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the vacation part 1

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The Vacation You have arrived. Seems like you have more energy now than when your flight began. You?ve had time for anticipation to mount, so many thoughts and possibilities running through your mind. You?re in a fog; all that is visible is the feelings in your slit that has been wet from the moment you opened your eyes this morning. Morning seems like forever ago, and your surprise is so close but still to far away. ?Surprise? The last word from your Nubian fuck toy before you left for the airport today ?can?t wait for you to get your surprise??.?

Finally! You?re here; you can?t even remember the recent drive from the airport. All you recollect is the stop light when you removed your panties from under your skirt, almost cumming from the extended touch. On the front door?? A note addressed to my nasty bitch, taken aback a smile runs across your face ?it begins? you say. The note reads ?inside is your chocolate treat this visit is all about you so enjoy and do what you will, find me if you can?. As you make your way after a short search eager and urgent you push the door.

The aroma is thick, the lighting is dim. Illuminated by candles is you glistening Nubian fuck toy strapped and blindfolded to the bed. Another note?. ?Surprise? followed by a single word ENJOY.

Not knowing where to start and where to end, as u lick your lips you say ?this is going to be a great weekend.? Your eyes adjust and you finally see it that dick that you been thinking about all day. You climb on the bed and aggressively grab your first piece of black cock. Your mouth watering as you feel it grow in your hands. Stroking it slowly you drop you head and lick the tip, your other hand instintively finds your clit, as the taste on you lips is so sweet. Mmmmmmmmmmmm passion takes over and you begin to wrap your lips around the tip feeling your mouth become stuffed. Inch by inch you suck in as your tongue travels, ?aaaaaahhhhh?. The first sound you hear from your fuck toy as you take this entire growing cock pass your lips and down your throat. You hold it there till you are gasping for air and slowly let it slide out. The sight of that wet dick and the knowledge that it is all yours is driving you crazy. And you begin to let your tongue play. Licking the base to the tip, and your favorite underneath the head as you reach the tip ?that sweet taste again? you think. You have to come and now! You hike your skirt up and sit on those beautiful big lips. ?Suck my pussy? all you say before you take that dick in your mouth and beginning sucking like it is the last dick you will ever have. You suck to get more of that sweet tasting cum; you suck because you want it down your throat. You suck like a sex starved woman because that tongue you sat on is driving you wild.

Lost in the cock in your mouth you remember the face you?re riding, when his tongue finally hits your clit, ?YYYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS? as you feel those big black lips suck your clit in. Tonguing you furiously, back and forth like a mad man. Returning to your clit as you press your body down deeper. Moans from you, groans from him are the only sounds accompanied by wet noises from your soaking twat bucking on his face. Up and down you ride, fucking that wet fat tongue moaning on his dick. A pause ?I am going to cum he says? as his lips find your clit again sucking it in for dear life you are there too. The feeling is sensational as his tongue flicks your clit and his lips pull you in. You increase you speed and vigor as you get that feeling in your body, as you buck and fuck and suck passion flows and you flood the face beneath you. Your pussy pours in a way it hasn?t in years your orgasm interrupted by the gush of hot black cum hitting the back of your throat. You do your best to swallow it all but can?t help having some drip out the corners of you mouth. Damn you love surprises.

A surprise for you and a tease and thrill for him. You think you in control but you have no idea. Taking the blindfold off you look into each others eyes passion ensues. Damn babe ?you are a great surprise? and your lips finally meet. After a minute or so of tasting you?re cum on his lips and cleaning his tongue off you part. ?Damn you are one nasty bitch aren?t you? and ?you know this? you reply. The kiss the banter brings that Nubian cock to a rise. NO NO NO you tease. Since you are all tied up you are under my control. Yes mistress!!! Is all you here in response. And you immediately return your pussy to his face. Clean me up so you can get me dirty again. This time facing one another your thighs straddling his face, you hold eye contact while his tongue slowly enters and explores your sopping wet cunt. ?Yes taste me? and he does every bit of you. You want to cum again and again, no not now not like this. Without a word u slide your clit and moist cunt up his face and back down his body. Spreading your cunt juice over his body. Letting your breast stop at his lips. No need to command, he gives equal attention to each nipple. Gently and aggressively stimulating you how you like it. ?He is truly my fuck toy? you think but don?t say you are lost in the feeling; you come to and continue you?re decent down your chocolate treat. Feeling in control but slightly at his mercy. You breathe heavily on his fuck meat, letting you breath stimulate his tool. And it responds well to the tease. When it is standing you place it between your breasts and move in a motion that will send it squirting in your face. ?Just the way I like it? you think. But not, yet as you feel it pulsate between your breast like it has a heart of its own reluctantly you pull away out of his sight. Stepping back admiring the male form and the taboo object of you dark desire, for seconds you stand still; two, then three digits in your moistness.

You are such a tease he screams, and you come back to reality. Fuck you is your response ?that is what I am waiting for? he says. You jump on the bed impaling his dick. Surprised at how full you feel u just look each other in the eyes. Confidently and boldly you break the silence, ?And that is what I am going to do!? Knees on the bed you begin to slowly slide up and down on the first piece of black dick you have ever had. So much pleasure, as you watch the contrast of black and white skin blend. So much joy from dominating this dick underneath you. Up and down you ride, yes fuck me bitch. ?? What is my name?? you angrily scream as you hover above his dick. Sorry mistress. I, I meant fuck me you nasty bitch s you both smile. And you better not forget it you gloat amused at your since of control. ?I will make sure you don?t? As the phrase ends you hike up on heels and begin to ride his cock like you never have before. You are both panting the sounds of your sweaty ass slapping against his balls is enhancing the feeling of your pussy being split open. Voices are loud but no sounds make since. Whose dick is this? you scream, ?ya- ya- yours mistress? he stutters to the beat of your motion. Who is the nastiest bitch? ?You are mistress? Who is in control? You feel a change in the room before your senses even recognize.

I AM YOU LITTLE SLUT! With force and bass he says. Muscles tighten, his veins pop and with on quick motion he breaks his arms free. Let me show you u little nasty bitch how to fuck this dick, with another sudden motion he breaks both legs free. Rolling over you're thrown to the floor and he is quickly behind you. His athletic frame grabs you by the hair and you feel helpless, and strangely enough you are even wetter than before. Now bitch I will show you how a "cum slut" is suppose to be used. Quickly and aggressively but not painfully he grabs the back of you neck and places you where he wants you. Knees on the floor face buried in the bed, and the head of his dick pressing against the hole of your ass. NO! YOU SHOUT. Bitch shut up- I will but not till I want to. With that he rams his dick into your drenched cunt. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! You scream. A blinding mix of pleasure and pain overtakes you. Even more aggressively he slams your face down and begins to pound you from behind with a force and speed that you hope never ends. In five minutes of a relentless pounding your cunt lips are sore you feel like such a used slut. Cumming 4 times from his thrusting and partially from feeling helpless. And you love it. ?Take this dick? is all you can make out as you finally slump over from the exhaustion of your orgasms. Still he fucks your pussy with as much energy and more force than when you started, as his pounding increases so do your whimpers, without conscience you scream ?I am your slut ? make me yours and with those words he drives his cock to the hilt and shoots load after load deep in you. The only movement you can muster is a smile and a contraction around his throbbing dick

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