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Rode hard and put up wet!

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My wife and I were looking to do something different to spice our sex life up a few months ago. Friday, we drove to a sex shop in the "seedy part" of a nearby city to get some handcuffs, vibrators and other stuff.

On the way back we passed by through the no-tell motel section of town and my wife spotted a few hookers. She said "it would be fun for her to dress up as a slutty hooker and have me go get a room and "pick her up on the street."

Intrigued and sorta horny I agreed it was an excellent playdate. The following night, after she spent a day going through her closet, we set off to our adventure.

She was dressed in a short denim skirt, that barely covered her ass, with no panties. Now she is 5'10 with long legs and 36c tits. Her tits here about 2/3 out of her white tank top with no bra and 5 inch red heels. I was about to cum just on the drive.

It was dusk,and about 15 minutes from darkness when we got to the city. I pulled into a parking lot about 5 blocks from the motel and let her out. The plan was to have her start walking toward the motel, I would drive ahead and get the room.Drive by her,pull over as if we are negotiating and tell her what room number I am that time she will be about 1/2 a block from the place so she could walk the rest of the way.

I dropped her off decided to drive around the block real quick just to see her in action. I drove behind her, among a line of cars with guys in them slowing down to get a look at her, and got real horny as I seen her bouncing along the sidewalk. She glanced over and seen me and waved, as I kept going. What she didn't know was the waving was the sign of the hooker, it signifies "yes I am a working girl looking to make some cash".

I pulled in the motel and got out to get a room. As I pulled in a car with 3 black guys pulled in the lot and commented about the white hooker and how they would all fuck her.

I commented on how great she looked and asked them if they were in for the night? Shit no, one replied, we just pulled over for a room when we seen that whore.We will be gone in about an hour or 2.

I said I know that woman and if you want I can hook ya up. "aw your shitting us " they said almost in unison. "No really, I can call her and let her know what room your in", deviously I thought I could really make her play date come to life!

How much you boys wanna pay her- they talked for a minute and got out their money. "$200 bucks for all of us!" Let me ask her I said., what rom you in? They said # 24.

I pulled out my cell and called her. I said "honey I got it set up, took longer than I thought, is room #24 ok? She replied yes and said she was just down the street. Meet me here, I said. She hung up and i continued to talk saying. $300 for 3 ok? Okay I will tell them....I said as I approached them.

Men its a deal, under a couple of conditions. OK they said as they handed me the money. Condoms are a must and she has only done this type of thing a few you might want to be dominant. Don't hit her or anything like that, and also leave the curtain open about 12 inches so I can see the whole thing,other wise if those aren't met i will call 911 on you. Let her walk in and you will be fine.

They agreed, and I hid behind a couple of SUV's a few doors down. She walked up looking very hot and spotted #24. She walked toward the door and entered. The door slammed behind her and I rushed to the window as my heart pounded.

They threw her on the bed, as I seen her skirt fly up and expose her pussy. They were already naked, as she exclaimed I must have the wrong room. "Look bitch" one said "we paid good money for ya and expect some fuck!"

He then jumped in between her legs as one other guy pulled her shirt off. No..she forced out as he plunged his cock into her and pounded feverishly. My cock was rock hard as I watched them suck and fuck her back and forth. Her initial no became coo's and groans as they jammed her pussy.

I think they each went through 2 condoms apiece and she managed to suck them off at times. I noticed my legs getting tired of standing and suddenly checks my watch and determined this had gone on about 1 1/2 hours.

Finally, as i was getting nervous about standing outside and getting caught looking in, they finished dressed and walked outside.They looked tired and gave me the thumbs up!

They drove away and I walked inside the room. She lay there almost exhausted. I asked "where have ya been?" I have been in room #42 waiting and even was out looking for ya.

I seen these guys walking away and happened by. She stammered for a few minutes and I shut the door and fucked her for about another 45 minutes.

As we drove home she explained what happened. I told her it was erotic as I seen about the last 1/2 hour and asked if she wanted to so that type of thing again. She replied yes, but next times she would know it was coming.

By the way... the $300 bought me some new fishing gear because she never found out about that...until she reads this!

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