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The Night a Black Man fucked My Wife

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We are from a small town in Ohio and we met at a bowling alley. She was a looker, she had an ass that stopped men in their tracks, nobody made a pair of jeans look like she did, and she was and still is very sexy. Blonde hair, green eyes and very smart. 5’4” about 110 lbs, small breasts and an ass to die for, killer eyes, I want you to fuck me eyes.

We had an affair for about 12 years before we left our mates and finally hooked up for good. God, the sex was awesome, she was a little wild and had a lot of partners in her days and I was no slouch myself, I had probably more lovers than she did but it was close I would say.

We had sex everywhere and it was never boring, we talked about sex with others, we shared our past lovers and just fucked all the time.

We started having our fantasy night. I finished our lower level and made it into a bar, Juke box, slot machines, mega touch machines, pool table and all the toys for a complete bar.

We would go down on a Saturday night and light a fire, put the music on real low and slow and have a few drinks, get a little mellow and have a fantasy. Fantasies really turn me on, I love it when she calls me by a past lovers name, “Fuck me Richard, Fuck me Randy, Fuck me Steve, Fuck me Ernie”, you get the message. She would tell me how they kissed her, how they tried to get in her pants, what they said to her as they were finger fucking her and pulling her panty hose off, how they ate her pussy and how big their dicks were. I just love hearing it all, it really turns me on, and we have had some wild times for sure.

During our fantasy nights through the years I’ve gotten her to try different things. One night I got her to dress up in a real short skirt, stockings, sexy panties, and high heels and wear a red wig. I got her a little drunk and talked her in to letting me take some pictures of her, I talked her into stripping for me and laying on the pool table naked, the whole time I was snapping away, when we were done fucking we sat around talking and I talked her into letting me post her pictures on the internet, I told her nobody could possibly recognize her with the wig on, she agreed and I started posting, right away the downloads began and then the instant messaging started, men wanting more pictures of her, she was getting horny from the comments from men from all over so I took more pictures of her in more intimate detail, close ups of her between her legs, pictures of me going inside of her.

She even started chatting with men about fucking; my dick was getting harder all the time. We talked about this for a few weeks and decided that sharing photos was a real turn on for her so we did this every Saturday night for a while.

I’m also a DJ and I play music in a few bars around town on Friday nights.

One night these two guys came in and sat at the bar just listening to the music and having a few drinks, My wife has a great voice and as I said before just tears up a pair of jeans, I talked her into singing a song and she instantly got the attention of these two men, they got up and came into the main room where we were at, they sat down and couldn’t take their eyes off of my wife, I was getting drunker as time went by and I started getting horny watching these men look at my wife, I dared her to ask one of them to dance with her, I played a real sexy tune and she took my dare, she danced with both of them several times during the evening and I saw the youngest man try to rub her ass a few times but she managed to stay away from that.

When we got home she told me all about what they were saying to her, trying to get in her pants, what a turn on, the same things I told her when I was trying to fuck her, we had a great time that night.

We continued to have our fantasy nights, every other Saturday night, this is when her daughter is gone and we have the house to our selves.

I talked her into smoking a little left handed tobacco one night, Oh my God did that turn her on, she was a wild woman, best sex I ever have had, she was possessed with getting me inside her, she was rough, sexy and talked like a slut to me, she was on fire and told me that she would do anything I wanted her to do if I would just fuck her, we had amazing sex that night and do it pretty regular now, especially when I want hard sex, dirty sex.

I talked her into more photo sharing on the internet, more explicit photos, more explicit chatting and she shared more details about men she has fucked, even men that I know from the bowling alley, men that she fucked in the parking lot, men she gave blow jobs to in the men’s room while she was bowling, she really gets me going with her stories when she is a little high.

Anyway, I came up with this idea one night while we were having our fantasy night.

I had met this young man while I was out one day and he was incredibly friendly and recently divorced, we exchanged phone numbers and talked on a pretty regular basis, he had never met my wife and had no idea what she even looked like.

I asked him point blank one night while we were out at a bar if he had ever been with a white woman, he said that he had never been but always wanted to. We sat around and had a few more drinks and I got a little braver. I asked him if he would like to stop by on a Saturday night to have a few drinks and meet my wife , he said he had nothing else going on and he would be glad to come by. We talked about some things and I told him I wanted him to try to seduce my wife while I watched, he agreed since he was divorced and probably horny as hell.

I told him of a few ground rules. I told him that we would all be alone and the lights would be low, soft music playing and that when it felt right to him he should ask her to slow dance with him, I said she would probably refuse at first and that he should ask me if it was ok to dance with my wife, he said OK.

I told him that we would smoke a little and get relaxed with each other, he agreed to that also. I told him that he should dance with her a few times and try sweet talking her a little and then start dancing closer if she was responding, I told him to not push it though as I wasn’t sure how she would respond.

Anyway we had it all planned…

The following Saturday night my wife and I got ready for our fantasy night alone, she took a long slow bath and really took her time dressing, I stepped into her dressing room and suggested that she wear something really sluttish for me, short skirt, no panties stockings, low cut sweater and black wig.

I went on down to the bar and set the mood, lot’s of candles lit, soft sultry music and a few drinks before she came down, I was getting so excited I didn’t know if I could wait.

She finally came down into the bar, she was beautiful, sexy, she had put on a long red skirt, she had on stockings and a red sweater, and she wore red lipstick and had on high heels.

We sat around and had a few drinks with each other and was getting pretty mellow, we started kissing and dancing and she was getting horny really fast, she wanted to fuck right now. I told her we had to slow down a little bit or it would be over with way too soon. I got her calmed down and we slow danced some more and then the doorbell finally rang.

She said oh shit, who can that be, it was ten p.m. and she wasn’t expecting any company, she was rushing to go upstairs and get dressed differently, I told her I would get the door and for her to just stay in the bar area, she finally agreed.

I went and answered the door; Jerome was standing there nervous as hell and I assured him that it would be ok.

We went downstairs and my wife gave me a look that would kill, standing in our barroom was a black man, dressed like a pimp and my wife dressed like a whore for me, I introduced them to each other and she excused herself to go upstairs, I begged her to not go and she stayed.

We sat at the bar and talked for awhile, she was beginning to relax a little bit more as time passed and Jerome was relaxing also, he was looking at my wife like he really liked what he saw.

I was playing some real good slow music and he finally asked her to dance and she flat out declined, she said that we did not dance with others; I thought it was over at that point but I still hadn’t given up hope.

I had rolled one up earlier and I fired it up, my wife said what are you doing and I said I wanted to take a few hits, I lit it and passed it to Jerome, he handed it to my wife and she declined, he said come on baby let me shotgun you, she had never had that before and she reluctantly agreed, she leaned forward and took it all in, she breathed all the way in and held it for a long time, he gave her two more hits and she was well on her way.

We were sitting at the bar just chatting stupidly and another song came on, Jerome asked me if it was cool if he danced with her , I said sure and she got off of her stool and went to him, they were dancing and chatting and then the music started again, I was watching them slow dance and I moved to the inside of the bar where I could watch them.

They had quit talking but were still dancing real close, I saw him move his hand down her back and pull her closer to him, she had taken her arms and put on his shoulders, he was now rubbing and squeezing her ass, they continued to dance, finally they came back to the bar and she was just looking at me to see if I was mad. She could tell I wasn’t so they started talking a lot more.

She got up and went to the bathroom, when the door closed Jerome said to me that he wanted some of that pussy real bad, I told him that I couldn’t make any promises but he could try, That I wouldn’t interfere with him.

She came back and sat at the bar and said that she was going to go upstairs and leave us to talk, I told her to stay and talk with us.

Jerome got up and went behind her and started rubbing her shoulders, he asked me if I had another one of those smokes, I fired another one up and he gave her a few more shotguns, she took them deep into her lungs, he spun her bar stool around and leaned forward and put his mouth on hers, she tried to push him away but he resisted and kept kissing her hard on the mouth, he started putting his hands up under her sweater and she was resisting him pretty hard, she got lose and said Bill are you going to let him do this to me, before I could answer her Jerome said you’re going to give that little pussy up tonight bitch, he then pulled her to her feet and pulled her to him hard and kissed her real hard, she was resisting him and he kept kissing her, he reached his hand under her skirt and I heard her tell him to stop right now, he started finger fucking her and kissing her harder.

He backed her up to the pool table and they started making out, she quit resisting him and she was kissing him back, he raised her sweater up and pulled her bra up above her breasts and started sucking her nipples, she looked back at me and mouthed the words fuck you asshole.

They were making out and she was trying to unzip his pants, she finally got his pants undone and reached her hand inside his underwear, he was finger fucking her real hard, he pulled her underwear off and threw them on the floor in front of me, he kept finger fucking her and I looked at her underwear, the crotch was drenched, I had never seen them so wet before, she was totally in to this now, Jerome looked at me and said, I’m going to fuck your wife’s little white pussy right in front of you.

She got on her knees in front of Jerome and pulled his dick out, he leaned back against the pool table and she started sucking his big black dick, he was begging her to suck it hard, hurt me bitch, suck my cock hard, suck it all in, she sucked it so hard,

She got up and he laid her back down on the floor by the pool table, he raised her skirt up and put his face between her legs and started eating her pussy, he sucked her pussy like a wild man, she was screaming for him to fuck her right now, he finally got up on his knees and was between her legs, she reached out and grabbed his dick and started jacking him off, he told her to stop or he was going to come to quick, he lowered himself to her pussy and started pushing himself inside her, she raised her legs and begged him to fuck her hard, he slid his dick in her and she screamed that it hurt, he never slowed down, he was shoving that big black dick in my wife’s pussy and she was fighting that hard cock as hard as she could, she quit fighting him and started fucking him back, she reached for his mouth with hers and she kissed him hard, she was sucking his tongue and fucking him hard, he pulled his cock out and rolled her onto her stomach and then pulled her hips up and she was on her knees, he smacked her ass harder that I could imagine, she just shoved that ass back at him, he smacked her again, even harder this time, she said fuck me you black pussy, you fucking nigger fuck me, fuck this white pussy you nigger, he smacked her ass again and again, her ass was turning bright red.

He slid his big black cock into her from behind and she started shoving her pussy back onto that cock and they fucked like wild people, he was fucking her and squeezing her nipples, they both came at the same time and they kept fucking until he went completely soft and came out of her pussy, cum just kept running out of her pussy onto the floor, her ass was crimson red.

She got up and went into the restroom again, Jerome came over to the bar and said you all right dude, I said that I was and that I enjoyed the show very much.

She came out of the bathroom and walked over to me, Jerome grabbed her and said Hey Bitch, you belong to me, that white pussy is mine, she looked at me and he pushed her back against the bar where I was, he reached under her skirt and ripped her panties back off of her, he raised her skirt and started finger fucking her again, he told her that was the best fucking pussy he had ever had and he was going to fuck her again right next to me, he made her get onto her knees and suck his cock until it got hard as a rock again, he lifted her ass up on to the counter top where I was standing , he spread her legs and slid that huge black cock back into her pussy, she started kissing him hard on the mouth and he was fucking her hard, they were both kissing and moaning as they fucked, they were right next to me fucking, rubbing against me, they started talking, she said give me all that cock nigger, he said give me that little pussy you fucking white whore, you bitch whore, cocksucker, fuck me you nigger, give me that black cock, he raised her sweater up and started squeezing her nipples real hard, she instantly started Cumming and fucking him hard, he came in my wife’s’ little pussy and they just fell into each other, breathing hard and sweating, he started kissing her and sucking on her earlobes, he was telling her how good her pussy was and she was telling him how good his cock felt.

They finally sat at the bar and we had a drink before Jerome said he had to leave.

They had fucked almost non-stop for over two hours when he finally left.

She just sat at the bar and looked at me, she said is that what you wanted, to watch me get fucked by another man, suck another mans cock and get fucked again.

I lit another joint and we smoked it, I played some more soft music and we danced, we started kissing and making out, I reached under her skirt and felt her swollen pussy lips, I started finger fucking that pussy and was just on fire with desire, I wanted to fuck that pussy, we slow danced and made out, she pulled my cock out and sucked it like a wild woman, she pulled her skirt off and her sweater off, she took off her bra and got completely naked, she said take some pictures of me and lets upload them, we sat and looked at all the guys downloading pictures of her pussy, she said take some of my face to, I want all these guys to see me and my pussy, we finally went to bed and we talked about Jerome’s big black cock, how he fucked her, how his dick tasted and how she wanted some more black dick, she sucked me so hard, she fucked me so good and then we lay in each others arms and fell asleep, I awoke to her sucking my dick, she was sucking it so hard, I was so sore and she kept sucking it until it got hard and she just got on top of me and fucked me, never saying a word or opening her eyes, she fucked me like a wild woman, she came so hard and then just fell on me and went to sleep.

We have not repeated that night, that was a year ago, we never talk about it but it was a night we will always remember.

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