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Water damage team

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My husband had previously submitted several stories on the SLS site and always seemed to get a very good rating. I have never tried this, and he didn't seem to think that I could do as well as he has, and didn't feel that there was anything that I could add from the female point of view that he hasn't already addressed. Well here goes, and this little episode just occured this week, and I wanted to get it on here before I lost any of the details.

With the past rain/snow/wind storm that just came across the county, we suffered some water damage in our basement. My husband had contacted three different contractors, all of which were extremely busy. We needed to get the water out of the basement before we had considerable damage, which of course is not covered by our homeowner's policy. The contractor told my hubby that he had several crews working to get around to everyone, and most likely would be 2-3 more days before he could get a crew there.

My hubby was able to convince him to a least look at the situation, and since he wasn't far away, agreed to come over right away, and give us an idea as to costs, and when he could do it. He told my husband that cash up front would get immediate attention.

My husband gave him the address, and directions, and told him that I would be waiting for him.

It seemed like forever for him to get there, but it was really only twenty minutes or so before he arrived. He walked around the outside of the house, and then I took him down in the basement. We still had water over the floor, and I though for sure the rug would be lost, but he said that he could probably save it.

My husband had left me with a thousand dollars cash, and told me to get it done ASAP. The contractor said that we had a broken downspout, and that the water was running right down the wall and into the room. To make a long story short, he said it would be around $750 to do the cleanup and repairs, and if we paid in cash, he would get his crew over there in about a half an hour.

I had been sitting around all morning, afraid to jump into the shower since I was sure that once I got into the shower he would show up. I was still in my robe, and did not take the time to change. The robe was one of those slightly revealing, in that it didn't quite button up all the way, and just barley covered my butt.

As I moved about the basement, I could see that he was straining to get a look at what I had on underneath, which was only a pair of panties. He would take me over to the sump hole, and pointed to something in the hole. I tried to pretend that I knew what he was talking about, and of course, I bent over to look in the hole as well. I could see that he manuevered himself so that he could look down the front of my robe, and was apparently enjoying the view.

I must also admit that I was flattered that this nice young good looking black man would be interested in a lady in her late 50's, and I thought that if he was that interested, that I should give him a good show.

I got down on my knees and asked to use his flashlight, and he moved to my rear. Now, I was sure that he was looking directly at my ass, and whatever else he could see.

As I tried to get up, with some cranky old knees, he had to assist me. I made it a point to make sure that my breast got to rub up against his arms.

I told him to get his crew over and to do the job as soon as possible. Well within fifteen minutes, there were two other good looking young men there with him, working.

I told him that I was going to have to jump in the shower, and that I would be right back.

As I made my way into the shower, I was thinking of the young black man, and how sexy he was. I had removed what little clothing that I had on, and was preparing to get into the shower. I heard a slight knock at the door, which was only closed on a crack. I was sure that he must have been there watching me for some time before knocking.

Before I could answer the knock, the door opened and it was my black adonis. I was now standing there naked and with my panties in my hand. He tried to make like he had a question, but just kind of stood there and was taking it all in. Now I am in my late 50's, but I have maintained myself over the years. I did not have very large breasts, but I had a very hairy pussy, which he seemed to be facinated with.

He kind of stammered and tried to say something, and I just walked over to him since I could see a large bulge in his pants. He took my panties from my hand and wanted to enjoy the aroma of my wet pussy. I was in the process of removing the erection from his trousers, which seemed to jump out without any difficulty. I started to jerk him off, and he just moved me back, and had me sit on the hopper.

He then dropped his pants, and proceeded to put his dick in my mouth while grabbing at my tits. I could hear other noises outside the bathroom door, and I told whoever it was to come in.

His two other servicemen entered to bathroom, which wasn't that large to begin with. I suggested that we move into the bedroom, without any objections.

By now, all three of them had removed their pants, and I was sucking the black cock, and jerking off his two helpers. I would switch back and forth between all three of them and try to provide equal service as I was now on my knees in the bedroom.

The young black man came rather quickly, and I tried to swallow his entire load. Now this is something that I don't normally do for my husband, but it was just so hot, I couldn't resist it. As he moved away, I worked on the other two workers.

I felt someone come up on my rear, and the young blackman was not working on my pussy from behind. I was suprised that he would be ready that quickly, but I didn't complain. He now had most of his eight inches inserted in my old pussy, and was pounding away.

I continued to suck and jerk of the other two men, and they came rather quickly, and shot their loads all over my face and tits. They move away, and contined to watch their boss work me over.

I was now sitting on his cock facing him, and being much larger than my husband, made it one of the most pleasurable fucks that I ever had.

He removed his large tool from my wet pussy, and ran it up and down the crack of my ass. I was almost afraid to ask what he had in mind, and it wasn't long before he had inserted it into my ass and was pounding away.

I was watching one of the other workers jerking off in the panties that I had just removed, and he was shooting his load into the panties. His friend now hard again, came over and stuck his dick into my mouth till I was almost gagging.

My ass was now being filled with some hot white cum from this beautiful black dick. I have ofter head the saying that once you go black, you won't go back. Now I know what they were talking about. I was now cumming for the fourth time, and enjoyed every minute of it.

I got up and took my panties from the other worker, and put them directly into the hamper. You could just smell the seman in the air. I was hoping that it would clear up before my hubby got home.

All three of the men thanked me for what I allowed them to do with my body, and proceeded to go back to work.

I went in and completed my shower, and was still somewhat excited about what just happened. I wasn't sure if I was going to tell my husband or not at that point.

They did a great job on the basement, and also my pussy. The two assistants went out to the truck while the young black man came back to settle up the bill.

He thanked me again, and took my $750 cash, but gave me 2 one hundred dollar bills back, which I thought was cute.

I was somewhat suprised and I didn't know if he was just trying to be kind, or thought of me as a whore. In any case, I dropped to my knees, and took out his lovely black dick, and proceeded to suck him off one last time.

Being a young man, unlike my hubby, he was cumming again in my mouth. I then kissed him on his lips so that he could get a taste of his own seman.

He just smiled, pulled up his pants and left.

I did tell my husband about the sexual episode, and he did the best he could for an old man, and tried to fuck my brains out. It really didn't compare to the days excitement, but he got really hot hearing all of the details.

I never told him about the rebate that I received, and I'm on my way out now to spend it at Victoria Secrets.

What he doesn't know, won't hurt him, right?

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