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The Grand Finale

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"Have you ever had black before?" pops up on the computer screen?

She types back, "Yes. A few times. Had a couple of sergeants that double teamed me back in the army for awhile."

"Kissing allowed?" came the next question.

"Depends on how comfortable we ate after we meet. We always use protection, though."

He replies, "I like to meet first anyway, no strings. No pressure and take it from there."

Soon after that, we had our weekend lunch date set up with Alan. A 46 year old married black man that, according to his profile, was five-foot-eight, one hundred-eighty pounds, and was packing a nine inch uncut cock.

My wife is 4'11", with long brown hair, nice tits (thanks to our almost two year old son), and a big, perfect round ass that any black girl would KILL to have. Now I'm no slouch in the sack, or in the "packing" department, having a thick seven incher of my own, but I knew the first time I made love to my wife (girlfriend-to-be at the time), that even though she was tight, she had taken some serious deep dicking in the past, as when I finally started slamming it all the way in, she didn't flinch or make me stop because it hurt or hit the wrong spot.

So fast forward to about three years later, we had been in the lifestyle together about a year, when she seemed to grow bored with it. Now being the biggest voyeur in the world, I asked her if I could have one last grand finale, and mentioned to her that I had always fantasized about watching her take a big cock. The biggest she had taken before was ten inches (white!), she said. "and took all of it in both holes!" she proudly proclaimed, referring to her pussy and her ass.

She agreed, and so awhile later, here we were meeting with our possible accomplice for the evening.

Lunch progressed nicely, with each of them exchanging stories about interests, hobbies, the military, and kids. (He had three, then got "snipped", we just had the one.) We left with a handshake from me, a nice big hug and kiss on the cheek from her, and a stolen pat/grab on her ass from him.

We decided to have him come over that Friday night. About an hour before his arrival, she showered and I helped her "trim everything up", sneaking my tongue in and around her pussy to get her warmed up. She mentioned she was a bit nervous, but was ready to get her "cock overload" for the evening, and hoped I enjoyed the show. After making sure the camera was set up with a great view to our bed, we petted each other and awaited out guest.

He arrived a few minutes early and my wife answered the door in a black "net" top, no bra, a black thong, and red shorts that really show off her assets. He grabbed her hand as she invited him in. She sat down on the couch beside him, placing his hand on her leg, which he immediately began to rub. In no time at all we had her surrounded, me on her right, him on her left, hands all over her and mouths kissing her arms and neck.

I stood her up and had him help her out of her shorts. At the sight of her perfect ass "unleashed", he let out a whistle and said, "Damn! That's just WRONG!! Shouldn't nobody have an ass that fine!"

We led her back to a seated position on the edge of the couch, where I spread her legs as we rubbed our hands across her pussy. "Let's move this meeting upstairs to the bedroom." I suggested.

She grabbed his hand and had him follow her up the stairs. The whole time he couldn't stop shaking his head and staring at her ass. Once in the bedroom, she stood at the foot of the bed and they started groping each other. I pulled her net top off over her arms, which dropped immediately back to his back and chest, before roaming to his butt and she did some squeezing of her own.

He helped her out of her thong, and sat her on the edge of the bed, pushing her back with a shove. He helped her slide up the bed, then leaned down and took a deep whiff of her pussy, which was already beginning to drip with her anticipation. I moved down to suck and knead her breasts, taking each nipple between my fingers and lips. Tweaking one, then sliding over to the other. Her breathing quickened, thanks to his tongue on her clit and the attention I was giving her breasts.

As she started to come down from her first orgasm of the night, she whispered to him, "Slowly, gently." to which he replied, "I think I'm allergic to you."

"Really? What's wrong?" she asked him, starting to lean up on her elbows.

With a smile he stood up and said "I'm starting to swell up." His erection, now free and fully hard, stood out from his body quite impressively.

She told him to put a condom on, that she would "suck that motherfucker later", but that she "needed that dick in her pussy NOW!"

She pulled my cock up to her mouth as he got the condom on, and started working her wondrous talents on my dick. When he climbed back into the bed, he lifted her legs up, and I reached down to help spread her pussy lips for him.

Her mouth came off of my cock as he slowly entered her. She looked up with those beautiful brown eyes at me as she slowly adjusted to taking more and more of his larger cock. She started sucking with renewed fervor once he had worked her down to the base of his shaft. I leaned back and my dick popped out of her mouth, which allowed her to catch big, deep breaths. Her moans started getting louder, so I shifted my position where I could get a better view of him jackhammering away at my wife's gorgeous little box.

He leaned in over her and held her legs up. She wrapped her arms around her knees and held herself open so he could "get all of it", just like she knows I love. Her moans slowly started to turn into short screams, increasing in intensity with every thrust. Her eyes started rolling back in her head as she was fully in "taking cock like a champion" mode.

He continued to pull out, leaving about 3-4 inches in her, then slamming back into her repeatedly, causing her to scream with no signs of letting up. Orgasm after orgasm wracks her body. Finally, he sensed his own orgasm approaching, and picked up his pace, grinding his full nine inches deep inside my wife's cunt. Just before he came, he pulled out. Then, as my wife shivered from the absence of cock, he pulled his condom off and stroked his cock, causing his hot seed to shoot out over her breasts, stomach, and crotch, with one long rope of cum hitting her face across her nose, lips and chin. Squealing in delight, she removed her hand from my cock and wiped his cum from her lips. With a giggle, she looked over at me and whispered, "Come here darling, I need a kiss!"

I leaned over and kissed her previously-cum covered lips, as she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me close to her chest. She reached under me with her right arm again to stroke my still hard cock. She started moaning again as he's began to stroke her pussy and inserted his fingers, sending aftershocks through her sweaty form.

She stopped kissing me and moaning for just a moment to ask him if he could fuck her again. There was no answer, but the bed moved, then her mouth and eyes all opened wide as he fed his cock back into her hot wet snatch.

She tightened her one armed grip around my neck, clutching me close to her and started saying in a half-whisper,half-screaming voice, "Oh Rick. Oh Rick, oh GOD... I'm cumming again. Fuck me Alan, fuck this married white pussy. I love you, Rick! Fuck me Alan!" and boy did he ever. She held me tight as his spent seed rubbed between her breasts and my chest.

Her hand squeezed my cock in a vice-like grip as he pounded faster and faster into her pussy. I started to erupt in her hand, but she barely noticed as all she did was continue to squeeze my squirting cock and begin her latest screaming/crying orgasm.

Alan cried out, "I'm about to cum again!" and she screamed, "No! Don't stop. Keep giving it to me! I'm still cumming!!!"

With that, Alan slams into her again with deep, deliberate strokes, bottoming out in her newly re-stretched put pussy. As his cock swells and his spunk starts pumping again, she realizes he didn't put another condom back on, and that his thick hot semen is painting her insides. Lost in the moment and her own endless orgasm, she pulls my head back, looks into my face with eyes wide open and says, "Hes cumming in your pussy baby! And it feels soooo good!"

With a few final deep thrusts, he jams his cock in to the hilt and holds it there, as she feels its throbbing slowly fade. "Honey?", she says to me with a crooked smile, "I need you to get my ass ready to take his glorious cock. All of it!"

Alan pulled out of her soaked pussy with a deep slurping sound, as I climbed over her right leg and brought the head of my cock up over her pubic area. Leaning down on her, I rub the length of my cock down her trimmed bush and across her clit, sending another shudder through her body. Seeing her tits shake is enough for all of us so I slide my cock easily into her still open, cum-soaked pussy. I manage about 10 or twelve long strokes before he crawled up beside us and starts to towel her off, cleaning his juices off and even patting my chest down before handing me the towel and turning his attentions back to her steadily rocking boobs. He takes one in each hand, leaning in between us to circle her left nipple with his tongue.

She reaches down to grab his semi erect dick and says to him, "I'm ready, now feed me this big black dick..." he smiles and moves higher up on the bed. Grabbing his still massive cock, he moves it towards her wide open mouth. Rubbing it across her lips as she snakes out her tongue. She uses her free hand, taking control of it and stroking his hardening cock as she takes it deeper into her mouth. She moans between my slow thrusts and savors the taste of her own juices still on his dick.

Having sufficiently coated my cock in all-natural lube, I pull out and position the head to go in her perfect, tight asshole. Slowly I ease it in past her spinchter and hear her moan around a mouthful of our new friend's cock. She gazes up at him from the last three inches of his uncircumcised cock, as her eyes slowly start to roll back on her head and the cock-muffled moans turn to screams of pleasure. I'm now sawing in and out of her hot asshole, and having passed the point of no return, soon start to empty the biggest load of my life deep inside her as I watch her bob her head sideways on his contrasting dark manhood.

She takes one more long lick on his dick from the base to tip, followed by a last, hard suck, and announces. "My ass is properly lubed for this big dick of yours!"

I move, and wasting no time, he flips her over on all fours and has no trouble feeding his engorged cock inside her well-cummed in backside. She beckons my face down to hers where I can look into her eyes as they roll back in her head and her lips pull back across slightly gritted teeth.

"How does that big black cock feel in your pretty white married ass, Baby?", I ask. She just moans out a long "Goo..oo..oo..dddddd..." that trails off into more grunts. With each thrust of his powerful hips, the slapping sound of his skin pounding off her ass fill the room. I watch her ass cheeks undulate with every thrust, as he grabs them, spreads her buttcheeks apart, then let's go altogether and slaps her ass HARD, eliciting a high pitched yelp with each smack.

He is tensing up in no time as she whispers in my face, "His cock is getting bigger baby, he's about to cum inside me again!" when he hears this, he picks up the pace. Slapping and squeezing her ass, grinding his full nine inch uncircumcised wife pleaser in to the hilt, he unloads his third wad of the night. This time into my wife's hot, (now) well-used ass. My wife kisses me as our new friend pulls out of her, followed by a heavy trickle of our mixed foamy cum that drips down onto the bed.

She crawls across the pillow to lay on my shoulder, and squeezes me. Like her, I am almost too tired to move, but I manage to get up after watching Alan pat himself clean with a towel and slide his clothes on. I walk downstairs with him and let him out. Shaking his hand and thanking him for helping me with the wife.

Now it's back upstairs on shaky legs to crawl in bed with the woman of my dreams, who smiles lazily without opening her eyes and says softly, "I love you, Rick"... "I love you, too, Kaye," I whisper back, "more than you know.... Thanks for my grand finale."

She wrapped her arms around me again. "Oh, we are having him over again." she whispers. And snuggled down into the crook of my neck....

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