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Spontaneous Erections

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Some great things just happen spontaneously and when they do it’s hard to duplicate the scenario again. Thus my wife and I experienced one of those jewels with a mutual friend. We’ve had a couple of nice swinging experiences in past years but they have been with a select few and far between instances. It’s just an occasional erotic past time for us when the couple was compatible. Always with like minded people within the lifestyle.

This time was a little different. We’ve always had an unfulfilled fantasy doing a threesome with another male. Women have the guys beat when it comes to stamina. It’s also just a turn on for me to see my wife enjoying herself sexually. For a couple of years we came to know a guy who worked at a place we do a lot of business with. He is also a pretty good computer wizard who has given us great advice over time. We never considered a sexual scenario with him whatsoever and probably is why things went so naturally well. I ask him a question about some software I was having problems with and he kindly obliged to come to our place to help out. It turned out to be more of a time consuming thing than imagined and he stayed half the day through dinner time figuring it out. It was near evening as we sat around and had a little wine and idle conversation. My wife was enjoying the wine and she always gets a little more open with talk. Jason, our friend, is a super personality and as the evening progressed some ornery chat occasionally blurted out from all of us. My wife had a gleam in her eye that ignited me to want to explore what she was thinking. In a private moment in the kitchen all she had to say is do you want to try? I knew exactly what she had in mind and replied simply with a why not!

Jason was well relaxed, sitting on our couch with wine glass in hand. My wife boldly sat down next to him with her wine and with a sly grin ask him if he wanted to do a threesome! Jason nearly choked on his wine, looking at me as if he’d done something wrong and he was totally speechless. I simply said….well? He nervously squirmed in his seat for a moment but also it was apparent the thought turned him on as the bulge in his sweat pants proved. My wife laid her hand on his bulge and said it’s quite ok as I simply smiled. Her stroking brought to life a huge bulge as my wife nipped him on the neck with a sigh and a coo. Jason is black and was proving to be very well endowed. I assured him of complete discretion, realizing he is married and our business relationship would be guaranteed. Jason eased up with assurance and said he was ready for a fun evening. With that he began caressing my wife’s breasts as she now had a firm grip of his manhood through his sweat pants.

I sat down, my wife between us, and she began stroking me as well. Things were getting hot as Jason was rubbing her inner thighs up to her wanting pussy but the clothes were a bit of a restraint. She stood up and I helped her pull down her jeans as she unbuttoned her white shirt. She sat back down in her panties with her shirt open and white sport bra. Jason’s cock was now a tent pole in his pants. She pulled up his sweat top to expose his belly and slid her hands under his pants to grab the unknown. He let out a moan and she did as well with her discovery. She pulled at his pants as he partially stood up to help get them down. As he did his cock sprung out at least 9 inches with large veins and a nice big head. She gasped at the size as he sat back down, her eyes fixated with a look of pleasure. She stroked its full length and the girth filled her hand. She nervously giggled as she looked at me and asked may I. With my nod she bent over and began to lick the head of his enormous tool. He moaned again and was grasping at her ass and trying to run his hands under her panties. She repositioned on her knees with her ass in my face as she began sucking Jason. I pulled her panties down to her knees as his fingers began to explore her pussy. I loved seeing her pussy opening as Jason slid his fingers up and down her wet slit. After a few minutes of this she stood up, shed her panties and straddled Jason putting her pussy into his face. As he buried his face in pleasure I got the digital to take pictures as his huge cock stood straight up as he was eating her out. As she was getting close to a climax she began to lower herself and let out a squawk as the head of his enormous cock touched her pussy lips. She didn’t quite know how this was going to work as she had never had anything that big inside her. Jason told her it was ok and to just take whatever she could handle as he would be gentle. With that he rotated his dick in hand until he parted her lips and gentled nudged the head inside her. She began a slow hip rotation and slowly Jason’s cock was disappearing. I was not only getting great pictures but I don’t think I ever had a harder hard-on in my life. She was having orgasm after orgasm and Jason was having a hard time staying. My wife stood up before getting him off and said ok, I want as much as I can take before you cum inside me.

With that she rearranged and ask me to sit down at the end of the couch as she laid across the arm with her hips and pussy jutting up as she laid her head on my lap with my cock to her mouth. She put my hand on her right thigh and lifted her leg upon the back of the couch with my arm hooked under it grasping the backside of her inner thigh. What a view I had of her pussy as I leaned to see her spread her other leg inviting Jason. He stepped up at the end of the couch with his cock hovering over her jutting mound. Inches from my face I watched his slide his rod up and down her quivering pussy. He positioned himself into her vagina and began sliding in. I felt my wife’s thigh tense up as he kept going back and forth until he bottomed his balls onto her ass cheeks. Wow! She had the whole thing and she was sucking and panting frantically on my cock. It was hard to believe this was happening and I asked Jason to pick up the camera to get some good pictures before he lost it. He was doing well but snapping pictures quickly as his cock was filling my wife. She was pushing her hips into him and he dropped the camera and began thrusting back, giving her what she was giving him. I had to get the camera but I too was getting really close to losing my load. The moans were getting intense and suddenly Jason unloaded and my wife screamed out with pleasure while bolting her hips upward in return. I lost it then and there as my cum shot straight up and splashing back down on her face and hair. Jason didn’t want to pull out as he just kept grinding for another moment or two. Leaning over I watched as he slowly pulled out. I was rubbing my wife’s hot mound as he plopped out and a river of white semen began to flow. I cupped my hands to catch it and rub it all over her pussy hairs as if it were a lotion. Jason had the camera taking advantage of the shots and as he stood there hovering over my wife his cock was shiny and twitching.

We all sat down to regain composure as Jason and I continued to massage her aching pussy. She in returned massaged our half flaccid cocks and emptied balls. It was the most mutual fun sex we ever had and have several pictures to remember it by.

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