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School Teacher and After School Black Athletes Ch1

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My school teacher wife, Jill, entered the living room of our home one day where I reclined on the couch, reading a book which I had cherished to have the time to enjoy on this Saturday afternoon. From the moment I glanced at her entering the room with me, it was clear that something was really bothering her and that she needed to talk. I patted the seat of the couch next to me and Jill sat down, but she instead placed herself on the other end of the couch from me and turned towards me as she prepared to speak. Jill was close, yet distancing herself for a reason I was yet to understand.

As I looked into her eyes, I could see that she was struggling to find the right words to start. Her nervousness and hesitation began to instill fear in me as I quickly wondered what was so terribly wrong that she would respond to me in this way. More long moments of silence passed as she tried to collect herself and her words, looking for a place to begin whatever it was that she desperately needed to tell me. I remained patient, though the suspense was killing me. ?What the hell was going on with my wife?? I wondered to myself.

Even at age of 45, Jill was a 5?, 4?, 110#, graying blonde but kept her hair high-lighted blonde, dressed attractively, and her body in shape. Her breasts were nice and large at 38D. For her age, she had quite an impressive female body. She was quite shapely and still very attractive, always keeping her make-up and hair impeccable. We had been married for almost twenty years and enjoyed lots of sex together. We were really close and sexually active even for our age, having good, savage, hard thrusting early morning sex every day for thirty minutes or more before she left to teach school. Weekends were even better with vicious and aggressive sex lasting an hour or more for mutual, romantic orgasms. She was the best fuck I had ever experienced.

And she had earlier vaguely said our sex was a lot better than with her first husband. She would NOT discuss sex with the guys she dated before and after her first marriage, saying ?you REALLY don?t want to know?, thinking that I would be jealous. Guess we both learned from years of experience to be good in bed.

During the nine months we dated before marriage, we had lots of sex on an almost daily basis, mostly in her apartment late at night. Usually I watched her bathe, and then I fucked her in her bed while she pretended to be asleep because she still did NOT want to admit that her morals would allow her to have pre-marital sex, even after divorce from someone else. She wanted to please me but really did not participate fully until after we married. We kept our sexual relationship secret from family by not moving in with each other. But I insisted upon knowing that we were sexually good as a couple before we made the life-time commitment of marriage.

As I patiently watched Jill sitting on the couch with me, I saw shame and embarrassment in her eyes as she thought about whatever it was that she needed to share. It was clear that whatever it was would soon be told, so I just let her have the time that she apparently needed. Yet each moment of silence as she contemplated her words scared the hell out of me and convinced me that this was truly a serious issue of some sort. Something was horribly wrong with her, and I was soon to be told what it was. Fears cascaded through my brain as I wondered if she was having an affair, was r*ped, wanted a divorce, or what?

Finally with sad eyes and trembling lips Jill stumbled over her words to start. She said there was something she needed to tell me, something that started at school over six months ago and just recently ended. She was very apologetic as she started to speak but I had no idea what she was about to confess to me except that her having an affair was now in the front of my thoughts.

Jill blurted out that two black athletes at the high school were blackmailing her because of an affair that she had with them six months ago. My wife said that she felt trapped in this situation because she had initially succumbed to her sexual temptation to let one of the black athletes give her oral sex. Then she said that one thing led to another and she continued seeing them for six months. Finally Jill said she realized that eventually she would be discovered if she did not stop their continuing sexual use of her body and confess to me, feeling like she was trapped and at the mercy of their sexual demands. She said they threatened her that they would tell the school administration, including me as her husband, if she did not do what they wanted sexually with her. And she feared they still might do that. She said that because of that she reluctantly became their sex slave to maintain secrecy.

Jill said it started one day after school when she was working late. She was the only teacher still in the building. My wife said a high school coach stopped by her junior high classroom and asked her if she would do him a favor and let two of his high school seniors, star athletes, work out in her junior high gym until she was ready to leave. He explained that he had a meeting to attend, but he wanted his two athletes to have the use of a gym as long as possible each day to build up their stamina. He said no teachers were at the high school building so he had to lock it as he left. But he noticed her still working at the junior high building so he thought that maybe she would oblige him and let his two star athletes have the use of the gym in her building.

He said she just needed to escort them out the door when she was ready to leave. It seemed like a simple request. Jill said she agreed to do that for the coach. He thanked her and left, suggesting that she might want to tell them of her now being in charge.

Knowing that the two athletes were now in her junior high gym but would not know that she was now responsible to see them out, Jill walked to the gym to tell them. Both black athletes were throwing a basketball around when she entered the gym. She found a place to sit on the front row of the stands as she waited for an opportunity to inform them of this arrangement with their coach.

When she entered the gym, my wife said that she was stunned and captivated by the appearance of these two black athletes. They were tall, big guys and their bodies were very muscular and physically impressive. They looked like Olympic champions. They were wearing net-type see-thru shirts and jogging tights for pants, which revealed much detail about their incredible well-developed bodies and muscles. Obviously they were active as body builders. Jill said that she sat and watched the two of them on the basketball court for several minutes, waiting for them to stop for a break so she could tell them the arrangements with their coach for them to stay another hour in the gym.

As she watched them move around in front of her, Jill said that she became shocked when she noticed that their tight pants showed their erect penises and massive testicles in much detail. She quickly became sexually aroused when she noticed this, and could not help but stare at their tight pants because their penises were so large, demanding her attention as soon as she noticed the bulge in their pants. They continued with their one-on-one basketball as she gawked at the detail she saw of their large, erect, black penises inside their tight, jogging pants. Both black athletes appeared to have huge, erect penises under their tight pants and my wife could not help but be captivated by the incredibly large bulge in each of their pants as they moved around on the court in front of her. She stared at their genitals with her mouth open, so shocked by their huge, erect penises that she failed to realize that her gawking at them would be obvious to the athletes as well.

The athletes kept glancing at her as she stared at their bulging, erect penises as they continued to play basketball and ran around in front of her on the court. Unknown to her at the time, Jill said the look on her face must have let the black athletes know that she was shocked and captivated as she watched them. Since they each had erections and their penises were huge, the black athletes could easily imagine and fantasize as to why this white, teacher lady was gawking at their bodies. They knew they were making a scene, and she just happened to be there to watch. Her fidgeting in her seat and other body motions made them realize that she was building in sexual desire by just watching them. And she was. To Jill, she said it was almost as if they were playing naked on the basketball court in front of her.

After five minutes or so, the two black athletes stopped and came over to my wife to see what she wanted. But by that time, my wife was so nearly speechless with her sexual arousal after staring at their erect and bulging penises and massive testicles under their tight jogging pants that it was obvious to the athletes that she was highly sexually aroused and at a loss for words. After much hesitation and continued embarrassing moments of silence as she now sat stunned and gawked at their bulging pants up close as they both now stood still right in front of her, which outlined even more clearly to her the precise shape of their erect penises underneath the thin, tight fabric, my wife was finally able to fumble with her words and tell them that she would be there for another hour and that they needed to come to her classroom about then so she could leave and escort them out of the building.

The two black athletes grinned at each other as they observed my wife?s manner of stumbling over her words, knowing full well that she was shocked and captivated by their impressive, muscular bodies and especially their genitals, and that was why she could barely speak. It was very obvious to them that she was sexually aroused by seeing their huge penises and massive testicles which were visible in full detail and size under their tight pants as they now stood right in front of her as she sat on the sidelines. Standing in front of her with her seated on the first row, her face was now on the same level as their massive genitals.

This was all part of their plan to seduce her which they devised after the coach left and said that he was going to have this teacher lady named Mrs. Jill let them out of the building. The coach unthinkingly informed them that she was the only teacher still in the building. So because they knew that they were alone with her in the building, they began to make plans to sexually seduce her.

After Jill said she left the gym and returned to her classroom, the two black athletes told each other that the teacher was ?really hot?, that she liked looking at their stud bodies, and that she wanted them to fuck her. They played for another half hour instead of an hour and then went to my wife?s classroom as she had instructed them. Before that, they talked about how they might seduce this teacher lady into having a sexual encounter with them.

When they entered her classroom, they had a plan of attack ready on how they were going to seduce her. They were anxious about having sex with her, and they had a plan to seduce this female teacher right there in her classroom, just like they did with other high school girls on dates.

It was now completely dark outside as they entered her classroom and sat in folding chairs close to where my wife was working on a computer. She told them to wait a few minutes while she finished what she was doing so that she could escort them out of the locked building and know that they had left as a favor to their coach. Since they were sitting so close to my wife, every few minutes she would turn around and glance at them. Each time she looked, the two black athletes were sitting with their legs spread widely open, as if they wanted her to look at their genitals. One of the black athletes kept moving his chair closer to her chair, making her nervous. Now more than ever, their erect penises and massive testicles were clearly visible in great detail under their tight jogging pants. It seemed again that my wife was looking directly at their huge penises without clothing because of the tightness of their jogging pants and the incredible detail of their erect penises underneath. She considered their clothing indecent, but the coach was in charge of that.

The black players clearly knew that my wife was sexually aroused by looking at their erect penises and massive testicles under their tight jogging pants, so they used that to their advantage in their efforts to seduce her now in her classroom. When she looked away, they rubbed their penises on top of their tights to keep them erect. They kept their legs spread open and their penises erect to make sure that each time she looked back at them that she was faced with looking at their rock hard penises. They wanted to further arouse her sexually and force her to think about them in a sexual manner. They wanted to tempt and intimidate her to give in to their sexual desires for her too, letting her know that they were available to satisfy her sexual desires if she would only give-in to their plan for her right now. One black athlete now had his chair up very close to her chair as she continued to struggle to concentrate on her work at the computer. She was really nervous about the black athletes simply being in her classroom, trying to calm herself with self talk. But this one black athlete now sitting right next to her and looking over her shoulder was really freaking her out and severely distracting her.

Each time my wife turned around and glanced at the two black athletes, she became more sexually aroused. She realized that some sort of situation was developing. She spiritually sensed that they had something in mind and something was about to happen. But she disregarded her senses telling her that. Finally, Jill said the distraction was too much for her to do any more of her work. Her nervousness and sexual arousal became intense with her thoughts about the two black athletes racing out of control and her sexual emotions now over-powering her ability to concentrate on her work. This caused her extreme nervousness and fidgeting of a sexual nature in the chair as she felt her vaginal wetness flowing into her white lace panties under her dress. All of this the two black athletes observed and instinctively knew exactly what was happening in her thoughts and emotions.

Their plan was working to seduce this teacher, and they were now emboldened and encouraged to continue.

Unable to do more of her work but not yet at a stopping point, my wife suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned around in her chair facing both athletes. The distraction was simply too much. She knew she had to deal with this situation with the two black athletes one way or another. One athlete was now sitting very close to her with his legs spread widely open and his huge penis firmly erect, bulging and straining to be free from his tight jogging pants. He had watched my wife?s body language closely and the look in her eyes was that of a trapped, cornered, and frightened older woman, helpless yet needing what they had to offer.

With my wife now looking directly at him, the black athlete sitting next to her boldly and clearly said in a tender, affectionate voice.

?You?re really HOT, Mrs. Jill! Let me put my tongue in your sweet little pussy. I?ll make you purr, Babe!?

My wife looked shocked and her mouth dropped open at his boldness to make such an improper statement. But she was so stunned that she said nothing in response as her mind raced and considered every possibility of what he had said, struggling with her own highly aroused sexual emotions, wondering if she could actually give in to him or should she punish him and get out of this dangerous situation. He was making a direct confrontation on her sexual desires. But an oral orgasm with a guy?s mouth was ALWAYS her greatest sexual need, her biggest turn-on, strongest temptation, and the hardest offer for her to resist. To make matters worse, she was really horny at that very moment with her vaginal juices soaking her panties. And now with his offer to do that for her, she desperately wanted an oral orgasm!

She slowly collected her thoughts and tried to get a grip on her sexual emotions during the long and awkward moments of silence. Momentarily overcoming her obviously overwhelming sexual desire to give in which she was unable to hide by her hesitation to answer, by her body movements and facial expressions, my wife slowly and nervously finally responded.

?I can?t. I?m married.?

But this was a half-hearted, weak response to his sexual proposal, which sounded to him like she was really considering his offer EXCEPT for being married. Also, her NOT being offended, avoiding immediately verbally punishing him and reporting him was quite obvious to both black athletes. To them this meant she was seriously considering his offer and did not intend to punish him for saying it. The black athlete now knew he had the advantage over her sexual emotions and that he was continuing to be successful in seducing her.

Believing even more that he now had a chance to succeed sexually with her if he persisted, the black athlete glared at her with a big grin as he quickly picked up on her considering attitude and responded

?But we won?t tell, Mrs. Jill. You know you want my tongue in your pussy!?

He was repeating his offer so she would have to answer again.

And then before she could answer he continued just as boldly as before.

?Just let me do it, Mrs. Jill! Just let me do EVERYTHING for you!?

His voice was full of excitement, confidence, eagerness and encouragement. It sounded as if that was ALL he wanted to do with her as he pressed her temptingly and encouragingly again to give in to his offer to give her oral sex right now there in her classroom.

Jill told me that she hesitated again during more long moments of silence and then slowly shook her head disappointingly as she caught her emotions as she hesitated again, still considering his offer, and then answered him softly and meekly for the second time.

?I just can?t.?

Her answer showed obvious frustration, reluctance, and a yearning attitude in her voice. It was even more obvious now that she really wanted to give in because she was still seriously considering his offer by her long moments of hesitation before she responded, and that he was NOT in trouble for asking. Each moment of Mrs. Jill?s hesitation only encouraged the black athlete to continue tempting her to give in to his sexual desires to seduce her.

?YES YOU CAN, Mrs. Jill!? the black athlete persisted as he now boldly assured her. ?JUST LET ME DO IT!? he continued as he repeated in a pleading, tempting and coaxing voice as he got more courage by her continued consideration of his offer.

?You don?t have to do nothing, Mrs. Jill. I?ll do everything!? he continued relentlessly with another verbal volley.

The teacher said nothing as she looked around the room, sizing up the situation as she continued to consider his offer and the risks involved. She knew that they were alone in the building. But the bigger question was how safe would she be with these two, large, black athletes.

?Your door is locked, Mrs. Jill, and no one can see us!? he assured her quickly with another rapid assault on her tempting consideration of his offer.

She knew, as they did, that no one could enter her locked classroom unless she went to the door and let them in.

After more long hesitation and a lot of looking at the black athlete in her mental state of craving and desperation, my wife finally answered.

?Please! I do WANT TO but I just CAN?T!?

She was weakening rapidly and now admitting her sexual desire to him and deep yearning for an oral orgasm. It had been weeks since her husband had last graced her with an oral orgasm. Her ability to resist this black athlete?s offer continued to deteriorate. Of course this only encouraged him more to press harder for her to give in to his offer.

?JUST LET ME DO IT!? he continued loudly and boldly.

And then more softly pleaded ?You don?t have to do NOTHING, Mrs. Jill!? The black athlete now sensed that he was close to success with this white, female teacher.

With my wife?s sexual arousal now causing her body to shudder in nervous anticipation of what would happen if she gave in to her desires with this large, black athlete during the next long, embarrassing moments of silence as she pictured in her mind what this huge, black, muscle-bound athlete would be doing to her body with an oral orgasm, she slowly and reluctantly now nodded her head ?yes? in unspoken agreement with his offer. She knew it was wrong and that she was agreeing to let him take control of her body and give her an oral orgasm. She was unable to say it herself, being too overcome with her own sexual desires. She could NOT take control of this erotically tempting situation or refuse his continued, persistent offer. She decided at that moment to just submit to him and let him give her oral sex. She was really turned on and already severely wetting her panties just thinking about this huge, black athlete putting his mouth on her vulva and poking his tongue and fingers inside her vagina to give her oral sex.

That was all the black athlete needed to be encouraged to continue to press her to give-in to his hitting on her. He now knew by her nod of acceptance that he had her timid, momentary approval, and the teacher would now allow him to continue only by letting him take the lead and do everything as he suggested. This black athlete looked straight at my wife and pulled down his tight pants, now completely revealing his huge, erect, black penis and massive testicles right in front of her as she stared at this genitals. The veins were popping out all around his huge, impressive, erect, black penis as it bounced stiffly only a few feet in front of her, driving my wife crazy with sexual desire as she gasped at the sight of his penis in anticipation of what he was going to do with her next, already feeling helpless and under his control and seduction.

Still staring continuously at his massive, fully-engorged penis, my wife now realized his black penis was even larger than she thought. It appeared to be a full ten inches in length with a wide girth of probably three inches. Without a doubt, it was the largest penis she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot of penises in her life. She continued to be shocked speechless and could not even say a word, struggling to decide what to do next as she focused distractedly on his enormous, black penis, so obviously excited about her. Her sexual desires now completely overpowered her mentally and she lost all remaining desire to resist him as her sexual desires made her paralyzed and helpless in front of him. She could now only think about giving herself to him for oral sex, picturing him sticking his tongue inside her vagina as he suggested. She focused intently and continuously on his massive, erect, black penis. The black athlete wanted her to be distracted by his penis while he now approached her. He was a master at sexual seduction because he knew from experience how women think and how to gain sexual control over them. He now wanted to undress this teacher lady.

Faintly she still knew she should get out of this situation and that if she allowed him to continue, that he could r*pe her after giving her oral sex with her pussy was exposed. But every nerve in her body was screaming ?submit, submit? to this black athlete and allow him to give her an oral orgasm which she so desperately wanted, anticipating a fantastic oral orgasm if she would just let herself give in to this black athlete and let him do what he suggested. Jill said she was now ready for him to take control of her body and make it happen. She knew this was wrong, but she admitted that she did not care at that moment.

My wife could now ONLY look at his enormous, erect, black penis and massive testicles hanging down under his penis. His penis was dangling stiffly in front of her, so closely now within her reach with large veins popping out all around it. The black athlete stood up from his chair, stepped forward, reached for my wife, and carefully picked her up from her chair by her arms. He moved her over to a nearby table with a purple table cloth covering and placed her sitting on top of it. My wife shook with nervousness but said nothing as he carefully moved her, simply letting him take control of her body to do everything as he suggested. In the black athlete?s mind, he understood Mrs. Jill was now surrendering to what he wanted to do with her sexually to put his tongue and fingers in her vagina. But also in his mind, he expected to then fuck her if he really pleased her with a fantastic oral orgasm. He knew she would not be able to avoid him with her pussy hot and ready.

The black athlete stayed close to her now and carefully grabbed my wife?s right hand. He placed her hand on his huge, erect, black penis, tempting her by insisting that she feel the size of it and admire it by touching it with her hand. With his large, black hand over her much smaller, white hand, he closed her fingers around his huge, heavily-veined, erect, black penis, letting her know that it was okay to handle it. Then he moved her small hand back and forth over his penis in a stroking, masturbating motion, forcing her to caress his penis and suggesting what he wanted her to do for him as a ?thank you? for the promised oral orgasm.

At first, my wife resisted his hand placing hers on his penis and moving her hand over it in a masturbating motion. But then overcome with sexual desire, she submitted and voluntarily grabbed his huge penis with BOTH hands, being anxious with his permission to feel the enlarged, swollen size of it and the heavily, incredibly impressive vein pattern standing out all around it. To my wife, this looked and felt like a penis that could really satisfy ANY woman because of its enormous size and heavily veined surface. The black athlete?s penis was about ten inches long and three inches wide. It continued in full erection in front of her as she handled it.

Her mind was already racing with thoughts tempting her as to how this huge, black penis might feel inside her vagina if she decided to let him put this humongous penis inside her for intercourse. But even with his penis in her hands, she was still focused now on expecting him to give her an oral orgasm. In her naïve mind, that was ALL she agreed to accept at that moment and she believed that she was still in control as the teacher over this student. That was ALL she was prepared to let him do to her at that moment. Even though she was giving in to the black athlete?s sexual desires to give her oral sex, she still naively at that moment thought of herself as the adult teacher in control of this student.

Jill said she was then voluntarily stroking his incredibly large, black, rigid penis with both of her small hands as he stood right in front of her at the table with his large, muscular body towering over her small, petite frame. The black athlete reached behind her back and carefully fumbled with the top of the zipper on her dress. As he expected and wanted, Mrs. Jill was so distracted by holding his penis that she hardly noticed that he was unzipping and opening her dress. He could have simply pulled up the lower part of her dress for oral sex, but he wanted the dress totally removed. He wanted to see and touch her big, beautiful breasts as part of the deal, already knowing that he intended to do a lot more than just give her oral sex. He carefully continued to slide the zipper slowly down her back as her hands continued to stroke his huge penis. Of course he did not have to unzip her dress to give her oral sex, but he was already thinking about fucking her and he wanted to undress her completely for that. Mrs. Jill was too busy with his penis at that moment to wonder why he was opening her dress from the neck down her back when he could simply raise the bottom of her skirt for oral sex.

Finally the zipper of her dress was completely opened all the way to the lower part of her buttocks. He then cautiously and slowly peeled the top of her dress down, inside out over her shoulders, moving slowly and tenderly with his large, black hands so as not to frighten her. Mrs. Jill kept massaging his humongous, rigid, black penis as he continued to undress her. The teacher was totally distracted by his huge, impressive, black penis.

The teacher lady shook with nervousness as he peeled open her clothing by pulling her dress down over her arms, exposing her white, upper body and bulging bra, making her momentarily self-conscious about the exposure of her body in front of these two black athletes. He slowly continued to pull her dress down, getting her to remove one arm at a time from working his penis so her arm could exit the sleeves of the dress. Finally he gathered her dress down around her hips and buttocks, exposing the top of her half slip and panty hose. Without hesitation he quickly reached behind her back again, unhooked her bra, which was straining to hold her large, white breasts within it, and also pulled her bra straps down her arms, again getting her to remove one arm at a time from the clothing item, and then dropping the bra to the floor beside the table. He offered no explanation as to why he was exposing her large, beautiful breasts to simply give her oral sex. This now exposed her voluptuous, white breasts only inches in front of his muscular, hairy, black chest as she continued to focus her attention on his huge penis. She was still totally distracted by handling his amazingly large penis with her hands.

The black athlete was quickly gaining confidence and feeling more in control of Mrs. Jill with each passing moment. He still intended to give her oral sex as he knew she expected, but all he could really think about was having intercourse with this old, white, teacher bitch, as he thought of her, as soon as possible after that. His huge penis was swollen with desire for her as the teacher still stroked it with both of her small, white hands as he anxiously worked to remove her clothing.

My wife now sat on the table naked from the waist up with his large, black hands on her bare shoulders, holding her tenderly and delicately as she continued to naively and nervously stroke his humongous black penis with her small hands. She was unintentionally and unthinkingly masturbating his penis, too absorbed with what he was doing to consider the consequences of her actions even though she was just doing what he requested. As he intended, this kept his black athlete?s penis stiffly erect in front of her. My wife naively did not even consider that her pulling on his penis was driving this black athlete wild with sexual desire for her, convincing him that he could insist on intercourse with her as soon as he gave her an oral orgasm. He had placed her hands on his penis, and now her thoughts were focused upon what he was doing to her, not what she was mindlessly doing to his huge, black penis.

Having now exposed the upper half of her body, he was now even more confident about taking complete control over this teacher lady and satisfying his penis by fucking her since she was still eagerly massaging his penis. ?What a stupid bitch,? he thought. In his mind, the black athlete fully intended to have intercourse with Mrs. Jill immediately after giving her an oral orgasm, whether she wanted it or not. With her pulling on his penis and her allowing him to undress her, his sexual desire for her was building beyond being denied. He was determined NOT to let her refuse intercourse with him after giving her oral sex. His offer to ?put his tongue in her pussy and make her purr? was his usual method to get females to succumb to intercourse by getting them to focus on something he would FIRST do to please them. Offering to eat her pussy seemed to work every time to get some bitch?s panties off and then fuck her after his oral work on her pussy.

He was now fiercely intent upon raping this old teacher lady if he had to in order to get his big, black penis inside her petite, white body and have his own sexual needs satisfied. Either way, r*pe or consensual sex, he keenly understood that Mrs. Jill would NOT be able to report him after allowing him to undress her and give her oral sex. Undressing her now excited him even more, and he knew that removing her clothing put her at HIS mercy and under his complete control.

As he did with other females on dates, he was now gaining total control over this older, white, teacher lady, and doing it in her own classroom! His thoughts were ?This stupid bitch does not even know that I?m going to fuck her pussy as soon as I tongue it!?

My wife explained to me that she was now naked from the waist up. She said he quickly moved his big, black hands to her breasts, carefully covering each breast in a delicate manner. He started caressing them with his long, black fingers, feeling and examining the detail of each of the teacher lady?s large, gorgeous, lily-white breasts as she continued to massage his huge, swollen, erect penis with her hands. Then anxiously, he bent over and put his big lips on one of Mrs. Jill?s breasts and sucked one nipple vigorously and voraciously as he continued to delicately caress the other breast with his hand. After several minutes, he moved his mouth to her other breast and did the same, making her breasts engorge with sexual arousal and stand firmly erect with the nipples tightly pointing outward at attention. He wanted to quickly stimulate her sexual arousal to the highest possible degree and maximize her temptation and desire to continue to acquiesce to his sexual moves on her to satisfy her sexual arousal, and his. He knew the sexual foreplay would encourage her temptation to cooperate with ALL of his sexual desires.

For the next several minutes he fingered and sucked each of Mrs. Jill?s large breasts until she was so sexually aroused that she began to moan and groan as her vagina became sloppy wet with her juices. Her breasts were now firm and tautly erect, her sexual anticipation soared out of control, and her mind drifted into a detached state of trance and ecstasy, no longer concerned about the dangerous situation she was drifting into with these two, big, black athletes in her classroom, alone and after dark, with her half naked body on display before both of them.

As the black athlete?s hands and lips continued to work her breasts and all over her upper body, at times kissing her gently directly on the lips, Mrs. Jill unsuccessfully tried to muffle her sounds of sexual pleasure as she now started to softly squeal, moan, and groan with sexual delight, severely wetting her silk-laced panties with vaginal secretions. His big, black lips anxiously, pleasurably, and suggestively sucked each of her breasts and nipples in a soothing, exciting way which was driving her absolutely wild with sexual pleasure. Jill said she NEVER experienced anything like this black athlete?s sexual foreplay and stimulation. His big, black lips were very soothing and driving her crazy as he tenderly sucked her pink nipples and licked her large, white breasts with his enormous, black tongue.

Mrs. Jill lost all remaining desire to regain her self control as this black athlete worked all over her naked, upper body and breasts. She felt her half-naked body relax and surrender completely to his touch as she gave in to the tremendous sexual stimulation he was creating inside her body. She now tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she relaxed in total submission to him, understanding that she could best enjoy the ecstasy of his movements if she relaxed. The teacher lady continued drifting further into a state of sexual trance as she continued to squeal her pleasure and enjoy the incredible feelings of sexual stimulation from his lips and hands on her large, white breasts and the kisses of his large, black lips on her mouth, neck and upper body.

Occasionally he would briefly kiss her directly on the lips and quickly probe his large, black tongue deeply inside Mrs. Jill?s mouth before moving his kisses again to her neck, shoulders, and breasts in an alternating, juggling motion to keep all of her upper body sexually stimulated to a heightened sense of maximum sensitivity. At those times, with his long black tongue probing back and forth inside the teacher?s mouth, the black athlete was thinking about his huge, rigid penis thrusting and probing deeply inside Mrs. Jill?s vagina, just like his tongue was doing to her mouth. My wife had now become very relaxed and simply let him do whatever he wanted to stimulate her, overcome with her own sexual pleasure from his actions. Her body was slowly surrendering to him in every way and letting him take total control over her.

This huge, black athlete, even at his age, was a skillful master at sexually pleasing a woman with his carefully orchestrated kisses and caresses to a woman?s body. And he gave his best effort now to pleasing Mrs. Jill?s sexual desires, understanding that she might try to stop him at any moment if she was not happy. But my wife said that all she could think about was receiving her promised and highly anticipated oral orgasm. At the same time, all the black athlete could think about was getting his huge, ten inch, rigid penis inside her vagina as soon as possible to pump fuck this white, teacher lady hard and deep until he was sexually satisfied with his sexual use of her body. He was wild with desire to hard fuck this gorgeous female teacher and thrust his load of sperm deep inside her body when he came, toying with the idea of impregnating her unsuspecting, naïve and surrendered vagina. He thought of all females as stupid bitches and whores.

Jill said she now struggled to deal with the highly ecstatic sexual emotions that he had created inside her mind and body. She realized later that she did not even know the name of this black athlete who was so wonderfully sucking and caressing her breasts and kissing her mouth and all over her nude, upper body. At that moment she did not want to know his name; she just wanted this to continue. She was having one of those sexual encounters where ?nothing else matters?. It all felt wonderful. She did not realize or even care that every sound of sexual delight and ecstasy which she uttered only encouraged the black athlete to do more, as he became even more convinced that he could soon have intercourse with her. Mrs. Jill simply could not avoid expressing her emotions as his hands and mouth took total control of her body and created such incredible pleasure like she had NEVER experienced with any man. She put all her emotions and energy into her small hands vigorously still handling his huge, rigid, black penis between her legs.

With her emotions at a highly sensitive state of arousal, my wife now craved and encouraged the black athlete to make full sexual use of her body in preparation and anticipation of her oral orgasm. She knew she should not desire him sexually, but she could not avoid her inner drive for sexual satisfaction, which was now spiraling out of control with his hands all over her naked upper body in this wonderful manner of kissing and caressing. The black athlete was a master at sexual foreplay and seducing females for sex.

Jill now admitted that at that moment she began to realize that the black athlete would probably insist upon putting his huge, black penis inside her vagina after he gave her an oral orgasm. But even considering that possibility, she still vigorously stroked his huge, rigid, black penis with both of her hands as she expressed her own sexual excitement by the way she anxiously handled his penis, forgetting that she was subconsciously pulling his penis eagerly between her legs in the exact direction to enter her vagina, a natural tendency during intimacy. Everything felt so wonderful that she did not want to hinder the progression of what was happening as her emotions cascaded through her entire body and she moved instinctively rather than mentally considering what she was doing. But even now before he proceeded with her promised oral orgasm, Jill admitted that she actually was already favorably considering letting him take her all the way to a second orgasm with his huge, black penis pumping inside her vagina like she often experienced with her husband. Even though his black penis was shockingly huge, she hoped that she could relax enough to handle it during intercourse. It was bigger than any of the twenty or so men who had fucked her during her dating life, but she was eager to try anyway.

The black athlete was keenly aware of every minor detail as to how she responded to what he was doing to her body. He became bolder and hornier with this white, teacher lady as he thought about putting his huge, erect, black penis inside her as her moans and groans of sexual excitement encouraged him to do more of what excited her with his hands and mouth. Mrs. Jill now vigorously and voraciously stroked his huge, vein-covered, black penis with her hands with recklessly increasing encouragement and anxiousness as she now enjoyed the rush of feelings of sexual ecstasy that the black athlete was already causing within her body and transferred those feelings to her actions with his huge penis between her legs. He had not yet even touched her vagina for oral sex, but she was already highly sexually aroused by his touches and kisses to her breasts, mouth, and upper body. The way she stroked his penis was driving the black athlete wild with desire to have intercourse with her as soon as possible. To him it appeared that she was eager for him to fuck her the way she pulled and jerked on his penis right in front of her sloppy wet vagina just a few inches away under her clothing.

After the black athlete had my wife deeply involved in this trance of sexual ecstasy by kissing her naked upper body and sucking her breasts, he grabbed her arms and abruptly stood her back up on the floor in front of him and the table. She struggled groggily to stand on her own now since she was already dizzy and comatose from her sexual trance and overpowering ecstatic feeling of his caresses to her breasts, face, and upper body. Her dress now drooped around her waist. The teacher?s bra was on the floor beside the table and he was now standing on it. Much to her surprise, she slowly now began to understand that he intended to completely remove her dress, so she pleaded with him in a whispering voice ?Please don?t! Please don?t take it off!?She was afraid to be naked in her classroom and this was her last, feeble resistance to whatever he would do to her. She thought that perhaps he might just pull her dress up around her waist and leave her the ability to quickly put her clothes back together if someone came to the door of her classroom.

Reassuringly but in an obviously determined, demanding, and controlling voice the black athlete responded. ?Mrs. Jill, your door is LOCKED! No one is here but us, Babe! I NEED you naked so I can give you the works!? His voice was insistent as he ignored her feeble request to keep her dress covering her lower body.

Then with both hands he grabbed her dress and quickly jerked it down over her hips to the floor before she could say anything more. With her standing there still dazed from her highly aroused feelings of sexual trance, he then quickly pulled her slip and panty hose together down her legs to the floor on top of her dress. He got on his knees and first removed each of her feet from her hose at the floor, and then made her step out of her panty hose, slip and dress as he left them on the floor under her feet. Her body was shaking and quivering as he undressed her. She now felt his hot breath as his black face was right beside the hair of her vaginal area as he faced her panties. Then he quickly put his long, black fingers inside the elastic of her white, lace panties and rapidly pulled her panties off her hips and down her legs to the floor around her feet. He quickly lifted her feet out of her panties so he could also toss them to the side. The black athlete was so excited that he tossed her panties all the way across the room, hitting a black board and sliding down into the chalk rail. This had happened so quickly that he was not giving her any time to object to his removing the rest of her clothing. With her still standing, he quickly stuck his nose in her vaginal hair and stuck his tongue forward onto her vulva, quickly licking and probing her vulva with his tongue while he was right there. Like an appetizer, he did this for several minutes as she enjoyed his long, black tongue and big, black lips caressing and licking her vulva and poking at her vagina.

Then he stood back up in front of her with this white, teacher lady now completely naked and shaking violently with nervousness in the grasp and control of his large, muscular, black hands. Since she was much shorter than him, her face was only inches in front of his hairy, muscular, black chest as he towered again over her. His huge erection poked recklessly between her legs near her vaginal opening as he held her arms with both of his strong hands, and moved her easily back onto the table in a sitting position.

My wife said she began to feel helpless in his grasp, and she again wondered what he intended to do with her next now that he had her completely naked. She again realized that she had put herself completely at his mercy and that he could easily overpower her and do whatever he wanted sexually with her now naked body. Of course that was his plan.

She now noticed that the other black athlete had moved his chair closer to them at the table. Her mind was racing as she worried ?Would this black athlete REALLY give her an oral orgasm as he promised or would he just r*pe her instead with his humongous, erect, black penis which she had been so anxiously and mindlessly stroking?? She STILL craved and expected an oral orgasm!

The black athlete now pushed her shoulders back until she was lying on her back on the table. My wife said she was shaking violently and nervously as she lay naked on the table because she knew she had lost control over whatever he wanted to do with her next. At that moment, she knew he could give her oral sex, r*pe her, or both, whichever he chose, also realizing that his buddy would probably do the same afterward when he was finished with her. She knew that there was nothing she could do about whatever he chose to do next.

But this black athlete moved down onto his knees on the floor again in front of the table, spread Mrs. Jill?s slender, white legs widely open, and placed his mouth on her vulva, anxious to have this sexual opportunity with this white, adult, female, school teacher. In his mind, he assumed that he needed to quickly get his tongue inside her vagina so that she would lose any remaining desire to resist him giving her oral sex, and make her forget about everything else he intended to do to her after that. The black athlete wanted to make SURE she was completely surrendered to his sexual control over her small, white, naked body and let him voluntarily do whatever he wanted. He still believed that he FIRST needed to satisfy her sexually with an oral orgasm before he could expect to proceed with intercourse without having to fight with her. His preference was to woo her into submission and NOT have to force her to do anything. He wisely knew that by getting her cooperation, this could be a continuing affair rather than simply a one-time event.

His habit of first giving a female an oral orgasm always worked well on dates to seduce her, so he was afraid to break his successful routine now. The high school girls this black athlete had dated ALWAYS submitted to intercourse with him after he first gave them oral orgasms. Each of them allowed themselves to fall into a situation where they were undressed and then had no choice about having intercourse with him after first accepting his oral stimulation and orgasm. That seemed to relax and prepare them for intercourse, both mentally and physically in sexual desire and wetness to receive his humongous, rigid, black penis forced into their small, highly stimulated and sloppy wet vaginas. He had several ?bitches? as he called them that he could fuck any time he wanted.

So holding Mrs. Jill?s legs widely open with both of his large, black hands, he quickly and eagerly licked the teacher?s vulva with his long, coarse, black tongue, slobbering all over the lips of her vulva as he did. He eagerly mouthed her vulva with his large, black lips, which immediately put her into pre-orgasmic contractions. Then he quickly probed his thick, long, black tongue deep inside her vagina in a flickering motion to tease her sexual senses. The feeling of his large, black tongue probing the inside of her vagina and his big, black lips on her vulva caused my wife to shudder and shake with sexually ecstatic sensations and excitement as she again began to moan, groan, and utter sounds of sexual excitement. His tongue moved somewhat like a penis as he probed it repeatedly deep inside her as his black lips also massaged her vulva. He continued this and my wife soon began to squeal and writhe on the table as she again was unable to muffle her sounds of sexual ecstasy as she now lay naked and surrendered to him, intensely involved in an impending orgasm.

Jill said that she again drifted back into her mentally-detached state of sexual trance and ecstasy. She felt herself once again fading into a state of sexually ecstatic semi-consciousness. What this black athlete was doing to her vagina with his long, thick tongue and big lips was driving her out of her mind with wild, sexual delight and emotion. She no longer gave any thought to stopping him as her naked body squirmed uncontrollably in sexual delight from everything he was doing to her vagina with his lips and tongue.

Her body now craved more of what he was doing to her. She again began to fantasize about his huge, muscular, heavily-veined, erect, 10?, black penis thrusting and pumping inside her vagina until he made her cum and ejaculated his load inside her body. Jill said that as a teacher and being my wife, she knew that this whole situation was wrong, but she could not help her sexual craving for more of what this huge, black athlete had to offer.

After several minutes of massaging her vagina with his mouth, lips, and tongue, he started also eagerly nibbling delicately on the lips of her vulva with his teeth and poking his fingers inside her, stroking her G spot. He knew this would quickly put the teacher into orgasm so that he could more quickly proceed to fucking her with his anxiously waiting, huge, rigid penis. As his big, black lips sucked the outside of her vagina, his softly nibbling her vulva and probing fingers did put her quickly over the top into an ecstatic, body-jerking oral orgasm as the black athlete expected, causing her body to bow up on the table top.

As with other high school girls he fucked, he knew this oral orgasm would now give him complete control over her naked body. My wife said that she loudly moaned, groaned, and squealed in ecstasy, writhing uncontrollably on the table as his mouth, tongue, and fingers on her vagina continued to put her deeper into a fantastic, orgasmic, sexually erotic trance and her body became racked with orgasm.

Jill said her naked body still jerked violently with full body sensations. She continued to be held at the top of her orgasm and writhed erratically on the table with the athlete?s large, black elbows firmly holding her legs spread open and her hips rigidly in place as her now swollen, fully-engorged vulva continued being orally stimulated into intense orgasm. My wife said her breasts were also swollen and her nipples were tautly erect as her body remained at the peak of sexual stimulation.

A few minutes later her climax started to wane as the black athlete continued to deeply and rhythmically probe inside the teacher?s vagina with his fingers and tongue like several small penises. Jill had squealed and groaned in ecstasy for several long minutes as this black athlete licked, sucked, tongued, and fingered her vagina in a fast, flickering, rhythmic motion to keep her climaxing and at the top of her orgasm. As my wife experienced her full, body-wrenching, ecstatic orgasm, her cum oozed out of her vagina onto the black athlete?s tongue as her naked body tensed and jerked repeatedly and rhythmically on the table restrained by his heavy arms and upper body on her legs. The teacher had experienced a tremendous oral orgasm as the black athlete now had her totally under his spell and in his control for sexual pleasure just like he intended.

After Jill said her naked body jerked on the table for several more minutes, her ecstatic orgasm eased slightly as the black athlete continued to brace her legs open with his arms and probe and flicker his long, black tongue inside her vagina now at a slower pace on her now highly sensitized vulva. She relaxed and became silent, exhausted yet still nervous and shaking as she slowly regained her senses and realized to some degree the situation she had just allowed herself to become part of, being totally naked and vulnerable in front of these two, big, black student athletes whose names she did not even know, having allowed this one black student to undress her and give her oral sex on this table in her classroom. But at that moment, she really did not care as much about the danger as she relished the orgasmic thrill because she was totally exhausted, emotionally and physically, from experiencing such a fantastic orgasm, almost losing consciousness now as she relaxed back into a lower state of mental awareness. She was sexually satisfied as she continued to enjoy the continuing feelings of her fantastic, sexual ecstasy.

Jill said she lay on the table almost comatose with sexual sensations, only faintly aware of what the black athlete was now doing to her naked body as the feelings of her body-wrenching oral orgasm continued to rack her entire body to a sensitivity level she had never experienced. She had already climaxed, but she could not understand how there could be so much more. Even though she had climaxed and cum, he continued to drive her wild and crazy with desire for more by continuing to probe his long, black tongue and fingers in and around her now highly sensitive, cum-wet vagina. With Mrs. Jill?s cum still flowing onto the black athlete?s tongue, he knew he could proceed to do what he REALLY wanted with this naked, surrendered, helpless, white, female teacher in front of him on the table----- fuck her with his huge, black penis! When erect, his penis was ten inches long and three inches wide, a size that strained every female?s vagina when he entered them. He could see by looking at Mrs. Jill?s petite body and small vagina that his huge, black penis would have to be FORCED into her pussy too. But that was okay because he always had to put his big penis inside tight vaginas anyway. That?s what made the women he fucked squeal as he ripped their vaginas open and gave them orgasms that only a penis his size could do.

The other black athlete was standing close by now, smiling gleefully at his buddy?s progress with the white teacher lady as he masturbated his own penis to keep it hard and ready for action, anxiously expecting to also have intercourse with her as soon as his buddy took his turn. In his mind, his buddy was simply preparing to fuck this old, white bitch, and all he had to do was be ready and wait his turn to fuck her too.

The black athlete now stood up at the table edge over Mrs. Jill between her widely spread-open legs as she continued to lay exhausted and mentally detached, twitching with the ecstatic feelings of her incredible, oral orgasm. Her body had jerked so violently that she was now almost unconscious, completely surrendered to whatever he wanted to do with her. She was helpless to avoid his desires for her as she lay naked in front of him on her back on the table, savoring her orgasm and therefore highly distracted just like he wanted. Her orgasm had slammed into her body so violently that my wife was drained emotionally and physically, which was exactly the way the large, black athlete wanted her. Yet she wanted the ecstatic feelings she was still experiencing to continue without even considering what he might do to her for that to happen. Her vagina was red and swollen with sexual arousal, fully engorged and sloppy wet with her own cum and the athlete?s drooling saliva. Her vagina was gaping open from his tongue and fingers having probed inside her naked body repeatedly until she had only minutes earlier burst into this unbelievably intense orgasm which was still racking her body to a frantic degree.

Mrs. Jill was naively unaware that the black athlete had stood up and that his humongous, erect, black penis now dangled stiffly only an inch or so away from her open vagina as he stroked his penis to ready himself for intercourse. He still fingered her vagina with one hand as he handled his penis with the other. The black athlete knew that Mrs. Jill was completely distracted with the feelings of her orgasm, just as he intended, and he was skillfully keeping that going.

He knew that she was NOT listening or understanding what he said when he now quietly mumbled, barely audible even to himself.

?It?s my turn, Mrs. J. It?s time to fuck, Babe!?

The teacher?s eyes remained closed, and she was still traumatized with sexual ecstasy as she continued to focus ONLY on enjoying the body-jerking sensations of the oral orgasm this large, black athlete had just given her. She was savoring the sensations and wanting those feelings to continue as long as possible. And the body-jerking emotions kept coming as his long, black fingers continued to massage her vulva and probe inside her vagina. Jill explained to me that she only faintly remembered hearing him say something without understanding that he now intended to have intercourse with her. However, even if she heard what he said, she admitted that she could not even if she wanted to avoid him having intercourse with her next. I forced Jill to admit that she really WANTED his big, black dick inside her. And he knew that too!

The black athlete?s mouth gaped open and saliva drooled out into his hand and on top of his huge, rigid, black penis for lubrication. He fingered his saliva all over his penis head and shaft as he quickly prepared his huge penis near the entrance to the teacher?s open and waiting vagina as she simply lay uncaringly distracted by her oral orgasm on the table with her eyes closed.

My wife was so distracted that she was not listening to what the black athlete had said. He now softly mumbled again in a bolder, demanding whisper, again more a statement of his intent than for her to hear.

?It?s time to FUCK, Mrs. J!? he repeated only slightly louder.

It was like he thought he needed to say it because he was so nervous about inserting his huge, black penis inside this delicate, white, teacher lady. This was the first female adult, a person of authority, for him to fuck. He had mumbled this softly because he did not really want her to hear him, fearing that she might try to stop him. But he knew he was about to sexually assault this adult, teacher lady with his enormous, 10?, rigid, black penis. He was nervously gaining his courage to do this but fiercely intent upon now raping her if he had to do so to have his own sexual needs satisfied. He was so horny and aroused that he would NOT be held off by her objections if she had any. Nothing would stop him now from fucking this naked, white, teacher lady with her vagina wide-open in front of him and his penis ready to fuck her. In his mind, she was just waiting for his big, black penis to be inside her, and she sounded ready for him to fuck. The black athlete considered the stupid bitch to be ready.

Overcome now with his savage, sexual desire, he suddenly grabbed the lower part of his huge, rigid penis with his right hand and quickly shoved the peach-sized head into her with a quick forward thrust. His huge penis head rammed her small vaginal opening, stopped, and then pushed past her pubic bone, forcing her open to accept him. Then he kept pushing hard and shoved about half of the long, thick shaft deep inside the teacher?s cum and saliva wet vagina. This happened very quickly.

My wife groaned in sudden, unexpected pain as her vagina ripped open to receive his humongous, heavily-veined, muscular, wide, black penis being forcefully thrust inside her petite body. His huge penis ripped her vagina severely, suddenly forcing it widely open, straining her vagina as his 10? by 3? penis entered her body. He continued to anxiously and forcibly keep pushing his manhood forward inside her dazed, surrendered body on the table. The only thing that stopped his penis from plunging all the way to the bottom inside her vagina was the incredibly humongous size of his penis compared to the smallness of her vagina. The teacher grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and held on tightly as he now lay heavily forward on top of her hips.

Jill explained to me that because her vagina was wet with the secretions from her orgasm and his saliva, he was quickly able to finish lubricating his huge, erect, black penis inside her body as he short pumped her vagina and rapidly forced his huge penis the rest of the way to the bottom inside her small body. Her vagina was now completely filled with his enormous penis inside her helpless, comatose, lily-white, naked body as she continued to lay surrendered on her back on the table. To maximize her continued enjoyment of her ecstatic orgasm still racking her body, Jill kept her eyes closed as this black athlete paused a moment with his huge penis now completely filling her vagina all the way to the bottom inside her. Then he slowly started to pump fuck her back and forth on the table. His penis was so wide that it tightly gripped the inside of her vagina and pushed and pulled her vagina inside out as he slowly humped her. The tremendous size of his penis and the veins all around the sides of the surface gripped the inside of the teacher?s vagina as he slowly pump fucked her, again causing her body to quiver and start building to another highly sensitized orgasm at a even higher level of ecstasy.

My wife quickly realized that the next orgasm was building on the first, and that it would reach an even higher level of erotic ecstasy, totally unknown to her in her previous sexual experiences. The black athlete already knew that jerking a woman?s vagina inside out like this would pick up where her oral orgasm stopped and start her emotions toward another orgasm, except this time with his penis now replacing his tongue and fingers with his penis enjoying the sensations too.

With his penis now well lubricated and thrusting deeply inside her to its full length, the large, muscle-bound, black athlete now began to speed up his motions inside her. Soon he was rapidly and savagely pumping my wife?s small, semi-conscious, lily-white naked body on the table in a motion so vicious that the table was bouncing an inch or so across the floor with each of his forward thrusts.

His buddy quickly braced his hips against the other side of the table to stop it from moving and help him.

The black athlete was thoroughly enjoying the tightness of her vagina as he felt his huge, black penis tightly gripped by her small vagina. Then he mumbled softly for the third time to this naked, teacher lady.

?You?re really a good fuck, Babe! I like your pussy, Mrs. J!?

My wife?s naked body was now being forced into another orgasm as he savagely r*ped and viciously ravaged her body in a fast, rhythmic, thrusting motion, quickly becoming bolder and more confident with his fuck pumping this beautiful, white, teacher lady on the table of her classroom.

The black athlete had the teacher lady firmly and totally in his control now as he manipulated her body deeper into sexual ecstasy with his huge, black penis plunging and thrusting forward and downward inside her body. His buddy kept holding her head and the other side of the table in place as he fucked her viciously hard.

He rammed his penis rapidly inside her obedient, submissive body as he snorted and grunted to satisfy his own sexual desires with her white, adult, female body connect to his by his huge, rigid , black penis, seeing as expected that she was being forced into another orgasm by his savagely pumping her body.

?Oh, Mrs. J!? (pump ?? pump ) Oh Babe! (pump?.. pump) What good??. fucking??.. white?? pussy!? he mumbled again and again in broken dialog as he enjoyed her adult, female vagina tightly gripping his huge, swollen, rigid, black penis, thinking how this compared to the young high school girls whose vaginas could not handle his intercourse with them without screaming in frequent pain as he rammed just as deeply into their young bodies.

Amazingly my wife said later that she was still only subconsciously aware of his raping her and his rhythmic pumping motions inside her vagina as her mind remained deeply in the trance of her continuing orgasmic ecstasy. Even though this black athlete?s penis was so humongous, Jill said she was somewhat prepared since she had vicious sex from me and the other guy she married during the last thirty five years. Jill also informed me that some of guys she dated in high school and college had really large penises when they fucked her. She said she dated two black football players in college and that each one of them had humongous, black penises, making sex with them painful. She also told me that her first husband had a large penis like mine and regularly had viciously rough sex with her like we have had for many years. So she said that she was somewhat prepared for this black athlete?s huge penis and his savage intercourse with her relaxed, surrendered, fifty-five year old body. Instinctively she relaxed, which was exactly the right thing to do to lessen the pain to a manageable level.

Her body was again now nervously shaking and she was moaning and groaning out of her mind in renewed sexually ecstatic sensations. As the black athlete quickly noticed her ability to handle his huge penis and roughness, he became even more beastly now as he humped her body harder and faster, grunting and snorting even more profusely. He even more violently and viciously thrust his huge, black penis deeply and fully forward inside her submissive body on the table. He boldly rammed his penis all the way to the bottom of her vagina again and again, still taking complete control of her naked body pinned beneath him. No female had ever allowed him to be so deep and rough during intercourse, and this was really exciting the black athlete that he could be so savage and the teacher would allow him to continue in that viciously rough manner during intercourse. He was taking full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

The black athlete held nothing back now as he continued to grunt and snort so savagely that the sounds were embarrassingly loud in the quiet classroom as he thrust his huge, black penis repeatedly and viciously hard to the bottom inside the teacher?s body to fully satisfy his sexual needs, glancing at his buddy with a smirk on his face as he tried to impress him with his performance on top of the white teacher lady.

Then he tried to talk as he continued to pump her body on the table. ?Oh, Babe! ??. I love ??.. your ?? good ?? fucking ?.. pussy! ?? Take ?? my ?? dick ?? Babe! ??Take ??. my ?? big ??. fucking ?? black ?? dick ?? in ??. your ?? good ??. fucking ??. Pussy!?

The black athlete repeated these words loudly and excitedly as he firmly gripped her large breasts with both hands to hold her body in place on the table under him as he now bent his body backwards at an angle to continue. His huge penis continuously pushed and pulled her vagina inside out with each pumping stroke with the highly sensual emotions caused by his enormous, muscular, black penis ramming repeatedly into her body. The black athlete grunted and snorted like a jungle savage with gross sounds of animal passion as he viciously r*ped her body with his huge penis, holding her in place on the table by firmly gripping her beautiful, large, white breasts with both hands as he pumped and rammed her body. He moved his hands to her hips now to continue to hold her in position on the table as he r*ped her with his gigantic penis for the next twenty minutes.

He turned his head slightly towards his watching buddy and said, ?Hey, bro, Mrs. J. is REALLY a good fuck, Man!?

The other black athlete had watched all he could handle without being included. He now came over to the opposite side of the table and put both of his large, black hands cradling the teacher?s beautiful, white face as he helped his buddy hold her in place on the table. Her head and entire body were bouncing with each vicious forward pump fucking motion. His penis was already stiffly erect, having been pulled from his jogging pants earlier as he watched them and stroked it. He leaned over the teacher and started kissing her upside down on the mouth for several minutes before moving his lips to her neck and upper body as he also grasped and fingered her breasts with both of his large, black hands, which only increased her orgasmic feelings along with the relentlessly savage pump fucking rhythm of his buddy.

The first black athlete continued to viciously and savagely pump her vagina on the table, still snorting and grunting profusely like a jungle savage as he continued to thrust his huge, black penis deeply inside her body, repeatedly ramming as deep as possible. He kept pumping her viciously rough and hard with excitement as he rapidly thrust himself inside her body. With each deep stroke, he demanded full and complete sexual use of her small, female body, no longer concerned about any pain he might be causing her as he savagely r*ped her petite, white body and satisfied his own sexual desires. His huge, black penis felt wonderful inside her small vagina as it strained to receive his full, oversized manhood.

Both black athletes worked on the teacher?s naked body now, creating an unbearably exciting sexual feeling and intense, body-jerking, incredibly impressive state of sexual fantasy and orgasm for her during the entire time his huge, black penis continued rhythmically and savagely ram fucking her vagina. It was an incredible mixture of pleasure and pain for her as he continued.

Jill confessed to me that she NEVER had experienced intercourse like that from any man, and never dreamed it could feel like that good in her wildest imagination. Her writhing on the table and loud sounds of sexual delight made it obvious to the two black athletes that she was really enjoying this sexual orgy with them. The black athlete?s raping her so roughly with such a huge penis created deep, whole-body sexual pleasures my wife never dreamed could happen. By relaxing her vagina, she allowed her body to get the highest sexual pleasure from this black, athletic beast penetrating her to the very depth of her womb.

Each time the black athletes noticed my wife squeal in delight from something they did to her naked body, they worked that area until she became even more ecstatic with excitement and feverously delirious with sexual pleasure. The athletes now sucked her ear lobes, sucked her breasts, kissed her mouth and neck, and kissed and caressed every part of her naked body as the first black athlete continued to savagely thrust his huge penis inside her on the table. She began to squeal feverously and beg them for more each time they hit a highly sensitive spot of sexual ecstasy with what they were doing to her naked body on the table. My wife never dreamed that sexual intercourse could be this good, and that pain and pleasure could be so inter-mixed in this way.

Both black athletes continued to teamwork all over her naked body, keeping my wife at a previously unknown height of sexual ecstasy. The black athlete?s penis still rigidly and roughly continued to viciously ram fuck deeply inside her vagina, but the teacher was so deep in sexual trance and focused on her own sexual ecstasy that she was not fully aware of the pain his huge penis was causing her. The ramming of his huge, ten inch penis inside her kept her in a detached, out-of-body state of sexual pleasure. Jill told me that she remembered the pain and pleasure caused her to go to a different level of consciousness where she focused only on the sexual feelings and thought of nothing else except cherishing the sexual pleasure. It no longer mattered that some black athlete she did not know was having vicious intercourse with her and both athletes had their mouth and hands all over her naked body.

The black athlete with his penis inside the teacher had rammed her vagina viciously now for about twenty minutes, with the last ten minutes being after the second black athlete came to the table and also put his hands and mouth on my wife?s naked body. The first athlete continued to grunt and snort as he enjoyed each thrusting pump stroke inside the teacher?s tight, adult vagina, watching her large, beautiful breasts bounce with each rhythmic pumping ram forward into her body.

He said to his buddy, ?Hey, Bro, let me see YOUR DICK fuck Mrs. Jill?s hot pussy!?

Without yet ejaculating inside her, the first black athlete looked down at his huge, rigid penis and slowly extracted it from the teacher?s vagina to let the other black athlete take his place and have his turn of intercourse with her. Suddenly the idea of watching his black buddy also r*pe this beautiful, naked, white, teacher lady seemed exciting to him, and something he wanted to watch BEFORE he ejaculated inside her. Besides, he wanted a break from his constant exertion of so viciously pump-fucking her.

The second black athlete stepped around the table as the two athletes swapped places. This second athlete quickly stepped between my wife?s widely spread open legs, pulled his jogging pants further down his legs to his knees, and quickly jerked on his penis to get his full erection. Hurriedly drooling onto his penis and jerking it, within a minute he was ready. He then quickly entered the teacher?s vagina with his also humongous, black penis of amazingly similar size. Then for the next fifteen minutes or so, he also r*ped the teacher just as viciously and beastly as his buddy. Drool dripped out of his open, black lips onto her white, naked body as this second athlete now thrust his huge, rigid, black penis rapidly and rhythmically into her body. His grunting and snorting sounds of delight were similar to his buddy?s sounds. Then about fifteen minutes later, he pumped her really fast as he ejaculated his load of sperm deep inside her body with his own loud moaning and groaning.

?Oh shit! ?? Oh fuck! ??. Oh good?? fuck! .......I?m coming??.. in Mrs??. J ??, Bro!? he snorted as he expended his huge load of semen inside her body, pounding and thrusting his sperm deeply to the bottom of her womb. My wife felt his warm liquid filling her insides and six or eight massive jets as he pumped and thrust his load deeply inside her.

His huge, rigid, black penis gave Mrs. Jill a tremendous orgasm at the same time of his ejaculation as he continued to thrust and pound his massive load of cum deeply inside her body, filling her vagina to overflowing. His semen began to ooze out of her vagina around his rigid, black penis still pumping deeply inside her. My wife moaned and groaned loudly in ecstasy on the table with her second ecstatic orgasm as both black athletes caressed her naked body with their hands.

It was now nearly ninety minutes after the first black athlete started undressing her. As the second black athlete still grunted and snorted, still pumping his huge load of semen inside the teacher?s vagina, she moaned and groaned for several minutes in sexual delight on the table with her second orgasm. My wife was again delirious and barely conscious as he viciously continued to ram his huge, black penis inside her in a savage manner, still driving more of his sperm to the bottom, deep inside her vagina. She went in and out of consciousness frequently from the pain and pleasure of his enormous, black penis beastly pumping and ravaging her body in an incredibly rough manner as he thoroughly enjoyed every pumping stroke deep inside her tight, petite vagina. As he finally slowed the pumping of his huge, black penis inside her body, large amounts of his thick, milky-white semen flowed freely around his rigid penis still tightly plugging her vagina. Jill said she felt his semen running between her butt cheeks and down into the crack of her anus. She said he finished by pumping his penis more slowly inside her. He finally rested with his huge penis driven full-depth inside her for a minute or so and then slowly removed his 10? penis by backing out of her body. His long, rigid, black penis looked impressive as he slowly extracted it, being wet and dripping with semen. The contrast of his black penis and her white vagina was exciting to them. He stepped aside and changed places again to let his buddy continue his turn with her.

The first black athlete had been keeping his penis erect as he watched his buddy fuck the female teacher. The two black athletes switched places again and the first black athlete moved back between the teacher?s legs and entered her vagina for a second time. He started slowly as he buried all ten inches of his huge, black penis inside her body. Then he quickly began to viciously pump her body again, which continued for the next fifteen minutes or so until he also ejaculated his own huge load of semen inside her with loud grunts and groans of sexual release. His ten inch by three inch young, hard penis gave my wife her third very vocal orgasm as he viciously thrust himself inside her vagina, continuing to pump his massive load of sperm to the bottom inside her naked body on the table. He snorted and grunted profusely in excitement as he rammed his sperm deep inside her body, with the semen again flowing out of her vagina around his rigid, black penis and down between her legs on top of the table. Soon he pumped her more slowly to finish, but still very rough and hard as each slower stroke ended with a vicious forward, jerky thrust into the teacher?s body. Just like his buddy, he wanted his sperm deep inside her body to enjoy the use of her vagina and the great sensations that went along with that thrust. He also mentally toyed with the idea that he was impregnating this white, teacher lady with his young sperm. As he finished, he slowly pulled his huge penis from her body and backed away from the table.

Not knowing if he would ever have this opportunity again to fuck this white, female teacher, the other black athlete had been jerking his penis to gain another erection. He was now ready for seconds and moved back into place between her still spread open legs. This time he turned her over on the table and entered her vagina from the rear as he again pumped her for a second time. Twenty minutes later he was ejaculating inside her again as he once again savagely thrust his huge, black penis deep inside her body from the rear. As soon as he finished and removed his penis, his buddy?s penis was erect again and ready for HIS second turn.

This was the first black athlete who now stepped between her legs for his second turn in having intercourse with her. He left her face down on the table and also entered her vagina from the rear with a sudden forward thrust. Within only fifteen minutes this time, he also came inside her for his second time as he pounded and thrust his huge, black penis deeply inside her body, driving his sperm as deep as possible.

My wife said she again momentarily lost consciousness as he finished. They moved her up onto the table face down as both black athletes dressed and left the classroom, turning the lights ?off? as they left. This left the mentally dazed, physically weak, exhausted, naked, comatose teacher alone on the table of her classroom in total darkness. Her vagina was extremely sore and very swollen, red, and bruised from all the intercourse. Her having relaxed during the savage intercourse by the black athletes blunted some of the trauma from being r*ped for the last two hours with the largest penises she had ever seen.

As the two black athletes let themselves out of the building, the teacher still lay unconscious from all the physical exertion and emotion, lying there naked in the dark on the table for the next half hour by herself. When she regained consciousness, my wife said she continued to just lay there and still enjoy the last of her feelings of her multiple orgasms that the two black athletes had given her before she struggled to get up, find the light switch, and slowly put her clothes back together and get dressed.

The black athletes had obviously stood on her bra and dress on the floor beside the table as they r*ped her because their dirty foot prints were all over her clothing. She retrieved her panty hose in one direction and her panties at the blackboard chalk rail where they had been thrown in haste across the room.

Then she left the school building in a stumbling, drunken manner, as if she was intoxicated. She was bruised, weak, and dazed from the multiple, ecstatic orgasms that had racked her small body during the last several hours with the two black athletes raping and thrusting their gigantic penises into her. Her body still ecstatically shuddered on the inside with orgasmic feelings as she finally reached her car and left the school. Her clothing and hair were a wreck.

As she drove home, Jill said she realized how sexually skillful the two black athletes had been. She also realized that the huge size of their black penises and the large surface veins around each penis caused her to have tremendous orgasms beyond anything she had ever experienced by completely filling her vagina to capacity, which she understood caused her to lose control of her emotions and want more even though she knew she should not have given in to them.

Jill said that she decided to say nothing to anyone since she had voluntarily submitted to the oral orgasm, and then allowed both black athletes to have sex with her in her classroom. Her problem was that even though it was a r*pe of sorts, she enjoyed it and actually wanted more. She knew that she accepted the situation and then let it happen. So there seemed to be no way to report it now. In her mind, she reasoned that they just happened to catch her at a very vulnerable time when her hormones were raging and she was really horny and wanted an oral orgasm. Her sexual desires were simply more than she could resist at that moment, so she had let the black athletes satisfy her sexual needs as she found herself pulled into the situation, unable and unwilling at that moment to avoid her own sexual temptations. But she naively thought at that moment that this would probably be the end of it if she said nothing. She did not expect that the two black athletes would not come around again. But then thinking with regrets, she wondered if she would ever again be able to experience the fantastic, body-wrenching orgasms which they alone could give her. Her reality turned out to be quite different.

Several days later she was again working late in the building and somewhat hoping the two black athletes would stop by again since she was purposely working so late to make herself available to them. She made sure that she knew she was the only teacher in the building just in case. Suddenly soon after dark, the two black athletes showed up again and knocked on the window of her classroom. She hesitated only momentarily to let them inside the locked building as she quickly remembered the incredible orgasms they had given her. Again she could not resist her raging sexual desire for more of what she already knew they could do for her. She unlocked the hallway door and let them inside the building without saying a word. The three of them moved silently down the hall to her locked classroom. She unlocked her classroom door and then locked it back after all three of them were inside. She realized that they now had a secret on her if she refused them, but she did not WANT to refuse them. She was again excited about the possibility of having more of what she already knew they could do for her sexually, and she REALLY WANTED the sexual encounter with these two large, black athletes to continue. They knew that too!

Just as before, with her saying nothing but with her again being highly sexually aroused by their muscular, black bodies and huge penises plainly visible inside their tight jogging pants, both black athletes undressed her and sexually used her again in her classroom very similarly to the first visit, giving her many highly emotional orgasms on the table around the corner and out of sight of the classroom door. One black athlete insisted on removing all her clothing and having her completely naked on the table as they again took total control over her white, naked body and first gave her an ecstatic, body-jerking, oral orgasm. Then both athletes had intercourse with her in many positions for nearly two hours. Each black athlete fucked her on that same table until both athletes came inside her twice. Their semen was all over her lower body and the table they used for intercourse. This time she gave each of them a blow job and let each athlete also cum inside her mouth as she struggled to swallow each athlete?s massive load of semen ejaculated into the back of her throat.

And again when they left, she was weak and exhausted from so many body-wrenching orgasms from their big, black lips on her vagina and their huge, heavily-veined penises viciously ravaging her vagina, pulling her vagina inside out as they savagely pumped her delicate, petite body on the table. Her orgasms with these two black athletes were like NOTHING SHE EVER EXPERIENCED and she continued to find herself longing for more and looking forward to more encounters with these guys. Even though she knew it was wrong, she could not help herself and just WANTED MORE SEX from them. The teacher never experienced sexual relations to this level of ecstasy and it became impossible for her to resist continuing to crave more from the two athletes. My wife said she was now addicted to the sexual ecstasy that they two, black athletes could give her.

After that, my wife said she was sexually motivated to work late and be the last teacher to leave the building every day possible, hoping the two black athletes would come by and give her more ecstatic, body-wrenching, sexual orgasms after school as often as possible. Remembering what they did for her sexually kept her anxious and yearning for more. She now became sexually aroused and flooded her panties every time she simply remembered what the two black athletes did as they sexually ravaged her naked body on the table of her classroom. The orgasms they gave her were so incredible that she completely disregarded the bad situation of what she was allowing to happen again and again. She told me that she knew not to do this, but she could not help her sexual desires at the time and simply kept letting it happen.

These two black athletes regularly now showed up soon after dark at her classroom, and each time they sexually used her in many ways however they chose for two hours with each black athlete pumping and thrusting his huge penis deeply inside her, and then finally ejaculating his semen deeply inside her body usually two times for each athlete on each evening visit. But they were smart enough to always first gave her an incredible, oral orgasm before they fucked her mercilessly for the following two hours until both black athletes were totally satisfied with their sexual use of the white, adult, female teacher?s naked body in her classroom.

They always sexually used her in various sexual positions around the classroom out-of-sight of her locked classroom door. Each time she had more orgasms than she could count and EVERY orgasm racked her body with ecstatic emotions and sexual pleasure, making her occasionally utter a muffled shriek with delight as her body shook with uncontrollable excitement, unlike ANYTHING she had ever experienced during sex with anyone. Sex with these two black athletes drove her sexually crazy and delirious into a semi-conscious, sexually pleasurable state of mind that was intoxicating and addicting. This caused her to detach herself from thinking about the sinful reality and career dangers of what she was doing. Every day she continuously thought about having more sex with these two black athletes. All she could think about was having more orgasms with them as soon as possible. She was completely addicted to the orgasmic feelings that they alone could give her.

The black athletes by now realized that this teacher lady would agree to ANYTHING they wanted as she frequently and shamelessly begged them for more by asking them to return soon for more sex. They began to make plans for her to be in other places and include other guys into the sexual affair, taking advantage of her vulnerable sexual attitude.

?Oh, Guys! Come back soon! I need your tongues and black dicks in my pussy again!? she would say seductively as they finished their two-hour sexual use of her naked body in her classroom. She was now in a situation of being their prostitute whether she realized it or not. Routinely now she also gave each black athlete a blowjob and let him cum in her mouth by deep-throating her, something which really pleased each athlete sometime during their time together.

She really enjoyed the oral orgasms that they gave her, shrieking uncontrollably in sexual delight as the black athletes sucked, licked, tongued, and fingered her vagina so incredibly well. The fantastic oral orgasms were the main reason she allowed their sexual activity to continue, uncontrolled and without limits as to what she would let them do just so she could have more oral sex from both of them. She continued to want more and more of the sexual ecstasy that she experienced with these two black athletes. They were keenly aware that giving her an intense, oral orgasm was their ticket to then being allowed to fuck her any way they wanted, so they always did the oral orgasm on her first until she squirmed and shrieked uncontrollably in ecstasy. Then both athletes worked on her naked body until she begged them to stop because she could not handle any more stimulation or fucking. After her oral orgasm, they knew she would just lay there and let them fuck her any way they wanted to please them, in spite of the combination of pleasure and frequent pain. She was afraid to refuse having intercourse with them, even if they fucked her so hard with their humongous penises that it hurt.

Soon the two black athletes began to get other ideas on how to make her do things for them sexually that no other female they dated would ever allow. They planned to gang-bang her with some of their black buddies when they could get her out of the building and into a situation to allow that. The white, teacher-lady?s weakness which they kept exploiting was her incredible desire to experience more body-wrenching, highly verbal, oral orgasms from these two black athletes. So they worked her weakness to their best advantage since they knew she CRAVED the oral orgasms and she so loved the feel of their huge, heavily-veined, young and hard, black penises pulling her vagina inside out as they thrust so viciously deep inside her body.

But even if the teacher suddenly changed her mind and wanted to stop, she and they both knew that the black athletes could tell anyone at any time all about their sexual activities and get her immediately fired. My wife also understood that she was for the moment pleasantly trapped in this sexual relationship and compelled now to go along with whatever they wanted sexually from her. The two black athletes knew they had this control over Mrs. Jill too as one of the teachers at school. They knew that any time she hesitated in agreeing to what they wanted sexually from her as they continued to demand that she do more and more, that they could remind her of that fact to compel her cooperation.

Sometimes, even in her classroom against her will, they tied her hands and gagged her mouth before they fucked her. To them, they fantasized that this was more like an abduction and r*pe. To make her cooperate when they said they wanted to tie her hands and gag her and she argued with them, they told her ?Don?t make us tell no body about your pussy, Mrs. Jill!? They would use this line again and again each time they wanted to do something which she did not readily accept. They kept pushing to do more and more outside of her comfort zone. And she began to feel more and more trapped as if she was their sex slave.

End Chapter 1

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