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Welcome to the Neighborhood

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In the past two years I haven?t had the chance to think about sex, what makes you think I want to hear about how kinky you and your man got last night. I wanted to say so badly, but I hadn?t talked to Shirl in over 6months since me and Ken decided that a divorce was going to happen and there was no stopping it. Not that I hadn?t had my horny nights or days, I just hadn?t had the time to do it right and laying next to a man that doesn?t want to touch you doesn?t help either. After talking to Shirl on the phone I decided to take the dogs for our morning walk. When I stepped outside there were some cars next door at the house that had been vacant for the last four months. I didn?t see any people as I walked by but I could hear voices. Even though I kind of lingered to see if I could see anyone or not, I didn?t. The dogs were excited about their walk so I didn?t stay to long. While on my walk I couldn?t get my mind off of my talk with Shirl, it had me thinking that yes it had been a while since my pussy was treated right and how she reminded me how good at giving head I was and how much I enjoyed it. Since I given her husband the best blow job of his life.

One night after a bar- be que at Shirl and Randy?s house Ken and I stayed to help clean up after everyone had left. I could hear Ken and Randy betting on whose wife gives the best blow job; we all had been drinking and were just tipsy enough to go through with something like swapping. We were all in the living room talking and chilling after the cleaning up. When Ken stated that I bet Kelly can suck your dick Randy and make you cum within 5 minutes? Randy looked at Shirl, she smiled and said it probably wouldn?t take that long and let out a long chuckle. Between laughter she stated that she wasn?t bad at it herself. With that being said Shirl went into the kitchen and got the egg timer (yes the egg timer) by time she got back we all were naked and Ken was eating my pussy with Randy standing by stroking softly watching like he was waiting for his turn. Shirl being my best friend and as eager as she is, came in and pushed Ken out the way and place herself in his spot, right between my legs and started kissing and licking my inner thighs letting Ken know between kisses this is how you eat a nice sweet peach and then she would giggle. When she made her way to my snatch I was so wet and ready for her hard touge, but no, she likes to play and tease. Kiss and lick here and there a little suck on my clit and little nibble just the way she knows how. Being that we were laying in the middle of the living room floor Shirl?s head in-between my thighs her ass in the air made a perfect target for Ken?s tongue. Randy still standing watching and stroking. I jester for him to cum over to my face and let me suck on his balls. We had somehow worked it out that everyone had someone in their mouth. The sounds that were coming out of this room were off the chain. I had Randy?s ass in my face so I decided to lick his hole, at first he didn?t know what to do. I guess Shirl don?t eat his ass. I know she eats ass because we have talked about it before and she?s eaten mine. Here I was with all this in my face there would be no way I wasn?t going to stick and lick my touge every where I could. Randy was not all that handsome, not really my type of guy, he had a great body and one of the best bedroom voices that just makes me cream my panties when he would answers the phone. Because this was supposed to be a bet and after all we had the egg timer, there had to be some cock sucking. So I and Shirl sat Ken on one end of the couch and Randy on the other. We sit the egg timer for 30 minutes and sat it in-between us. With her mouth on Ken?s dick and mine on Randy's we started sucking and jerking and licking and giving each other looks and smiles and winks. He had a nice cock about 71/2 inches and just thick enough that I could get most of it down my throat. Randy smelled so good and smooth. Ken was kind of hairy but he keeps himself trimmed. Shirl and I sucked and stroked each other?s men until both of them were coming within 10 minutes. I swollowed, she swollowed and we looked each other in the eyes and just as we were sitting I turned she turned and I pushed her on her back and planted my face right smack in the middle of her sweet wet puss. I had to remind her that I knew how to eat pussy too; hell I was the one who taught her. Shirl took all that she could and somehow managed to get me into a sixty-nine and there we were back in college again. This is how we managed to make it through four years of college and five boyfriends between the two of us. We knew what we were doing and we knew how to do it very well. After Ken and Randy caught their second wind they managed to get me and Shirl facing looking at each other on our hands and knees with Randy fucking her doggy style and Ken fucking me doggy style. We were being pounded like they were trying to outdo one another. We could reach out and touch each other breast and kiss now and again until Randy starting cumming and rammed his hard cumming cock into Shirl?s ready and willing ass. Just as he finished cumming and clasped on the floor Ken started to cum and Shirl moved quickly around so she could pull him out of my pussy and take a second helping of him. Shirl sucked him dry, there wasn?t nothing left of him when she finished. After that night Randy had never stopped talking about how good I was at sucking a cock. Even though that night was about one of the best sexual experiences that I have ever had, it was to never to repeat itself. That was just about the time Ken and I was getting close to calling it quits.

I was lost in thought thinking about who I knew was available and was good and bed, I need a good long night of some hard fucking. Before I knew it was standing in front of the house next door to mine the one that was up for sale. I was staring at nothing at all, I was lost in thought and the dogs were snuffing at something on the fencepost. As I was stopped and I could hear a voice but paid no attention to it, then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped. This six foot one adios was standing beside me talking and all I could see was this halo around his head and bells, no really the church bells down the street was chiming that it was now nine am. When the bells stopped I managed to pull myself together enough to form the words ?I?m sorry I didn?t hear over the bells? with the sweetest smile I could muster up. Here I am standing with a grey sweats and a t-shirt and my walking shoes, and there was this man dress like I had dreamed him up. The muscles the smile, the light brown eyes and these kiss me lips. I must say that this man was yummy. I wanted him to take me right then and there, but I didn?t know his story and the last time this happened he turned out to be gay. The dogs are now smelling and reacting to him very well, I not surprised he is a good looking man. So after trying to hide the fact I was undressing him with my eyes, I learned that he shared custody of his three kids with his ex-wife. He worked from home mostly but did do some travel from time to time for work, not pets and would be moving in sometime next week. We stood for what seemed like forever when I found myself staring into his eyes. I remember him saying something about making the house livable again. He told me that he would be coming and going in the next few days to get things ready. He needed to move out of his townhouse at the end of the month. We lived on a small family block that contain only five house and duplexes on each of the four corners; it was in a middle class family neighborhood in a small town. We looked out for each other even with one house on our small block that had some trouble makers there for a short time, we are good to each other. This Adonis would only add to the beauty of it. I needed to end this conversation with this man soon or I was going to do something not very lady like. As I walked away I promised that I would cook dinner for him and welcome him into the neighbor. As I got to the fence post were our two yards come together he shouted Albert remembers? I looked back and smiled and nodded. During our conversation he had to remind me that his name was Albert several times. Ugh! Why such an ugly name on a good looking guy. It wouldn?t matter anyway; I will soon be calling baby, or whatever is said in the dark.

Several days went by, I seen Albert coming and going, meeting up with work men to fix this or that. One afternoon I saw Albert out in the front yard digging a trench. He had on a white wife beater, blue jeans and brown work boots. It wasn?t yet to hot in the day being that it was only late spring, so there wasn?t much sweat coming from him. I was busy doing a bunch of nothing in the front yard trying to make him notice me, being horny and all I didn?t want to seem too pushy and scare him away, besides we have to live next door to each other for who knows how long. He looked extremely busy and I didn?t want to break his stride, it getting to be late May and he was going to have to move in soon. When he did finally break a sweat I was ready with cold water and a smile. This time I had on a black tank top and blue jean shorts that made my ass pop, and a pair of white sandals, I wanted to show off one of my best features my pretty little feet. I handed him the water and we made some small chit chat, he said something about the water line being busted and he couldn?t move in until it was fixed. I really didn?t care all I wanted to know was when was he going to a bed in back room? As we talked I made sure he knew I wanted him. I would touch myself and him just soft enough; do the girly laugh at too much of what was being said. We found ourselves sitting on my front porch after he ask to use my rest room, of course he didn?t have any water and me being neighborly and all, I said ?yes?. We were sitting drinking water and talking when he said that his neck was sore from all the digging and painting. I took that an invitation to touch him some more. So I offered him a neck rub. While rubbing his neck I made sure that my breast was touching him most of the time. I made sure that he got a nice long look at my ass when I bent down to refresh his drink. We got to talking so much we totally forgot about time until he said that he had to go and pick up his kids for a night out. He had no idea how much my pussy was aching for him. As I watched him pack up his tools and drive away the only thing on my mind was I hope I have some c-batteries.

By the next day my ass was so horny I was looking for Albert I knew that he didn?t have his kids today and I was ready for him to tap this ass. In the last two weeks he had showered at my house, had dinner and one night almost stayed all night. We have done some heavy petting and kissing but nothing beyond that. How I wanted him so bad more than that I needed some dick some hard throbbing cock or cocks, it had been so long. I could have called Shirl but I needed more than her pussy and a dildo to finish off with. I am no way a lesbian I need a man in my life. So I sat and worked at the living room window waiting to see his truck pull up, instead of him pulling up, a truck with four strapping young men pulled up and one of them kind of rough looking. Dark hair, dark eyes, tattoos and what I would call the jail house build were their upper body is muscled out but the bottom part stayed the same. They all spoke in some matter or another, but the dark one was the only one who stopped and stared just a little too long. I talked to one of the young men long enough to learn that they were there to put on a new roof. That Albert wouldn?t be around today because he had to fly to Texas for business for two nights. Fuck! Was all I could say? It was at the point of horniness that my pussy was aching. I sat down on my front porch and was making a plan on getting some dick, I was going out to night and that was that. It had been a while since I had been in a bar or a club, I didn?t know what to expect. As I sat there pondering the tall dark one came up to the yard and ask is he could have a drink of water out of my garden hose, of course I got up and invited him in the house and fixed him a cold glass of water with ice. As we stood in my kitchen I could feel the heat coming off of him and the smell of his sweat. My pussy couldn?t take anymore. I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and to my surprise when I pulled out his cock, oh my goodness he had to be 10 to 12 inches at least, I don?t have time to measure but I had time to have some fun. Good thing he was on his lunch hour or he would have gotten fired. I suck that man I had saliva going down my chest. I suck his cock and balls if I had time I would have tossed his salad. While still in the kitchen I lifted up my skirt and with no panties on I invited him to my wet snatch. When he entered me I swear that I blacked out from the sure size of his cock. Oh my goodness how I needed this. We fucked doggy style until he was dripping with sweat and then I road his stiff rod until I heard him cry out in ecstasy so loud I?m sure the neighbors and his boss heard. I took it all in every inch of him I could swear that his balls were in there too, he filled up every inch of my tight little pussy. We had a hour full of hot pumping sex from the kitchen to the living room, at one point he wanted to tell me his name, I stopped him, because I didn?t want him to ruin it with something like Raymondo or some shit like that, I just wanted him to fuck me. I just wanted him to call me his bitch or whatever pull my hair slap my ass and fuck me hard. Call me whatever just say it loud when you cum, and that he did. I learned with the few minutes we had left he had been out of prison for only a month. He hadn?t had a woman in four years and since he had been out working and staying out of trouble to up most of his time now day and hasn?t been easy finding a woman. He still wanted to tell me his name and I wouldn?t let him. He also suggested that we see each other again and I declined. He was what I needed at the time and I was done.

I had left for a few days to go and take care of my ailing sister, she had just found out she had breast cancer and I was there to help here though the first stages of her treatment, me and my dogs were of great comfort to her. Upon my arrival back home I noticed that Albert?s truck was parked in the driveway and a motorcycle. The lights were on and curtains were hanging from the window. Just seeing that made me hot in all the right places. I knew that now he was here to stay and I couldn?t wait to see what he could offer up in the bedroom. The next day my dogs ran out the front door and over the fence and into his yard. Even though he had a white picket fence around the front yard he had not yet installed a gate. Abra and Cadabra ran right to his front door, with me in tow with nothing on but a towel on my head and a short robe. I had just gotten out of the shower when the UPS man knocked on the door, and the dogs ran out right to Albert?s house. When Albert opened the door he saw two dogs running in his yard and me yelling and running after them he said ?I will get the dogs? and while looking at me stated in the same breath ?and one day I will get you too.? As I felt my robe fall open, I was glad to hear that we were on the same page. Now I knew he wanted me just as much as I did him. He told me that before his divorce his sex life with his wife was not very often and when it did happen it was quick and there was nothing to it, pretty much she had sex to have children and once the third one was born she was done, with that that was about it. The youngest child is 12 now. He wasn?t out there looking for a girl friend right now or how much pussy he could find and mount. He knew he could get a woman when he was ready, for right now he wanted to spend as much time with his kids as possible, making sure that they have a home when they come to stay their days with him. Plus it takes time and energy to have a relationship, He really wanted was a good woman and awesome sex would be a big bonus. One thing he was thankful for and that was their divorcing. The sex was boring and cooking and cleaning was something she was uninterested in doing. You can forget about her putting a cock in her mouth, she would sure be shot dead then suck a cock. Her looks and taking care of the children was her main concern and that was about it. It is a good thing she has a pretty face and a knock-out figure because she has nothing else going for her.

So Albert had not had a blow job since shit right out college. He realized these things when Kelly?s robe fell open. Albert gabbed the dogs and put them in the house, He ask Kelly if she would like a cup of coffee is what he wanted to say but what came out was will you blow me? I walked through the door making sure to lock it behind me. I dropped my robe took the towel of my head, shook my hair lose I stood there and let him take me all in. I never felt eyes on me like that before and I never stood naked in front of a man and just let me look me over. I could see that he really liked what he saw. I could see his cock getting hard though his basketball shorts, I knew right away he didn?t have on any underwear. Just shorts and a t-shirt. Albert grabbed me by the waist with both hands and pulled me to him as he sat on the couch. He grabbed my ass and shook one cheek. He ran his hands over every inch of my body while I stood bare ass in his living room. He smiled and kept saying I love the color of your skin, ?I did tell you that I have never had a black woman in my bed?? he said. I couldn?t get my mouth to work; no words would find their way out. I wanted him to put his lip somewhere on my body, anywhere.? Please now?, I said. Albert looked up at me and said I want to take my time with you. He took me by the hand and led me to his bed room. The bed had been made and smoothed out. We stood in the middle of the floor and kissing deeply like it was our air. He is a very good kisser, he kissed my neck and finger spun me around and kissed down my back all around my brown ass while down on his knees he gently spread my legs open and would tongued up and down the crack of my ass, with his hand reaching around front fingering my clit and pussy lips, he would stop every once and while and suck the juices off his fingers sometimes he let me taste my own juices. While still down on his knees and two fingers inserted in my pussy turned me around and laid me down on the bed. When he stood he took his fingers out he licked one and let me have one. He pulled his shorts down and took off his shirt and made sure I got a good look of what he had to offer. You can tell that he spent sometime in the gym or doing something athlete. He was 6?1and 200lbs give or take a few pounds and at 47 he was in very good shape. Some hair on his chest not a lot, just enough to play with. He was firm and smooth and places and ruff in the right. He was clean and he smelled like he himself had just showered. With him standing in front of me I took his hard 8 inches of fat cock in to my mouth and licked my tongue around the head of his cock down the shaft. I let myself slide off the bed until my knees where on the carpet, I would lick from cock to balls and suck them for a little, then back to sucking the head of his dick, when he wasn?t expecting it I would deep throat him and hold him In my throat for a little. I was falling in love with sucking this man?s cock; I could tell that he was in heaven with what I was doing. I made love to Albert's hard cock for as long as I could. I wanted him to shoot his first load of cum down my throat. When he was ready to cum his cock got hard to the point to where I could feel the veins throbbing in my mouth. I worked his cock until I felt his body stiffing and I knew he getting close to exploding in my mouth. I worked my hands up and down his stiff shaft, my mouth going in unison with my hands. When he finally let himself go, there was so much hot cum and dick for me to hold everything in my mouth, I swallowed what I could but some still got loose. When I was done licking him up, he flip me over and gave me the best pussy licking any pussy could take, he finger my ass, kissing my lips, sucking me clit. Albert really did know how to eat a pussy, he was the best yet. I came twice while he tongued my pussy and ass. I wanted to feel him inside of me I wanted him to know that I can take control of things in the bedroom too; I wanted him to feel how I can ride. As I mounted on top of his cock I had to take it slow, even though I was wet and my pussy was ready, I was tight, he had to help me work it in slowly inch by inch. I bounced up and down slow at first then faster and faster. Albert would grab a breast here and there, grab my ass with both hands would help me bounce up and down on the hard cock. We were working together great; we were talking and a laugh here and there. Lot?s and lot?s of kissing, boy he was a good kisser. We had legs going here and arms there, nothing seemed to slow us down, we didn?t get in each other?s way, and you could say the chemistry was so strong you could smell it. I don?t remember when he flipped me over and inserted me from behind. My goodness did he feel wonderful, he put his hands on me he made me know that he was very much enjoying what was going on, and trust me I wasn?t shy either. He had a rhythm going in and out, in and out. Every once and a while slapping a firm round brown ass cheek. He would slap then rub; this man definitely knew what he was doing. He played with my asshole while back there and said at one point to he said he would love to put his dick there one day. He was standing on the floor while fucking me doggy style and at one point flipped me over and while holding my legs by the bend of my knees, he was now looking me dead in the eyes, I know he was saying something, I could see his mouth moving, but I couldn?t hear over my own sounds of ecstasy. Albert fucked me to the point my pussy was begging him to stop, We just about came at the same time I went first I couldn?t hold back any longer, I had one of the biggest orgasms in my life oh my goodness I had forgotten how some men really do know what the hell their doing in bed. When Albert was done sliding his hard 8inches of cock in and out of my wet pussy, he slid his cock out and I turned around and put in my mouth to suck him to a finish. Finish him I did every last drop.

When we finished with that round, there was only the bottom sheet left on the bed. We lay in his bed talking about how he had never been welcomed nowhere like this before. He now knows he was going to love living in this neighbor, and having me for a neighbor was going to be a wonderful thing. He told me that his family and close friends call him Brian, his middle name and I can call him that too.

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