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hire help returned

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In case you didn't read the first part, im Judy 34 divorce and live out in the country. I live down from a potato farmer. One of his work field work stop by and help me do some work. I ended up invite him to Sunday dinner and he came to it. I ended up being his dessert and fucking each other a few time that day. I told him he was welcome to come back and he did. This is what happen the next time he came back.

I got home from work and was checking me email when I heard someone at the door. When I answer it was him standing there with a big smile. I smile and ask him what he wanted. He step in and said he stop by to fuck a white little slut that he knew. I laugh and said you talking about me lol. He step up and wrap his arm around me and pull me to him. I could feel his cock was already hard. He press me against the wall grinding into me ,as he suck on my neck and rubbing my ass. He raise up one hand and started to play with my boobs. He reach around and unhook my bra, then told me to take my top and bra off so he could suck my titties. So I unbutton my top and pull it off and my bra too. He smile and press me against the wall again. He told me that he like a bitch that do's what she told. Slide his hand under my ass again he pick my up off the floor pin me to the wall. As he pin me there he started to suck on my boobs. By now im getting hot and my nipple are hard. After a few minute he let me down and side his hand around started to rub my pussy threw my panties. He smile again and said by the feel of my wet pussy, I was in the mood to fuck.That when he tore my panties off and started to finger fuck me. yes I was very wet and moaning as he finger me.He then stop and undid his shorts and shove them down. Now his rock hard cock was rubbing against my belly. He Press me back into the wall and cup my ass picking me up again . I could feel his cock rubbing my pussy as he started to suck on my titt's again, He started to move me around as he ground his cock against me. Then I felt the head pop into my hot wet pussy. He started to slow let me slide down the wall as he push his cock in farther. He pull my legs up and I wrap them around him as he started to slam harder and deeper into me. By now im soaking wet and he fucking me harder. I found myself trying to fuck him too and we all most feel. So he turned and drop me on top of the table and started to fuck me harder. Wasn't long in I yelling fuck me as he pound me into the table.Few minute later we both where cumming and moaning. After we caught our breath he let me up. The juice where running down my leg. So I told him I need to clean up some as I headed to the bathroom.When I came out I had put on my bath robe. He was looking at my computer that was still on. He ask me if he could check his email. I said sure and I went to fix something to eat. When I came back in and told me to come over. When I went over I see he was in some chat room talking to some guys. They thought the where talking to me, a female. He was in a interracial date chat room and the guys had web cam's. Well need less to say they had them on and I could see they where in their birthday suits play with self. One guy had one huge cock, didn't think they really came that big. So I was checking them out and we where talking about them. I never seen this done before on cam lol. Well the other guys wanted me to get on cam. I do have cam because most of my family live far away. they wanted to make sure they where talking to a female. I told him I wasn't going to do it because , I didn't want them to see me. So he talk me into doing the cam but to just open my robe and show my boobs. He set the cam up and only thing on it was my chest. So I said what the hell and pull the robe apart and let them fall out. Well the guys on the cam love my titties and where play more with themselves. But now they want to see my pussy. So now im getting into this more and figured what the hell, they cant tell who im. so I untie my robe and let it slowly fall open. Now I had a real fan club. I guess from their chat not to many women show on cam. so to be nice I started to play with myself some and they really like that. Than when I notice my friend had his cock out play and watching me. So now with me play and see all this cock I was getting pretty wet. My friend got up and pull my chair back a bit and focus the cam back on my pussy. But then he drop down fast and buried his face into my pussy. I look up and there I was on cam getting my pussy eaten. They couldn't see my face but they could see him eating me and play with my boobs. I was so hot by then I couldn't tell him to stop. I was getting ready to cum and he knew it. So he stop and stood up. I told him not to quit now. He pull me out of the chair and threw me over his shoulder. He stop and turn the cam. When I look at the screen the couch was on cam. He then walk over and threw my on the couch and took off rest of his clothes. he pull my robe back open and pull my legs apart and he slide down on top of me. My pussy was soaking wet and just wanted some cock. Wasn't long and he was slamming his cock with long hard stride. As he fuck me , he told me to beg him to fuck me. I was so hot , I didn't have no problem begging for it. As he fuck me, he was calling me his slutt. then he want me to tell him I was his slut and wanted him to fuck me more. so now im calling myself a slutt and beg to be fuck. Then im starting to cum more then I ever have. Then he started to cum too. By the time we where down my couch was soak. But I didn't care. he fell on top and said he thought we gave a good show and we would have to do this again some time, I just smile and said I think we could.

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