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The Realtor Part 2

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The Realtor Part 2:

Well, knowing I couldn?t talk to my wife about what I had witnessed, I decided to call her client. Three weeks later I arranged for her client to meet me for lunch. I explained to him what I saw in its entirety. At first ?Bill? was scared and ashamed and regretted what happened. He said sorry? it just sort of got out of hand, and explained about his wife and daughter. But I told him that I had come to terms with it and worked everything out. I explained to him how erotic and wonderful it had seemed, and he agreed. He said it was the most sensual experience he ever had. I told him that I was still deeply in love with my wife, and had no intention of leaving her over this incident, but that we did have a problem. I told him that their coupling had probably impregnated her. He asked ?probably?, and I responded that I had made passionate love to her without our usual protection that same night, so it could be either of ours. But your endowment allows you to put it deeper. She refuses to get an abortion, but is very scared. I know why she is frightened? that the child may be black, and how would she explain this to me.

I heard the whole story about your wife and daughter and even went back through the newspapers and read the whole account of the tragedy. The question is what do we do if she gives birth to a black child? He told me that monetarily he would take care if the child were his. We decided that we would vacation in Canada for the birth, as something like this could be quite embarrassing.

I told Bill, as I loved her so very much I enjoyed seeing her pleasured so much. So we made plans to surprise our one true love on our anniversary, which was three weeks away.

On our anniversary, her pregnancy was not showing very much at six weeks along, so she could still dress up really nice for our special night out. We went to a really nice restaurant? and whom should we meet? Bill. Knowing that he was a client of hers, I invited him to our table. She seemed quite fidgety and apprehensive upon his arrival. After a very lovely meal we decided to do the town, and I invited Bill along.

When we got to a really nice nightspot, the band was playing and there were many couples dancing. The music was romantic, and I asked her to dance to a slow number. While in each other?s arms, I whispered to her how very much I loved her and would forever. I told her she was still a very beautiful and desirable lady, and thanked her for allowing me to spend these many years with her. She had tears in her eyes. I danced real close to her, and my hard on pressed against her pelvis. She pushed back against me as we swayed to the music. When the song ended we went back to our table and Bill had refreshed our drinks. Bill was on one side and we were on the other side of a booth in a dark corner. I eased my hand up her dress and noticed the crotch of her silky panties were wet, and preceded to massage her clitoris through her panties. She gently rocked her hips and squeezed her legs together, while trying to carry on a conversation. The band started playing another slow dance number and Bill asked her for the pleasure of a dance. She accepted and they gracefully moved onto the dance floor. They danced closely and moved to a dimly lit corner of the dance floor. I moved around the edge, staying out of sight, but within viewing. I saw Bill reach down between them and unzip, taking out his member. He lifted the front of her dress and pulling the crotch of her silken panties aside, placed his penis against her vagina. I could not hear what they said, but saw her eyes glaze over as she pushed against him. They gently swayed to the music till the song ended. When they returned to the table I slid over to let her in, while Bill sat across from us. Again I eased my hand under her dress, but this time I moved the crotch of her silken panties aside, and she was soaked. I started playing with her clit and inserted a finger as she humped my hand. I whispered to her how much I loved her and that every year with her just got sweeter. She finally had a small orgasm, squeezing her legs together, as I plunged a finger into her and flicked it. Bill asked her if she was all right, where she replied O?OK? Thank You. There was another slow dance and I invited her out to the dance floor. Again we moved to the same obscured area. She reached down, unzipping me and pulled the front of her dress up and her panties aside and put my penis against her, pushing against me. Her hot silken vulva felt wonderful as she rotated her pelvis and pushed against me. She started to hump a little and moan, and told me how wonderful it felt against her. It felt so exquisite that I pushed in her as far as I could and filled her with my seed. When the dance ended, she went to the powder room and cleaned up. Upon returning, I put my hand under her dress and found that she had removed her dainty silk panties. I got up to go to the restroom, and upon returning saw that Bill was now sitting beside her. I decided to watch awhile instead or returning to my seat. Bill looked around, and disappeared under the table. I returned to the table and slid in across from her. Her eyes looked sort of glazed and she was gently rocking. Then I heard an Arrrgh and she slid down a little. I told her I was going for a drink and would get her something. She said OK? please! When I got back, Bill was again on his side of the booth. It was getting late and we decided it was time to go. I asked Bill to join us at our home for a couple of drinks. She looked really strange and fidgety, but told him ok.

When we got home we had a couple of drinks and Bill said he could not drive, and asked if he could stay in our guest suite. We told him sure. We went to bed, where we talked about our many wonderful years together and our undying love for each other. We kissed and caressed, and talked about our becoming a family. She was extremely randy and got on top and rode me till we both collapsed entwined together. I asked her to turn the lights down and give me a BJ. I got on my back and she had her ass pointed away from me. Bill silently entered, came up behind her and sunk into her in one smooth motion. She stopped sucking on me and moaned oh god? as Bill slowly thrust in and out of her for quite awhile with her thrusting back against him while she devoured me. Bill asked her where she wanted it and she said come inside me please, and he did, bringing an exquisite orgasm to both. She lay between us and asked what was going on. I explained that I had witnessed her and Bill together in the Condo, and that later Bill and I had discussed things. I told her I still loved her so very much, and was happy that Bill had made her so happy too. She cried and told me she was sorry and it just sort of happened, but still loved me so very much. She told me she was so scared that she was pregnant with a black baby and what would I think. I told her that we had been trying to have a family for a very long time and no matter what it would be loved by all three of us. I told her I actually hoped it would be a black baby girl, as it would help Bill through his tragedy to have another child.

We all hugged and cried a bit, and Bill asked her to get on top. She did, and positioned her velvety womanhood above his penis and sank on him. He pulled her down on him and kissed her swelling breasts; I got behind her and eased into her. She squirmed back against me, and started bucking. Bill said I?m gonna cum, I said yeah? me too, as she screamed out in her orgasm, her vagina and anus clamping down on Bill and I.

Since her sexual awakening, she now will speak up and tell us what and how she wants it. We do our utmost to accommodate her wishes. She has turned into a really sensual creature. She loves to please us both, as enjoy pleasing her.

She had an ultrasound and it turned out the baby will be a girl. We three are all so happy. I think she will be a very good mother. Her tummy is really swelling up with the love we placed inside her.

She quit her job, and Bill sold his house and Condo and got transferred. We all re-located to another state. She did have a beautiful baby girl? and yes, it is black. Bill and I were both present at the birth, and we had a private physician who understood everything. Bill is so happy to have another daughter and really dotes on her. We all moved in together in a beautiful house I built out in the country. Bill and I have not made love to her for over six weeks. One month before and one after birthing the doctor informed us? NO SEX!! Bill and are just waiting, like a couple of vultures, to pounce and again make passionate love to our lady. We are really getting horny!! Motherhood agrees with her, she is so radiant and beautiful.

She went back to work in real estate, but Bill and I told her? be careful of horny men. She said not to worry the both of us give her enough loving. I told her I too want a child and she said yes without hesitation and kissed me. I don?t know how this will work, Bill may have to use protection or go without for a while. We all get along really well, it is a very loving environment, especially since Bill and I love our beautiful lady so very much, and she loves us. There have been some problems. Like when we go out or go to church we sometimes have to explain that Adriana is adopted. Which is somewhat true, I am her father too and am involved in discipline and raising her. Household protocols have cropped up but we talk and work through things. Communication is everything. But where there is great love and respect things work out.

One problem is a few years away? how to explain our relationship to our children. I say our children as we now have another daughter to raise, Danielle. Bill graciously agreed to wear a condom till Danielle was conceived. Yes, she is mine, but Bill is just as involved with her as he is with Adriana. But when Adriana and Danielle asks who is my daddy, and why does Mommy sleep with two people. And what if they tell their friends!!! Well, all relationships have circumstances to overcome.


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