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School Teacher and After School Black Athletes Ch2

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Almost two weeks after this started and these two black athletes had visited her classroom an hour after sunset several times a week to fuck her, one day they showed up at her car instead of her classroom when she was ready to leave. Jill was surprised, but let them inside her car. One athlete sat in the front seat with her and the other athlete sat in the middle of the back seat, leaning forward into the front seat. They told her that they wanted to be alone with her in a more private location out in the countryside so they would not be restricted as to what they could do to please her. This was their new idea, but now this would become their new routine. They directed her to drive south of town to a deserted country road in a farming area. Then they instructed her to turn into a remote farmer?s field and pull the car around and behind the trees, totally out-of-sight of anyone, even hidden from what few cars might pass along the gravel road. My wife was nervous about being so far away from people, but she reasoned that she had been alone with these two black athletes several times a week for the last several weeks.

They explained that they would now have complete privacy with her in her car, which was a full-sized, black SUV. The two black athletes also knew that this remote location would allow them to do OTHER things with this white, female teacher in the total darkness of this remote location. They had lots of new ideas and they needed complete isolation to try them. And they needed her to be even more intimidated and under their complete control.

There had been a close call in the classroom and they no longer felt safe there. Besides, they wanted her to get used to this new location for other sexual ideas which they wanted to do involving other guys which would be impossible with the limitations of her classroom. They did NOT tell her about any of these other ideas when they suggested this new, remote location. By being here rather than inside her locked classroom, they could control who could also be included.

Once she parked her car out-of-sight behind the tree line in total darkness, the two athletes felt confident of their complete privacy with her. One black athlete quickly and roughly pulled her into the back part of the SUV with him. He insisted upon again removing all of her clothing, but this evening in the privacy of this remote location she quickly realized that he would be unusually savage in doing so. In the total darkness of the back seat, he pulled her body forward to his chest as he quickly unzipped her dress down the back in an anxiously rough manner. Then he grabbed the front of the dress at her breasts and jerked it viciously forward before pulling it down and off of her upper body. He continued downward with her dress over her hips and legs as he savagely then completely removed the dress from her body. She heard the fabric tear from his vicious jerking the low cut front of the dress as he exposed her breasts and bra. At that moment, she wondered what damage he did to her dress, but she said nothing. She knew she could not complain, and that he would not explain why he was being so rough or what he intended to do even if she asked.

Then the black athlete grabbed her bra with both hands and ripped it forward without unhooking it in back, like a savage rapist who had no concern for her clothing. Her bra broke in back at the clasp as it was so savagely jerked forward and removed, leaving her breasts now fully exposed in the darkness of the back seat of her car. She felt the bra straps also being pulled severely at her shoulders and break loose from the bindings. Again she said nothing, even though his viciousness was now horribly frightening her. He had never been so rough in her classroom, and never destroyed her clothing in removing it. She hoped that she could put her clothing back together enough to get inside the house when she returned home without attracting my attention.

She purposely did not wear hose or a slip, so the only clothing now left was her white, lace panties. The athlete put both of his big, black hands inside the top of her panties and totally ripped them to shreds as he jerked them open and down her legs. She was now whimpering in fear as she lay naked and scared on the back seat of her car, feeling like she was being handled by a rapist in this remote location with no one around to help. She wondered what would be next, since his attitude and handling of her was so different in this new location. She was once again naked and under his complete control just like inside her classroom. But this time she was in the back of her car with her clothing having been ripped from her body and thrown into the front seat. This time she was alone with these two black athletes in this remote location and COMPLETELY at their mercy. This time she was frightened of them.

The athlete then removed his own clothing, grunting and snorting like a jungle savage as he did so without talking to her as usual except that his savage snorting was louder tonight away from her classroom. His snorting sounds were so loud that it freaked her out even more, wondering what savage beast she was now dealing with by being here with him. The teacher had never experienced such violent behavior from these two black athletes as they prepared her for sex. She was crying now in shear fear as she wondered if they would severely hurt her tonight with their brute strength and savagery.

This meeting at her car instead of the classroom was all part of a plan which they were developing for their sexually using her in the future. The two black athletes had already enjoyed having this white, female teacher naked and at their sexual mercy for an orgy several times a week. But now they had other ideas about what they wanted her to do for them sexually. They had ideas which they did not intend to share with her for fear that she would object, intending instead to force those ideas on her when they just happened, expecting her to be unable to refuse them.

In the darkness of the back seat of her car, the black athlete turned around on top of my wife with his mouth on her vagina and his penis over her face. In total darkness, she sucked his penis while he gave her oral sex. This calmed her fears as he proceeded tonguing her vagina until he gave her an intense, body-jerking, oral orgasm which again racked her emotions and caused her body to shake and quiver with highly ecstatic feelings. The black athlete knew the fantastic oral orgasms they gave this white, teacher lady was the only way they could keep her doing whatever they wanted sexually, day after day, and cause her to come back for more and continue to OBEY ALL THEIR COMMANDS for their sexual use of her in the future. So this same black athlete always first gave her an oral orgasm as their key to then be able to completely use her adult, naked, white, female body sexually however they wanted and still keep her coming back for more.

As the teacher climaxed from his tonguing her vagina, he also ejaculated inside her mouth, driving his huge, black penis into her throat as he did so. As she jerked and enjoyed her oral orgasm on the car seat, she held his huge, black penis inside her throat and swallowed his semen which filled and over-flowed out and around her pretty lips. As she sucked his semen out of his penis, the black athlete groaned and grunted with his own sexual delight as he deep-throated her with his 10? long penis.

After her oral orgasm finished and started to wane, both athletes had intercourse with her, one at a time, until they had their usual two intercourse orgasms each, not counting the blowjob she gave each athlete. Each black athlete viciously and savagely again humped her body, ejaculating and thrusting his semen deeply inside her vagina as he caressed her breasts, kissed her naked body all over, usually with both athletes touching and caressing her body at the same time as one of them savagely humped her body in whatever position he wanted. The orgy was always a thrill for these two black athletes. They had intercourse with her in the back seat and then outside on the hood of the car. It was obvious that they wanted to have intercourse with her until they were both completely sexually satisfied and could no longer get their huge, black penises into erections to fuck her for more.

After the two black athletes sexually used her naked, white, female body to their complete satisfaction for over two hours and had three savage and vicious orgasms with her mouth and vagina, she was finally tossed her clothing and allowed to dress. Her vagina was sore and aching from all the vicious intercourse with their huge, black penises pounding and thrusting inside her body, but she enjoyed a number of highly emotional orgasms so she considered it worthwhile. The front of her naked body was covered with their semen, and her vagina was also full from both black athletes. Each athlete had ejaculated some semen inside her vagina before pulling out and masturbating to ejaculate the rest on the front of her body, covering her large, beautiful breasts, face, and long blonde hair. Their semen was running down her legs and was all over the seat of the car as she sat up and fumbled with her panties that were so disrespectfully thrown to her in the darkness from the front seat. The teacher was still in emotional shock from the vicious ordeal tonight which seemed more like a gang r*pe than ever before with the increased savagery of both black athletes. Their savagery was much more vicious than she had experienced the last two weeks in her classroom.

As she fumbled with her white, lace panties, she quickly realized that they were destroyed beyond use when one black athlete had earlier ripped them off of her several hours ago, tearing and stretching them severely out of shape in his rage. Realizing their uselessness, she used her panties to wipe some of the semen from her breasts and face before tossing them aside to the floor of the car and proceeding to dress without panties.

Next she picked up her bra which had also been tossed into the back seat with her. She soon realized that her bra straps were also torn and stretched out of shape so that it could not be put back on and serve any purpose in holding her large, beautiful breasts in place. She then also used her bra to wipe up more semen from the seat and then also tossed it to the floor of the car with her panties. She proceeded to dress without bra or panties.

Having purposely not worn a slip, the only item of clothing left was her dress. As both athletes dressed outside the car, she struggled to put on her dress in the total darkness of the back seat. She remembered that after unzipping her dress, one athlete had ripped the low-cut front of her dress near her breasts when he so hastily and viciously jerked it forward to remove it from her body and down her legs. The torn dress was all she was now able to wear as she prepared to drive the two black athletes back to their vehicles at school. The front of the dress was torn so that her large, bra-less breasts were exposed and falling out of the dress as she drove. The two black athletes had destroyed every item of her clothing as they so viciously and savagely removed each item from her body, similar to what she might expect during a r*pe. But she considered the loss of her clothing worthwhile as a trade for the fantastic oral orgasms she had experienced before they so savagely fucked her during the last two hours and more orgasms. She said nothing to them as she drove. Her breasts hung conspicuously forward out of the front of her dress in the darkness of the car. She felt the sticky wetness of her panty-less, semen-coated vagina on the leather of the car seat as she drove. The car reeked of semen smell.

Both athletes were now giddily talking to each other about how good a fuck she was and how they wanted to fuck her more as soon as possible. They profusely thanked her for allowing them to pretend to r*pe her, which they explained fulfilled a fantasy that each of them had for years. She simply listened without comment, not having known that to be their intentions ahead of time. Then they talked about how they liked licking and tonguing her vagina and making her purr like a naked kitten. They both talked about how much they enjoyed sexually being with her as she drove back to the school parking lot. She accepted the idea of their surprising her with a r*pe scenario, understanding that it seemed more realistic to them if she acted honestly frightened since they did not tell her in advance.

My wife returned to our house very late without saying anything as to why she was so late. Instead of the shorter time of sex in her classroom, their sex with her in the back seat of our car and outside the car lasted well over two hours. This became their new routine with her, to get her to leave school early and then have sex with them soon after dark away from the school building in her car in this remote, isolated location. They wanted her comfortable with this new location because they had other ideas of what they wanted to do with her.

My wife had sex with these two black athletes two or three times every week after school in this farmer?s field during the next several months. They frequently destroyed her clothing in the process, something she never felt able to complain about as it happened or later when she put her clothing back on her body. She carried an extra set of clothing in the back of her car which she had to wear from time to time. She also started changing into old clothing late in the day after classes on days she expected to spend time with the two black athletes in her car.

One day when the two black athletes showed up at the teacher?s car, they told her to drive to a different location which turned out to be an old farm house. When she arrived at the old shack of a house set far back by itself in some trees, she questioned them as to whose house this was and what they had in mind. One black athlete said that this was his father?s house, and that he wanted her to meet his father. Immediately she freaked with nervousness about this situation, worried about his intentions, since she only had sex with this black athlete, she was married, and had no other relationship with him, certainly not with his family, and she did not WANT to meet his father. She realized later that his saying this was only a ruse to get her inside his father?s house. She could not think of any good reason for the black athlete to need to introduce her to his father. She had never been this black athlete?s teacher and there was no good reason for her to be with him out in the country in her car. She feared that he had something else in mind during this visit. She would soon find that to be true.

Regardless of her concern, she had no choice but to go along with him as he and his black buddy walked her from her car to the house. In utter fear now, she reluctantly walked with the two black athletes prodding her from behind into the old shack of a house, worried that this would NOT be an introduction but also something sexual and something she would NOT want to do. Inside the house, she was introduced to his elderly, black father, who was in his late 60?s, unshaven and apparently uneducated and poor. She shook with nervousness as she met the athlete?s old, black father because she was becoming more worried every moment about the athlete?s intentions for having her there. She sensed that this would somehow be sexual too. My wife was sure that there was no good reason for her to meet his father, especially considering what she had been doing with these two black athletes for the last four months. Her many instances of having inappropriate sex with his son ran continuously through her mind as she stood in front of him and was introduced. She made a faint attempt at a smile as they greeted each other. The old black man looked at her with a wicked grin and eyed her body all over, with particular attention to her large, beautiful breasts. She nervously noticed his eyes running all over her body.

After this brief introduction, her fears quickly became reality. With a sudden wild look of excitement and determination in his eyes but no explanation, the old man?s son grabbed her firmly by the arm and forced her to walk forward through the living room in front of him and into the old man?s bedroom. He motioned for his father and the other black athlete to follow them into that room. At that moment, the teacher knew that she was in trouble just like she feared. She struggled with him because she did NOT want to enter the old man?s bedroom, be undressed and have sex in front of his father if that was what he intended to do. But the black athlete was much stronger and easily controlled her as he forced her to keep walking until she was standing beside the old man?s dirty, ragged bed. The black athlete was determined NOT to let her stop what he intended to do with her and walked holding her as he moved her to the side of the old man?s bed. He clamped his hand over her mouth when she tried to object, whispering to her NOT to speak. It was frighteningly obvious to her that he was determined to do sexually with her what they had so often done. But today, she quickly realized that he clearly wanted to follow their sexual routine and have sex with her in front of his father. She had already suspected his wicked intentions, and now she knew that he was angrily determined to do this, regardless of her being agreeable to the idea or not.

The black athlete sternly told her ?Don?t fight me, Mrs. Jill! We?re going to fuck you, Teach, right here in front of Pop on Pop?s bed. You know we can tell people if you refuse us!?

She of course knew that she had no choice but to go along with whatever he intended to do with her right here in front of his father. She knew that the black athletes could talk about their sexual relations with her to other people and get her fired from her job and maybe divorced from her husband, leaving her destitute. So she assumed that she had no choice but to reluctantly go along with whatever he wanted here in his father?s house too, even though she definitely did NOT want to be here at all! Again she felt helpless and trapped in this sexual relationship with these two black athletes. She slowly began to understand that this situation was happening only because she continued to crave more and more of these two black athlete?s fantastic, oral orgasms and she desperately needed them to keep this sexual relationship secret. And of course they knew that too. She now clearly understood that in return for their giving her oral sex and multiple orgasms that they would have sexual demands for her which she would not like or want to go along with. But she now realized more than ever that she had no choice except to do whatever they wanted right now in this old man?s house and hope for the best. For the first time she realized that she was the sex slave of these two black athletes, and that it no longer mattered what she wanted or did not want. They were in control of her body and she was at their mercy.

The other black athlete now stepped close to help his buddy with her. He also forcefully grabbed her arm in front of the old man?s bed. Without saying anything, both black athletes roughly and quickly began to remove her clothing. Their large, black hands unzipped, unbuttoned and meanly jerked on her dress to remove it right in front of his elderly, black father, ignoring the fact that he was watching intently. She stared with a pleading look of ?please help me? at his father as they removed her clothing to observe his reaction to all of this. But he just stood closely by and anxiously, silently watched, obviously thrilled that this beautiful, white, teacher lady was being undressed in his bedroom. The old man appeared to know in advance that this was going to happen since he watched without any surprise in his expression or questions to his son.

After the black athletes removed her dress and threw it recklessly aside, they unfastened her bra, pulled it down her arms and tossed it across the room. Then they quickly pulled her slip, panty hose, and panties down her legs to the floor, leaving her standing there totally naked in front of all three black men. Her beautiful, white body and large breasts were a stark contrast to the three black guys in the room. The two black athletes continued to firmly hold her in a standing position in front of the bed.

Her nervousness had increased as each item of her clothing had been forcefully removed, piece by piece, and anxiously thrown across the room in different directions as the two black athletes acted like savages, freaking her out with the way they handled her so roughly and discarded her clothing with such disregard, as if she would not need it again.

Today they seemed to be wild, mean, and anxious to r*pe her, not friendly, loving and caring as most of her earlier sexual encounters with them. Their recklessness and mean-spirited attitude and behavior in removing and throwing her clothing in different directions freaked her out even more, putting her on the verge of tears. They only once previously acted so roughly in removing her clothing, but they never forced her to do anything she did not want either. Now only minutes later she was standing there totally naked, shaking violently with fear and nervousness as both black athletes firmly held her trembling, naked body standing there in front of his elderly father and the old man?s dirty, ragged bed.

Quickly both black athletes pushed her down onto her back on the old man?s bed. The two athletes having handled her so roughly today were really freaking her out, and she stayed on the verge of tears. One black athlete now came down on her shoulders, pinning her naked upper body to the bed and forcefully kissing her on the mouth and neck as a distraction to what the other black athlete intended to do with her lower body. The other athlete grabbed and held her bare hips with both hands and spread her legs widely apart to put his mouth and tongue on her vulva and vagina. They were savagely anxious and fiercely intent upon now forcing her to accept their usual oral stimulation between her legs with one athlete?s mouth, tongue, and fingers, determined to force her to have an oral orgasm right in front of his elderly father whether she wanted it or not. She wondered why he was bothering to do this and why they did not simply just r*pe her. She wondered if this black athlete was doing this to show his father how good he was sexually with her. Today their roughness was freaking her out. And for the first time since having sex with them in her classroom, both black athletes had the space to handle and control her naked body at the same time by not being in the back seat of her car.

She was crying and shaking uncontrollably now as both black athletes firmly held her to the bed. She was really nervous and worried about this being done to her right in front of his elderly, black father, but there was nothing she could do to stop the two black athletes as they held her to the bed and moved their large, black hands all over her naked body, squeezing her breasts, caressing her hips and legs, and tongue and finger probing her vagina. She soon hoped they ONLY wanted to show her off to his father, and that the old man himself would NOT be involved with her sexually. She hoped that the old black man at his age was physically unable to have sex with her.

The old, black man watched excitedly as his son and the other black athlete tongued, licked, kissed, and caressed all over the teacher?s naked, lily-white body on the bed for the next fifteen minutes until her body was forced to involuntarily erupt into an unusually loud, writhing orgasm under the control of both black athletes. My wife said that she held back expressing her sexual emotions of ecstasy as long as possible until she finally exploded in a loud release of moaning and groaning on the bed as one black athlete kept probing his long, black tongue and fingers inside her vagina. This caused her finally to involuntarily outburst with ecstasy into her oral orgasm. She had NOT wanted to have an oral orgasm in front of his elderly father but she had no choice as her body exploded with emotion, and she could no longer hold back her expression of it. The two black athletes were forcing her body to enjoy this and her objections were being over-powered by her bodily needs for orgasm.

Unexpectedly for my wife and the black athletes, her nervousness and fear at this display of her naked body and doing this in front of this old, black man increased the sensations of her orgasm to an unbelievably higher level of emotion and sexual stimulation sensitivity. Her oral orgasm then continued for several long minutes with her moaning and groaning becoming embarrassingly loud as she writhed wildly on the old man?s bed in this involuntary display before him. She was now having an impressive and highly erotic orgasm, totally unable to restrain her emotions any longer, loudly moaning and groaning uncontrollably in sexual ecstasy and body writhing delight on the old man?s dirty bed as one black athlete continued to savagely and vigorously tongue and finger her vagina and the other black athlete kissed her face and neck and sucked and caressed her breasts, with everything happening at once in a fantastic performance and sexual display.

The two black athletes were obviously in complete control of the teacher?s naked body on the bed, doing exactly what they wanted with her body in his elderly, black father?s bedroom. The old man stood a few steps away from the bed and watched excitedly, getting more sexually aroused by the moment about having this young, white, naked, female teacher on his bed. Her movements on the old man?s dirty bed were a sexually erotic display as he slowly stepped closer to watch, now standing beside the bed, rubbing his penis inside his trousers. My wife was too busy with her erotically writhing orgasm to notice that the old man had moved up close to them, now unzipped his pants, and pulled out his huge, black penis. My wife?s eyes were now closed so she did not notice that he was now stroking his penis to get an erection as he watched. His penis was even larger than his son?s as he jerked on it with both hands to get an erection without anyone noticing him even though he was only a few feet away behind one of the athletes. He already knew the plan for this teacher lady to be here, and he was anxiously getting his penis ready for what he and his son had discussed would happen next.

As my wife finished her erotic moaning and groaning and wildly writhing in sexual ecstasy on the old, black man?s bed, she relaxed in a state of complete exhaustion, still firmly being held rigidly to the bed. Even she was shocked by the intensity of her oral orgasm today in this somewhat public situation. The black athlete then turned to his father and said, ?Okay, Pop, your turn to fuck my whore! You can fuck Mrs. Jill first!? This was the plan already discussed in advance with his father.

Hearing this, my wife jerked and tried to get up. This was the first time he referred to her as ?his whore?. She immediately struggled as she tried to escape, wanting to object to the black athlete?s father having sex with her but the black athlete clamped his large hand over her mouth and meanly forced her head and shoulders back down on the bed as both black athletes firmly held her in place on the bed. They jerked her legs apart to spread them widely open again to each side. The black athlete refused to let her object to his plan for his father to have intercourse with her as they continued to be fiercely intent upon her doing whatever they wanted with her on the old man?s bed.

The old man started to remove his clothing and stepped towards my wife?s nervous, trembling, restrained and struggling, naked body on his bed where she was being forced to lay on her back with her legs forcibly pulled widely open so the old man could r*pe her. Each black athlete held one of her lily-white legs pulled back to each side to expose and open her vagina, which was still very wet from the black athlete?s saliva and her own orgasmic release of fluids. Her naked body was shaking violently and she was crying again with nervousness as she continued to be held rigidly in position while the old, black man continued to remove his clothing. Yet she was somewhat dazed and delirious too from the sensations of her incredibly fantastic oral orgasm. She kept struggling weakly in the strong grasp of both black athletes. My wife tried desperately to see what the old man was doing as he quickly undressed to the side of the bed behind one of the black athletes.

She was panicking now in nervous anticipation as the old man finished removing his clothing and approached her on the bed. My wife could see that he was now naked as he stepped around and beside her face. Then suddenly she saw his unbelievably huge, erect, hairy, black penis hanging down in front of him. She screamed under the black athlete?s hand in utter shock and disbelief. She again jerked in a frightful attempt to get up and leave as she gasped in utter horror at the bull-sized penis on this old man. The two black athletes? penises had shocked her four months ago as to their size, but this old man?s penis was even larger. His old, rigid, black penis was so large that it hung down in front of him like a huge, black cucumber. His penis appeared to be 14? in length and it was scared and disfigured with an incredibly huge circumference and huge, swollen, wide, black penis head the size of a plum. It was so large and heavy that it hung down in front of him like the penis of a bull.

The old man now crawled onto the bed over my wife?s beautiful, white, naked, restrained, petite body as his son and the other black athlete continued to forcibly hold her down and keep her legs spread widely open. His son?s hand was still covering her mouth. Her vagina was gaping open, appearing ready for the old, black man to r*pe her. Futilely she struggled in their grasp, desperate to get up and leave, having NO DESIRE for this old man with a monster-sized penis to have intercourse with her. Her vagina was red and swollen with sexual arousal, gaping open with the hole clearly visible, and wet with her own bodily secretions and the black athlete?s saliva from the oral orgasm, but she did not see how she could handle THIS penis. The old, black man paused and studied the details of her naked body under him. He closely hovered over her large, beautiful, white breasts for a moment, grinning wildly as he carefully observed the beauty of her large breasts and her much younger, tender, white body under him on the bed. He was really excited as he looked over her restrained, beautiful, naked body as if she was a trapped, young maiden ready to be sacrificed to his savage, brutal, sexual desires.

Then the old man touched and deeply caressed both of her breasts with his large, old, black hands to examine the softness of her beautiful, white skin, obviously pondering how wonderful this was to be allowed to r*pe this beautiful, young, white, teacher lady in his bed, especially knowing that he could do with her WHATEVER he wanted sexually and that she would NOT DARE to report him. The old man was grinning wildly and absolutely thrilled that she was lying there completely helpless at the mercy of his sexual desires. In his mind, he was ready to r*pe this white, teacher lady whore his son had talked so much about. He was now ready to savagely fuck her to his heart?s delight. And he was ALREADY thinking about thrusting his load of semen deep inside this white, teacher lady as she lay helpless to his sexual desires on his bed. He had thought about this for months and talked his son into doing this to please him.

His son had carefully explained the secrecy of their sexual affair with her so the old man did not fear that this white, teacher lady would report him for raping her, even if he ripped her vagina wide open as he r*ped her with his bull-sized penis since his son had the advantage over her wanting to continue the secrecy of her sexual relationship with his son and the other black athlete. My wife shuddered and cringed with nervousness and pain as his large, rugged, old, black hands tightly squeezed her breasts and then rubbed all over her naked body as he carefully admired all of her shapes and curves. My wife said it was horribly embarrassing when the old man was running his hands all over her body.

The old man grabbed her large, beautiful breasts with both hands again and savagely caressed and tightly squeezed both breasts for several minutes so roughly that it caused her to cry out in pain under the black athlete?s hand still covering her mouth. The old man squeezed both of her breasts very hard and then sucked viciously on her nipples, first one and then the other, as he began to make sexual use of her lily-white, naked body under him. The old, black man desperately now wanted to savagely r*pe and ravage this young, beautiful, white, teacher lady with his humongous, bull-sized, black penis, something few women would EVER let him do after they discovered the size of his penis. His son knew this too and was determined to please his elderly father?s request to have a woman to fuck.

The old man?s huge penis was now rigidly erect and dangling downward near her vagina as he hovered over her restrained, naked body. Then suddenly, like his son, the old, black man?s attitude changed abruptly as he became angry and determined to sexually dominate, control, and r*pe this white, naked, teacher lady?s body for his complete sexual use and enjoyment. He now knocked his knees against the insides of her legs to spread them even further apart in a beastly manner and quickly positioned his huge, black penis in front of her open vagina with both hands. Both black athletes watched closely as his huge penis dangled right in front of her openly gaping vagina. My wife closed her eyes and tried to relax, anticipating horrific pain. The old man then grunted and snorted profusely like a jungle savage in wild excitement as he grabbed his penis with one hand and moved forward into position to r*pe her.

Hearing his savage grunts, my wife said that she mentally panicked again as he moved in close to her open vagina to r*pe her. She kept her eyes tightly closed, anticipating horrific pain from his bull-sized penis was a head the size of a plum. He grinned in delight as he wiped the large head of his gigantic, swollen penis in my wife?s bodily fluids and the other athlete?s saliva at the entrance to her vagina, carefully wiping the wetness all over the head of his penis and fingering it on his penis shaft. His mouth gaped open and she felt his drool fall onto her bare abdomen and vagina as he used his own saliva to further lubricate his humongous, rigid penis. His tongue stuck partially out of his mouth as he carefully fingered his drool to lubricate the head and shaft of his penis.

Then, holding his penis mid-length in the grip of his right hand, he thrust the head and shaft of his gigantic 14? penis inside her vagina with a quick, forward motion as he fell forward over her naked, restrained body. As expected, his penis hurt horrifically as he tore her vagina open and rammed his erection inside her with only the lubrication of his saliva and her bodily fluids. My wife shrieked in a blood-curdling scream but the black athlete continued to tightly hold his hand over her mouth to muffle the sound as his father continued to forcibly push his gigantic, rigid penis forward into her naked, restrained body and drive his huge, black erection deeper inside her vagina. It took nearly a minute for him to slowly force his huge penis all the way deeply to the bottom of her vagina, forcing her vagina to tear open as it spread widely apart to receive his gigantic, black penis.

With only ten inches of his huge penis inside her, the old man appeared to hit bottom inside her body. He paused to balance himself and then began to jerkily ram his penis back and forth inside her, raping her on the bed, slamming his huge manhood repeatedly to the bottom of her vagina. My wife screamed incessantly in a blood-curdling sound under the black athlete?s hand as the old man ripped her open with the part of his huge penis which could be forced inside her body. The pain of his penis remained horrific. She felt her vagina stretch and tear open to accept his gigantic penis width and length as he fiercely banged her now repeatedly to the bottom of her vagina, bounding her small body deeply into the mattress as he now lay heavily on top of her restrained, naked body. Her cervix ached as he rammed it mercilessly.

The pain was so severe that my wife said that she lost consciousness on the bed as the old man continued to r*pe her vagina with his gigantic, black penis. As soon as she passed out, the old man paused to balance himself on both arms before he continued to fiercely r*pe her for the next several minutes, wanting her to regain consciousness so he could enjoy her reaction to being r*ped by his huge penis. His son removed his hand from her mouth as his father took more control of her white, naked, now unconscious body with his own over hers as he continued to slam his black body down heavily on top of her beautiful, large, white breasts with his hairy, black chest, covered by lots of curly gray hairs.

Several minutes later the teacher regained consciousness and continued to struggle against his raping her small body under his on this filthy, dirty mattress. She was already repulsed by his sweaty, smelly body odor. When my wife opened her eyes, she said that an old, heavy-set, black woman was standing beside the bed, watching the old man r*pe her. She frowned but said nothing as she silently watched for several minutes and then left the room. Now this old black man AND this black woman, perhaps his wife, both knew about her sexual activities with these two black athletes. My wife knew she must do something to stop more people from knowing this. Every additional person who knew about her sexual activities was another risk for her entire life and livelihood.

During his father?s time of forcefully raping her, my wife kept her eyes closed so that she would not have to look at his dirty, old, unshaven, black face so closely in front of hers. He continued to r*pe her in several positions on the bed and then moved her to other places all over the bedroom. Helplessly feeling like she had no choice, she stopped resisting him and let the old black man and the two athletes move her body into different positions for intercourse with the old man. Each time the old man wanted her to move into another position, he told his son how he wanted her and she was moved into that new position and held in place. He then quickly reinserted his gigantic penis inside her and fiercely r*ped her some more. Once he asked for her to be bent over a chair beside the bed and then r*ped her from the rear. After twenty minutes or so her vagina felt numb from being banged by his gigantic, black penis forcing her vagina so widely open.

Even with her eyes closed, the old man grossed her out as he r*ped her all over the bed and around the room. He kept grunting and snorting like a jungle savage as he viciously and beastly pump-fucked her body with his gigantic, black penis in many different positions. She stopped fighting them and became submissive.

Occasionally the old man?s drool fell out of his mouth onto her beautiful breasts. He grabbed her breasts frequently with both hands in a rough manner and eagerly caressed and sucked them as he ram fucked her body rhythmically down into the mattress of the bed in various positions, often with his old, hairy, black chest lying heavily on top of her beautiful, white breasts.

He also kissed her all over, even directly on her mouth, as he savagely r*ped her, enjoying every part of her beautiful, naked body being forcefully connected to his body by his rigid, black penis plunging deeply and repeatedly into her vagina and his lips kissing hers with his black tongue probing inside her mouth. More and more, she began to have the feeling of being a prostitute for them as his father r*ped her on the bed for the next hour and took his time enjoying his complete, sexual use of her beautiful, white, naked body in every way possible in this old shack of a house, worn-out mattress, and filthy bedroom.

The old man finally finished with a savagely rough and rapid, jerky pumping style as he rammed his huge fourteen inch penis deeply inside her body as he appeared to be ejaculating inside her. He viciously pumped a massive load of semen inside her vagina as deep as it would go, filling her vagina until it freely flowed out around his gigantic, erect, black, still thrusting penis inside her. She felt her vagina swell as it filled to capacity with his bull-sized penis rammed to its full depth inside her as he pumped his massive load of semen inside her body. He continued to plunge and thrust his huge penis as far as possible inside her as he finished and rested on top of her body.

With his penis still firmly planted fully deep inside her, he rested as he lay heavily on top of her beautiful body for the next five minutes or so as he enjoyed the feeling of his orgasm and his huge penis still buried deeply inside her gorgeous, young, naked body under his. Finally, he slowly rolled to one side of her body and his huge, black penis slowly pulled out of her vagina, ending with a smack of a sound. The old man got off the bed to clean himself in the bathroom. My wife felt the old man?s semen flowing out of her vagina between her butt cheeks and onto the mattress under her.

Without letting her get up or clean up, both of the black athletes took their turns in sexually using her next. That day each black athlete also pumped his load of semen inside her vagina rather than pulling out. The old black man sat in a chair in the bedroom and watched the orgy after he returned from the bathroom. Only after each black athlete made her suck him off, fucked her and ejaculated twice inside her did they allow her to dress. They returned to her car and she took them back to their cars at school.

After that day, the two black athletes took her over to his father?s house once a week for his father to sexually use her on his bed and around the house. The old man seemed to really enjoy having sex with this much younger, teacher lady and each time he eagerly sucked and caressed her large, beautiful breasts like he was starved for sex. He always grunted and snorted like a vicious animal when he rammed his huge, black penis inside her body, really getting into a brutal rhythm of pump-fucking his gigantic penis into her reluctantly, submissive, white, naked body in many different positions. She NEVER had an orgasm when the old man had sex with her so she felt like she was simply performing a service to the black athlete and his father. She continued to feel more and more like a prostitute but she knew of no way out of this since every time she hesitated to make herself available to them they threatened her with blackmail. She did not feel like she had any choice except to go along with whatever they wanted for fear of their reporting her?? to everyone! Intercourse with the old man?s gigantic penis hurt terribly, but she learned to relax and accept it as he viciously rammed and pumped her vagina all over the bed and furniture inside his house.

Sometimes the two black athletes gave my wife a note at school as to where to meet them. When she arrived at some new location, they would have sex with her until they were satisfied with sexually using her for several orgasms each, and often including each of them asking for a blowjob and ejaculating inside her mouth. Only because my wife enjoyed so much the oral orgasms which they ALWAYS gave her did she continue in whatever they directed for her to do. All she could think about was letting them give her more body-jerking oral and intercourse orgasms.

This continued for almost six months as the two black athletes used her several times a week including a weekly visit to his father?s house. But what really began to disturb my wife was not these two black athletes making savage sexual use of her body every few days in some remote location they had chosen, but that during the last month they would occasionally have another black, white, or Hispanic student with them who would also take a turn with her sexually, sometimes without her knowing it at first. They would either insist face to face that she let this new student fuck her or they would have the student hiding until he could enter the orgy without being noticed as they changed places and positions with her in total darkness. As always, the two black athletes ALWAYS insisted that they remove all of her clothing so that she was at their mercy and under their complete control by being naked with their holding her clothing beyond her reach. Then as usual with her naked, one of the black athletes would give her an oral orgasm until she squirmed and shrieked in ecstasy, causing her to drop into a semi-conscious, mentally detached state of mind, deep in sexual trance. Then one of the black athletes would start fucking her naked body just before the third, male student was even known to be there in most cases. At other times this ?visiting? and hiding student would watch the black athletes get started with her before joining in the orgy when a signal was given as previously planned for his entry into their orgy. My wife said that this bothered her a LOT because every additional student meant another mouth to keep quiet about this sexual tryst with these two black athletes.

After about ten of their male student friends and teammates had sex with her in this way during the next few weeks, my wife became more and more convinced that this sexual orgy with these two black students was out of control and that she would eventually be confronted by the school administration if this continued because the different male students would eventually get the word around campus about her. Finally, even though she still REALLY ENJOYED the orgasms as the best she ever had, she decided on the next encounter to tell the two black athletes that she would not continue, no matter what.

For the next encounter they showed up at her car again, and she decided that she would allow this one last time but would tell them after it was over of her plans to stop having sex with them no matter what the cost. The black athletes anticipated this and suspected her feelings. They had something planned for her that night which would be the most sexually diverse demand on her to date. As usual, my wife had no idea of their plans and just thought this would be another routine orgy session after school.

As the two black athletes again arrived at her car and directed her to drive to their usual isolated parking spot out in the country in the farmer?s field behind trees, she drove there, thinking she knew what to expect. By now my wife was very comfortable parking there for sexual relations with these two black athletes, so she did not suspect anything unusual. No one had ever disturbed them there after dark, and no students were ever asked to go to that location to join them. She had no idea that they had anything unusual planned for her that evening. After she parked her car, she anxiously got in the back seat with one of the black athletes.

That day the first black athlete proceeded as usual to remove all her clothing, tossing her clothes into the front seat, wanting her again totally naked in the back seat. He did this so often that she expected it and was used to it. She sometimes helped him by having her dress unzipped and undergarments already removed so he would not be tempted to damage them and she could more quickly become naked since she knew he always demanded and insisted that she be totally naked for their sexual encounter before he started. Within only a minute my wife was naked again and lying on her back on the car seat. Again she anxiously anticipated his giving her an oral orgasm on the seat of her car in this total darkness.

The black athlete quickly undressed himself so that he was also totally naked. But then to her surprise, he ignored their routine of always first giving her an oral orgasm to wet her vagina and prepare her for intercourse. He now grabbed her bare knees and spread her legs as he dropped heavily straight forward face-to-face on top of her. She felt him reach under himself and fumble with his huge, rigid, black penis at the entrance of her vagina.

She knew this would hurt terribly if she was not first excited by an oral orgasm so that her own bodily juices and his saliva lubricated her for intercourse, so she asked him ?What about me??

But sensing that this would be his last orgy with this teacher lady and his black buddy, he said ?Fuck that, you sorry fucking whore! I?m too fucking horny for that now! Just spread your fucking legs so I can get my fucking dick in your fucking pussy!? He was shockingly angry for no reason that she could imagine. He had not ever cursed so much!

Seconds later she felt him thrust his huge, dry, rigid, black penis inside her vagina. She screamed at the pain, but he continued until he forced himself all the way forward inside her body. She cried out in pain and continued to scream but he actually wanted it that way as an ego trip to himself. He kept mercilessly thrusting his huge penis into her petite, white body on the seat of the car under himself. Finally, the pain eased somewhat as his huge, black penis became lubricated as it continued to ferociously and brutally pump her vagina. Her bodily juices began to be released to lubricate his penis and ease the pain. He continued without stopping for perhaps fifteen minutes until he finally pulled out and ejaculated on her abdomen with a tremendous release of semen and emotion. The teacher felt his semen squirting all over the front of her naked body, with occasional bursts landing on her breasts and face as he jerked himself off on top of her naked body to finish. She truly felt as if she had just been r*ped by this black athlete. A minute later with most of his semen all over the front of her body, he reinserted his penis into her vagina and again pumped a few more minutes until his erection started to wane.

The other black athlete in the front seat was already naked with his penis hard and ready. As the first black athlete removed his penis from her vagina, the two changed places. My wife said that she was crying and bleeding from the horrible sexual assault by the first black athlete.

Without any consideration for what his buddy had just done in savagely raping her with a dry penis, this second black athlete now dropped heavily on top of her chest and handled his huge, rigid penis at the entrance to her vagina to now take his turn with her. Seconds later he plunged his penis forward inside her body and began to pump-fuck her just as savagely as his buddy. Then for another ten or fifteen minutes, this second black athlete brutally hard fucked her vagina, so savagely at times that she again was convinced that she was being r*ped. Finally he climaxed, pulled out, and jerked himself off on the front of her naked body, squirting large amounts of semen all over her abdomen, breasts, and face.

Then the process continued with both black athletes taking a second vicious turn with her for more sex. This ferocious sex continued for another hour or so until each guy could ejaculate a second time. As the second athlete was ejaculating inside her body for the second time, my wife said that she was shocked and fearful when she heard a car slowly roll up beside her car in the darkness of the farmer?s field. She worried that she would be discovered by someone so she tried to stop his intercourse with her so she could put her clothes back on, but he held her down and kept slowly pumping and thrusting his semen deeply inside her body. Without her knowing at the time, the black athlete in the front seat had sent a text message to three other black athletes waiting down the gravel road in their car to tell them that it was time for them to arrive. As this second athlete continued to ejaculate profusely deeply inside of her body, he was obviously insistent upon taking his time and finishing his orgasm with her in the back seat of the car and enjoying the feeling of his huge, black penis inside her vagina as he filled her full of his sperm. His huge, erect penis felt wonderful inside of her as he continued to slowly thrust deeply inside of her vagina, thinking about impregnating this stupid bitch.

She abruptly said to him ?Someone is here!? as she nervously struggled under him wondering who had arrived outside in another car.

He calmly informed her, ?It?s okay, Babe, it?s okay!? as they both heard the sounds of a car parking and three doors being opened and closed.

My wife was really nervous and freaking now as she wondered who had just arrived in the other car and what would happen if she was discovered by someone in the act of having sex with these two black athletes.

But the black athlete pumping her told her again ?Don?t worry, Mrs. Jill. It?s okay, Babe!? over and over which indicated he knew who had just arrived as he continued to slowly thrust his huge, black penis fully deep inside her and ejaculate. Then he slowly finished pumping her a few minutes later but held her down and held his huge erection deeply inside her body, pinning her to the car seat under him. He appeared to be in no hurry as he took his time and finished his orgasm. He just simply lay heavily to top of her now like he was waiting for something. Forcefully, he continued to hold her nervous, fidgeting, naked body under himself on the back car seat, perhaps waiting for his huge penis to go limp inside her. He continued to simply rest on top of her after his savage sexual use of her body.

Without my wife knowing what was happening, three of his black friends had arrived as planned by these two black athletes to gang r*pe her. His buddy in the front seat had coordinated the timing of their arrival with his cell phone.

Their three friends now had time to walk to the car and look inside when the black athlete on top of her informed her, ?My buddies over here are gonna want you too, Mrs. J.!? He of course knew that she had no idea who had just arrived in the other car and the plans they had for her tonight.

My wife was shocked at their arranging for their friends to be there without her approval and said ?No! Absolutely not! I can?t do this!?

The black athlete with his penis still inside her sarcastically replied ?You don?t have NO fucking choice, Mrs. J.! They?re my fucking friends! They want your fucking pussy! And we KNOW you won?t fucking tell nobody, Teach! So shut the fuck up, hoe!?

Then his buddy in the front seat sternly added ?Guess you?ll just fucking have to go along with it, you fucking, white hoe!?

She was stunned. In spite of all the sex they had enjoyed and all the pain she had endured, both black athletes were talking to her like a gutter prostitute! It was clear that they hated her in spite of all she had given them! My wife was shocked beyond speaking as his words and attitude ran through her mind and she quickly understood that she had no choice but to accept this.

The black athlete was finally now slowly removing his rigid, black penis from her vagina and backing out of the side door of the car as the three, black friends of his stood in readiness around the car windows. With the side door open, the car?s dome light suddenly blinded her and gave his friends a good look at her naked body inside. This illuminated my wife?s nakedness on the back seat. They wanted their three friends to get a good look at the beautiful, white, female teacher who they had said that they were fucking for six months.

This was like showing off their prized trophy that they intended to share with these three guys. My wife said that she quickly sat up and looked desperately for something to cover herself but there was nothing within reach. She was still naked but now alone in the back seat. She quickly put her hands over her breasts, desperately trying to cover her large, beautiful, white breasts with her small hands but not being able to do so. The other black athlete had her clothing out of reach in the front seat, grinning at her expression of horror as she fearfully realized there was nothing available in the back seat to cover her nakedness and no way for her to escape whatever they planned for her next. My wife knew that she was about to be gang r*ped inside her own car as she sat naked and on display in the back seat.

One of the two black athletes said to his three friends ?Mrs. J. is fifty-something, but she?s still a really good fuck! And besides, she craves big, black dick!?

Three black guys she never met were eagerly looking through the open side door of the car at her, grinning as they watched her nervous fidgeting. They enjoyed watching her squirm and freak out, knowing as she did what was next. Then my wife heard them argue about who would be the first to fuck her. Within moments one guy stepped forward and moved into the back seat with her, gawking at her and grinning as everyone stared at her naked body on display in the back seat, laughing and joking with each other, obviously each guy expecting to take his sexual turn with her soon.

Being naked out there in the country away from people, Jill said she realized of course that there was nowhere for her to go even if she found a way to get out of the car and escape. Without hesitation, this black student then grabbed her legs and jerked her bare hips up under himself, which forced her back down onto her back. He laughed as he unzipped his pants, pulled out his erect black penis, and quickly forced his penis inside her vagina in spite of her struggling under him. He chided with her ?Don?t fucking fight this, Mrs. J.! Just enjoy my big, nigga? dick in your good fucking hoe pussy like you fucking do when my buddies fuck you. We know you dig big nigga? dick, you fucking white teacher hoe!?

The side door remained open which kept the inside dome light ?on?, keeping her naked body in plain sight for all the black students to see as this black student proceeded to fall heavily forward on top of her naked body to r*pe her. She tried to fight him and object to his having intercourse with her, but she was not strong enough to resist him as he overpowered her, lay heavily on top of her and r*ped her for the next thirty minutes in several positions before he finally pumped his load of semen inside her on her knees from behind. The car light remained ?on? so all the guys could watch this display as this black student viciously r*ped her in the back seat. My wife felt humiliated and embarrassed, but there was nothing she could do as they all watched this black student have intercourse with her every way he chose.

My wife said that she felt this black student?s penis swell, start to ejaculate and pump his load of semen with several vicious bursts deeply inside her body.

?Oh, shit! I dig this fucking hoe?s pussy!? he said more to his fellow students than to her. He grunted and snorted in ecstasy with his large, black penis viciously pumping her doggy style from the rear. After a few minutes, he slowly thrust the last of his semen deeply inside her naked body and groaned in a loud final release. He took his time before he slowly removed his penis and then chuckled when he saw his semen oozing out of her vagina. Obviously pleased after raping her, he backed out of the car.

?Hey, guys! Mrs. J.?s pussy is real fucking good! Time to get you some, Bro!? he said to his friends.

Just as quickly another black student who she also did not know got in the back seat to take his turn with her next. He grabbed her and also forced her down onto her back on the car seat, and then r*ped her for another half hour until he pumped his load of semen inside her too, this time on her back on the car seat. The car?s interior light remained ?on? as these three friends of the two black athletes r*ped the white, female school teacher in the back seat of her car.

As each guy r*ped her, she saw all the black guys looking through the car windows to watch what was happening. My wife continued to feel like a prostitute as each black student r*ped her and pumped his semen inside her and all over her face and breasts. She felt totally violated and sexually used against her will but there was nothing she could do to change the situation.

Finally about an hour later, the third black student got in the car with her and r*ped her for about thirty more minutes before ejaculating his load of semen into her mouth as she was forced to continue to lay on her back on the car seat. Several guys were asked to hold her face still and her mouth open so he could cum directly into her mouth. As he finished ejaculating completely inside her mouth, he reinserted his penis into her vagina and pumped her for a few more minutes to finish. He demanded that the guys make her swallow his semen which she had been holding inside her mouth after he ejaculated. They clamped her lips together, and squeezed her nostrils closed, forcing her to swallow so she could get air to breathe.

This situation caused her to refuse to ever meet the two black athletes again or allow them into her classroom. She decided to tell me now and put a stop to it if she was ever discovered. Her thinking was that she could now refuse these guys if I knew as her husband and they could no longer threaten her to go along with their sexual desires to maintain secrecy.

Her school teaching job was still at risk, but she decided to deal with that if her sexual activities ever got reported. She now believed that she could charge a number of the guys with r*pe, so she hoped that maybe if she did not report them for r*pe that they would not report her either.

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