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Shelly goes All-in with a lucky Black gambler! (interracial MFM)

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My wife Shelly & I had been out on another hot, Date Night at the casino. She?d dressed ultra sexy for this eve as we we?re playing a game to see if she could get attention. She?s a very sexy, alluring MILF, and at the young-looking age of 43, you?d be shocked at how amazing her body is. She worked hard at getting back her 20-something figure this year, and now she was out to see if she?d get noticed. Her 5'4", trim, yet perfectly curvy body was every husband?s ?trophy wife? dream. She has seductive hazel eyes, and mildly curly, shoulder-length blonde hair. Her awesome curves of 36B+ 27 36 perfectly displayed the sexy outfit. She had on a very thin, braless, red strapless top that flowed gently at the waist. Her nipples were barely subdued by the thin material. Her ass was snugly sculpted into her tight black pants, and the tip of her micro, black g-string peeked out just above the waistband. Shelly had just bought an ultra sexy pair of red, fuck-me pumps. They were high platforms that had tempting straps, buckled & zippered. With them on, her entire magnificent figure was near 5'9" and she looked like a super model swaying amongst the gaming tables & slot machines.

I watched her from a far all night. She got constant looks from hungry MILF-hunter guys, but none were brave enough to approach her, nor send her a drink. She was getting somewhat impatient with the lack of personal attention, and we?d met briefly to decide on a plan. A few minutes later, she was at one of the bars in the gaming area, and a good looking black guy sat down next to her. They chatted for awhile, then she went to the other bar.

I followed her up the escalator, and saw her sitting at the end of the elongated bar area. She was by herself, but perfectly positioned to draw a lot of attention. After watching her wait patiently for about 10 minutes, I went to a seat at the bar about 8 stools away from her and played video poker. Within about 2 minutes, the same black guy sat down next to her. I later learned she motioned for him to sit with her! They had a great conversation going for about 10 minutes. She was smiling, laughing & giggling. I could see her flirting and enjoying herself. I was happy to see her getting the attention she deserved. I noticed twice that she looked toward me and smiled. At one point she motioned for me to join them, and I was surprised.

She introduced me to Todd, and he was polite but teasingly worried about me being her husband. We all laughed, chatted about life for a few minutes. She seemed to be really enjoying his attention, and I decided to ask, ?Are you ready to party?? My intent was to see if she had enough flirting, so her & I could head to our hotel for a good session of wild sex. She said she was almost ready, then began asking Todd where he was staying, etc. He told us he was just visiting from out of town, and was headed home soon. I noticed his hand gently caressing her leg near her knee, and thigh. She seemed completely ok with it. I could see she was somewhat aroused as her nipples hardened as they tried to pierce through the thin red top.

Then, she asked him, ?Do you have a hotel room here??

And he did not, to which she replied, ?We have one nearby - would you like to join us??

I almost fell off the bar stool, and he had a surprised look on his face. He instantly accepted her invite, and I asked her if she really wanted to have fun with both of us. She replied, ?Of course, that?s why I asked him to our hotel, silly!?

The 3 of us left the casino together, and Todd & I held her hands while we walked to the car in the parking garage.

We both were taking turns looking back at her perfect, perky ass as we walked.

She would laugh a bit, and say ?You guys!?

We drove Todd to his vehicle, and he followed us closely to our hotel. On the way there, I asked Shelly a few questions. I wanted to be sure she was really wanting a hot mfm with Todd. She said of course, ?He?s really nice.? And I asked her, playfully, ?What if he?s only got 3 inches?? She said I was not nice to say such, and I laughed, and then asked her, ?What if he is 10 inches?? and she just sort of gasped, ?Oooh!?

We arrived at the hotel, and the 3 of us walked in. Shelly excused herself to our room to change, and get ready for us while Todd & I sat at the hotel bar for a drink. He was very excited that this gorgeous woman, my wife, chose him. He asked me questions about what she liked, and disliked sexually. I called her cell phone to be sure she was ready. She said she?d changed into her lingerie, and kept her wild red heels on. I was very, very excited to know I?d get to enjoy her in my biggest fantasy - sharing her with a black stud. Todd & I drank quickly, then went to the room.

When I opened the door he followed me in. Shelly was very much ready for us. She was laying on the pull-out bed, near the curtains. Her legs were spread and her fingers danced lightly over her pussy. Todd stood in shock and commented a simple ?WOW!? We both were instantly sporting rigid erections. Shelly sat on the edge of the bed, and we were mesmerized by her intense sexual aura. She?d stripped off her sexy casino attire, and was now wearing one of my favorite pieces of lingerie. It is a sizzling, black faux leather teddy with exposed breasts, multiple string ties, metal studs, and an open crotch. Shelly stood from the bed as Todd & I stripped off our clothes quickly. She came to us, and sauntered back and forth on the floor to entice us. She turned to kiss me, and leaned back against Todd at the same time. Her back was against his chest, and as he reached around to cup both of her full breasts, I moved forward and held her hips. She was so highly charged with sexual energy, it felt as if we were having out-of-body orgasms right then.

We massaged her body while standing, and Todd nuzzled her neck while planting his 8" curved cock in between Shelly?s perfectly curved ass cheeks. Shelly reached behind her & played with the thick head of his cock while I began to rub her now glistening pussy lips, and growing clit. We were all in erotic heaven!

Shelly?s desire began to grow further and she gently removed her sandwiched body from Todd & I. She strutted & swayed her way to the pull-out couch, and sat on the edge. She motioned for us to join her. We stood on each side of her, Todd on her right, and me on her left. She eagerly reached out for both of our hungry erections, and stroked us simultaneously. Todd reached for her hair, and gently persuaded her hungry mouth to his glistening cock. He was so erect, the head looked like a balloon ready to burst. Shelly immediately worked her tongue over the head, then licked the sides of Todd?s shaft. Then, swiftly, he was in her mouth, about 6 inches of his dark meat enjoying her expert mouth & tongue. Shelly spent less than a minute on Todd?s cock, then repeated the same on me. She went back and forth on both of us for a few minutes as we massaged her breasts, tugged her nipples, and took turns playing with the swollen folds of her pussy lips. She constantly moaned and cooed as she enjoyed the many sensations.

Soon enough, Todd announced ?I have to have some of that pussy now, Shelly.? Shelly easily laid back on the bed, and spread her legs. Her knees were bent as her lower legs dangled from the edge of the mattress. I got on the bed next to her right side and she grabbed a hold of my cock as Todd began to roll his fingertips across Shelly?s moist pussy. He knelt down and licked and sucked her lips & clit briefly. Her moaning grew a bit as she pulled my cock closer to her mouth. Todd quickly inserted 2 fingers into her wanting pussy, and she writhed with the penetration she needed. He finger-fucked her and only a minute went by when he could feel her pussy convulsing and grabbing at his fingers. He asked her ?Can you squirt?? and she was panting, ?oh oh y-ye-yes, I, oh I can...? It was just a few seconds later after his fingers moved quicker when she erupted in a huge orgasm and squirted a beautiful pussy fountain. Her exotic facial expression from the much needed orgasm combined with the deep blushing of her upper chest, neck and gorgeous face is an intense image to be seen. I was very excited to see her in the constant throes of arousal.

Shelly leaned toward me, and feverishly sucked my cock, her wild tonguing painting my length. I reached for her now soaking lips & clit. As Todd continued thrashing her welcoming pussy with his 2 fingers, I rubbed her protruding clit. It was only about 15 seconds, and her pussy convulsed yet again, pushing Todd?s fingers outward as she erupted in another orgasmic squirt. Todd was mesmerized by the ease of Shelly?s orgasms. He leaned down as I removed my finger from her clit, and he licked her engorged clit in a frenzy. Another quick orgasm escaped my wife?s amazing body. Her pussy nearly turns inside out with these intense orgasms, and as it did such, I managed to get 2 of my fingers in above Todd?s. Together, he and I ravished, with an erotic deep massage, her wet creamy depths in a skilled, 4-finger fuck. I got her g-spot as he worked downward and we worked her into a few more, medium-sized orgasms. The whole time she never let go of my cock with her hand or mouth. It was an amazing sight watching Shelly writhe in ecstasy.

Todd removed his drenched fingers from Shelly, and I helped scoot her up, fully onto the bed. He positioned his large, helmet-head cock near her open lips. She raised her left leg straight toward the ceiling as Todd readied his cock at her slick hole. The red heels added so much eroticism to the scene. I was drawn to how submissive her body was, and I reached over to her left ankle. I grabbed hold of the stiletto heel, and assisted her in granting Todd her complete readiness and open pussy. Shelly looked at Todd?s cock as it entered her pussy. Her mouth opened as she slowly panted. Then as he fully penetrated her wetness, she gasped, and moaned as she arched her back in erotic satisfaction. Todd worked his impressive, 8" inch curved tool into her, nearly pulling all the way out, then slowly pressing deep inside. Shelly had an instant quick orgasm, and that motivated Todd. He suddenly quickened his pace and was plunging in & out of her at a medium speed. Shelly?s body was on fire with lust as she gently squirmed. She turned her head to my throbbing cock and sucked me wildly. Another rapid-fire orgasm escaped her as she moaned while her amazing mouth worked my cock. The sound of my wife orgasming on another guy?s cock while having mine stuffed in her mouth is a huge turn-on!

I decided to turn up the heat on Shelly?s orgasms at that point. One of her favorite things when we have the mfm fun is to be getting fucked vigorously while having her clit rubbed. So as Todd skillfully plunged Shelly?s hungry pussy, I began rubbing her extended clit. The extra stimulus was quickly effective as he continued to piston into her squeezing pussy muscles. Shelly began deeply moaning and was lifting her waist & pelvis off the bed matching my attack on her clit, and the good fucking Todd gave her. She came once, followed by a bigger orgasm which caused her to squirt a medium amount of her hot cum. Todd increased his tempo and she had 2-3 more medium orgasms as we devoted our energy to her hotness.

Todd slowed his pace a bit as Shelly relaxed briefly from her constant cumming. I announced it was my turn to enjoy her amazing sex. We moved Shelly perpendicular to the bed and I bent both her legs at the knees so she could rest her sexy fuck-me pumps on the edge. I was very hungry to taste her open, creamy pussy. As I began licking her and massaging her thighs, Todd repositioned himself. He placed his body over Shelly?s head, push-up style, hovering to making a t-shape with his body over her head. His cock was perfectly aligned with her open mouth. Shelly placed his cockhead on her tongue, and lashed and swirled around the globe. As his cock entered her mouth, I sped up my tongue action on her clit. I intensified my attack as Todd?s cock went further into her mouth. I had the perfect view of how deep he was, and once I could see he was in her throat I unleashed a frenzy on Shelly?s clit. She writhed and moaned deeply as his thick head entered her throat while she came again and again on my tongue. She is an awesome deep-throat queen when her arousal is highly charged. She maneuvered her head back and forth submitting to the plunges of Todd?s throbbing black tool. I hurried her through a number of varied intensity orgasms, then I had to fuck her.

As I placed my swollen head at Shelly very wet folds, I rubbed her clit with my cock. She erupted in a wet, almost squirting orgasm as I shoved my entire length in. I did not hold back and fucked her deep & hard as she moaned & groaned while Todd kept himself immersed deep in her starving mouth. Shelly?s pussy was well-opened up from Todd?s fucking. Her internal petals were sizzling hot, and engulfed me in her succulent nectar. As I pounded her, she pushed her pussy & pelvis against me. Her loud cumming sent me over the edge and I squirted thick ropes of my cum inside her. This only inspired her more into bigger orgasms. Todd took this as his cue to enjoy her mouth further as he easily pumped into her open throat. Finally Shelly un-hinged her mouth-fucking as Todd rolled off of her. She lay there catching her breath for a minute before Todd turned her lengthwise on the bed, and mounted her cum-filled pussy. She went wild with orgasms! His cock was coated with my cum as he smashed into her. He did not allow her to come down from any orgasm. At one point she grabbed a hold of his back, lifting herself somewhat off the bed to him. Her whole body pulled at his cock and she turned bright scarlet with a massive set of orgasmic cries. She literally fell back to the bed as her cumming descended. She lay there for a minute or so as we all commented on how awesome the fun was to that point. Todd complimented Shelly on her tremendous ability to constantly orgasm and keep up with his drive. Shelly somehow got up off the bed to get a drink of water and take a bathroom break.

A few minutes later, as Todd lay flat on the bed, Shelly returned. She kissed me while stroking my cock, and looking at Todd?s proud erection. As she moved to the bed, tugging at my cock, she leaned over and quickly enveloped his glistening cock with her mouth & lips. She had no intent to do more than that as she straddled his beautifully curved, ebony pillar. She licked her fingers coating them with spit, and swiped her pussy with her wet hand. In one quick move, Todd?s throbbing cock head was inside her open cunt. I moved behind her to watch in fascination as she plunged herself down deep onto his full length. I knew what her desires were then as she does this with me a lot. As many orgasms as Shelly had enjoyed already, she was ready to treat herself to more. She jolted her hips toward Todd?s torso as she fucked his stone-hard cock. Her intent was to grind deep into her very far depths, and use his tool to provide herself amazing cum sensations. Shelly was grinding herself like she could not get deep enough as Todd molested her swollen breasts & nipples. Her cum was oozing out all over the base of his cock and balls as she tormented her hot pussy with his pleasure tool. She continued to rampage on his cock as he lay there enjoying her perpetual orgasms. This went on for 5 minutes or so, but it seemed like half an hour. Shelly started to almost jump up and down on Todd?s perfect erection as she came in a giant convulsion. She slumped over on his chest, then rolled off of him laying next to him. It was time for her to refresh with more water.

After a few minutes to catch her breath, and rest a bit, Shelly sat on the edge of the bed just like she did when we started. She motioned for both Todd & I to stand, and we anxiously flaunted our hard cocks in her sexy face. She got more wild with her bj performance now. She was bobbing up & down on both of us as she switched back and forth. I could tell she was trying hard to make us cum. Todd took her aggressiveness as a cue and grabbed a handful of her hair. He literally looked like he was using her starved mouth & throat to masturbate himself. Shelly did not slow down as he plummeted deep into her. She seemed desperate to have his cum. As she was near gagging on him, he forced her lips to the base of his cock. Her throat cum drooled from her skillful lips. At the same time Todd reached behind her neck and untied the black strings of her seductive lingerie. Her breasts fell freely, and her nipples protruded eagerly. Todd and I groped each of her breasts as she continued with her expert blow job skills. She came up for air briefly and announced ?I want you to cum on my tits!?

She then continued wildly sucking us with sloppy, tonguing and moaning. I think Todd & I were so hypnotized by her desires that we were stuck watching her. While we were both very erect, we loved the wild display and we were holding back as much as possible so we could build up huge cum shots. After a few minutes more, Shelly?s mouth tired a bit, and she got fully on the bed.

She looked at me, then Todd, and said ?I want you to do me doggy now!? She assumed the position, and looked over her shoulder at him. Her stunning body was ready for the final series of orgasms. One of Shelly?s favorite positions is doggy style, and for me it?s near perfect of a position to watch her. Todd entered her abruptly and Shelly ?Ooohed? deeply. She flipped her hair back and forth as he pushed in deeply. Shelly?s head jolted upward, her back arching as she came quickly. I got on the bed in front of her face, and when she could ?escape? her own pleasure for a moment, she?d inhale my semi-erect cock. Todd started ramming into Shelly?s very open pussy. I reached under her and kneaded her very aroused nipples and full, swaying breasts, She writhed and squirmed as she had tiny orgasms, then she forced herself back against him. I took my right hand and found her rigid clit and whisked at it furiously. She was pounding into his pelvis as he would fuck her deepest regions. She came in a frenzy 5-6 times as they met each others jolting.

Todd slowed his pace and teasingly began pulling his cock almost all the way out of Shelly?s starved cunt. He would then slowly re-enter her. He said she needed to be teased as he mixed up his pacing, to which she cooed, ?Oooh I like it!? He was spreading her ass cheeks widely as he slowly and easily slid in and out of her. Her swollen pussy lips were clinging to his black pole as he enjoyed her. He placed his thumb at her wetness, coating the tip with her cum. Then he began tapping rhythmically on her winking asshole. She moaned in an accepting manner as his thumb mildly entered her ass. She looked back at him again with a seductive grin and this ignited a surprise and sudden attack on Shelly?s pussy. Todd began plunging rapidly and fucked her harder than he had all evening. She was completely unleashed and wildly accepting his fierce plunging. She was moaning and crying out in orgasms, while chanting, ?Yes! YES! Fuck it! YES!?

Shelly came in a monstrous orgasm as her torso & breasts collapsed on the bed. Todd moved in over her back and smacked her ass as he continued to feverishly piston in and out of her squishy pussy. Shelly rested her head on the bed as he worked her body into massive, perpetual orgasms. Her pussy convulsed on his rigid throbbing cock and her lips nearly turned inside out as he gave her what she wanted - the deepest doggy fucking that she thrives on. Todd reached out and pulled her blonde hair causing her to arch her back in complete submission. She was now somewhat up on her elbows as his wild fucking pleasured her further.

Suddenly, Shelly screamed out a crescendoed series of ?yes! Yes! YES! YESSSSSS!? as she nearly hyperventilated on the last of her body-stunning orgasms. She fell forward as Todd?s cock stayed erect. Her body was limp as she panted heavily from the amazing dozens of orgasms. Her body, her gaping pussy, her mouth, were all spent from the throes of an amazing night. I looked at her in complete astonishment knowing that she?d hit the jackpot with her ?all-in? black stud...

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