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Wifes Trip

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A couple of days after my wife returned from visiting her brother in North Carolina, she told me, right before heading out the door to go to work ?Don?t open any of my mail!?

I looked at her and commented, ?The entire week you were gone, I opened no mail at all. Have you forgotten the pile that was waiting for you when you got back??

She left and I began to worry why she had said something like that to me. I don?t routinely open anything that is addressed to her and she had never, ever said something like that to me in many years of marriage. With a start, I realized what it meant. She must have maxed out her credit card or, worse, had incurred some other bill. Since her income was already spent, I would be the one that would have to fork over the cash to pay off the unbudgeted expense. I was quite unhappy.

I made certain that I got to the mailbox before she did, being sure I got home each day before her.

That first day, there were no statements from her creditors nor anything else unusual. The second day still had nothing out of the ordinary.

The third day, the usual bills, plus a credit card statement for her and a letter from North Carolina. I opened the credit card bill. It was not bad and I had not really expected it to be, not yet. The hotel charges from her trip were not on there, nor would I have expected anything else she charged on the trip to be there. It was simply too soon. I figured I had another month before I would learn how bad the damage was. Then I looked at the letter. Our address and the return one were hand written in what looked like a man?s handwriting. The return address had no name, just the street number, city, state and zip code. I did not recognize the address. I was curious.

I took the mail inside the house, put the tea kettle on the stove and heated it until it shrieked. Keeping it that way, I used the escaping steam to loosen the flap of the envelope. Once it was open, I removed the letter and read it. My heart fell. I got angry then began shaking uncontrollably. I walked through the house slamming walls, upset that my wife had a fling during her trip. I grabbed a tumbler and a bottle of scotch.

When my wife came home a half-hour later, I was reasonably sober (even though I did not intend to be). Her first words upon entering the house were ?What a day! I am exhausted.? Then she looked at me, the bottle sitting on the table, the tumbler a quarter full. Her brow furrowed as she knows that I rarely drink hard liquor.

Glaring at her, I responded, ?You can?t be more exhausted than you were on your last night in North Carolina.?

She looked confused and said ?I don?t know what you are talking about.?

?Really? What happened down there? Why don?t you tell me about it??

?I already told you about my trip.?

?Apparently, you left out some details.?

She started to turn red. ?What are you talking about??

?This letter,? I said, holding it up, ?has some interesting little tidbits about your sexual escapades.?

?Give me that!? she screamed. I refused, pulling it out of her reach. Then she broke down crying. ?I didn?t mean for it to happen and it won?t happen again! Please forgive me!?

I tucked the letter into my pocket. ?Tell me what happened. Tell me everything.?

She was too upset and quite unwilling to tell me anything at all. We slept in separate beds that night. I barely got any sleep, tossing and turning all night long. The next night, I asked her again to tell me. She related some details. I told her that she was not telling all.

?I told you the truth,? she said.

?You told me the truth about your trip on the day you got back. Only thing is, it was not the whole truth. Neither is the story you just told me, even if every bit of it is true. I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.?

She finally relented and told me all, with some questioning on my part. She had gone to North Carolina for her brother?s retirement party. Since his in-laws were staying at his house, my wife had to get a hotel room. She made reservations in the same hotel where the retirement party would be held.

Wife ? The party was in one of the hotel?s huge banquet rooms and it was packed with people. I had not realized how many folks knew my brother and would turn out to celebrate his retirement My brother introduced me to Nathan, who was being promoted to take my brother?s job as Director.

Me ? What did Nathan look like?

Wife ? Umm. He is nice looking.

Me ? Describe him.

Wife ? Tall, at least six two, since he is taller than my brother, who is six one. No fat, just muscles.

Me ? Especially the love muscle, I guess.

Wife reddened.

Me ? Go on.

Wife ? Well, we had drinks and we talked. We talked a lot about me, my brother, him, lots of stuff, you know. Nothing bad. After the retirement ceremony took place, there was a band playing and Nathan asked me to dance. So I did. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Me ? No.

Wife ? So we danced to, oh, I don?t know, maybe three or four songs. Then there was a slow dance and I headed off the dance floor. Nathan grabbed my hand and said ?Stay with me for this one, too.? I thought about saying ?No,? but I agreed to do that. The wine was beginning to affect me, so my judgment was impaired, you understand?

Me ? No comment. Go on.

Wife ? He pulled me in close and my breasts were pressed against his body. His hands started off okay, but they kept moving down until they were both on my ass. He used them to pull me to his groin and I could feel that he had an erection.

Me ? And?

Wife ? He was big!

Me ? Did that excite you?

Wife ? No! Well, I was embarrassed, but maybe a little excited.

Me ? You did not try to pull away or stop dancing?

Wife ? I told you, the wine was affecting me. He started rubbing his cock against my body and I responded by rubbing him, too.

Me ? Then you took him to your room?

Wife ? No. We kept dancing. A few more fast ones, then another slow one, like the first, but the grinding was more intense. I knew he wanted to fuck me.

Me ? Yeah, like you couldn?t have figured that out earlier.

Wife glowered at me.

Wife ? When that dance ended, he asked me if we could go to my room. I had told him earlier that I was staying at the hotel. I said ?Yes,? but really didn?t think anything would happen. Anyway, he got another two drinks and we went up to my room. If he had tried anything right after we got there, I would have told him to leave, but he didn?t. We just sat and talked some more. Then he said he needed to take off his jacket, as it was warm in the room. I had been able to tell that he was well-built, but with the jacket off, it was so obvious. That was when I thought about...

Me ? Fucking him?

Wife, blushing ? Yes! He was so good looking and it was my last night there and no one need ever know what happened and it just seemed, well, with that big dick of his!

Me ? Then what happened?

Wife ? After he took off his jacket, I told him I wanted to see just how muscular he was and asked him to take off his dress shirt, too. He did not hesitate. I am surprised he did not pop some buttons off the shirt, it came off so fast and then the pulled the tee-shirt over his head and stood in front of me, nude from the waist up, but that?s okay, since men show more than that at the beach. I told him that...

Me ? What?

Wife ? Well, you are going to get mad, but I told him that you don?t have muscles like that.

Me ? I am not mad. Not about that. Go on.

Wife ? He told me that since I had seen him topless, he should see me topless. I laughed at him and told him there is no comparison between a man and woman topless, but I got up, unzipped my dress and pulled it off. That left me in my slip and he said that it was not enough. So I took my slip off and stood there with just bra, panties and hose on. He said it was still not fair, since he was nude from the waist up and I was not. I told him it was fair, since he could see my panties and he still had trousers on. He pulled those off really fast. I could see that he was erect. ?Take your bra off,? he said. I lowered one strap, then the other one. Then I dropped the cups down to give him a peek at my boobs and put them back in place. ?That?s enough,? I said. He came over to me, put his arms around my back and pulled me too him. I felt his cock against my loins and I was getting excited. His fingers moved quickly and my bra was unsnapped before I could say a word. He pulled it aside and, there I was, topless in front of him. He stepped back to get a good look. He then pulled his boxers off. His cock bounced up and down as he pulled off the shorts and it was impressive. It had to be at least eight inches long.

He pointed at my panties and told me to take them off. First, I pulled off the hose, then I slowly lowered the panties while swaying my hips, facing him. I got them down just far enough to show my bush, but not my pussy, then I pulled them back up and turned around. I started lowering them again, bending over so he could see my ass as the panties came off. I could see my pussy, too, as I could tell when he whistled and said ?Sweet!? Keeping the panties in front of my crotch, I stood up and turned around again to face him.

?Drop them,? he said and I did, standing completely nude before him.

?Come here and suck on this,? he told me, while holding his dick. I went over to him, dropped down and began running my tongue over the length of his shaft and around the head. He let loose a long sigh then told me to put it in my mouth. I slid the head inside my mouth and played with it for a little bit before trying to get more of his cock inside. It was too big to fit all the way, so I had one hand on the lower part of his shaft, stroking it, while my other hand played with his balls. After a couple of minutes, I felt him get even harder. I pulled his dick out of my mouth in time to get a facial. There was a lot! I ran my fingers through the cum and then into my mouth. He really liked that.

He pulled me up to my feet, picked me up and lay me on the bed with my legs hanging over the side. He went down on me and started licking my clit while fingering my vagina. I don?t know how long he was down there before I started trembling with my first orgasm.

After I came, he moved me to the center of the bed and got on top. His cock was rigid again and ready to fuck me. He took his cock and slid it in a little, pulled back, slid it in deeper, then back again. Each time he did this brought moans from me. Finally, he sank all the way in and started thrusting. He moved up, lifting my legs up in the air and holding them by the ankles, wide apart while he looked straight down at his cock pumping my dripping pussy. He began slamming me hard and I almost screamed when I had my second orgasm. He kept going for a little before he came deep inside my pussy.

We had to take a break and Nathan got two wines out of the mini-bar. We talked and sipped the wine while recuperating.

Then we fucked again. This time, he had me stand on the floor by the bed, and lean forward with my hands on the bed. He came up behind me, ran his big cock over the outside of my pussy several times before ramming it into me. I dropped my face to the bed, reached back, grabbed his ass and held on while he kept fucking me. After I came, he pulled out, jacked his cock and came on my ass and back.

Nathan got dressed and left. I was asleep in minutes and I flew back here the next morning.

Me ? That?s it?

Wife ? That?s everything. I won?t ever see him again and I didn?t expect him to send a letter.

Me ? So you have told all there is to tell?

Wife ? Yes, I already told you that.

Me ? Who is Jamal?

My wife?s eyes widened, giving her the deer in the headlights look. She stood up and ran out of the room, starting to cry. I went after her, brought her back and got her to sit down again.

Me ? What did you leave out?

Wife ? Well, after the first time Nathan fucked me, I told you we took a little break. During that time, he excused himself and went to the bathroom, taking his cell phone with him. I heard him talking on the phone while he was in there. I thought that was a little strange, but soon forgot about it.

Not long after we finished fucking the second time, there was a knock on the door. I looked at the clock and it was one in the morning, so I couldn?t imagine who it was, unless someone in the hotel had complained that we were making too much noise. I didn?t think we were that loud. Then I told Nathan that maybe it was my brother and I started to get out of the bed. He stopped me and said he was sure it was a brother, but not mine. I didn?t understand what he meant. He went to the door without putting any clothes on, so I figured he was just going to look through the peephole to see who was there and not actually open the door. I heard the door open and voices.

Nathan walked in followed by a huge black guy. Nathan introduced him as Jamal, a friend of his. The phone call he had made from the bathroom had been to Jamal to invite him over.

?What, you expect me to have sex with him??

?Him, me, him and me at the same time.?

?No way, I said.?

Then Nathan rattled off ten numbers. Your cell phone number.

?You?re blackmailing me, you bastard!? I hollered at him.

?You want me to call your husband or are you going to play with us??

I had no choice, or thought I didn?t.

Jamal stripped off all of his clothes and he was simply enormous. He walked over to the side of the bed and stood there, waving his dick in my face and told me to suck it. I reached over and took it in both hands, one at the base of the shaft, the other in the middle and that still left several inches uncovered. He was so big around that my fingers could not reach around it to touch my thumbs. I stroked him and sucked him for a little, but that cock was really to big around to go in my mouth easily.

Then they wanted me to fuck Jamal.

I didn?t want him ramming me with that thing. It was big enough to split me in half. I had Jamal lie on his back and I stood over him, squatting down. I had more control that way over how much of him went inside me and I would be able to stand up fast if he tried to push up too much.

Eventually, I got all of him inside. I began riding him and riding him, bouncing like crazy with my boobs flopping all around. I came. Then Nathan said is was DP time. I had to ask ?What is Dee Pee?? He told me I would find out soon. He had me lean forward over Jamal. Then Nathan got behind me. When I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole, I realized what he had in mind and I told him no fucking way in hell he was going to do that.

He responded by holding one of his hands in front of me. He was holding my cell phone in it. ?You want to call your husband now?? he asked.

?No,? I said, ?but you better be easy going in.?

?Fine,? he said.

?And don?t come inside my ass!?

He said fine to that, too.

Me ? I?ll bet he lied about that.

Wife, head down ? He didn?t.

[the way my wife said it told me there was more, but I decided to be patient and wait]

Wife ?Nathan slowly pushed his cock up my ass, then he and Jamal started fucking me. It was awkward at first, but then they got the rhythm and it did not take long for me to come. They had me get off Jamal?s cock, turn around and face Nathan. Jamal put his monster cock at my asshole and I wiggled down on it. It hurt, but they made me keep going until he was buried deep in my ass. Then I had to lean back and Nathan rammed his cock in my pussy and the fucking resumed.

It was getting really intense and I think all three of us came at the same time, with Jamal exploding inside me. Nathan pulled out and shot his load on me, spraying me from navel, up over my breasts and on my chin.

I flopped off Jamal onto the bed, lying face down. I lay there for only a minute, just worn ou, when Jamal got behind me, lifted my hips and entered me once more from behind. I don?t think he ever goes limp. I was worn out and didn?t come, but he did, again, after a few minutes of hard pounding.

Then the guys got dressed and left.

Me ? Is that all, finally?

Wife ? Yes. Nothing more, I promise. I won?t ever cheat on you again. Forgive me?

Me ? I?ll think about it.

I pulled the letter out and handed it to her.

It read, in its entirety:

?Hi there! Hope you slept well and had a good flight home. I had a great time. Next time you are down this way, give me a call. Take care, Nathan. PS Jamal says hi, too!?

When she finished reading the short letter, she looked at me, hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

?What are you doing,? she asked.

?Making a call.? I had my wife?s cell phone and had scanned the phone book. One listing looked odd and I pressed the button.

?Hello?? a man said.

?Nathan?? I asked.

?Yes. Who is this??

I hung up, handed my wife the phone and walked out the door.

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