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Sex Ed Class at Home Ch 2

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Morning of Day #2: mom?s live-in older boyfriend teaches her 18-year-old daughter about sex during her week-long work absence from home.

I must have slept like a baby, because I can?t remember when I slept that well. When I awoke the next morning, Sam was already gone to work I presumed. I stretched out my 4?10?, 110#, 38-23-33 naked body under the sheet and remembered the previous night here in my bed with Sam. Such a huge hulk of a black man (6?8? tall and 340#) and physically fit even at age 55, yet he could be so tender in love-making yet forceful when he needed to make me purr like a kitten under his touch and total control and manipulation of my body. Wow! I cupped my size 38, lily-white E-cup breasts with both hands and remembered Sam?s huge, black hands doing the same. I was proud of my breasts and knew that he was impressed that at age 18 my breasts could be so well-developed, just like mom?s breasts. My hormones had been raging for the last two years of being sexually active dating three different guys. That sexual activity caused my breasts to quickly blossom and fill out to the same size as Mom?s.

I marveled at what Sam had done to me and how he had made me feel. My pussy still was very sensitive to the touch. His huge 10? black penis had fucked my throat and vagina in ways I never thought possible. His lips, tongue, and fingers had played my body to multiple orgasms with his humongous penis thrusting inside me to the depths of my vagina that no man had ever reached.

He had promised me six orgasms. As much as I could remember, that is at least what he did for me. Sam played my body during love making like no white man had EVER done, and I could only think about having more tonight when he came home from work.

I knew mom would still be out for the rest of the week, returning on Saturday, so I hoped she did not mind sharing her boyfriend while she was gone with her job. Sam had said that mom asked him to talk to me about sex, but I?m sure she never expected him to fuck my eyes out and give me orgasm after wonderful orgasm in my bed. Now I knew what mom saw in this huge, black guy, 6?8? tall and 340#. Even though he was 55 years old and she was only 38, I could see why she wanted to be with him. He was WONDERFUL with how he used his huge, black penis. I could see why she wanted him in her bed every night. The guy was a walking sexual genius. And that 10? super-sized, black penis was an incredible tool to use on a woman and whip her into orgasm after orgasm.

I slowly got out of bed and slipped on a cotton shirt which covered my firm, E-cup breasts and hung barely to my waist, leaving my butt and pussy exposed. It didn?t matter. No one was here at home but me anyway. The house was totally quiet.

I wandered out of my room and to the other end of the house. I just could NOT get myself to think about ANYTHING but sex with Sam after last night. Sam had so dominated, controlled, and overwhelmed my body with ecstatic feelings like I never dreamed possible that all I could think about was having more sex with him.

Seeing mom?s bedroom door closed as she normally left it, I decided to wander inside and be nosy about what she and Sam had been doing in this bedroom every night. I was now interested in learning more about Sam from mom?s bedroom. I wondered what Sam could tell me about bondage, which he said was advanced sex.

Sometimes I remembered hearing sounds from mom?s bedroom that sounded like muffled screams and whipping during the last several months, so I wondered if maybe that related to bondage. I was dying to snoop around and find out what I could. I knew Sam would not be home from work until 6pm and mom was in another state, so I knew that I could snoop all I wanted without fear of discovery.

Since Sam moved in, mom had always kept her bedroom door closed at all times, whether she was in there or not. She asked me NOT to go in there. I didn?t wonder about that until this very moment. But now as I opened the door and stepped into her bedroom, I understood why.

Apparently Sam had transformed mom?s bedroom into a bondage chamber of sorts. There were several chains hanging from the ceiling over the bed. I toyed with the links of one chain which were fastened several feet above the bed as the links hung from several hooks in the ceiling.

I noticed that the corners of the bed had round metal clasps and short links of chain which appeared to have been used to fasten something to all four corners. Opening the drawers beside the bed, the contents were foreign to me, comprised of black leather straps, several sizes of wide leather cuffs, chain links and clasps, a ball on a leather strap, blindfold, and several bottles and tubes of personal lubricant and petroleum jelly.

The drawer below that had several large feathers, various sizes of black and skin-colored dildos, tubular vibrators, clothes pins, and various other rubber pads and elastic toys with bumps and odd shapes on them. These looked like pussy ticklers, but I was only guessing.

I moved to the other side of the bed and looked through both of those drawers too. There was more of the same type of items, all of which seemed to relate to bondage of one type or another. I bent over and thoroughly focused on the contents of the bottom drawer, fingering each of the items. My pussy and butt were exposed in back. I could feel my pussy becoming wet as I thought about each of the items I saw being used sexually on my mom.

Suddenly I heard a car arrive outside at our garage in back. I quickly closed the drawer and scurried out of mom?s bedroom back to my end of the house. I sort of hid out at the other end of the hall and listened, trying to find out who was here. The back door of the house opened and closed and someone came inside. I peeked down the hall and listened.

I heard Sam?s voice, ?Jessie, are you up?? I was surprised but happy that Sam had returned and not off at work today like I thought.

Without being concerned about my nakedness below the waist wearing only my cotton tee shirt and bra-less, I waltzed down the hall to greet him. As I strode hurriedly into the middle of the den where he was standing, I was shocked to see it was not just Sam but also another big, black guy with him. The guy with Sam was almost his size, probably 6?4? and 320#, but not an ounce of fat on him either, just like Sam.

I froze, immediately embarrassed by my half nakedness, but Sam smiled and motioned with his hand for me to continue over to him. With a wide-open surprised look on my face, I hesitated momentarily without taking any more steps. Then I cautiously moved a few feet closer, stopping about ten feet away from them to study this unknown black guy with Sam. I was trying NOT to be embarrassed by my exposed butt and pussy visibly showing below my short cotton tee shirt. Also, the nipples of my breasts were quite visible, straining the fabric under my thin cotton tee shirt. I was not decent for company but Sam seemed not to care as he ignored my near-nakedness.

Sam said, ?Jessie, this is Eli. I have invited him over to meet you and join us for the next lesson of your sex training.?

I said nothing. I thought, Wow! I did not expect this! I was stunned.

?Sam, ?.. I ?. I?.. don?t?..know about this!? I gasped in disbelief, struggling to find words and respond to him. I hardly knew Sam and now he had this friend of his here expecting to do something sexual with me! Fuck! Does he think I?m a whore or what?

Sam had very little patience as he continued. ?Hey, Jessie, damn it! Just trust me, Babe! I need someone to help me teach you. Eli is the guy to do that. Don?t you want to know all I can teach you about sex?? Sam prodded me.

?Well?.. yes?.. Sam,?.. but?. I?. don?t? understand? why? you? need? someone? to? help? you,? I stammered to respond, expressing my severe hesitation with this idea suddenly being thrust upon me.

?Well, Jessie, you just need to trust me to know what I need to show you everything about sex,? Sam said. ?Can you just do that??

?Well, ?.. I ??I?? guess ?.Sam?.but I don?t know about this,? I continued to stutter and struggle with finding words.

?You?re right, Jessie! You DON?T know! So just fucking trust me to teach you!? Sam assured me sternly. ?Now. ?.hurry up and get over here!? he insisted again, yelling at me now with a high level of impatience in his voice and another big hand motion.

I moved slowly over to Sam and stood closely facing him as Eli moved quickly around close behind me, rubbing his body tightly against my back side and pushing me up against Sam. That placed me intimately close between both of these big, black guys, Sam in front and Eli in back. I could feel Eli?s huge, rigid penis inside his pants being rubbed between my butt cheeks. He was obviously horny and he wanted me to feel his rigid penis rubbed into me, wanting me to be horny too. Eli touched my arms and shoulders cautiously with his hands on my cotton shirt. Without a word from Sam, Eli gently raised my arms and pulled my cotton shirt up my arms and over my head. That left me totally naked between the two of these big black guys as I shuddered in nervousness wondering what was next. They seemed to already have a plan as to what they were doing. I was the only one clueless.

Eli kept his body against mine from the back side as he moved his hand between my legs from the back side of my buttocks, demandingly slapping my butt cheeks hard as an indication that he wanted me to spread my legs apart. As I spread my legs, he shoved his hand under my buttocks and started massaging my vagina, quickly slipping first one and then two fingers inside me from the rear with his large, black hand flat on my buttocks. I groaned and felt my vagina immediately become wet with my juices as he probed me in a rough, intrusive manner, rubbing me as his fingers moved in and out of my vagina to cause my body to release more of my juices to that area. I was already wet from snooping in mom?s bedroom and imagining her and Sam doing bondage sex. Eli was now getting the advantage of that, although not knowing what I had been doing to cause my vagina to be so wet.

I looked at Sam with a shocked and worried look on my face, uncomfortable with this total stranger pressing his body against my backside and fingering my vagina. I looked to Sam for reassurance, but he just grinned and held my shoulders with both of his large hands while Eli continued to push himself against my back side and finger my pussy. I was stunned and not mentally prepared for this as Sam held me frontally and coddled my head against his chest as Eli continued vigorously fingering my vagina, simply assuming and demanding my cooperation. His fingers were nervously exhilarating as this unknown black guy behind me continued to work my vagina, lathering up my pussy into a sloppy mess by massaging and probing, stimulating my G-spot in the process. I knew he had a purpose for doing that, and I assumed he intended to fuck me next.

Eli?s fingers anxiously kept probing inside me and causing my vagina to become wetter and wetter, occasionally fingering my juices around to my anus as well. Then I heard his pants suddenly unsnap and the sound of the zipper slide open behind me. I assumed that Eli was getting ready for intercourse with me. Sam continued to coddle me in his arms and hold me tenderly but firmly in position as Eli toyed with my butt cheeks and vagina while also now fingering his penis to ready his erection.

Only Sam could see what Eli was doing behind me. Now Sam leaned me over even lower towards his crotch, unzipped his jeans, pulled out his massive, black penis, and motioned for me to open my mouth to receive it. As I was trying to accomplish that with his huge, black penis entering my mouth, I felt Eli spread my legs and thrust his stiff erection inside my vagina from behind rather quickly in my bent-over position.

Eli?s huge penis was somewhat painful because of its very large size and entering me so quickly, but not so much that I could not soon start to enjoy his rapidly initiated motions of pumping me from behind. I struggled to focus on Sam?s penis in my mouth as Eli now quickly started pumping me from behind, grabbing my hips with both hands to hold me in place for rapid, deep-thrusting intercourse. His huge, black penis was driving and thrusting rapidly inside me like he was anxious to cum quickly. His penis was almost as large as Sam?s.

Slowly I was able to get Sam?s huge, semi-rigid penis partially inside my mouth and begin to lubricate it with my saliva as Eli kept thrusting his hard penis inside me from the rear. Sam responded by pushing his penis deeper inside my mouth as Eli continued his relentless assault on my back side. Eli was pumping me rather quickly and impatiently, ramming and thrusting hard inside me. He reached the depths of my vagina like Sam had done yesterday. I struggled to keep standing in this bent over position as Eli savagely rammed me repeatedly as if he was in a hurry to ejaculate. Like Sam, his thrusting was a combination of pain and pleasure as his huge and long penis hit the depths inside my cervix. None of my white boyfriends had ever been able to do this with their smaller and shorter penises.

Sam had not prepared me now with any ?making love? affection, just Eli?s finger stimulation, so I rather felt myself simply being sexually used at that moment. But I decided that I just needed to again submit myself and go along with what Sam thought best for my sex education in this occasion of what I assumed to be Lesson #2.

As my saliva continued to wet his penis, slowly Sam?s penis became more rigid and he pushed deeper and deeper inside my mouth as Eli continued to now viciously and savagely pump-fuck my vagina from the rear so viciously that I expected him to come at any moment.

Finally Sam started to pump in and out of my mouth as his penis became rock-hard and fully lubricated with it now filling my mouth to the back of my throat. I found myself now pinned between two guys with Sam fucking my mouth and Eli fucking my vagina from the rear. It was clear to me that both guys were intensely determined to get what they wanted from me sexually as they used my body, so I tried to just relax and let it happen to avoid pain as much as possible.

My body had sensations of sexual pleasure, but nothing approaching orgasm at that point in this so-called sex education. Sam and Eli continued with this orgy on me until Eli was able to ejaculate inside me from behind about ten minutes later in a savage display of emotion, thrusting and jetting his massive hot semen bursts painfully deep inside my body, filling my womb and vagina to overflowing. I guess Sam got excited by watching Eli, and quickly started coming deep inside my throat. At that moment, both guys were coming inside me, one in my throat and the other in my vagina. Sam was viciously driving his penis into my throat as he ejaculated. His massive penis and heavy semen bursts were cutting off my breathing again today as each volley of warm semen jetted deep inside my throat. All I could do was struggle to breathe and let semen run down inside my throat as fast as possible just like last night with Sam in my bed.

After several more minutes of Eli pumping me very roughly and deeply to finish, he removed his penis. Sam seemed to also be finished fucking my mouth and also removed his penis, standing me back up abruptly to face his hairy, black chest. I gasped for air after he removed his penis from my throat.

?Okay Jessie that was an appetizer. Now we?re going to take you to bed for the REAL sex lesson,? Sam informed me in a matter-of-fact manner, expecting no comment or resistance from me.

They moved me into mom?s bedroom since that was a king-sized bed and close to where we were standing in the den. Both guys pulled me onto the bed with both of them holding me. Sam moved me over on top of him and slipped his still-rigid penis into my vagina from underneath my body as Eli stood on the bed and straddled me from behind. Eli toyed with my anus to lubricate it with first one and then two fingers. Soon I felt Eli entering my anus with his penis by squatting behind me as I sat on top of Sam with his penis inside my vagina. Eli?s large penis hurt as it suddenly plowed into my rectum, but I tried again to adjust to it and just relax and let it happen to minimize the pain. I knew from experience that anal intercourse was more painful if I tensed my muscles.

Each of my three boyfriends frequently fucked my anus on dates after ejaculating inside my pussy, so my rectum was somewhat used to being fucked although only by much smaller penises. However, I had NEVER had two penises inside my openings (pussy and rectum) at the SAME time. The feeling was that of incredible internal body fullness as Sam and Eli?s penises pumped me on each side of a thin-walled membrane. It felt like their penises were battling inside my body. Sam pumped me frontally as I faced him on top of his chest as Eli pumped me from the rear in my rectum. Both guys thrust their penises savagely hard inside my body, stretching my female openings to the max as both guys held me tightly in position and pumped me in a coordinated motion to make use of my body. They obviously held nothing back as they savagely fucked my body and held me tightly in place to do it.

I felt myself sexually stimulated by their use of my body and slowly began to feel myself building to an orgasm as they continued using me in this orgy manner for sex. The feeling from two hard penises being rammed into my body felt amazingly and incredibly good, although painful as well as stimulating. My eyes were wide-open, bulging inside my head and my mouth was open with my moaning and groaning as both guys thrust themselves deeply inside me, banging me with unbelievable ferocity like NOTHING I had ever experienced. I was shocked and stunned at what was happening to my body but both guys held me so tightly in place that I could not even move. They were reaming out my openings and taking their time in getting exactly what they wanted.

Fifteen minutes later, Eli was the first to cum. He started ejaculating inside my rectum and made loud sounds of sexual delight as his huge, black penis first expanded and then erupted inside me, thrusting burst after burst of hot semen into the depths of my rectum. I could feel his liquid filling my insides as he kept savagely thrusting his semen inside me. He finished and pulled out of me abruptly, leaving me only to Sam who was still pumping up inside me from under my body as I still sat on top of him. Eli went into the bathroom to clean up as Sam continued with me. Eli?s semen was already oozing out of my anus and running down my legs as Sam continued.

Eli?s semen kept leaking out of my anus as Sam pumped deeply inside me a few more minutes. Then I felt his huge, black penis swell as he ejaculated several massive jets of semen deep inside my vagina, slamming his sperm all the way into my uterus with his humongous 10? penis. I was ecstatic and on the verge of coming myself. Then my orgasm slammed into my body as I came and he continued pumping me on top of himself. So we came together as I moaned and groaned along with his sexual pleasure sounds under me with his penis still spurting jets of semen deeply inside me and throbbing with each repeated ejaculation.

It wasn?t as good as last night when Sam affectionately made love to me, but it was an orgasm nevertheless. No woman ever belittles having an orgasm, even if your body is ripped apart to get it. Like last night, I milked this orgasm for all it was worth, expecting more and better orgasms to come. Sam finished and pulled out of me by pushing me over to his side on the bed.

I lay on my back, wondering what was next as Eli now returned from the bathroom, moved over me and jerked on his huge, black penis to regain his erection. I was stunned that even though he had already cum twice, he still wanted more, and was able to regain his erection for a third time. Quickly he dropped on top of me and entered my vagina this time frontally, pumping me in a hurried motion to make use of my semen-wet vagina. He fucked me again viciously like a sex-starved, mad man. I couldn?t believe that these guys could cum and then get hard again so quickly so many times.

My body responded by building towards another orgasm as he lay heavily on top of me and savagely pumped deeply inside me like he did when he first entered me from behind. Eli did not act like he had just had two orgasms inside me. His mouth was quickly all over my lips, kissing me heavily on the mouth as I felt both of his hands roughly groping my E-cup breasts, squeezing and mashing them anxiously and furiously. Eli was vicious in handling my breasts like a jungle savage rather than being tender as Sam had done yesterday, but my body was responding to his touches anyway and I was building to another orgasm. Sam had ?made love? to me yesterday as he gave me orgasms; today my body was being rammed into orgasm, but the feelings were nevertheless intense and body-racking. I wasn?t being ?loved? today; I was just being fucked, but I was amazingly still having orgasms.

Eli continued pumping me viciously as Sam watched close by for the next fifteen minutes. Then I felt Eli?s humongous penis swell inside me again and his semen quickly jet deeply into my womb just he had done earlier, causing me to also climax at that same moment by the motion of his huge, rigid, black, pumping penis jerking, gripping and pulling my vagina inside out. Like yesterday with Sam, each orgasm was better than the last. This orgasm freaked me out on how intense it was. It seemed to gather all of my bodily senses and spasm to my abdomen as Eli?s semen kept being thrust deeply inside of me. We orgasmed together as he lay heavily on top of me. He then finished moving at a slower pace until his erection waned.

Eli stopped and lay heavily on top of me, exhausted from his exertion. Then he raised his body, removed his penis, and moved off the bed.

Sam flipped me over onto my stomach on the bed, spreading my legs and getting between them. ?Hey, Bro, how was the butt fuck?? he asked Eli.

?Her butt?s a tight fuck, man. We got to do something about that, Bro!? Eli suggest ed.

Sam fingered my anus with some more lubricant from the bedside table and then spread my butt cheeks and legs, moving in close. Quickly I felt the head of his penis pressing hard against my rectum to enter me, and then the head of it pop inside. I groaned loudly at the size of it, the largest penis yet to enter my anus. Then quickly Sam pushed on into me and slowly rammed his manhood the rest of the way inside me. I looked at the headboard of the bed with bulging eyes wide open in sheer terror of how this would feel. This was Sam?s first time in my anus with his 10? massive penis. I soon realized that there would be too much pain for me to have an orgasm.

Sam seemed to ignore any special considerations for his humongous penis size and proceeded with quickly getting into a pumping rhythm as he humped my butt. I was being stretched beyond what I had ever experienced and it hurt badly, but I struggled to stifle my verbal outbursts as much as possible. Gradually I was able to relax as Sam viciously thrust his 10? x 3? manhood deeply into my anus.

Fifteen minutes later, Sam moved faster and faster and shot my anal cavity full of semen. He finished up with slower strokes and then removed his penis. I lay face down on the bed, wiped out and exhausted.

Both guys left the bedroom and went into the kitchen to find something to eat.

End Chapter 2

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