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Z at the Adult Theater Pt 2

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Z at the Adult t Theater-pt 2 ( Z gets wilder)

I had left for Z’s house in Saturday mid-morning and arrived there about noon. She had an early afternoon appointment so we did our greetings and horizontal exercises right away. The 69 was particularly satisfying for us both. While she was about her duties, I turned on football and opened up a beer.

After a few beers I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until she nudged me about 5 O’clock. We had a sandwich and some more beer. I asked her to show me the outfit that she bought since our last adventure. She appeared from the bedroom wearing a very short black and white skirt, black thigh-high hose, and a black lace see-through blouse. She had said “ no” to my suggestion about high heels because they were uncomfortable but had rethought the idea. Since she only had to wear them from the parking lot of the adult video store to the adult theater, she decided to get some red three-inch heels. After she got to the theater, she could take them off and carry them out. She hadn’t practiced much so she was still a little wobbly but wow, she did look like a lady-slut going out for a very good time.

We had a few more drinks. My cell phone rang it was a girl friend of mine. I spoke for a few minutes and hung up. Z was upset that I took the call and a fight ensued. To end the fight I just dozed off. When I woke up it was 9:15 p.m. She was sitting across the room and clearly pouting. My attempt at conversation was met with a cold shoulder. I went to the bathroom.

While in there I heard a loud slamming of the door. When I came out there was no Z. A search around the house led to her bedroom. There on the bed were the slacks, blouse and shoes she had been wearing. A quick look at her closet showed that the new out fit and shoes where missing. It was obvious that she stormed out of the house and I had a good suspicion as to where she went.

I hopped in my car and headed for the adult theater. I had told her not to go there alone but was sure that is where she was headed.

I arrived at the theater and parked by her model car. A hand on the hood said it had not been parked there long. I walked into the adult store. The same middle aged big, black guy we had met before was behind the counter. Before I could say” have you seen a …” . He smiled, nodded his head toward the theater and said “I get off in 15 minutes and I will join you.”

I entered the blackness of the theater. Z must have just have adjusted to the darkness and was making her way, in the sexy high heels down to the aisle in front of the first row. Her wobbly gate translated into a sexy shake of her bottom. With an unusual mixture of shyness and confidence she paraded herself in front of all the horny patrons. She went to the other side of the theater, turned and walked back. I met her half way back in the middle of the first row. I grabbed her and gently shook her shoulders and with a voice that could be heard in the first three rows said “ I told you not to come here alone. You have to be punished.” Z said, “I know.” She opened her medium size purse and handed me the black paddle that we had bought at the last trip and said “when and where?” I put the paddle in my coat pocket because she was definitely in for a spanking tonight!

I gave here a big kiss and put my hands on her bottom. We were still standing in the front of the front row. Two guys had moved into the two seats putting us between them and the screen. They reached out and started to touch her calves, one guy on each calf. I moved her closer to their chairs and their hands moved up to her knees. As we kissed deeply, Z moaned. One of the guys caught my eye. I nodded and he extended his caress further up her thigh. His partner soon followed. As I kissed her I was pulling up her the top. I told one of the guys “why don’t you take her panties off.” They both enthusiastically slid them off her ass, down her legs and off of her feet. We never would see those panties again. Their hands went back up to her pussy. They started to massage her clit. Z was starting to get excited. I took her hand and walked her to the end of the row.

I then pulled her top up over her tits and slide my fingers up her thigh to the honey spot. Z came immediately but not as hard as she likes. She was clearly not done.

Soon we had attracted a crowd. With my nod there were two guys behind her and one on the end seat. Hands were everywhere, including her left hand that was now stroking my exposed cock. With a dab of our ever present KY she was really arousing me. I, however was not the only player. The two behind us had a tit each and were massaging her tits and tweaking her nipple. At the same time they were tilting her head back and planting deep French kisses on her mouth and teasing licks in both ears. The guy on her right was feeling the benefit of her right hand while exciting her by stimulating her clit.

I was very excited and grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth down to my cock. Her sucking didn’t take long until I exploded into her mouth and on her face. I shook with the release. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I heard a husky voice saying OK buddy your done. Let me be in that seat. I got up to recover, always keeping mindful of her safety. Husky sat down and resumed my duties. After a few minutes I got down on my knees, shoved the fingers away and started eating her pretty cunt. Soon, with two fingers in her pussy, a thumb in her ass and my flicking tongue and sucking lips on her clit she exploded like never before. We sat there reliving the moment for a long time until Z whispered to me that she was not yet ready to go.

Another man sat down next to Z, a guy much younger than either of us. The man soon had his manhood out and was stroking it. Z said to the young man “It is very exciting to see you touch yourself; would you like for me to touch your cock?” Of course, the young man got very excited at this and Z grabbed his shaft and began to massage it with her thumb at the head of his cock and her four fingers moving all over the bottom. Z could see and feel the pre cum seeking its way out. She spread out the cum around the cock and began to move her hand up and down real slow. His manhood got very hard and Z licks her lips with want. His erect shaft stood up and Z bent over to slide her lips on his cock. Her lips lock to the head of his cock and he sighs with contentment. As Z is doing this, I am fingering her pussy and she is so excited that her pussy juices are flowing. Her hips begin to go crazy with excitement. I begin to kiss her and the young man moves away after he explodes with pleasure.

As we kiss, the black man from the adult bookstore comes and sits in the chair just vacated by the young man. He begins to touch Z’s thigh and meets my hand close to her honey hole. Z had apprehensions because she has never been this close to a black man before. I assured her that he was OK and that he was the cashier from the store outside the theater. The black man took out his cock from his pants and it stood up very large and tall. He took Z’s hand and guided it to his cock. It was the first time she had ever felt a black man’s cock. She thought it was so beautiful. The most beautiful, exciting erotic sight she had ever seen. It felt so good in her hand, like warm silk over a rigid pole. He kissed her and bent her head towards his cock. With her tongue roving the underside of his shaft, Z felt the surge of seamen travel its path.

As Z took him in her mouth, he exhaled a long, whispering sigh and lifted his knees to spread his legs further apart. His cock expanded and contracted. He bucked upwards and spurted cum across her tongue, shots of sweet, thick juice washed her mouth and Z swallowed. This was her first experience at swallowing a black man’s cum. Z senses were overloaded with such a new experience and it really did excite her. The black man knew that Z was getting much pleasure out of this and he was content to stay with her and feed her with his thick, long cock for as long as she wished.

I asked her if she was ready to leave and she said very emphatically “No Way.” She was enjoying this new experience with the black man, even though she always said that she had no desire for a black cock. She had adamantly denied a craving for watching black on white porn. I knew she had a secret craving. I will make sure I find a way to satisfy that curiosity later.

The black man continued to finger her pussy and suck on her tits. He began to get very hard again and he got down on his knees and began to eat her pussy. Z was so aroused by now that she was willing to let this black man have his way with her. Another man came up from behind and was massaging her breasts, her tits were hard with excitement. The black man spread Z’s legs far apart putting each leg on the adjoining chair arm spreading her very wide. He then went wild with the pleasure of eating Z’s pussy.

After a short while he came up and his cock was standing tall and ready. He pushed Z back against the back of the chair, scooted her ass to the front of the seat and he inserted his cock into her honey hole. He began to fuck her deep and they both cried out with pleasure. His big black piston was fucking her like an animal in heat. Her pussy seemed to melt around his big black cock and her tightness seemed to be gone. Z felt the strong contractions of his climax as he shot his hot black seed into her and they both cried out with pleasure and satisfaction. After this, we both sat quietly just thinking about the wonderful experience. There were about eight guys watching this fucking session and they all got off and shot their cum onto her face and chest. Probably not one of them could tell you the movie that was playing that night.

Keeping with tradition, I pulled Z over my knee, raise her skirt, took out the paddle and gave her 20 spanks. Half on the soft side and half on the hard side. One for every guy she had satisfied tonight. There will be more to come when we get home. She giggled all the way out of the theater. When she bought an anal dildo, a much bigger dildo and some cream she tried to pay. The now much bigger black clerk while rubbing his obvious gigantic cock said it is “on the house. Just let me know when you are coming back. It will be good for business!! “ _(next-part 3. Z at her wildest sex show)

(to be continued)

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