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Tess Gets Her Second Taste of Chocolate

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About a month went by since I had Alex and Jason to the hotel to take care of Tess'ss fantasy and every time we got together I always brought it up how much she had really let go and really enjoyed it so that she told me that she relived it in her bed with her dildos when alone. We never had gotten to the promised 6 men but she had not brought it up either and I knew she would like to have another party at least with Jason and Alex since whenever she was with me she asked how they wee. Well, I taked to Jason a few times and found out about a little private club that he went to. It was actually a home of a friend but it was somewhat of a "come get fucked" place that was mainly blacks but it was not off limits to others. Tess and I were out on another weekend and I had decided to take her there and turn her over to Jason and let it go from there. I made sure she was wearing something sheer and she knew that something was up when I insisted she wear her net body suit that really did not hide anything. It was a black fishnet and nothing else and her wrap arond skirt and a thong. She wore a sheer black vest over it till we were alone and then that came off. I stopped at a store that had very little business and asked her to come in with me, she started to put on the vest but I asked her to give the guy a show that was working there and she smiled a little shy but she went in. He said hello as we went in and was staring all the time we were there. At the counter with a pack of coolers Tess stood there, her nipples hard and the guy said, You are really beautiful lady." Thanks she said and I offered him one of her titties to feel if he wanted to. Are you shiting me man? No, go ahead and he reached out and took on in his hands, Tess let out a little moan and her hips moved so I knew she was already in the mood for the night to come. Thanks he said as we left and in the car she opened a cooler and drank it down and then a second one. Is this the beginning of what you have planned for me tonight she asked? Well, I really didn't plan that but you could say it is a start. She slid the cold bottle between her legs and rubbed hger clit with it...Oh that feels nice she said. Opposites are fun she said as she continued to massage the cool bottle over her slit. I was driving and we pulled into the drive of the house I was give by Jason. Inside the gate were two guys that looked at us. I told them we were here to see Jason and they waved us on looking at Tess with her skirt up over her hips massaging her pussy helped too I am sure. I told Tess we are here dear and she came around to the real world again. Jason had been watching for my car and he came outside and opened the door for Tess and she looked at me smiling...and winked. Jason took her in his arms and kissed her deep. It is so nice to see you again he said, I have been wanting to get together again and Steve has told me you have been thinking of us too. I sure have she said and she took our arms and walked in between us. We went to a table in a corner and Tess had two more drinks and I had a couple. Suddenly she leaned over and kissed Jason, moving her hands to his cock, unzipping him and taking out his tool. Damn lady, you are hot aren't you. Shut the fuck up she said as she moved her body suit crotch aside and sat on his tool, moaninig as it sank into her pussy. She took the top and pulled it down over her shoulders and pressed her titties into his face and he sucked them hard making her moan really loud attracting attention from other couples and singles around us. Jason was sucking her titties like crazy and she was riding his cock without any shyness at all, the froup around us grew and Tess seemed to be getting hotter the more people cheered her on. Jason blew his load in her pussy and she rode it out till she found her own pussy soaking his lap. She stood up and took off her net body suit and skirt and gave them to me, I might need these later she said. and then Jason took her by the waist and took her thru a door that was in the back of the room, I followed them and the crowd and we went into a room the had good light so that a person could see really good whatever was going on. There were coucnes and lots of cushions around to room and a few large mattresses in the middle of the room. JAson led Tess to the mattress and laid her down and then a really buxom black lady dropped down next to Tess, Took off her clothes and said, I want some of this before you get it all sloppy. Tess laid back and spread herself out. Enjoy she said and the lady laid down and began kissing her all over, sucking and biting her making her squeal and moan and then finally orgasm squirting the woman all over her face. Now you eat me she said as she laid back and Tess rolled over and did her the bast she could, the woman kept up a running dialog of instructions to Tess, lick harder, now bite there, yes there baby, okay her cums the pussy hunny and so on. After she had several orgasms she moved off and said Okay, she is all yours. TEss was laying on her back with her legs apart and several guys had taken places around the edge of the mattress, cocks hard and ready to plunge into her. Jason first she said and then Jason dropped between her legs naked and hard and drove into her. Her arms and legs were around him humping her hips into his as fast as she could move them, after a while they both found relaese and Tess kissed him deep with affection not just lust. THen she reached out and took a cock in her hand that was near and sank it into her mouth..sucking it deep and sucking so that he was moaning with her mouth surrounding his manhood. Another hand found a cock on the other cide and she guided him to her pussy and it sank in with no resistance at all. She was enjoying a reall nice mouth fucking and as he began to cum she buried it deep in her throat. Not a drop was wasted as she reached out for another and licked the head when it was close enough. he one in her pussy finally came and she had an orgasm as the new one in her mouth unloaded and the one in her pussy did at the same time. They both got off her at the same time and she looked around. So do I have to ask to be fucked tonight, just do it guys. When one is finished another needs to take their place. With that another man dropped to his knees between her legs, took his thick tool in his hand and guided it home. She moand loud, Oh, yeh, I love the thick ones she said and pushed her hips to his, grabbing another for her mouth as she laid back down. She went through several pairs of men like this and was actually begging to be really fucked, fucked hard and long. Then a womans voice come over the general niose in the room, My man can fuck her, she will think she has been fucked by a fucking horse, move over, my man can give her what she wants. A very nice looking BBW came thru the group with her man in tow, both naked and she looked hot enough as it was, the man she had with her was about 6'3", all muscle and when I saw his tool I almost shit, He had to have a cock that was 10 to 12 inches long, thick as hell, the nead mushroom out till it was thicker than the shaft. THey stood there looking at Tess all spread out and the woman dropped next to her, Come Baby, fuck this woman so she knws she has been fucked. He got between her legs and his cock seemed to grow, everyone was cheering and then it got quiet, he told the woman with him, she can't take this and the woman said, who cares, fuck her anyway. Tess was looking at his huge rod and she moaned Yes, pleas e fuck me, oh please....Okay lady, here it comes, not my fault if it ruins you. He took the head and slid it aorund the entrance of her pussy which was swlooen from the several men that had already used it. After it was really wet he just plunged into her all the way. He buried it to his balls, making Tess scream, oh shit, oh damn, it is so big, it is ripping me apart. oh fuck. He stayed on her briued like this until she stopped thrashing around then he began moving in and out slowly, ohe please it hurts, oh please, there were now people holding her arms and legs down as the monstre continued in and out of her pussy. Told you my man would ruin her, take that pussy apart baby, fuck it good. He began a steady rytum soon and Tess was calming down, her hips began matching his and soon her legs wrapped around his hips. Oh yes, fuck me really good, I wanna take this home with me she was moaning. He drove into her every time as far as his cock would go and each time Tess begged for it to go harder. Finally they were fucking wildly and Tess was begging him to fill her with cum. AS he exploded in her she let out a cry that stopped everyone that was doing others and they watched her ride out her orgasms as they came one after another. She rode it thru several orgasms of her own and then begged him to stay there. He did and she got his cock hard again not that it had ever really gone down, she asked to get on top and they rolled over Tess riding his huge machine as the woman grabbed her titties and sucked them leaving bite marks on them. Somehow a cock was in her mouth and she was riding the monster in her pussy sucking one down her throat and the woman her her titties in her mouth. Tess rode orgasm after orgasm on the monster then he finally filled her with his cream again. She slid down off his cock and it fell against his stomach, the head went into her motuh as a guy dropped behind her and took her hips in his hands and drove another cock into her pussy, she seemed not to notice but the guy humped her pussy and his load was added to what was there already. She took the half hard monster in her mouth as if nursing it back to health. Several cocks filled her ass and pussy while she paid full attention to the monster, slowly reviving it back to life. THen she was sucking it, although it would not go far down her throat she really consentrated on the head and made sure the owner was moaning loud and telling her how good it was. Do I make your cock feel good she asked him several times, Oh yeh baby, it is great, keep on doing that, yeh it is good. She began massaging the shaft with her hands and her mouth paid attention to the head as it swelled anmd finally rewarded her mouth with a load of cum, her pussy squirted a long stream under her and wet the cover of the mattress since there was no one in it at the time. Damn man, several said. I don't know how long this all was but Tess was continually sucking cocks and the occasional pussy that was offered to her but she kept the monster in her hands the rest of the night and when it came back to life she buired it in her mouth or pussy. slowly making sure she got every inch of it. The crowd had thinned and many were dressing to leave and the woman that had brough her monster to fuck Tess got up and took her by the hand and kissed her. Baby, you can come play in our bed anytime, anytime at all. Tess kissed her back, I will be there next weekend if you are not busy. Sounds good to me she said.Finally we got her dressed and went to the hotel room where Tess collapsed in the bed with what little clothes she had on, her mouth found my cock and she drified off to sleep with it in her mouth, it did not bother when when my load came out into her mouth, she seemd to be still enjoying her time before. I began to roll over and that would have moved my half hard cock and she held onto it saying no, leave it here for me to suck on...then drifted back off to sleep.

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