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The Realtor

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My wife is a Realtor and we have been married for 20 years. She was a virgin when we married? I know I had the privilege of accepting her gift. As far as I know she has never known another man, and only seen another in photos or videos. To be honest, after being married so long our sex life has taken on a same time same station routine. We were in a rut, but still very much in love. It was both of our faults, we don?t converse as much as we used to, hold hands, kiss, and ECT you get the idea.

She had floor duty and a gentleman called and wanted to list his home. They talked for a while and arranged to meet at his house to go over the sales agreement. I watched as she prepared the documents for her presentation the next day and got comps for the recent sales in his area. They met the next day and she called and told me he had signed the listing agreement and wanted to buy something smaller also. She told me that he was a very nice black gentleman of around 40.

Over the next few days she researched what was available in the areas he wanted that met his requirements. She called her client and informed him of the current listings; next she called the listing agents for these properties and arranged to view them.

On the appointed day she got dressed to show her client the properties she had selected to view. She told me her appointment times and addresses. Since I am self-employed I thought I would surprise her and we could go to lunch together.

Around lunch I drove to a couple of the addresses she had specified, but they were not there. I looked down the street and there was her car, so since it was within walking distance I decided to walk.

This area was a very well to do area and this was a very nice immaculately furnished condo. The door was closed but not locked so I let myself in and proceeded to look for them. I heard them talking; He told her the reason he was selling his house is that 5 months ago he had lost his wife and infant daughter in an auto accident, and it was becoming increasingly hard to live there in that big house all alone with all the memories. As I peeked through the stained glass window I saw him brush her cheek, and smell her hair. He told her that she and his wife wore the same perfume and the aroma brought back such fond memories of her. Her response was a hug and I?m so sorry, and he brushed a tear from her eye. He proceeded to tell her that he had not been with a lady since her death. He then surprised my wife by softly kissing her. She was somewhat taken aback, and he apologized to her, whereas she said she understood. He then kissed her again, gently pulling her to him in an embrace, bringing her into his arms, savoring her aroma and feminity. She seemed to be responding to his kisses and caresses as she brought her arms up embracing him. This kissing and embracing went on for about ten minutes, with him touching her face and neck, and her doing the same. I could see both of them softly grinding their pelvises together. Then I heard him tell her god it is so wonderful holding such a sensuous beautiful woman again.

He then kneeled in front of her and softly traced his hands down her back to her lovely ass, slowly, gently caressing her. Next he put his hands under her dress, lifting it up exposing her intimate silken panties. I could see the wet stain in the crotch of her panties, and hear him comment to her that they were both very aroused as her panties were soaked. I watched as he put his face near her womanly charms and deeply inhaled of her sexual fragrance, telling her how wonderful a lady?s sexual scent was, as she parted her legs to allow him better access. Then I witnessed him pull the crotch exposing her feminine charms and gently tongue her clitoris. She started rocking her pelvis and had a grip on his head while supporting herself on a cabinet. He had his arms around her ass, trying to somewhat control her thrashing.

He then took her hand leading her toward the bedroom, where I silently followed. He laid her on the bed, again kissing and caressing her. Then he reached down and took out his rather large black lance. I was in shock as to its length and girth? it was a good four inches longer than mine and in girth and chocolate in color. He then took and placed her hand upon it, where she wrapped her dainty fingers around it and palmed his balls. I could see our diamond wedding ring glisten in the sunlight as she stroked his large black manhood. He got up and took off his clothes and again lay down beside her, and she again grasped his penis. They fondled, kissed and caressed some more. Then he got over her, raising her dress and grasping her intimate silk underwear. She raised her hips so he could remove them, and she willingly opened her legs allowing him access to her secret garden of delights. He lowered his head between her legs and tasted her, commenting on how wonderful a lady?s charms tasted. He started tonguing her and she grabbed his head pulling his face into her, moaning and telling him please don?t stop as she rocked her pelvis. I saw her arch her back and clamp her hands and knees around his head in her first exquisite orgasm.

He slid up her, supporting himself again kissing and caressing, telling her how beautiful she was. He proceeded to remove her clothes, telling her he needed to see her feast his gaze upon her beauty. When her clothes were removed he lovingly gazed upon her nudity telling her how absolutely ravishing she was to behold. He got above her again, with his penis riding against her vulva, slowly moving forward and back, and rocking her pelvis in their rhythm. She reached down, grasping his penis and gently moved the head on her clitoris and up and down her vulva, rocking her pelvis the whole time. She looked down and saw his large black lance at the threshold to her womanhood, and the stark difference to her white skin. Then she told him please be gentle, as he was only the second man she had made love to. She then placed the head at the entrance to her silken canal. He gently thrust, putting just the head inside, and softly fingered her clitoris. She started arching her back, trying to get him further inside of her, succeeding on getting about two more inches. He starts to gently move in and out, slowly, gently stretching and getting deeper inside her. She is starting to really moan and buck now, telling him to please make love to me. But he resists, savoring his union with her. He continues to give her a little more, lovingly sinking into her velvety depths, and is still only half way inside her. She reaches around him and pulls him down, kissing him, trying to get more inside her. She arches her back, and crosses her legs behind him, trying to pull him inside. He still has two or three inches more, and gradually invading the inner depths of her hot, slick, velvety softness. She arches her back, exclaiming that she can feel him against her cervix, and it feels so good. I hear her tell him she has never had a man fill her so wonderfully, to please make love to me. I can see how stretched she is, and how her vagina clings to his girth as he pulls out, and hear her cries of ecstasy as she arches up against him in another glorious orgasm.

He then pulls out, and asks her to get on top, and asks her to make love to him. He rolls over on his back, and she straddles him. She grasps his long black lance putting the head in, slowly skewers herself down on his long black pole while rotating her hips. She starts moaning, bucking, and arching. Her breasts are swinging; the whole scene was intoxicating, beautiful and erotic. She never looked more beautiful or sensual. Then she screamed as another orgasm overtook her, arching her back and slamming down against him, furiously rocking her pelvis totally impaled on his length. He still had not had an orgasm; I could not believe a man could go so long and I had witnessed my beautiful wife have her third earth shattering orgasm.

He told her to get on her knees and put her head in the pillow. He then got behind her and plunged in to his balls in one long slow stroke. She again arched her back pushed against him. He was really giving it to her now, telling her how wonderful it was to be making love to her. She was shoving back against him, and rotating her ass. I could hear his balls slap against her and hear the wet squishy sounds of their mating. The aroma they produced was intoxicating and like a fine wine.

She asks him to make love to her with him on top, holding and caressing her. He obliges. He is thrusting; she is arching her pelvis to meet his thrusts. I hear him tell her that he cannot hold out and is about to come. He asks her if he can cum inside her, and I am shocked to hear her tell him please come inside me, I need you. I know that she is not on any birth control, and could become pregnant. I see her reach and pull him, trying to get him even deeper inside her. I hear him exclaim oh god, and deeply thrust in as deep as he can, and she arches to impale him in her secret forbidden depths. He has pushed inside her as deeply as he can, and I see his ass cheeks clench, and I know that he has injected his sperm deeper inside her than anyone else ever has. I hear her exclaim Ooooh god as she has her fiercest orgasm yet and her body arched off the bed. She then tells him don?t pull out yet, it feels so good, I feel you so deep within me. I have never made love like this, or had anyone so deep inside me before. She tells him she could feel his hot semen shooting against her cervix. He tells her that she must have had a big orgasm as he felt her vagina contract and squeeze him like a vise, milking every drop of semen he had. They lay together entwined in each other?s arms, still joined in their tender coupling, slowly thrusting, basking in the afterglow of orgasm.

She tells him it was wonderful, but oh god what have we done! She is now afraid as reality hits her? she is not on any birth control, and it?s too late as he has planted his seed deep inside her. I see him lovingly hold, kiss and caress her and hear him tell her that it was an exquisite pleasure and a privilege to make love to such a beautiful lady. And not to worry, what are the chances of getting pregnant the very first time! He tells her again that he has not been with another woman for five months, and needed to make love to her so badly and that her gift to him was so very special. I see a large goblet of semen oozing out of gaping womanhood, as he reluctantly pulls out of her velvety secret garden. He kisses her and tells her that his wife was a virgin when they married, and his thinking about her brings tears. She hugs him against her naked breast, and kiss and caress each other. They clean up, and start putting on their clothes, and I scurry out of the condo, and back down the street, get in my truck and leave.

I am confused! I could have stopped it, but once it started, it seemed so natural so beautiful... so right. So confused? Am I mad, jealous, sad, happy? will she still love me and want to be with me? I know I still love her. Will she feel guilt for what happened? So finally I sort it all out. I am not jealous, mad or sad. It was just something that happened. She was not intentionally cheating behind my back? It just happened. I know we have to talk, but how do you bring up something like this? Hey honey? I saw everything that happened, want to talk about it?

The events that I had just witnessed was so intoxicating and numbing that I didn?t even relieve myself. So when she got home that night I was really horny, but needless to say she was not really into it. However she did not deny me access to her, and after a bit did get into making love to me. She was pretty loose, and really wet, and I knew it was not because she was excited. This was my first creampie! We caressed and cuddled till we fell asleep.

It has been about three weeks, and she has started waking up sick in the mornings. She went out and purchased a pregnancy check and it came back positive. She is pretty agitated, and I know why. I asked her if she wanted an abortion, and she said never. The baby could be either his or mine as we have made love without protection every night since the incident. And since I don?t follow her around, she may have met the black man again.

PS: If you get to the end of this story, I hope you appreciate the difference from many other erotic stories. Many stories seem to want to humiliate the husbands, call the wife a slut, bitch whore and other rude names with a lot of vulgarity. It seems to me that making love should be just that, with respect, dignity and grace for all parties. I guess the key word in it all is?

LOVE!!!! Let me know & I'll send part 2

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