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Sheryl and Her New Black Boyfriend

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Sheryl had never, in high school or college, ever run around with any black people, girls or boys. Unlike her parents, she wasn't racist. She had nothing against black people whatsoever, she just had never been attracted to a black boy or man for whatever reason.

Her grandfather, who spent a great deal of time raising her when she was in her youth, had died a few years earlier and left her a little store, all hers, in Northern Oklahoma, not too far from Kansas. Sheryl, 25, had worked in a grocery store in high school and learned how to order, control inventory, keep merchandise secure, and had a great feel for dealing with custormers, so her business was very profitable.

"I'll never be a millionaire, but I live comfortably," she told a friend once, and she did just that, live comfortably.

Sheryl, if one had read her life history, would find a straight A student in high school, not the valedictorian or salutatorian, but straight A. She continued her education and the University of Oklahoma, getting a degree in elementary education, making the President's honor roll each semester.

At age 29, she was stunning. An angelic face. Bright reddish,brown, hair, past her shoulders. At least a d cup, if not bigger. 5-9, a little over 120 lbs, baby blue eyes, and wonderful white teeth, and she loved to smile.

She was single, no boyfriend, but not a virgin. Her last two boyfriends had gotten turned on to drugs instead of her, and that was one big NO NO, so she booted their sorry butts out the front door, with the help of the police and the justice system, of course.

Her mother had died when she was 20 and she barely remembered her dad, an alcoholic, so she was proud, but no arrogant, about her accomplishments and being a successful business woman.

She had run this store about three years. It was sort of a convenience/grocery store. No meat market, a few fresh produce items, fruit,lettuce,lemons,tomatoes,etc., no pharmacy, no deli, she sold some gasoline and every day items every one needs.

Her prices were just a little higher than the big grocery stores, but a little bit lower than you quick shops in the area, and she was always willing to order something new to see how it would do in her store, and she was successful, turning a profit monthly and yearly and keeping up all the bills,even better than her grandfather.

Part of it was her intellect, part was her sexy look, very tan, and from about middle of March to October it stayed warm more than it did cold in her part of Oklahoma so she wore shorts most of time, and usually tank tops, nothing fancy, and was really down to earth.

Rodney was a black man, same age as Sheryl. He came in every night about 15 minutes till eight. Sheryl was always preparing to close the store at 8 and he would stop in to get milk, beer, and anything else he might need for the night and always had something nice to say.

Sheryl not only apreciated his business, which was anywhere from $50 to $300 a week, but admired his courtesy. She was raised to believe that all black men were cocky and rude and hateful, all the things that turned her off.

Rodney sometimes came in around 2 p.m. for coke and would catch Sheryl reading the horoscope,so he got to know a little bit about her. He knew her birthday, her favorite color, red, the color of her truck.

Her favorite flower was a rose, but carnations she adored also, she hated cappucino, but loved starbucks coffee.

He was single also, having picked some "loser" girl friends over the last few years, and found himself somewhat attracted to Sheryl.

Rodney was slow. He slowly began his seduction, bringing her some coffee from starbucks when he would go into the City. At least once a week he would bring her a red rose.

Frankly, Sheryl loved the attention. She would get even some provactive poems in the mail, unsigned and no return address, typed on a computer, and she said nothing, but just assumed they were from Rodney, and she loved it.

For a couple weeks Rodney would say,"we should go out for a drink after you close."

"I'm so tired being here all day, but some night I am gonna suprise you," Sheryl smiled, winking.

Rodney never gave up. The poems kept coming, and Sheryl kept assuming they were from him. He kept getting red roses and kept her well supplied in starbucks coffee, she never ran low at home.

One Friday night Rodney suggested,"we should go out for a drink after you close." And, to his suprise, she accepted.

There was a holiday on Sunday and she figured she needed a couple days off and could afford to do so, so she decided to close the shop for a week end.

"I need to run home and shower, you want to pick me up about 9:30 or is that too late?," she asked.

That was fine with him and she gave him her address and he arrived promptly at 9:25 and they drove to the City to a favorite bar of his.

She was comfortable with Rodney, although if by herself in this bar, with only black men in it, she was the only white person at all, she would be scared.

Rodney bought her a beer and Roger, a buddy of his showed up and Rodney introduced Sheryl to him and the three of them drank a beer. The dance floor opened and Rodney asked Sheryl for a dance, then another.

The two danced two songs then took a break for another beer and Roger was watching them closely, and Sheryl really liked the attention both Roger and Rodney were paying to her.

As a courtesy she also danced with Rodger who once pulled her close, and said,"Rodney's my friend, treat him right," he smiled and she returned her sexy smile.

What Rodney liked about Sheryl were those legs. Firm, round, tan and she had on her jean shorts, the ones he loved so much and a red, her favorite color, tank top and sandals, white sandals. She had painted both her finger nails and toe nails that "fuck me red" color.

The three danced until about midnight and Rodney asked Sheryl if she was ready to head home and she smiled and said yes. Rodney was a gentleman all the way home, stopping frequently so both of them could releive themselves of all the beer.

"You want to come by my house and dance a couple more times?," Rodney asked Sheryl as they neared the turn to his house.

"Sure, I'm off a couple days, that would be nice," she replied and Rodney headed that way.

Both were consumed with the others courtesy, the other's smiles and the signals they were sending to each other.

Rodney fixed them both a drink, making sure that he had plenty of alcohol in hers, and after dancing they sat close on the sofa, and talked for a very long time.

"How long, pretty lady," he asked Sheryl, taking her hand, "since a man took you into his bedroom and had passionate sex with you?," he finished asking, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

Laughing, Sheryl replied, "well, a long time, way too long. To be exact, over a year but less than two," she answered, returning his kiss, but making sure she got the kiss on his lips.

The two soon were in a passionate lip lock and Rodney had his hand on her left thigh and she was getting that wet, tingly feeling in her pussy.

They looked into each other's eyes and he asked her, "You ever been tied up?"

She smiled and said,"No, but I suppose I have no choice in this?"

He kissed her again and assured her," anytime you want to stop, we can,I promise," Rodney assured her, pulling her top toward him where he could see her luscious tits.

"Well, after you tie me down what do you plan on doing?," she asked, licking her lips seductively, laying her soft hand on his thigh, noticing a huge bulge in his pants.

"I just want you to enjoy, I want your mind on nothing but the fucking, I want you to feel every second of my lovemaking," he smiled, making her feel very comfortable.

"And when you are done. I can go home, if I choose, I want be held hostage?," she shyly asked, once again seductively licking her lips.

"Baby,I'd never hurt you. If at any time you want to leave, you will most definitely be untied, and if you want to stay, you are welcome to stay," he smiled,kissing her again softly.

She touched his bulge in his pants and rubbed it and asked, "well first, do I get to enjoy the taste and get to touch it with my hands, and my lips?," she asked, in a very "horny" tone of voice that sent a rush of blood to his cock and made it even bigger.

With that, he unzipped his pants and stood up and removed them and she bent to suck and kiss on his cock and said,"wait!"

She looked him in the eyes as he said very firmly, "not untill all your clothes are off."

Like a little child obeying her daddy she took of her sandals and clothes and he beheld her awesome beauty and allowed her to begin sucking his cock.

Sheryl told a friend later that cock has to be 10 inches long and grow to 12 as it is sucked, "it is huge" is how she put it.

Soon, Rodney had Sheryl tied firmly to his bed where she couldn't move and put a light gag in her mouth where all she could do was moan.

He kissed her entire body, toes, head, lips,eyes,nose, sucked on her d cup tits for what seemed like hours,she recalled, and fingered her pussy and "ungodly" amount of time then it happened!

Rodney thrust all 10 inches of his black,beauitful cock into her wet, ready pussy and all she could do was moan, and squirm in her ties. He thrust in and out,in and out and she was in complete ecstasy.

He pulled his cock out and came all over her tits and wiped it all over her, and removed the gag and kissed her.

"That was" and he put the gag back in her mouth and said, "not yet, baby," not yet." and left her tied and left the room for what seemed like five to ten minutes.

He returned with Rodger, who stood and beheld her beauty and then removed his clothes.

"I took care of her pussy, I think you should take care of her ass," he told Rodger.

Sheryl tried to protest but was tied too tightly and she had that gag in her mouth. Rodney gently applied some ky jelly in her ass and stuck first one,then two fingers in her ass to get it lubricated and as he worked his fingers in her ass she became more comfortable and actually moaned, in pleasure as Rodger stuck his cock in her ass and pleased her while Rodney was rubbing her all over and sucking on her tits.

After she had been fucked twice by Rodney in her pussy and once by Rodger in the ass she was untied and ungagged and asked, "you ready to leave?"

"Hell no. That was addictive,you asshole. I want more," she screamed and the two gentleman were more than happy to accomodate the yong lady's request.

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