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cindy learns not to nag

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We had been out shopping for a new bike for Mike and been to 3 dealers so far. When Mike headed to a dealer a friend told him about in Maysville KY. it was a good hour from the last place. I had been nagging him the whole time there about getting some food till he said (look I will stop at the first place I come to that has food.)

So just as we got to Maysville there was a sign on side of the road about home made food. As we pulled in to the place there was only 4 cars in the lot. But it was 3 in the afternoon too. The place was some out of the way bar on the edge of town.

So we got out of the car and went in as our eye's got use to the dim lights we could see we where the only white people in the bar HELL I was the only lady in the place.

So we sat at table over near the pool table. When we got in the booth the bartender came over to use and ask if we where sure we had the right place . To witch Mike said (look she been nagging me for the last hour about getting some food so he did not care about what kind of bar it was or if she had to blow every guy in the place.) To witch he said what do you want to eat. As he headed off with our order I though and Mike says I need to watch what I say.But the truth is as much as he likes seeing me be a slut he might had meant it.

So we sat there talking about the bike's we had looked at and drinking our beer's. I notice there was 4 other guy's in the in the bar plus the bartender. The guy's looked to be in there early 20's and must have been part of a road crew by the orange vest they had hanging on back of there stools.

Before our food got there 2 of the guy's came over and started playing pool on the table near to our booth. I keep seeing them look at me and knew it was how I was dressed. I had on a real short skirt and with a shelf bra and the top came down to my nipples and a set of booty panties with 3 inch heels. They said hi to us and told us there names where Ben & Troy.

About then the food got there burgers & poto wedges and boy was it good, but before i was done one if the wedges broke and fell between my tits.(any of the ladies with big tits can tell you how that happens all the time and my 44dd more then fit that size.) then Ben said dam don't them tits look good with something brown between them. Then Mike spoke up and said you got that right.And we all started laughing. I was still laughing when Troy said let me help you with that and before i said any thing he had his long black finger between my tit's picking up the wedge and popping it in to his mouth. (Then said at Stan that's the best food he ever had in the place and he should put her tit's on the menu .)And that had all the guy's laughing.

As me and Mike finished our food Troy sank the 8 ball on Ben. He asked if we would like to play partners, but Mike said he wanted to get to the bike shop. But I told him that you have been looking at them all day I want to shoot some pool. So he said whatever he was just going to sat there and look over the papers he got on the bikes while he drank another beer. I told Troy that I would play him. As I racked the balls I could feel the 2 drinks that I had drunk and bent over like that I could feel my tits about to fall out of the shelf bra that I had on.

With the balls racked Troy asked what I wanted to play for. Knowing that Mike had a lot of money on him and that I am a poor shot, I told him whatever you want to play for. As I said it I looked at Mike and he just shook his head and I knew that I had done it again!

Troy said it was 8 ball and that we had to call our shots. Also if you miss you have to undo a button on your top and when it is unbuttoned all the way then it comes off. Then we start on the skirt. I just stood there with my mouth open. Then he said that if he wins he gets to do me right there on the pool table. I then asked him what I get if I win. He laughed and put a 100 dollar bill on the table as he broke the balls.

I walked up to the table where Stan had brought us some more drinks and he had told Mike that he had better get me out of there because that guy was going to fuck her if you don't. Mike just looked at him and said that I had been told about opening my mouth when I shouldn't so he guessed that Troy might just teach me a lesson.

I looked back at the table to see Troy make the 2 ball. So he had stripes. Mike looked at me and told me that I had better play my ass off. I did but soon it was down to me with one ball and Troy only had the 8 ball. But I had missed enough that my top was on the table next to Mike. But I thought I got this, my 6 ball is right in front of the center pocket and the 8 ball was in front of the other center pocket where I had to get over the 8 ball with my cue. By now all the guys in the place were around the table cheering Troy on and telling me how he was going to fuck me good. Then I hit my 6 ball in but as I got up from the table my tit fell out of my bra and knocked the 8 ball in.

God damn girl was what came out of Troy's mouth. Guess you really wanted this black cock to give up the game that way. I told him to wait because that wasn't fair. After all I didn't mean for that to happen. He just looked at me and said a bet is a bet. I said to wait and how about double or nothing. He laughed and told me that when he was done with me the first time that I wouldn't be able to walk anyway. I told him ok one more game for anything that you want.

He said ok. so I racked the balls up again. I then went over to stand by Mike at the table where he and Stan were sitting at. As Troy was getting ready to break the balls told me that the bet was if I win I get dressed and go home but if he won he was going to fuck me and when he was done anyone in the place that wanted to could do the same. I said ok to the bet. I knew that I almost had him the last game.

Troy broke the rack and then one by one ran the table. I didn't even get a single shot. I looked back at where Mike was setting behind me. He just reached up and unzipped my skirt then pulled my skirt and panties down. He then told me to pay up. Stan then spoke up and said no ton the pool table you assholes. The sofa bed is over there by the stage and also spotlights. As Troy led me by the hand over there two guys who never even told me their names opened up the sofa bed. Troy set me on the edge of it and pulled out his hard cock. Damn he was hung. He was so big that I couldn't even get my hand around it and it had to be at least 12 inches long. He had me suck and lick the head and shaft to rub his precum all over it telling me that I had better get it good and wet. Then he pushed me on my back and had the 2 other guys grab one of my feet and hold them up in the air to open my lefts up as wide as possible. He rubbed the head of that monster on my pussy. He then looked me right in the eye and said that he hoped I was on the pill because no one here was going to pull out or use a rubber. And with that he slammed that bare monster in to me till it hit the bottom. He stopped there till so I could get use to it. Then he ask if I was ready to get my brains fucked out. All I could do was grunt because he had me cumming already. Then he went at my pussy like a machine none stop almost pulling out to slamming back in till his balls hit my assholes. And I just kept cumming and he did me like that for 20 min at least. till he in as far as I could take it and filled me with his cum.

When I looked up the other 3 guy's had there cock's out none as big as Troy but every one 10 inch's or more and thick. ben got on me next he did not last as long as Troy but he did just as good of a job at keeping me cumming the whole time. Then I saw Mike and Stan head out of the room as the third guy got on me. he and the fourth one went good 20 min each. And true to Troy's word each one of them pumped me full of there cum. As I lay there with all there cum dripping out of my pussy I saw the four guy's dressing and heading out the door.

I saw Stan lock the door again and come back to the sofa bed and I ask him where Mike was. He said in the office working on my camera system so to get a good DVD of all fun. Just then I saw he had his cock out and it was hard. It was not as big as the others guy's but a good 8 inch's. He looked at me and said that pussy is has been wore out to day. I told him yep they sure let me have it.Then he told me to get on my hands and knees. So I did he moved up behind me and put his cock in my pussy and started to slow fuck me. And in no time at all I was cumming again and just as I started to cum good and hard. He pulled out of my pussy and went right back in but this time up my ass in one deep move. And I stared cumming like mad. As did he when I came back down to earth. There I was face on the bed ass in the air cum dripping from my ass and pussy down my legs. As Mike and Stan shock hands.

Mike Said for me to go to the ladies room and clean up. I did as he said and as I got back I saw Stan give Mike a disk and a card.Mike then handed me my top and skirt. I ask where my panties were he said Stan wanted to keep them.Then Stan came up behind me and kissed me on the neck and said we will see you Sunday. Then Mike and Stan shut the sofa bed and Stan let us out saying he had to get the place back open.

As we got back to car I ask Mike what Stan meant about Sunday, He said Stan had told him about a poker game him and some of his friends had on Sunday. When the bar was closed. Stan ask if I could be the waitress for the game. He told mike I would make 500$ easy. And one of the guy's ran the bike shop up the road. and he bet that your wife can cut a good deal with him.

When we got home I ask if he meant it about me doing the poker party. To witch he said (look your haven fun and we are getting some good pic and video of you and these guy's so why not get paid for being a slut.


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