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Hi My name in Judy and I thought I would share my story with you, I was broken up with my boy friend at the time and hadn't had any sex in a while. Now I'm 5 7" 125# red head with a nice set of boobs. I was on craigs list looking for a different car. So I end up flip to the dating line part to see what was on. I was checking out the guys ad's when I seen one that said redheads wanted. So I had to open it to see that one. The ad was place by a black guy in late twenty's. He was looking mainly for red heads but would take a hot blonde lol. He had put his pic in the posting. I knew I seen him before at some bar. He had tried to chat with me but I was with friend and we where leaving. But now I know what he had in mind lol. He talk about taken control and having his way with a red head. Well lol. So as a fluke I answer it, but telling him I was a blonde. Late that day he got back and asking me a lot of question and telling me what he wanted to do or try. He sounded pretty wilder but fun too. When I ask him about the red head thing , he really told me how he freak out thinking about fucking a red head. Well ended up telling him I was going out later that night, and I mention the bar I saw him at. He said he mite go out and ask me to send him a pic of me, I told him I didn't have one but I would wear a red wrist band for him to find me.

Well now I'm really getting excited about this, because he don't know me or who I'm but I know him and what he looking for. So I dress up in my black mini skirt and low cut top. I decide to really be bad and left my bra home. Then with thigh high and heels I head for the bar. When I walk in, I notice him over by one walk watch people walking in. I made sure he seen me. Then I walk over to the bar area and sat down and order a drink. I pick a spot where there was a empty seat beside me. I notice he move to check me out as I sat there drinking. Sure enough he moved in and sat beside me just as I was about to order a drink, He offer to buy me one and I let him. So we started to chat and I told him I was just out partying and I acted as if I drank more then I really did. Then a fast song came on that I like and he notice it. So he took my hand and pulled to torge the dance floor. I followed along as a good girl should. We started to dance and I had to be a little carefully because I had no bra on and things mite happen lol. When the dance ended we started to head back to the bar. They started to play a slow dance, and he pulled me back say he loved this song. He pulled me back to the dance floor. We started to dance he keep pulling me closer as we dance. He put his hand's on my lower back pulling me to him, I just dance and let him be in his control zone. When the song ended we headed back, He had his hand on my lower back as we walk and guild me back. We drank some more and then I another slow song came on, He pulled me back to the floor. But this time he pulled me in so I was straddle his leg. pulling me tight. His hand went to my ass and pulling and holding me tight to him. I just dance as if this was normal for me. I could feel his cock stir against my leg. He buried his face into my red hair as we dance. He really was into red hair. The dance ended and we went back to our seats. The bartend had a door open and a cold draft was coming in. I mention it was cold and he told me we can move to a table away from the door. So he lead me torge the table's. He seen a small booth in the corner and lead me to that.We sat down and we where in a dark corner. He sat close to me and started to drink and chat more. In a few minutes I felt his hand on my leg. But I acted as if nothing happen. Then he started on my hair and if I was a real red head, I told him I was and I could tell he was getting really excited about it. He turn torge me and leaned in to whisper in my ear. Doing so he slide one arm over my shoulder and replace his other hand on my leg. As he whisper in my ear , his head was in my hair and his hand hang just in front of my boobs. He would move his hand as he talk to touch my boobs so lightly. I just keep talking and his hand touch more often. then he got braver and slowly play with my nipple threw my top. Now I'm getting excite by what all going on and my nipple are getting hard. So now he braver and his other hand slowly working up my leg. Cresting and rubbing as he went. When he hit my thighs he slowly pulled on my leg to get them to part a bit more. Then slowly work up a bit more. he keep doing this until he hit my panties and started to rub my pussy. Now my panties are wet and he playing with my nipple and pussy in a bar. The waitress came over and told him he had a phone call, So he stop and headed for the phone. Now I know what he wants and into and had to decide how far I was willing to go. Dam I was horny and its been a while. So looking to see if anyone notice me, I reach down and pulled off my panties and stuck them in my purse.He came back and said it was nothing and sat back beside me. Smile he said , now where were we. and he move back into the same post ion as he was before he left. But this time his hand found a pussy with out panties. He didn't seem to mind because I seen him smile at me as his finger slide between my pussy lips and started to play with me. I was getting wetter as he went. Then some guys move into the booth beside us, so he stop. Smile he said I think we need some fresh air and took my hand leading me out the door. He lead me to the back of the car lot pushing me up against the back of a car. Kissing me and running his hand all over me. His hand grab my legs picking me up and legs apart as he use his body to spread my legs more. As he did this his hand slide up my legs are pulling my skirt up as they went. He got my skirt halve way up my ass as he press me onto the back of the car trunk.Then as he sat me on the car, his hand sliding down, he step back a bit and slide his hand to my wet pussy. Staring at my pussy he smiled and said, you are a real red head with one hot red fire pussy. Just then a cop car was doing a parking lot check, flashing light all over. He started to swear at them. Then he took my hand pulling me off the car and leading me out of the parking lot. Right across the street was a apartment building and he was heading for it. We went inside and he lead me to his place and we went in. Shutting the door and turning the light on, he smile and said no one should bother us now. He walk into the other room and came back shortly wearing a bath robe. Waving me to him as he stood in the door way. So I went. to find it was his bedroom, It was well lighted up and mirrors all over the walls and ceiling. Smile he wave me in and telling me to join him in his play room. I walk in looking things over. I smiled and ask him what he had in mind. He smiled and said first thing first. You need to take off those clothes so I can see those titts and get a good look at that red hair pussy. so I slowly took off my blouse as he watch me. Letting it hit the floor. Then I slowly work my skirt down letting my red hair slowly peek out. I watch he stare at my pussy drinking it all in. Then I let it fall to the floor. I started to take off my stocking but he told me to leave them on . Pose for him, I ask him if he like what he say. He smile and said yes he did and told me to lay on the bed and spread my legs. So I laid back and spread them as he watch me. He smile and said he waited a long time to taste a red hair pussy and to fuck one. Then he slide down on the bed and buried his head into my pussy, sucking and licking like a pro. Now I hotter then ever and about to cum as he lick it. then he stop telling me that pussy was like fire. Kneeling up and started to take off his bathrobe as he knelt on the bed. When he pull off his robe and his cock was out, I lost my breath. He was rock hard and lots bigger then I thought. I guess he notice me stare and he laugh and said it look like his cock like my red pussy. I told him I don't think I can take that thing. But he smile grabbing and pulling my legs apart as he slide down on top of me. Telling me its just to late, this was his first red pussy and he was going to fuck it. With that said he guide his cock to my pussy, shove forward to push it in. I felt the head pop in and I knew this was a big cock. Pulling my legs apart and keep pushing pounding deeper each time. He had a lot in there and I scream I couldn't take anymore. So he stop pushing deeper and slowly started to fuck me. The pain ease up and my pussy was getting wetter. He reach over and started playing and pulling on my nipple, pinch them as he play. It hurt but sent shiver down my body too.Then I start to cum and as I did he started to fuck harder. He was pounding my pussy as I was cumming. Then I felt his cock start to blow, pumping his seed deep into my pussy. But now as he was pumping into me he started to slam deeper into me. Pounding deep each time as he shoot his load.With me cum and his load, he seem to go deep and deeper. Then he just fell on top, not moving at all. then with a smile he rolled off me pulling his cock out as he did. It was still pretty hard as he pulled out and juice pouring all over. Looking at his cock I told him I didn't know I could take so much of it. He smiled and said I did good but now that we got it all lub up, but the end of the night I should be able to take it all. I smiled and said, who say's your getting anymore. he smile and grab his still hard cock and started to stork it. Then he as, this cock say so. It say it wants more of the red pussy. I laugh and said do's it all was get what it wants. He said tonight it is, I've waited long time for red hair an I'm fucking it a few more time. Then he knelt onto his knee and telling me to get up on all fours. What you want and he said I'm going to fuck you doggie style now. I slowly got up on all four's and he move in behind me move my legs apart as his cock found my pussy again. wrapping one arm around me pulling back he guild his cock deeper into me. then grabbing my hips and started to fuck me harder and deep each time. Now he going harder telling me to push back into his cock. I was full with his cock but push back little. That's when he reach up and grab my titts very firmly. As he slam forward into me he would pull my boobs to him. trying to get me deeper on his cock. My boobs hurt from pulling so hard and I told him so. He laugh and told me if I slam my pussy to his cock he could stop pulling on them. So is started to slam back harder and he stop pulling on them, but keep playing as he fuck me harder. Now he slamming and pounding my pussy yelling harder each stroke.It was hurting some but I found myself force back onto his cock more and more. Then I felt his balls slapping my thighs and I know I had all his cock in me. Then I felt his cock erupt and cumming into me again. This trigger my pussy into another orgasm and I was coming hard then I ever have. We both fell done exhausted. After a few minutes I told him I had to get going, He just laugh and pulled me up and said we need a shower. As we head for the shower he ask me what I like for breakfast, I told him I had to get going. He said not yet, hell you haven't even suck my cock yet and I surely want to fuck that red hair pussy some more.

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