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Tammi Finds Out About Her Neighbors

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Something about the neighbors across the street really "intrigued" Tammi, 39, a lady divorced for about three years sharing a fairly nice house with Toni, her old college room mate, 38, also divorced for about three years.

Their divorces were for almost opposite reasons. Tammi's husband wanted to be with his 19 year old secretary, so he divorced Tammi and moved out. Toni's husband had a thing for "very young" girls, on the brink of going to jail for some of the "very young" women he chose to accompany him.

Tammi found herself wondering, fantasizing even, about her neighbors across the street. There was a guy, Rolando, a 20-23 year old black, muscular male. Lori, a 20-23 year old white girl, and Suz, a 20-23 year old black girl. Oh yeah, there was Lee, a 20-23 year old white male, kindy of "puny" looking, who married Suz, the black girl.

Tammi confided in Toni, "I think that would be awesome to see a white cock, full of cum, pumping that black pussy," she laughed.

"You're a nut! But, if you are serious, who knows, at their age, they might let you watch," Toni said, with that "evil" wink of hers that had driven Tammi nuts since she knew her.

That "evil wink," it led to one exciting evening in college. Toni knew that Tammi was crazy about this oriental guy in one of her classes and that Tammi, although dating her soon to be husband, wanted to be fucked by this dude before the year was over.

So, to make a long story short, Toni, with her ability to set things up without her room mate knowing, arranged for this boy to be alone with her room mate one night for a night of fucking Tammi still recalls with nothing but smiles, "a night of endless orgasms," Tammi likes to call it.

After Tammi made her comment about her neighbors across the street, Toni made it a point to be in the yard when ever the fine "neighbors" across the street were outside and would smile, wave, and yes, give that "evil" wink.

Finally, Rolando said hi to her one after noon and he and Toni got on a first name basis and she found out a little bit of "vital" info about the young man, much to her delight, and she knew it would "thrill" Tammi very,very much.

Rolando, Toni found out after several weeks, was a "player." He loved women, all colors, all shapes. He loved sex. Simple sex, rough sex, group sex, if it was sex and he didn't have to do anything gay or bi, he was for it and had a room designed for a little bondage and "lots of sex."

The girls she and Tammi saw, well, they help with the rent, and "other" needs that "arise," Rolando laughed one day, sitting over a glass of tea at the drug store with Toni.

Toni, since a teenage girl, whenever sitting up anything, a date, a tuppeware party, a beer party, or a night of endless sexy, was precise. Down to the last hair of a toe nail, she arranged the details down almost to the last hair second, and to set up Tammi with this white dude fucking this black gal, and maybe get her and Toni fucked too, she was going to be very cautious, very,very, detailed and she started planning, of course, with Rolando knowing just what not only Tammi wanted, but she had something she wanted also, of course, that involved making mad "love" to her room mate, which she had never,ever, shared with Tammi, afraid of the shock which it might have put her into.

The plan was for Rolando to host a party, a barb-q. Lee and Suz, and a couple girls Toni and Tammi had never noticed would be there, as Lori had to be at her parents in Kentucky for a couple of weeks. There would be pop, beer, iced tea, fruit, a full "buffet" of beef and of course, "sex," the two agreed.

So on Friday evening Toni explained to Tammi they would be going to a party at Rolando's the next evening at 7 p.m. She was excited!

Tammi, at 39, was 5 ft 6, around 105 pounds and very,very, "luscious" tits. Toni was 5 feet 7, around a hundred 115 pounds with a little smaller, but "perky" tits. Both ladies had a lovely tan, and wore shorts and tank tops most of the time, when not working and they were at home.

So, at a few minutes before seven, Tammi, in her white shorts,(no panties) light pink tank top,(no bra) and sandals, and Toni, in her light blue shorts, (no panties) and her bright white tank top,(no bra) and sandals arrived, they went in and were introduced to every one. There was Lee, Rolando, Tammi, Toni, Lori, Lee's black wife, and Sherry, a 25 year old white school teacher from around the corner.

They all had eaten brisket and finished dessert. Lee and Lori were touching and kissing constantly during the meal, turning on Tammi so much, she found her self squirming. She thought once that Toni had touched her in a way as never before, but figured it was from her horniess and arousal that caused that, and dismissed that thought, when Rolando, as planned with Toni, started the sex conversation.

"So, Tammi. You are 39, divorced. Two things to ask. You ever have sex with a black dude and you ever have sex with a woman?," Rolando asked as if he had known her for ever.

Tammi was comfortable. Although horny, comfortable, she had even kicked off her sandals as if she were making herself at home, which pleased Lee and Lori, cause he wanted her so much to see him fucking his black wife!

Smiling, the answer was, "no, and no,is that going to change or something?," Tammi asked laughing.

Even the prudish looking school teacher, and it was just a look, got a laugh from that comment, and Lori made sure she touched her room mates thigh while laughing, although it appeared to be an accident.

"Well, you ever watch another couple fuck?," Lori, the 5 feet 4 black wife of Lee asked.

"Only my room mate in college," Tammi laughed. "She and the football kicker fucked in front of me in my room once," she laughed.

"Yeah, but as I recall, I let him fuck you too bitch, " Toni laughed, causing the others to laugh.

Lee now had his hand unbuttoning the two buttons on Lori's top, the plan was falling into place as the tables had been moved during the conversation and Lee and Lori soon were naked on the floor with his white cock, about six inches long, thrusting in and out of her black pussy, and Tammi was so turned on, she never realized Toni had her hand on her thigh, running her finger tips up to the bottom of her shorts.

Rolando was busy touching Sherry, feeling the prudish looking 5-5 school teacher, who was wearing a strapless peach colored dress, and in the light it was obvious to Tammi and Toni, there were no panties and no bra.

The room was full of sex. Rolando was undressing the school teacher and Toni whispered into Tammi's ear, "I think we should either leave, or get naked and on the floor," the young room mates words bounced right to Tammi's pussy and soon the two were kissing, undressing each other. Tammi, no one thought, even realized it was her own room mate kissing and undressing her, as she was mesmerized by Lee thrusting his white cock in and out of the luscious,shaved black pussy of Lori.

That night both Toni and Tammi had endless orgasms. With each other, Rolando fucked them both twice, Lee fucked them both twice, and all four times, Sherry licked up after the fuckings. The two room mates went home, "exhuasted, but satisfied." And, they knew all about their neighbors.

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