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Terri Branches Out, Gets Addicted to Chocolate

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I mentioned before that we lived in some apartments and Terri was very curious about all kinds of sex after we began her gang bangs. She really got so that she began looking at the guys in the mall guessing their cock sizes. I am 7 inches but she really got a fasination with big cocks. The bigger the better. I saw her deep throat 9 inches several times and she was really wanting to go bigger. Her pussy would take that and more easily. Well, one afternoon there was a party of some folks that we had not met yet. There was a really nice black couple living a few doors down and we always said Hi but never had a chance to socialize. ONe day, a Saturday, Jim, the husband was walking from the car with an arm load of stuff obviously for a party. I helped him and we talked and he introduced me to his wife, Tanya. She was really nice looking and very slim but about 38DD titties that stuck out all on their on. Terri came out and met them and they invited us to the party to begin about 7 that night. We decided to go and Terri found a really sheer dress to wear and matching black thong and a thin bra that really did nothing as far as holding her titties up. Well, we got there at 7:30 and there were about 8 or so people there, all black and Terri was looking at men's bulges in their pants. I saw her eyes light up looking at a couple that seemed to be really well endowed. We had drinks and everyone was friendly especially to Terri's nice plump titties that she made sure to shove in everyones chest as she introduced herself. One guy was staring at her chest after a few drinks and his bulge was growing. He looked at her and said, Can I ask you a personal question? Sure she told him and several people were near that all listened. Are thos real he said pointing at her titties. What do you think she asked him. Well, they just don't look real. Well they are she told him several now gathering around and laughing. No way he said louder now and began laughing. Terri reached out and took his hands and put them on her titties and he stood there, shocked. Well, do they feel real she asked him. He began massaging them and said smiling, Well, yeh they do. Good, then she moved his hands and walked away smiling. He was stunned and stood there. About 10 feet away she turned back and said, Are there any other questions? He stood there. Well, she asked him. LIke what he said, Well, do you want to know if anything else is real? Are you serious he said? Yeh, ask if you really want to know. Well, that is a nice ass how about that. Terri untied her dress and it dropped to the floor. She turned, YOu wanna feel it too as her back was to him. Now the crowd was quiet watching them both. She bent over and spread her legs some and her thong accented her lovely round ass. He stepped over and slowly felt her ass. MMMmm, yeh, that is real too. GOod, Now I have a question she asked. Yeh, what is that he said, the group was tense and everyone was smiling and watching. Terri reached out and took the bulge in her hands. Is that real? Hell yeh lady. Well, Show me then she said, I don't believe you. Everyone laughed. Then she was on her knees in front of him unzipping his pants and as the 10 inch cock emerged it grew more. She took it in her hands and kissed the head making it jump and him sigh. Looks real she said, then sucking it deep into her mouth she said, tastes the pre cum dripped from the head she licked, It must be real. He was moaning as it grew to full size. Damn woman, it is real. She stood up her thong on the floor and looked at him, then fuck me with it she almost growled. With that she bent over a chair and offered her ass to him. He stepped up and drove it into her and she let out a yell, Oh yeh, that is real alright. Fuck the pussy man, fuck the pussy. He grabbed her hips and drove into her again and again. Now others were loosing clothes as Terri went wild on the cock impaling her. Damn woman, it is gonna cum....She pulled away and got to her knees deep throating him all the way down and several women gasped. The bitch can take it one said. His load filled her throat as it went all the way in and she swallowed it all. He began to move away and she said, I am not done yet and she massaged it back to hard, Now finish fucking me and she laid on the floor. If anyone else wants to they can fuck me too she said and almost everyone was now in a state of undress. One woman came over and massaged my cock. She always like this she said? Only around men and women I said and then the woman kissed me deep, lets go join them she said. Later I found it was the wife of the guy that was fucking Terri. She took off her clothes and laid next to them and I dove into her pussy eating her like crazy. Damn, he loves to eta pussy she moaned and others were now on the floor and couches all fucking and kissing. Terri finally finished the first man and said, I need another cock here. I am still needing to get fucked. The two men got to her, one on each end and she took one in the mouth and one in the ass, oh yeh, now this is hot she moaned. The woman I was eating orgasmd several times and pulled me into her pussy as it seemed to grab my cock. She looked at me, Ever feel a pussy do that? No, I haven't I told her. Be still and let me do the work. I laid on top of her, cock in her pussy as her muscles grabbed and massaged my cock, finally making it cum. Her pussy juices soaked my cock. Damn, that was good I said. She kissed me and said, No, that was the best pussy you have ever had, admit it. Okay I said. Then she slowly massaged it back to life and did it again. I will have you again later she said as she got up and went to a woman across the room and kissed her and they laid down carressing each other. Then I heard Terri yell, Oh yeh, fuck me, fuck me good and I saw two other men on her. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes the smell of sex all around me and then felt a mouth on my cock. I looked down and a heavey set black lady was sucking me. She looked up and smiled. I been wanting to fuck you she said. Good enough I told her and we found a bed and fell into it. I heard Terri voice drift in once in a while, Oh yeh, give to me, fuck me good. Over and over she was getting all the cock she wanted. I was getting to eat more pussy than ever and found the passion so intense that I wanted all I could get. After a while I got up and went to the other room, Terri was on the floor getting fucked by the hosts wife with a huge dildo, they were driving it into her cunt as if to pound a hole out the other side. Her husband was getting sucked off by Terri and filling her throat with cum. as I passed out I heard her saying, anyone wanna fuck me more feel free. I woke in the morning in the arms of a lovely plump black lady. She kissed me and moved over and looked around. Can you eat me again she said? Sure I told her and moved to her pussy eating her slowly making sure her orgasm was as intense as possible. Terri was dozing with a guy in her cunt from behind. He was slowly moving in and out and finally unloaded in her sloppy pussy. She moaned and mumbled, Fuck me, fuck me more..The door opened and three men came in, Looks like we are late for the party. Terri looked up, but not too late to fuck me she said. One picked her up and they disappeared to the bedroom and soon Terri was shouting again how good their cocks were drilling her pussy. I slept a few hours and got up. That woman is a nympho one guy said, damn sure is another. said. I looked up and she was sitting on yet another cock riding it and moaning as she did. I went home with one of the ladies that had asked me to eat her and we laid in bed. About 11 the next night Terri stumbled in totally naked and slept on the bed next to us. Shar woke to Terri eating her pussy...Damn man, this woman of yours is a sex machine. Yeh she is I told her. Well, I gotta go. She kissed me and Terri kissed her and she left. The next week, TErri asked if there was anyway to arrange another party just for her. Soon she was told. You fucking wore out everyone last time.

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