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job hunting

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My name is Judy and I thought I would share my story with you. When I was 21 I was about 120with 36c. I was looking for a job and was having trouble finding one that wasn't doing hamburg and hots. I did have great grade because I did well in school. Then I heard one of the bigger company was hiring and do job interview. I sent my paper work in and a few day later was called asking me to come in for a interview. Only # and 5 7" problem is they where being done about 150 mile from where I live. So I decide to go in day early and spend the night and make sure I got there in time. So I went into the city and got a room for the night, Then the company called and said they have to push me back one day because some thing came up.So now I had to spend another day there. Not having to much money I couldn't really do much. So I had my lap top and entertain myself with that. Now I use a site job hunting that cover everything, from selling everything and finding anything. So I was looking for other job when I notice adult site for dating. so I click on the city that I was in and started to check out the guys on it. I found some pretty good looking guys. Then I notice there was a site for casual encounters. Now them means just meet up and fuck lol by the look of the ads. Some had pic.then I notice on said hotel meet so I click on that one because it had a pic. To find out it was a guy staying at a hotel not far from me. He was out of town on business . But when his pic came up , he was a black man that was very solid built and I must say very well built. He was asking for some one that wanted to play and had a open mind. Well it didn't cost anything so I emailed him telling him what I look like and asking what he wanted to do. Well later to my surprise he wrote back. He seem very excited about me being white and open minded. he told me he was married but she was a prude when it came to sex and he just wanted to have some hot sex. After a few email I was pretty excited and still bored. He wasn't to far away. I told him I would meet him. But he ask me to meet at his room because he had a meeting later and not a lot of time . Well this place was one of the big fancy place, so I told him I would come over and meet him. So nervously I dress in my mini skirt and silk blouse I had. When I got there I knock on his door and he open it and his face turn to a big smile and ask me to come in. So I walk in and he telling me that I'm more hotter looking then he had hope for. As he smile he walk slowly around me checking me out. He had on slack and a shirt and was more impressive in person. He did turn me on. I've never fuck a black man and guess maybe that what drew me to his ad. Now I have long hair and while he was behind me he ran his hands threw it telling me how he like long hair. AS he came around front his finger ran over my shoulder and on to my neck. Smile at me his finger slowly slide down the front pulling on my blouse open some, He peek down my blouse and I ask him if he like what he say. He smile at me as he undid one of my button. Then he waited a second. When I didn't say anything he started to unbutton some more. He unbutton them all and pull my blouse apart. So now my blouse fell open showing my lacy bra and titty. He telling me how nice they where. Now im getting more excited and I know there not a lot of time to play. I ask him if he wanted to see more of them and he said yes. So I turn around and ask him to unhook my bra. I felt his nervous hands unhook it. I was holding my bra in place as I turn around. Smile at him I slowly let it fall down and away. My titty are very firm and have nice size nipple that where rock hard. He stare at them and reach out and play with my nipple's. He told me how much that he like that I wasn't shy and how hot I was. I told him that I enjoyed sex and was proud of my body. He ask me to show him more then. So I reach down and unhook my skirt letting it slowly fall away. So now I'm standing there in my thigh highs , heels and thongs. he just smile and watching me. I reach down to roll my stocking down and he told me to leave the on. So smile I pick my foot up and take my heel off and he stop me and told me to leave them on too. Smile at him I said don't leave much to take off. He just smile and said he knew that. So I slowly slide finger into my thongs and slowly and sexy work them down and off. He step back to get a better look at my pussy. I keep it really trim up with small patch of hair. So then he step forward and started to play with my nipple again with his finger. I just smile at him, so then he started to work his finger down my belly, gentle and in a tease way. When his finger hit my pussy hair he told me ,he was surprise how soft and silky the hair was. I ask him if I was his first pussy hair. lol He laugh and said I was his first white pussy hair, as he slide his finger into my pussy. I moan bit when he slide it in. He smile and said that I wasn't kidding when I said I like sex, because my pussy was hot and wet. He took his finger out and ran it across his lips , Telling me that I had a sweet tasting pussy. Looking at me he said he didn't have lots of time, and started to take his shirt off as fast as he can and then unbutton his pants and let them fall, I notice his cock bulge against his boxers. he notice me looking and ask me to take off his boxer's. So smile at him I knelt down and slowly pulled them down. Then his cock pop out, I jump a bit because it was bigger then I thought. pulling his shorts out of the way I slowly reach up and took it in my hand to find it hard and hot. Slowly stroking it , he ask me if I like it. Smile up at him I told him it will do lo. So then I lean forward and slowly lick the head of his cock.then I lean forward and suck the head into my mouth. softly nibbling on it as I suck and lick it. Then I heard him saying how good that felt and that his wife would never do that. So I suck harder and I could tell he love it. Then after a bit he pulled away from me, I ask him if he didn't like it? He smile and told me he wanted to shove it down my throat and fuck my face but he didn't have time for it. I smile and told him it wouldn't take me long to get him to blow. He laugh and said he knew that but he wanted to make sure he had time to fuck my white little pussy. So I laugh and jump on the bed spreading my legs. Telling him that my little pussy want his black cock too.he laugh and told me I had a dirty little mouth. I ask him if he didn't like it and he smile and said he love it. He lean on the bed running his tongue up my leg until he hit my pussy. then he started to lick and probe his tongue deep into my pussy. Now I grinding my pussy into his face. Then he stop just as I was getting ready to cum. Slide up he reach down and guide his cock to my pussy lips , rubbing and tease me. He smile at me and ask me if I was sure I wanted this cock, I told him yes and he smile and ask me if I wanted him to fuck me. I said yes and he told me to ask him to fuck me. so I told him to fuck me and said louder, so I yell louder fuck me. When I did he slam forward shoving his cock into my pussy. As it went in I jump from how big it was but he just started to slam harder and deeper each time. I was so hot it didn't take long for me to start to cum. As I was cumming I was getting wetter with my juice and I could take his pounding cock better. As his cock hit bottom in my strength out pussy he started to blow his seed deep into me. When I felt his seed pumping into me it trigger a even more bigger orgasm for me as I moan out in please. Then he slowly pulled out as my pussy was milking his cock dry. Just then his phone rang and he swore as he went to it. He talk bit as I laid there juice dripping out of me. he turn and told me I had to hurry because his car was there to pick him up for his meeting. As I grab my clothes , he keep telling me how he want to keep me for the night and fuck me some more. lol I ran out the door. When walk out, there was a long big limo sitting there and I was wondering if it was his. I stood off to the side and sure enough he came running out late and jump into it and took off.

Well the next day I had my interview . There where quit a few girls there for this job. After my interview she asks me to stay for a while, So I stayed , when it was over she asks me back into her office. She told me she was very impress with me and offer me the job. The job was a helper aid position for her boss. The pay was better then I thought but may run up a few hours working. but if that happen her bossy usually paid for the overtime. I took the job and she was having me fill out paper work. As I filled them out she step out. When she came back, she brought my new boss make to meet me. As I turn and look up, (Yes it was him) I was a bit shock but acted like I never meant him and he did the same. Then his sectary told him that she thought the two of us could work out pretty well. I notice a smile in the corner of his eye and he said he felt we would too,

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