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I have been after my hubby to get the new garbage disposal installed. We had bought it a week ago and have been asking when he was going to get someone to install it. he said he make arrangements soon. Well this particular morning hubby was playing around with me before he left for work. I was being lazy and laying around all morning in my night gown when hubby calls joking about getting me going this morning and then said he got someone to stop over and install the garbage disposal and he would be here anytime, no sooner does he say bye when doorbell rings, repairman is here so I grab a robe quick and answer the door. There stands this dark skinned black man about my age guessing mid 50's I am guessing 6' 5" tall and probably 275 lbs. He introduces himself Jackson and he here to hook up disposal. I let him in and he is looking at me from the min he walks in and having this man checking me out is taking an effect on me as well. I show him into kitchen and then asks were electrical box is. I take him into the basement were he turns the switch for the disposal off. When we walk back up he purposely stays several steps back as he watches my ass under the robe and night gown. I had a good idea what he was doing and his reaction in his jeans confirmed it, obviously a boxer man as he was rising good. my phone ringing so I leave the room to grab it and hubby asking if Jackson was there yet and I said yea. Hubby apologized for the teasing this morning and said have fun if I want to, which is way of giving me permission to play. I said doubt he is thinking about that but thanks hun. I change into a skirt and tank top and walk back into kitchen asking Jackson how it is going, he says good. Leaning over I look under the sink and see he has new one hooked up and he can see into my tank top and 42DD hanging free for him to see. I keep looking to give him ample chances to see, and he has a hard time trying not to make it obvious. Jackson moves out and ask if i could turn flip the switcha and see if it works. Flipping it, nothing so he goes under for a minute then slides out says try now, it is at this point that I realize he is looking up my skirt as i turn to the disposal switch, nope still not working as he says ok must have wire backwards, so he slides under sink. I am now checking his jeans out as he is getting aroused as well. As he is working I get down on my knee looking under sink as he working putting my hand next to his hip leaning down giving him ample view of my tits, say looks good. I stand up and ask if he like a soda as I pour myself one he says sure that be nice. I grab the bottle of rum and top mine off. Jackson finishes up and makes a call to what I thought was his boss and says this is his last call for the day, business has been slow and says he would not mind is coke topped off as well. I say help yourself so he puts some rum in his and walks back to the table where I am sitting and his crotch is about eye level for me. I decide to make a move and joke, must be a boxer man, and he looks at me surprised as I say well tighty white would hide that better as his cock is standing straight up. He says well yea watching my big tits hang in his face, you think it would not arouse me. I say well glad I still can make a man get hard as I hold by tits in each hand thru the shirt and jiggle them. Jackson then rubs his cock thru his pants and says yea. I say well nd to have another drink as he says yea sounds good as I joke I could use a good stiff one, ahhh stiff drink that is. I hand jackson his drink qand joke, daamn it is bigger yet, I am impressed as he says you want to see it dont you, I say oh yea I love to see. Jackson says it is there help yourself. Well I had his cock out in no time stroking it in front of my face admiring its size. After stroking him harder I slowly eased my mouth onto his cock, his girth filling my open mouth as I try to deep throat as much as I can, rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking his hard cock what I have not worked into my mouth yet. Jackson drops his hands to back of my head as I let out a little moan of pleasure and approval I move one hand to his ass to hold steady on his cock as I was getting a good 8" down my throat nowand my other hand has dropped under my skirt rubbing my clit as I enjoy his cock. I am sliding deeper on Jackson cock working my tongue around his cock as I deep throat him now with nice slow pace enjoying feeling the head sliding thru my lips as well. As I head Jackson start say ohhhh yea thats it, I continue with what I am doing as it is pleasing him. He is say not far now babe as I hold his ass tight and now rubbing his balls with other hand as I continue to take his cock deep now waiting for his precious load. As he says he going to cum, I just go deeper down licking his shaft with my tongue best I can as I feel the first pulseletting it hit deep in my throat I slide back off a bit sucking his cock harder as he explodes into my mouth, I can feel his body shaking. Finally letting a bit drip out the side of my mouth for show. As I clean his cock good he lifts me up laying me on the kitchen table and says his turn now, lifting my shirt off and lifting my skirt up he spreads my thighs and starts teasing my pussy with his finger tips barely entering me and rubbing my click with another fingeras he slowly moved moved a second finger into my pussy and now rubing my clit with his thumb now. Jackson working my pussy expertly with one hand and now reaching up pinching and pulling a nipple. He now has three fingers pushing and teasing my pussy as he pinch and pulls alternating between nipples. Already had one orgasm on Jckson fingers he is now reaching deeper with several fingers as he has lowered his face down and starts licking and sucking on my clit as he slides his fingers in and rubing the inside of my pussy as I cum all over his face now begging him to fuck me. By now he has gotten hard again. Finally he slides me to the edge of the table holding my legs up above his shoulders as brings his cock to my pussy once again teasin me with it rubbing the head over my pussy and barely pushing in into my pussy making me beg him to fuck me. My ass is on the edge of the table just waiting for Jackson to take my pussy and fuck me hard. Finally Jackson slides his cock into me holdong my hips steady against him as he does. After about 2-3 minutes of fucking he now has his cock completely in me giving me that pounding that I have been looking for since he walked thru the door. Jackson giving me a good fucking as he has me spread wide open and he working my tits good now as he going at my pussy. Jackson is now bent over sucking and biting on a nipple as I wrap my legs around his ass and hold his cock deep in me. His thickness is filling me perfectly and he is driving his cock deep into my pussy feeling his balls slapping against my ass all the while he expertly works my 42 DD tits. He fianlly says he cant hold back any longer and pushes deep and pulls up on both nipples and lets his load go, as his load starts to fill me and I feel every pulse of his cock explode, I fianlly have a huge orgasm all over his cock as we both just melt onto the kitchen table. Wow is all I could say as I tried to get my composure as I have left a huge puddle of cum and juices on the table. Jackson moved around the table and then said clean him up, sticking his cock in my face, I licked and sucked every bit of our body fluids off his cock, then he got dressed and said my husband had mentioned there would be other small jobs for me to come back to do. I will now bug hubby more now to get things fixed around the house now.

Later that night I checked hubby cell phone and found out that Jackson had called him when job was done and not his boss like he had me think. Either way we are getting things done on the barter system which works out great for everyone, especially myself.


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