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Pat III Preachers Sinful Wife

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Becky was really enjoying her new encounters, and she was being so discreet, leaving town and all, her husband had no idea about her secret life. If it were to get out, well it wouldn't be pretty, the two of them would be run out of town.

Monday and Tuesday she attended a conference with her husband and on Wednesday they returned home.

She dropped off her husband at the church and went home where she found a letter, it had only her first name, Becky, and the address, no return address.

With great anticipation she opened the letter, it was from Michael.

"Come by for about three hours tomorrow night. Wear nothing underneath, but dress nice. We want to expand your horizons." Signed Wilbur Kind of a stranger letter, she thought, yet at same time wondered what her one time black lover had in mind, and the thoughts made her wet.

Thursday morning she went and bought a fairly long dress, very low cut, showed good part of both tits. Although it went to the floor, there was a big slit all the way up her thighs, near to where her panties would be, if she was wearing any, but Wilbur had told her not to wear any thing underneath.

She began dressing after her husband left for the City about 5 p.m. Around 5:30 she began, in case he returned because he forgot something. She had told him she was going out to eat, she just didn't tell him where, or for that matter, what.

She dressed, put on some make up and looked "fabulous." Got in her car in garage, backed out, used the remote to close the garage and was on her way.

Becky arrived and knocked on the door. Wilbur opened the door, invited her in after giving her a once look over and a long kiss.

He took her into the room with the video equipment where there was Michael, who welcomed her with a hug and a kiss, and a white beauty, Tamara, a 40 year old beauty, with a 30 year old body, about 5-5 with probably 34 d tits, dressed in pink tank top,low cut and white shorts, already in bare feet.

"We are going to do this like an interview Becky. Tamara will play the reporter, Michael and I will sit at the table with you," Wilbur said, smiling,"I think you will like where we "GO" with this."

"Ok, when ever you are ready," Becky said, kicking off her sandals.

The three sat down, and Tamara walked over with the microphone. Something told Becky this would be "very interesting."

Tamara started with a little commentary, saying, "Becky, a beautiful young lady like you, being the wife of a successful pastor, you have to be very proud of him, yet at times do you find yourself also very frustrated?," she asked.

"Well, yeah. I find myself wishing he was home more, but I find ways to get by. I am very happy he is so successful. He has a way with words, people love him," the young,lusty pastors wife said.

"Tell us Becky, be honest. How many times have you strayed since he became a pastor, and do you regret it?," Tamara, her erect nipples showing through her shirt asked.

Smiling, ever so seductively, Becky answered, "only twice, so far anyway."

"Do you have any trouble with guilt?," the perky young reporter asked.

"Not yet, actually, it drives me to want to stray more, it's funny, I know it's wrong, but I want more," Becky explained. The four guys I have been with on two ocassions, they arose some new diesires within me," the sexy pastor's wife explained.

"So, you have never been with a woman Becky?," Tamara asked.

Becky couldn't help but laugh, "No, I haven't, have never considered it," she answered.

"Wilbur, what do you think of Becky?," the sexy Tamara asked.

"Look at her," he said, putting his arm around her, letting his arm nearly touch a tit, "she is hot, awesome. Such a sexy lady, she has to have so many fantasies, and probably some desires that haven't arisen in her yet," he said.

Becky was blushing, but becoming wetter by the minute and he had moved his arm and placed his hand on her thigh and he was letting it roam, and Becky was having trouble not squirming in her chair.

"Michael, what you think of Becky?," she asked.

"She is one hot lady, not sure what else to say," Michael replied.

Wilbur now had managed to get a finger on Becky's wet pussy and she had to move a little to keep from moaning out loud.

"Tamara, take off that top," Wilbur said, "show Becky what you have."

She laid down the mic and obediently removed her top, revealing two magnificent hard,erect nipples.

"Nice, now Becky, stand up in front of Tamara and remove your dress,show Tamara that wet pussy. Tamara go ahead and drop those shorts," Wilbur said.

Wilbur and Michael, unkown to the ladies,had removed their pants and were stroking their hard cocks.

These two ladies, would soon get to indulge in some black cock, which they both wanted so very badly.

"You two ladies need to kiss, get familiar with each other's bodies,"Michael said, already about to explode.

The two lusty women kissed and soon were laying on the table, Tamara was lapping,licking and sucking on the pussy of a pastor's wife who was so horny, so eager, so willing!

"Becky, tell the three of us, I am a horny slut!," Wilburt said, almost demanding.

With great difficulty breathing, with Tamara causing her writhe with her tongue in her pussy Becky answered, "I am a horny slut!"

Wilbur and Michael could wait no longer, the two approached the two ladies, Wilbur putting his black cock in Becky's mouth and Michael put his in Tamara's.

There was slurping, there was moaning, and this continued for some time.

Soon, Wilbur fucked Becky every way he could in every position, he even fucked her in the ass, and she came at least seven times, screaming, "oh my God, fuck me, I want more!"

Wilbur and Michael switched ladies and Tamara couldn't help but notice, Michael really got hard quickly, after she came several times, Tamara screamed, "fuck me in the ass, I want it in the ass!."

Both Michael and Wilbur took care of these ladies for hours, each lady coming numerous times and the ladies showered together, agreeing to do this again real soon.

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