtering into the room. I had fallen asleep. My first thought was that it had all been a dream. I was home. My bed was tossed from top to bottom. One thing I had not dreamed?I was naked and my hand was still clutching my manhood (albeit a much smaller version).

?Julie?s??, I whispered. ?Good morning? Julie??

A small weary voice spoke back to me, ?Good morning honey?. ?How was you?re trip?? Her head rose from between the pillows that had been her lair the previous night.

Then another head raised from the pillows and turned towards me, ?good morning sweety, I?m Sarah. Have you made tea yet?

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