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her first black dick

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By any stretch of the imagination it was an awesome instrument. I do not often comment on another man?s dick, but this one demanded critique. It appeared to be on steroids as the veins bulged from the shaft creating a rub board surface. I have heard of a mushroomed head before, but never actually seen one. The head appeared to have a top hat affixed to a shaft, with a wide brim extending the base of the head. The shaft below the brim was mush smaller than the head that it looked deformed, and the shaft grew in thickness as it approached his body, eventually matching the circumference of the mushroom. The thickness was equally impressive resembling a coke can, and I believe his girth masked the length not appearing as long as it actually was. It never occurred to me that a guy would lie about his size negatively, but I guess in retrospect that avoids a lot of rejections. When he mentioned that he was larger that eight inches, one would assumes he is close to that, and in fact ten is larger than eight, which lets him off the hook about lying. Although I did not actually measure it, I think it was a lot closer to ten than eight, and the fact that it was black also added an erotic dimension to the situation.

I guess this would be a good time to reveal the situation, which was, that this large black man was about to fuck my white wife. I will go into that later for those who care to know how this came about, but the fucking is a lot more interesting and exciting, so I will defer that to later. It is probably worth of note that this was her first extramarital affair of our 30 year marriage, took years to get to this point, and that I am a lot less endowed than what I described above.

Anna is a well preserved 50 year old raised in the bible belt with a strict upbringing. She has maintained her girlish figure aside from mother nature and gravities minor tolls, and she still turns a few heads. At 130# her tanned 5?6?frame seems made for sex, and I have enjoyed it for three decades. She has had only one lover prior to me, so we taught and experimented teaching each other what we knew of sex. I think our sex would be tame compared to most peoples thinking, but it has been hot and very satisfying throughout our marriage. Sex outside the marriage has been taboo, and sex with a black man in the deep south even more so, which is part of the allure that got us to this point.

Fast forward to him kneeling between her spread open legs, holding the assault weapon by the base and still having a hand full extending beyond his grasp.

A pearl drop of pre cum beaded up at the head in anticipation as he approached her eagerly awaiting wet pinkness. Her lips were swollen and plenty lubricated for an ordinary fuck, but this was not going to be an ordinary fuck. He had been warned that she was not into pain, and a sure way for this to come to an abrupt halt would be for him to hurt her. It was obvious that both wanted and needed a release, and mutual pleasure and enjoyment was the road to that end. It had taken well over an hour of begging, pleading, and liquor to even get her to try after she viewed the monster, but now she lay limp and ready to submit to a promised enjoyable and memorable fuck. I had no reservations about the memorable part of our plea bargaining. I handed him some lube which he administered quickly bringing his shaft to a glossy shine. I thought I would cum when his mushroom head met her puffy lips spreading them open and rolling them outward as he moved the head up and down her slit. I knew he could make her cum by just rubbing the head up and down her lips stimulating her clit, but that was not what I desired to see, nor the sensation he wanted to feel. After several minute of this sexual massage she began to reciprocate and her hip began to gyrate in response to his efforts. Her hard nipples and shallow breathing indicated her state of arousal and wanton desire that I hoped would be satisfied by the fucking she was about to receive. It was a very erotic sight watching this stranger giving her pleasure and her responding with animal lust to quench both their burning desires. His huge black body dwarfing her pale white body added an extra dimension to an already erotic situation.

She opened her legs wider to accommodate him as though he needed more encouragement than her bucking ass beneath him. At the end of his pussy rub he would linger at her opening trying to gain access, the curvature of his shaft indicated the force he was exerting trying to open the prize, but to no avail. It was apparent that she could not accommodate him naturally, but maybe if she had an orgasm, he could seize the moment. With that though in mind, I started rubbing her already enlarged clit ever so gently, my other hand tweaked her nipples in an effort for sensory overload. I did not know if the plan would work, and he continued to work his monster at her opening realizing the new strategy. One thing for certain, it would not take long to find out if the experiment would work, as her thrashing intensified. Her orgasm, and scream, my cumming, and the disappearance of his mushroom occurred simultaneous in the blink of an eye. She continued to squirm and wiggle for a few minutes as her orgasm subsided with the head of his dick implanted in her. He just sort of rode her wake, neither inserting more, nor trying to withdraw from her death grip on his dick. Her opening was adjusting to the smaller circumference of his shaft just below the mushroom head, and he probably could not have withdrawn from her without causing intense pain. Although I knew she was severely stretched to the max, she did not show signs of pain as her climax subsided. He collapsed on top of her resting on his elbows and I climbed up next to her and we all cuddled for what seemed like an eternity.

We all waited for someone to make the first move, not wanting to be premature and spoil any further fun. I had to admire his patience as I knew the head of his dick was still in her, and her vaginal muscle had to be squeezing him for all she had. I had a fear she was going to abort the mission and my expectations would come to an abrupt halt. This was not the case, and I do not recall who made the first move. It may have started by me kissing her and telling her I loved her, and reinforcing how hot she was. Our friend soon lifted himself to his knees, and lay on her breasts and began to fondle and kiss, but actually jockeying for a good view of the fucking I was sure was to insure. They looked awesome, attached as they were, with his meat imbedded in her and her pussy stretched around his massive member. I remembered thinking how would I ever be able to satisfy her again, as jealousy and envy crept into my mind overshadowing my image of them so snuggly concocted. Out of nowhere I instinctively grabbed the bottle of liquid lube and poured it on her clit that was plainly visible from his shaft spreading her lips. My finger followed the lube and quickly found her pronounced clit, and I began to stroke her bulge. Our friend began to move back and forth, not actually inserting more dick but rather rocking in and out what was already in her. The base of his dick was about the same size as the mushroom head and tapered to about half the size now lodged in her. Should he be able to get that monster in her up to the base she would be stretched so that the head would come out relatively easy, but that was a long way to go. It was probably good that she did not have my view point, or she would have surly balked at continuing.

My finger was working it?s magic on her clit and the monster was beginning to move into her sweet wet confines, slowly inching it?s way into her. Her moaning and groaning gave encouragement to the meat dispenser and he acted accordingly. Her tight pussy had such a grip oh his shaft that she stripped him clean of their juices and lubricants, pooling them on his shaft. The ring of their combined juices inched it?s way up his shaft serving as a depth gauge of his penetration. She seemed in a constant state of orgasm, and removed my finger from her clit, apparently he was pleasuring her ?G? spot intensely. The love ring had worked it?s way up his shaft now about five inches, and she showed no signs of backing off, in fact she was bucking, thrashing, and meeting his advances wanting more. He was fucking her already with a lot more dick that I had to offer her, and he still had that much more thick base to go. A less gentle and caring man would have certainly fucked up this encounter never gotten this far with her, and his stamina was unbelievable. I was on the verge of cumming twice, and I was not the one fucking her tight hot pussy. He managed another couple maybe three inches into her before he bottomed out, and I was truly amazed that she was able to take that much of his monstrous dick. With a couple of inches of daylight between them they continued their fierce fucking, and he did not try to force more into her than she could take, content on what she could take. The first audible words spoken was ?I am about to cum, you want me to cum in you?, he asked. She did not speak, only nodded in the affirmative yes, as he plunged into her one last time and lingered there. His ass cheeks clinched and I knew he was pumping her full of his hot seed, and I could imagine his mushroom head sealed against her cervix. Her hands and fingers dug into his buttocks holding him in places as though he were going somewhere, I chuckled to myself. She moaned a little, ?ohoo? every time he shot a squirt into her, and there were a lot of ?ohoo?s?. He collapsed on top of her rolling her to the side in the process ending up face to face, side by side, without ever decoupling.

I returned to the bed with a fresh set of drinks and they lay in the same position except that she had thrown a leg over him, exposing her ass and pussy still stuffed with the black snake. I just took a seat and viewed the awesome sight, wondering what it must feel like to lay next to a woman and still have your dick in her. The view was short lived as Anna sat up and reached for her drink, dislodging the pole filling her pussy. As she leaned forward to get her drink, a glob of cum came rushing out of her gaping pussy, and spilled on onto the bedding. She was momentarily embarrassed, thinking she had expelled something involuntary that she should not have, quickly reaching to the source for guidance. She grabbed her gapping hole and caught another hand full of the liquid oozing from her freshly fucked pussy. She looked at me and smiled as she scooted to the headboard to quench her thirst, leaving a trail his seaman on the cover. Her sex partner lay motionless beside her exhausted from the recent turn of events. We never spoke a word, just gazing into each others eyes reflecting on what had just happened, and I am sure as may thoughts ran through her mind as it did mine.

One of her requirements for the ordeal had been that he must wear a condom, not that pregnancy was an issue. I do not know what changed her mind, but I was glad that she had taken him bear back. It was and awesome sight, that I would have hated to miss, of his cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy. Her gaping hole imitating the size and shape of her intruder was accented by his cum running out of her pussy, and proof positive that it had indeed happened, that I was not just dreaming. Her pretty pink pussy was now more reddish and irritated looking from the assault it had endured, and I hoped that it, and she, was up to more of the same punishment.

Soon her fuck buddy joined her at the head board and I handed him his drink. ?Wow?, he exclaimed as he spoke the first recognizable sounds of the ordeal. ?You are quiet wonderful?, he added as he took the first sip of his drink. She just smiled acknowledging the comment, and knowing he was right. She reached over to give him a thank you pat on the leg, but instead patted his limp member that lay across his leg. We all chuckled at the awkward moment, knowing what she meant but indicating his dick. ?Thank you for sharing her, she is everything and more that you said she would be?, he said looking at me. ?And just how did you bill me?, she asked sarcastically as she went to the bathroom. ?Fuck man, she is great, you ok with everything?, he said as so as she was away. ?I could fuck her all night?, he added in an questionable tone. ?If she wants too, by all means please do?, I replied. With that his big black snake began to come alive again, and he just smiled. As she emerged from the rest room he took her place, and she sat back on the bed and said, ?well?. ?Well?.I think you just got the hell fucked out of you?, I replied with a chuckle and a smile. ?He wants to fuck you all night long?, I added. ?He does?, she asked with a big smile. ?I am pretty sore, and do not know about all night, but if you are ok with it I would like to fuck him again?, she replied. I did not have to answer as my dick suddenly came to attention. Her love reentered the room with his semi erect monster leading the way, swaying back and forth as he strutted back to the bed. ?She want to fuck again?, I informed him as he sat down on the bed. I got ?the look? from her, but the comment served the purpose without any awkward moments. He wasted not time and seized the moment by lying her down on the bed and started eating her. As he did so I recall another of her rules for the ordeal, and that was she would not kiss him. Apparently oral kissing was ok I thought as he devoured her pussy, and she did not object to kissing him as a racial thing, just that she felt that was more intimate and personal than fucking, yea go figure.

After a few minutes of tongue lashing she was ready to fuck and he waited no time obliging her. ?I want you to lube him up and put it in?, she said as he got on his knees to fuck her. A strange request I though, but I figured that was her way of my giving approval of him fucking her. It was weird coating his monster as I had never touched another man?s dick before, and I felt envious as I prepared it for entry into my eagerly awaiting wife. I grabbed the shaft just below the mushroom head and lead it to the promise land, rubbing it up and down her well lubricated hot lips. As she began to respond to the sensation and arching her hip to meet him, I positioned the large heat at her opening and pulled forward, encouraging him to enter her. He exerted pressure, but the shaft did not bend this time before he was able to enter her, and her scream and the disappearance of the mushroom happened simultaneously. He lingered there for a bit allowing her to get accustomed to his size before penetrating her more. A little wiggle of her pelvis was all it took for him to slide more of himself into her wanton pussy. Once again the familiar love ring appeared on his shaft, and it appeared that he was wearing a rubber as the fluids collected on his shaft. The moans and groans she was uttering this time resembled more pleasure than pain, and gave him encouragement to proceed accordingly. The gentle caring fuck buddy was now more aggressive and forceful than the previous fuck. She gave as good as she got as she bucked, trashed and met his advances with her own, quite different than their first episode. This passionate fucking was more enjoyable for all of us, and truly it was truly remarkable how different the two fucking could be. Her shy vocal moans and groans now were replaced with audible sounds of pleasure and lust. It was difficult to tell when one orgasm subsided before the next one began, and it was extremely gratifying seeing her receive such constant pleasure, even though I was not the one giving it to her. I thought he showed remarkable staying power the first go around, but damn was showing out now like an energizer bunny fucking her forever. She was not able to accommodate any more of his monster this time than before, but she certainly used the eight or so he gave her very well. I looked like a foot of dick entering and being withdrawn for her eager pussy as he pounded her without abandon. The frantic pace stopped instantly as he plunged into her and just stayed there and the ?ohoo?s? began once more.

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