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poker night

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Hi Judy here and i decide to share t

his with you, I do think i have a nice body with 38c chest, that most guys seem to like, Plus i wear my hair supper long, i love my hair. So im married and been married for over 10 and me and hubby get along really great with a pretty good sex life. We done some wild stuff and shared different wild dream that we have. We had went to a big party and meant a couple there. Nice couple, she was white and he was black and been married for a while. So later that night my hubby joke about black guys doing white girls. We laught and talk about it and he ask me if i ever wanted too do a black guy, I just laught and told him that i never had the chance. So he ask if i ever had the chance would i?. I just laught and told him i would have to see how i felt that day lol. I told him never know and tha i heard they where hung like horse. Well time went by and we didn't really talk about it again, Now my hubby like to play poker and has guys come over at least once a month to our house to play. Being a good wife i feed them and run for their drinks, He has a good time and the guys are fun and we joke alot and tease and flirt with me. all in good fun. So his company closed one of their place and let alot of the guy working there to transfer to my husband place. A few of these guys where younger black guys and they got move into my husband shop. He got along great with them and they became really good friends. So they had been working there for 6 months and hubby invited 2 of them to his poker game. One had gotten a DWI and lost write to drive lol. So hubby pick them up and told them they could crash in our spare room and he would drive them home next day. That way no one would get pick up. He told me and i was cool with it because it happen all the time

so there was 6 guy playing and drinking . I had short and halter top on because it was hot out. So the regular started to tease and pick on me and fllirting away. So wasnt long and clyde the black guy join in. So later he joking told me he never had a white woman but he had heard they where hot in bed, I laught and told him hi was to young for a white woman, they would kill him lol. So we kinda joke on and off about this most of the nite, He keep close eye on me when i was in the room. so clyde was winning pretty good and had lots of the money. One of the loser want him to lend him some money so he could keep playing, Clyde told him he had to sign i IOU and have some claderole to back it. So the guy gave him a IOU and his watch was his claderole. It was getting late and i notice hubby was lose pretty good himself, So i left them to play and went to our bedroom to watch some tv and relax. I watch tv for a couple of hour and then got up to take a shower and get ready for bed. When i got out of the shower and in my bathrobe i went into our bedroom and hubby just came in. I ask him how he did and he said he had lost. I ask him how much he lost and he said he lost what he had and took a IOU from clyde and lost thet too. I ask him how much he owe him and he said 200. Then he said clyde was collectint on his IOU. He handed me a piece of paper that said he was to get 200 loan and at the end of the night he was to pay back 250. So i look up and said did you pay him the 250. He said no because he lost that too. Then i remember his cladarole thing, So i ask hubby what did he give up for cladarole. He said to unfold the paper. I unfold it and he said if he didn't pay back the $250 at the end of the game he would send me to his bedroom for the night as his play thing. My mouth kinda drop open and i couldnt believe he did that. He said he swore his luck was changeing. So i ask him what now. He just look at the floor and said i guess your going to find out what it like to fuck a black guy. I was abit piss and told him i should go do him and teach him a lesson. He said that he lost and owe him. Dam what a ass you are. I turn and walk out the door and knock on our spare door. clyde told me to come in, so i did, I gave cldye the IOU and handed him 250 that i took out of my purse. He smile and handed the money back to me and said he was to pay at the end ot the game and that was over and to late to pay. So i ask what now then, He smile and said you spending the night here and Im going to see if a old white woman was going to kill hm. Unless my hubby welcht on their deal. i told him my husband don't welcht on a deal. He smile and said good and then told me to slip off my robe so he could see what he won. I just stood there for a bit and he smile and said i won and you are my play toy for the night, TAKE OFF THE ROBE So i turn a bit side was and slowly open my robe and let it fall off. He started to talk about how hot i look. Then he told me to slowly turn around so he could see it all. So i started to turn around. then he start to talk how nice my titts look .As i keep turn he notice my pussy was shave. He just smile and said he hasn't had a bald pussy before. He smile and said now he knew why black guys wanted to fuck white girls. He step forwad and rub my bare ass some, Telling me how nice it was.he then told me to go over and lay down on the bed. So i went over and lay down. he sat on the edge of the bed and reach out and started to play with my tittis. teaking my nipple as he played. Tell me how nice they where. he smiled and said it going to be fun fucking them with his cock. then his hand slide down south as he told me to spread my legs . i parted them a bit, but he pulled them wider apart. He slide up to find my hot wet pussy now. he smile and told me how wet my pussy was. he didn't have to tell me. he pulled his finger out and lick it. Hmmm white pussy is sweet. He move around and pushing my legs wider. He slowly started to lick up my leg burying his face into my pussy.. As he started to tongue lass it he pulled me to him. My legs where on his should and my ass up in the air as he work my pussy makeing me hotter and wetter.. but now Im cumming like crazy. i cant believe im laying here and black guy eating me out, why hubby in other room. Now he letting me go and smile say what a how white slut i was. he had his shirt all ready off but now he stood up and undo his pants. He smile as he push his pants down. Out pop the biggest cock ive seen. It had to been aleast 9 and fat.. i guess i look pretty scared becasue he laught and said as wet as i was it would fit. i guess he thought i mite jump and run because he move very fast on top of me pushing my legs apart. He had his cock in hand hitting my pussy as he move on top of me. All most instantly his cock head pop into my pussy, spreading my pussy lips apart. Then i told him we needed a rubber to be safe.He just laught and said honey i know your clean and i clean to. But i told him we still need to use one. He just did a small kinda eveil laught as he push deeper. Telling me that he was going to pump all his black seed deep into my white pussy. Buy now he halve way in and moveing deeper.. Every time i try to move off him , it seem he go's even deeper and faster. Now he slam it all in me, i took the whole thing. He waited a minute and said see i told you it would fit. I felt like i was gong to break in halve. So now he telling me to put my legs up on his back as he grabs my ass check.. Once my legs where wrap around him he started to fuck me long and slowly pulling me to him as he slam deeper and deeper.. Now i find myself moaning as he fucking me.he pick the pace up and harder as he go's. Then he telling me to use my legs to pull my pussy up to his cock so he can fuck me better. He didnt have to say it twice because i was pulling with all my strenght as he pounded me into the bed. It wasnt long and i was cumming again and moaning even louder now. Then he slam down into me pulling me harder to him going as deep as he could. As he press deeper i felt his cock starting to explode into me. My pussy was strecht so tight there was hardly any room for it all. But i could feel hm pumping more and more into me. Which drove me over the edge and cum harder myself. Then he clollapse on me smile. He smile as he told me he love white pussy. As he pulled out i could feel his cock pulling on my pussy walls. When it pop out, all his juice coming pouring out on the bed. the bed was soak.. when i caught my breath i started to roll of the bed saying i had to go take a shower and clean up our mess. But he grab me and pulled me back, Telling me not to worry about it because i was spending the night with him and he was far from done with me. He pulled me back down beside him. he toodk my hand and pulled it down to his cock and told me i should get to know it better, he was still havle hard and as i stroke it and played it got hard pretty fast. Then he put his hand on my head pushing it down telling me to suck it. So i slide down and started to lick it, i could taste myself on his cock. he took my head and shove his cock into my face telling me to suck it, It was so big i couldn't get much into my mouth, But he held my head as he started to fuck my mouth.. He wrap his leg up on to my back , holding me there as he fuck my face , Then i heard the door open and close, I turn to see what was going on. But he was holding be pretty tight and hard t move. But what i did see was not what i plan on. There stood his friend naked stroking his cock. his cock was even bigger. then clyde laught and said his friend had bought in my hubby IOU and that i had to take care of him too. So as clyde held my head his friend move in behind me. pulling me up onto my knees. wasnt long and i felt his cock hitting my pussy and slide in as he started to fuck me.Now he had ahold of my ass holding me as started to pound my pussy.. buy now im saying the hell with it and fucking him back as i suck on this cock. So i guess they figure they had me into this becasue he let go of my head as his friend push me hard down on the bed. His friend pull out of me pulling me to the end of the bed as he went.He turn me over as he did this, I ended with my ass on edge of bed.Cldye reach down and rubing my soaking pussy, then smile as he started to rub the juice on my tittis. His friend move back in postiong and slide his cock back into my pussy. Cldye move on top to straddle me and put his cock between my tittis and smushing my titt to his cock, fucking them. So now my pussy and titties are getting fuck and IM going nuts So now im cumming heavy and moaning louder as they fuck me calling me their slut. Making me beg them to fuck me. so now im begging as they pound away. Then i felt his friend pushing deep holding it in pushing deeper. I knew he was bout to blow his load and he did. i could feel him shot deep into me. Just about then cldye blew his load , blowing all over my face as he did, Laught as he pump his cock empty. We all kinda fell back trying to recover. Afer a bit cldye ask me what i was going to do. i just smile at him and told him i don't have much of a choice here, i guess Im spending the night here doing what every they wanted to. He just smile and said i was't going to get much sleep

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