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trucker toy

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My name is Judy and I'm 34 married . I carry a few extra lbs but still have a good shape. My husband work in a warehouse that take in veg's during the harvest. They get quite busy and are open 24/7, 12 hour shift . He works the second shift Plus he the boss. We live next door to the plant and once a week the guys chip in money and we do a cook out for their supper. Main hot's and hamburg's . So I do the grill work and they come over to our house to eat. Well one day I was running late from my job, so when I got home I had to get around and get cooking. So I was in my work clothes, which was skirt and blouse. Just about the time I got it ready, over they came. They pick on me for being dress up for they while I cook. So they where eating and picking on me when a big over the road truck pull in. He stop close to our house and got out and went over to their office. Well everybody was over eating. So when he came back out my husband went over to talk to him. He told him it would be awhile before they could do his truck, They where pretty back up. So the guy ask him if he had time to go find some supper. Well my hubby told him to come over and get some of our's that we had plenty. So he came over and sat down and hubby ask me to hook him up with some food. Then he told his guys to get back to work and they all went back to work. Which left me and the trucker there. As I was cook, we have chrome grill . I shut the cover down and could see him in cover. He was staring at my ass. Oh well he must like it lol. So I took the food over and ask if he would like company while he eat, because I've not eaten yet either. He mid 20's black male with a very solid built. When I sat down I told him he didn't smell as a over the road trucker lol. Most of them smell from no shower much. He just laugh he said he just left truck stop and clean up. So as we talk I found out he was from way out west and heading back that way. That he just about stay trucking all the time to pay for his truck and bill's. His truck was still by our house and it was really deck out truck. It had a big double sleep and chrome and lights all over it. So I told him I never seen one so big and deck out like it. It all most look like a house on wheel's. He laugh and said he had it all but the kitchen sink. If told him it was very impressive. He told me if I want to I could got check it out. I laugh and told him maybe later, for now I got to clean up this mess. He said he eat and he would help clean up. When he stood up I notice his pant's had a bulge to them. I guess he did like my ass lol. As we pick up I notice he keep a eye on me and brush against me a couple of times. By this time im getting a bit turn on. With all the work and working different shift then hubby, I've not gotten to much sex. So was getting a bit turn on with the attention I was getting. He thank me for the food and said he was going to watch a movie in his truck and left. So I headed into the house to change out of my work clothes. When I slip my blouse and bra off I notice my nipple where standing out pretty hard. I gave them a little pinch and it sent a shiver all the way down to my pussy. Dam I better stop that lol. I drop my skirt off and went to slip off my panties. I notice they where pretty wet. I let my finger slide over to my pussy and slowly stroke it. My clit was hard and boy I was wet and turn on. As I play I said to myself , that I sure was doing this to much lately. AS I was playing I found myself thinking of the trucker and how good he look. Which just made me more horny. I look out the window. and his truck was still there, and light on in his sleeper. As I keep playing I thought maybe I should go check out his truck. It sound kinda stupid to do but, I was getting pretty horny and tired of doing myself. So I decide I could at least go tease him some. So I turn to slip my clothes back on. I pick up my bra and notice how hard my nipple where, Well maybe I don't need this and slip my blouse back on. Now im 38c and I could tell I wasn't wear no bra lol. Then I pick up my panties and decide there to wet lol. So I put my skirt on and went to get some new dry panties. As I look in the drawer I decide the hell with it and decide not to wear any. So I nervously went out side and see if anyone was around. I didn't see a soul so I walk quietly over to his truck. As I got close I could hear his voice in the sleeper and then I notice it was a TV. As I listen, it sound like he was watching some kinda x rated movie. lol to my self I guess he horny too. I knock on his passenger door. I heard him turn the volume down and move to the door. He rolled the window down and stuck his head out. I notice he had no shirt on and really had one hellva hard body. When he saw me, he smile and said hi. I told him I decide to take him up on his offer and check out his truck. He just smile and said sure come on in. He pop the door open and slide over in the driver seat. So I climb up in and notice he was in some sweat pants now and no shirt. As I sit down and pull the door shut , he must of notice my no bra because that where he was staring at. Now my skirt on the mini side and he was really checking me out. So I just looking all over and asking him what everything was, Dial and toggles all over the place. I took a quick peek and I notice, he most not have anything on under those sweat pants because it look like he has 3 legs lol. So as I turn he see what was behind me, I turn my legs around too. My skirt went a bit higher as I turn. there was curtain behind me so I peek in back. He wasn't fooling, he had it all in there. I was surprise how big his bed was. He pulled the curtain back some and told me I could go check it out. so I stood up and walk into the sleeper. As I look around I notice the bed look like a water bed. I ask him if it was and he said yes it was. Can I sit on it and see what it like? He said sure, So I turn and sit down and dam it was . plus it was really warm. When I look back at him I notice he was staring at my legs. I notice my skirt was hike up a was. So I acted as if I didn't notice as I look around. That when I notice the TV above me. It was on but the volume was off. But there on the TV was on big black dude fucking the hell out of a white girl. I smile at him and told him that a nice movie. He look really embarrass . He said sorry, he forgot that was on and stood up to shut if off. Now I could really see that he was really turn on because his sweat pants had a big tent. I laugh and told him he didn't have to shut it off. He stop and look at me and I laugh again. So I see your into white women and laugh. He laugh back and said he didn't know , he never had one lol. My eye where back up to the TV. He laugh and ask me if I was into black guys. I laugh and told him I don't know never had one lol. I could see he was getting more turn on. So I look back up to the TV but when I did I let my legs fall apart some more. I now knew he knew I had on no panties. When I glance down he eye's where glue to my pussy and his cock was trying to tare out of his sweat pants. He didn't notice me looking at him, he was so lost into my pussy. Now i'm so horny I can't take it anymore. So I slow slide forward on the bed. As I did this my skirt was hiking up higher on my legs. I stop when it was halve way up my ass. He was really stare at my pussy now. So I ask him if he like what he say. That's when he notice I was watching him. He smile and said he really like what he say, it was better then the TV. So with a smile I let my legs go apart so he could get a better look. Then I ask him if that was better. With a big smile he say oh yes and that he could really get into fucking that . So I reach up and started to unbutton my blouse. As I did this I slide a bit more forward so skirt went higher and I spread my legs more. As I finish unbutton I told him that my pussy love to get fuck but it need hot fore play first. He smile and said he didn't see no problem with that. That's when he knelt down in front of me and put his hand on my legs. Slowly pushing them wider as he started to lick on my thigh's. Slowly licking his was up my thigh. Slowly he work my legs up over his shoulder's as he shoved his face into my pussy. His arms where wrap up around the back of my legs. pulling me up into his face as he started to lick my pussy. He had my pussy lock onto his face as he lick and his tongue probe my pussy. I found myself moaning as he work on my pussy. I was getting wetter and moaning louder as he went on. I could feel like him getting ready to cum, when he stop and ask me if my pussy was getting hot enough to fuck. I stop moaning enough to tell him , if he keep that up, he could fuck that pussy all he wanted. He smiled and started to lick it more. But now he slide his hands up and started to play with my boobs. My nipple where rock hard and he started to roll them in his finger and slowly pulling on them. the pinch hurt but it sent a shock wave to my pussy. He keep pinching and pulling as he suck on my pussy. Then he got my clit between his lips and suck on it . this was driving me up the wall and I was getting louder moaning. Then I feel his teeth on my clit. as he slowly nibble on my clit and pinch harder and pulling on my nipple. I started to cum harder then I ever had, I just keep cumming and cumming. When I finial stop, he stop licking and knelt back. Running his hands up my thighs and slowly finger my pussy. Then he ask me if my pussy like that and if it was in fuckng mood now. I just laugh and told him after that! He could fuck that pussy all he wanted too. So then he stood up and said that was good because he had a cock yelling for some white pussy. Then told me to finish getting out of my clothers. As I finish taken them off he slip off his sweat pants. Out pop the biggest cock ive seen and on the fat side too. He seen me stare at it and ask me if I like it. I told him ive never had one that big. He smile and told me not to worry, that my pussy was hot and he would be easy on me. Then he told me to lay down on the bed and he took some pillows and put them under my ass.That when he climb on the bed and move between my legs. Smile he told me to relax as he push my legs apart more. He took his cock in hand and started to rub it against my pussy, slowly playing and rubbing it all over. Then I notice what he was doing, he was getting his cock all wet with my juice's. Then with out warning , he drove the head into my pussy. I jump and he laugh, saying that the worse of it. Now we can work it in slowly. He slowly easy a few more inch in as he was kneeling between my legs. Then he slowly move it in and out slowly fucking me with just a few inch. He started to finger my clit as he stroke back and forth. He was fat cock but this was driving me crazy. Now I'm getting hot and wet again and pussy is getting wetter. So he push a bit deeper into , I would say he was halve in. He had me full and started to slowly fuck me again. Now I'm back to moaning pretty loud as he slowly fuck me and im getting wetter and hotter. I felt like I was close to cumming again as he work in and out. That's when he move down and over me. Pulling my legs up and wider and closer to my chest. Now he pressing more of his weight on top of me as he slowly started to fuck me a bitter faster and bit harder. Now im moaning louder and he fucking faster. I can hear my pussy making sloppy noise and it got wetter and wetter. Then I started to cum again. As the first wave came over me I was pushing up as I cam. That when he drove deep into me. As I was cumming I was jerking up . Ever time I cum he drove deeper into me. Fucking me harder and faster as he did. I wanted to yell stop but the only thing that came out was Yes YEEssss.. Then he started to cum and as he cam he just drove into me pushing deeper each time. Then he fell down on me exhaust and spent. We both just laid there for a bit. Then there was a knock on his door. It was my husband telling him to back in to a door. He jump up and put his sweat pant on and went up front to talk to my husband about the door. I curtain where close . So I went to get dress and get ready to run for it lol. But I didn't see my clothes. Now the guy driving and moving his truck to the door. I can hear him talking and I think he talking to my husband. When he stop at the door he is talking some outside. Then climb back in. He step back into the sleeper. I told him I could find my clothes. He laugh and said sorry, when he hurried up front they caught his foot and was dragged up front. So I ask him to get them so I can sneak out of here. He laugh and said that mite be a bit hard. I ask him why and he told me my husband was out there moving trailers around and would see me. So I peek out the curtains and I could see some one moving trailers about. Dam I stuck here until he leaves. Then I turn back around and the truck was laid out on the bed naked again and said its okay we can find something to do, as he stroke his cock. I laugh and ask him what he thought we should do. He smile and told me, that you said I could fuck that white pussy all I want and I want to fuck it some more. I smiled and said I did say that. He stop stroking his cock and told me it was time for me to work and to come over and suck on his cock. so I went over and climb on the bed and started to suck his cock, It so huge I only could really work the head. But it most of been to his liking because his cock grew harder with every suck. He grab my head and pulled it off his cock. He told me to get on top and ride his cock. so I move up on top. As I got on top he move his cock to my pussy and was pushing up. Tell me to move down . As I move down it slide deeper into me. I was surprise on how easy it was going, but I was still wet and full of his cum. Then I started to ride up and down his cock going deeper as I went. He started to play with my boobs as I rode his cock and wasn't long and I was moaning again. Now he pushing up as I shove down and the fucking getting wilder. As I was getting louder and louder and fuck me harder. Then he pulled me down on top of him rolling me over and him on top. Now he fucking me harder slamming deeper each time. As he fucking. im getting close to cumming and louder. As he pounding me he telling me my husband heard us fucking and was outside early listening to us fuck, and that my husband was picking on him for finding one noise bitch lol. Just before my husband left him my husband I told him to go fuck that hot bitch once for him. lol As he fucking me laughing that my husband had told him to come fuck me once for him. We both end up cumming together at the same time as we laugh about my husband. We laid there for a bit when a knock came again. Could tell by the voice it was one of the other guys name Kenny. The trucker went up and Kenny gave him his paper work and told him to pull up away from the door. The trucker ask Kenny where could he pull up out of the way so he could get some sleep. Kenny told him to pull up where he was before to sleep. Then I heard Kenny laugh and say but the sound that came out of your truck you need some sleep. Then they both laugh. When he pulled up out of the way I was dress and out the door trying to get home with out being seen. The next morning I was up fixing breakfast for hubby when he came threw the door. The first thing out of his mouth was him telling me about the trucker picking up one hellva noise bitch and was fucking her out in his truck. With that he pick me up over his shoulder and was heading to our bedroom. He threw me on the bed and tore off his clothes. His cock was harder and bigger then ever and he was ready to fuck.

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