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coupons do work

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I've read some of this story and decide i needed to share mine, I was 27 and long blonde hair 125# 5 7". with 38c that where still pretty firm and i love them. I work in a office with a bunch of other girls. They where all was coming up with new stuff. One close friend came over and showed me here coupon that she made for her boyfriend, It was really nicely made with her pic and laminaded in plastic. On the front with her pic, read holder can redem this coupon to the below carrier, which was her pic and name. Then on bottom it read coupon value on back. When you flip it over it read that this coupon was worth 4 hrs of total control of this coupon's carrier. Which include being your total slave and slutty for the next 4 hours and filling all your request in this time frame. I love it and it really look real. Well my boy friend birthday was coming up and i wanted to give him one from me. She said she could make one for me if i got her a pic and my signature. So i found a really sexy pic of me and gave all to her. A couple days later she gave me my new coupon. I turn on really great.

Coouple day later was his birthday and i put the coupon in with his birthday card. He loved it lol. He ask me once the coupon was given to me i would have to do what ever I was told to do? i smile yes and it was worth 4 hrs of his wish's. He smile and put it in his wallet and said he was going to save it for the right time. Because tonight he had his birthday wish control that he could use. We have all was been really open and wild in our sex life. all was doing and trying new things.

Well time went by and he didn't use it. Well i had to go with my boss ( she female) to couple day meeting that was 75 mile from home. So we had got a company paid room and stayed there. all went well and we finish the deal up early and my boss headed home. So when my boy friend heard i was going to come back , he told me to stay and that he would come over and we could go out and party and still have the hotel room that was paid for. so we made plans to meet down at the hotel bar and go out. so i put on my mini dress and stocking and was looking pretty good if i say so myself. so i went down and got a drink while i was waiting for him, they had a small band playing and it was soft lights and good music. some people where dance out on the floor, So i drank and watch people, He called and said he was running a bit late and to wait for him. Well i did get a few drinks for free while i waited so i was in a pretty good mood. It most of been over a hour there when someone tap my shoulder. i turn and there stood a strange man smiling at me. He had to be over 6 ft tall and well dress and well built. He ask me to dance. I told him i was sorry but i was waiting for my boy friend and need to pass. He keep smile at me and ask me if i wouldnt dance with him because he was black, then he laught at me. i laught and told him i didnt care that he was black and that i was waiting for my boy friend and i dont think he would like it. he smile and said we wouldn't tell him. i smile and said i couldn't because if he ask me i had to tell him because my words where golden lol yes i was drinking lol So then he ask me my name and i said yes that it. he smile and said he would take his dance then. then i notice in his hand was the coupon i gave my boyfriend. He said he wanted to redeem his coupon and had 4 hrs. I was a bit shock to see it and ask him how he got it. he said he won it in a poker game. He took my hand and pull me off my stool and lead me to the dance floor. It was a slow song and he held me a bit firmly to him as we dance. He said he was glad that he won the coupon and was happy that i honor it. i smile and said it was his coupon because he won it. We laught and dance on. The song ended and i thank him and started to head back.Anothe slower song started and he said he want to dance more and his four hours where still going. he slowly spun me round and pulled me even tighter to him. my legs where stradle his leg as he press against me. I tryed to easy back some but he held me to him. He smile at me and said he read the back of the coupon too and that he like dance this way better with me. As he said that his hand slide down to my ass pulling me tight to him. As i felt his hand i told him that i believe that he did read it all. i could feel his cock as he press to me. So we ended up drinking some more and dance some more. WE where at the bar drinking again when he pulled the coupon back out and was reading the back of it to me. Make sure i heard the part i had to do what he wish being his slave and slut. Then he turn and smile at me and said that i was dress really hot but not really slutty enought lol I laught and said sorry but its all i had to wear. he smile and look me up and down and said we could work with what i got. i ask him how we going to do that. he smile as he ran his hand up my back pulling me to him a bit. then softly he said that i can go to the ladys room and get rid of this, as he pull on the back of my bra.and you can undo some of those button on my dress. then he smile and said why i was there i could get rid of my panties and make my mini dress a bit shorter for a start. I as just looking at him as i took this all in. Then he smjle and smack my ass and said go do it because thats what he wanted. i slowly head to the ladys room thinking about my boy friend putting that coupon into a poker game and letting this guy win it. So here im in this spot thanks to him. Once i got there i figure he put me into this so what the hell. So i slip off my bra and notice my nipple where abit aroused. I pull my dress back up and left a couple buttons undone. Then i reach down and pull my bikini off. I notice they where a bit on the damp side too lol I went and look at myself in the bathroom mirrow . As i look i notice the sash like strap on the side of my dress. I pull on them and i notice my dress pull tighter to my waist and my dress became more shorter showing more leg. or shoutd i say more thigh.So out i headed back and i notice a smile on his face as i walk up. He smile and ran his arm around my waist and pull me to him and said from the bounce of my bobbs coming accross the floor i most of done what i was told as he smile. I smile back and said , i had too you got the coupon lol.He smile and said yes i do. As he stood beside me he took his other hand slide it up and coupled my boobby telling me they feel better with out the bra.i step over and climb back onto my stool. He smile and mention my dress look a bit shorter too. I told him i did get it a bit higher. He smile and put his hand on my thigh and said he like that too. He started to rub my thigh as he ask me if i took my panties off like i was told. I told him yes i did. He smile as he slide his hand into my inner thigh. Pulling softly on my thight as he did this. Then softy he told me to spread my legs for him. I let him pull them apart some. As they slide apart his hand slide up my thigh. I took a quick look around and the way he was standing no one could really see what he was doing. Then he was pulling a bit harder and told me to slide them apart more. As i did his, his hand slide up under my dress.pulling me wider apart. Then his hand found my pussy, a smile came to his face and he said my following his request is good. he slowly pulled out his hand and put his finger in his mouth and said you taste good too. Just then a slow dance started and he pulled me to the floor to dance. Pull me to him and me straddle his leg again as he grind into me.he slide his one hand inbetween us and started to feel my boobs as we dance, My nipple where getting harder as he played. As he play he unbutton another button on the front of my dress. the music stop and when i step back i notice how open my dress was. Im a c and alot as showing. I reach up to do a button up and he took my hand and said to leave it the way it was. i turn to head back but he grab my hand leading to other side of bar. There where table with booth on far wall and a bit on the darker side.He said he wanted to sit over here and watch the dance. As i walk i notic people stare at us. My dress was quite open and lots of skin. We sat down and side to the back of the booth.He order us more drinks. After we got them he push the table a little bit more away from us.Then he turn and look at me and told me he wanted a peek. What do you want to peek at? he smile and told me to pull my dress up and let him see that hot white pussy.Looking around i figure no one could see but him. So i reach down and pull u slowly. When it start to peek out i stop and he told me to keep going, So i easy it up a bit more as he watch every move, tell me more more. Now my dress is up halve my thigh he said that was good..He slide a little closer to me and put his hand on my thigh again. As i open them he keep pulling saying more more. I keep looking around the room as if nothen was going on. Then i felt his hand rubbing my pussy and a finger parting my lips. I could tell that my pussy was hotter then it been in a long time. I couldn't believe i was in a bar with my dress up and a stange guy playing with my pussy. He knew what he was doing for it wasn't long and i was squirming in my seat. Then he stop and pulled his hand away. I look at him and he said to many people stare at me lol.He slide out pulling me with him, tell me i need some fresh air. Leading me out the bar, but he turn to the elevator's. He ask me what room i was in leading me in, Two others guy walk in behind us. He hit our floor button and ask me the room number. i told him as we got off and the other guys went up more. He lead me into my room. There was a small living room that was outside the bedrooms. He stop in front of a small love seat in the room. he told me to pull my dress down so that he can get a good look at my bobbs.. So i pulled it down so that it was to my waist. He reach out as he smile and playing with them and my nipple. My nipple where getting quite hard now. Then he told me to sit down and pull my dress i pulled my dress up as i sat down, Now he knee down tell me to spread my legs. He lean forward to suck on my boobs and play with them, He nibble on my nipple making me hotter as he did. then slow kissing and sucking his way down. spreading my legs more. He pulled me out to the edge of the love seat as he buried his face into my pussy. ooooh damm he was good. working my pussy making me hotter and hotter, I started to loose it and started to fuck his face as he eat my pussy.As I started to cum he lock my pussy into his face sucking me harder drive me more nuts. As i stop cumming he lean back smile at me. Now he was on his knee still undoing his pants. He push his pants and shorts down. Letting his cock open. I look down to see the biggest cock ive ever seen, It was hard as a rock . He moved in rubbing his cock against my thight as i stare ate his monster.He started to rub the head of his cock against my pussy lips. I told him that i would be able to take all that leg of his. He smile and told me as wet as i as it would go.With one hand holding my ass to the edge of the couch his other hand guide his cock head to my pussy lips. Then really quick he push forward popping the head into my pussy, I jump as it pop in,but he keep pushing forward , shoving deep each move. i could feel him strength me wider each push. i try ed to relax to take would i could.then he took both hand to my ass holding me and pulling me into his cock.Then he started to pull back and slam deeper , back and forth deep each time. i could feel me about to cum. But then i got some common sense. I told him we need to get some rubbers. He laugth and said he dont use them as he push deep into me , I went to pull off but between his slam in and pulling me to him i was stuck on his cock.But then i started to cum again and found myself push up to meet his cock going deeper. As i ground deeper into his cock i felt him push hard and drive deep as his cock pump his juice into my pussy as deep as he could get. I could feel the juice running down my ass because my pussy was so full. then he feel forward sucking wind. After a bit he pulled back pulling his cock out of my pussy. I thought i was having a baby lol the juice dripping of his cock and out of my pussy, His cock was still semi hard as he stood up. He started to take off the rest of his close. He told me to get up and to get out of my clothes.. So on wobble legs i stood up , working the rest of my stuff off.he told me to go into the bedroom and lay down, After i laid down he told me to spread my legs wide and to play with my pussy to keep it warm. so as i played with my pussy he watch me stroking his own cock. I notice his cock was getting harder as he played. then smile on me he told me to get on hand and knees and move back to him. AS i got close to him i could feel his cock finding my pussy again, Once he got it started he grab my hips pulling me back onto his cock I push back to easy onto him, then he got frim hold and started to fuck me even harder and faster , beating my pussy and putting a smile on my face. It didnt take to long and he was pumping more of his seed into my hot waiting pussy.

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