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pay back

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Judy here , I decide to share my wildest sex. I was single at the time and 25 and well shape. Had a good set of titties to lol. Well i had a boy friend and it was his birthday. I was out of town on a work project, but got it done soon then i though and headed home to surprise him on his birthday. Before i came home i did some shopping and bought some black mesh thigh high, really short mini skirt and to top it of a very low cut top that zip up the front. I went home and shower and put on my new out fit and head to his house. Just as i pulled up i seen some lady getting out of her car. When my lights hit her i notice it was my bf ex wife. So i stop and waited to see what she was up to. she went up to his door and knock. He answer and let her in to his house. I waited a minute to see what was happening. Time went by and she didn't come out. Then i notice his bedroom light came on. So now I'm wondering what going on and getting a bit piss off. So after a bit i decide to find out. So i creep up and let myself in. I heard noise coming from the bedroom so i creep that way. I knew from the sound what was going on, I peek threw the door and sure enough he was fucking her like some wild man. Now I'm really piss off and was about to bust in, but decide not to. I figure i would think this over and decide what to do . I creep back out and was heading for my car. I notice his neighbor's dog out in the yard. Now i know this dog and he love to eat. I've left my window down once and he jump into my car because he smelt some food and made a mess in my car. so smile to myself i went to my car and got some food i had. I took it and stuff the food in between her seat's. Just enough that he would have to dig for it. then i feed him some and got him close to her car. Sure enough he went for it, I shut the door so he could get out. But he didn't care, he was tearing her car up to get the food. I left smiling.

So i went over to my gf apartment to talk to her. So i told her what i seen and did. We laught and drank and talk about all the thing i should do to him. After a few drinks, she had to get on her computer to send out some info to one of her friends. She was about to sign off , when i ask to use it for a minute. I had found a funny screen name on his computer once and wrote it down, Ive check it a few time in the pass and found out he use it in chat rooms so no one would know him. Sure enough, he was on in a sex chat room. So he didn't know my gf or her screen name. So i log in to his room and wasn't long and he was IM . So i played along so see where he would go. After a bit he ask me if i had web cam. She did so i said yes. So now he trying to talk me into getting on it and showing him some goodies. I told him, he had to go first. To my surprise he sent me a link to his web cam. ( i didn't know he had it) When i open it, there he was sitting in his boxer. He telling me its my turn. So i talk my gf to get in her panties and bra and turn on her cam. so now he see her. so now he all excited trying to get me ( her) to take some off. I told him he had to go first. Sure enough off came his boxer's . He was hard and showing it off. He tell me to take off. Well now my gf and getting into it and took off her bra showing her titts. She took over the key board and start typing and picking on him. Wasn't long and she had him playing with him self and she had her panties off show him her pussy. He really going strong into his playing. He was trying to get her to do stuff on cam. Then she started to turn her story around . She started to tell him that she couldn't do to much because her gf was there. So now he wants to have her to get her gf on. She told him she couldn't because her gf was with her boy friend and they where problay fucking in the other room. Now he telling her to see if she was. She went out of cam site laughting at him. I ask her what she was doing and she said just busting his balls. Then she went back and told him that she wasn't but they where going at it so heavy that i wouldn't be long. Now he wants her to move her cam so that he could see them on cam. She told him she see what she could do. So now i know we both been drinking but i didn't know what she was up too. Laught she went over to her closet and pull out a long hair blonde wig she had. She told me to put it on. I laught and told her he will know its me and she said not if she keep cam off the front of my face and wig long enough to hide a lot of face. so fooling around i put it on, and i did look good as a blonde. So laught i ask if she was my new boy friend that I'm making out with. She said no but she had one for me. Then she ask me if i remember the guys across the hall, The 2 black guys? she said yes. i told her i knew who they where. She smile and told me they both had ask about me and want to meet me and wanted to jump my body. Laught i told her sure and she said it was all true. Then she told me she was going over and see if one of them where there and ask him to come over. I ask her what for? to have him get on the couch with me and have him make out hot and heavy with me and her cam us and let bf watch me make out, not knowing its me. But my boy friend was hoping to see her friend getting fuck. She laught and said if she knew her neighbor at all, and the outfit I'm wearing, My bf would sure enough see titty and pussy. I had been drinking but i told her this didn't seem like it would work. But out the door she went and wasn't long she was back with one of her neighbor. He was the better looking one too. She came in yelling he was game. I told her i didn't know about this and she telling me she would keep cam off my face and Jerome would help to keep my face hidden. Now i got Jerome rooting me on too. She went back to the computer and my bf was still on. She told him we where going at it and that she was going to try to move the cam so he could see. He all excited and telling her to go for it. She told us it was on. Jerome pulled me over to the couch and pulled me down beside him. He had me on the cam side and pulled my hair over my face some and turn my head. My gf told him it was good. Then he told her to set up the cam and he lean in and pull me to him and started to kiss me. His arm where wrap around me as he kiss. I heard my gf say that we where on cam and he was watching us. So now Jerome hands start running all over me as we kiss. He was very good kisser and i was getting into the kissing part. Then i felt Jerome had slide around front playing with my titt as he suck my face off. he started to work the zipper down the front of my blouse free my titty. the nipple was rock hard as he played with it. Slowly his head slide down until he found my nipple and started to suck and lick my titty. I turned my head away from the cam as he suck and play with my titty. His other hand was rubbing my leg as we made out. But then he slide it up pushing my legs apart. Wasn't long and his hand found my pussy. He whisper in my ear that my pussy was really hot and wet. I told him i knew it. So now he finger my pussy making it hotter and wetter. After a bit of this he stop and started to pull my skirt higher and up over my hips. Now my pussy is out for all to see. Pushing my legs farther apart he started to finger my pussy some more. I could hear my pussy making sloppy noise as he played. Then he slide down on to the floor pushing his face between my legs to find my pussy. He started to probe it with his tongue and licking me as he did. Then he took his hand and started to play with my clit as he suck on my pussy. this is driving me over the edge and i'm grinding my pussy into his face. Now I'm starting to cum and i mean cum. I can hear myself yelling for more. Then he stop and stood up and started to unbuckle his pants. I didn't really plan on going this far. But then his pants and shorts drop and his cock was out. He was very well hung and hard. As i stared at it i could hear him say suck it . With out really thing about it i slowly slide to my knees and took his cock in my hands. He put his hand to my head so my face would not show. I started to lick the head as he held my head. Then holding my head he shove his cock at me , parting my lips as it slide in side my mouth. So now im sucking trying not to chock on his huge cock. As i started to suck he started to fuck my face deeper each time. As i suck he keep getting bigger and harder. Then he stop me and push me down on to the floor, climbing on top of me as he did. He was between my legs pushing them far apart as he land on top of me. I felt his hand grabbing his cock , to find my pussy. Once he found my pussy, he started to push into me, I felt the head pop in. he move his hand and started to push deep as he fuck in and out. It was the biggest cock ive tried and it was tight but i found myself pulling him in as i push my pussy to him. Now he fucking and pounding his cock to me and im cumming again. Then i felt his sperm pumping into my pussy as he slam harder trying to bury it deep into me. When he finish he slowly got off me, slowly pulling his cock out of my quivering pussy. My gf move in close with the cam, showing his cock coming out and his juice pouring out of my pussy. Then see look at me and smile and ask how my first porno shoot was. She then put the cam down and started to take her clothers off. Telling Jerome she was next. She lead him off to the bedroom . As i laid there i was wondering how i could ask my bf how his birthday was.

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