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Part 2, Preacher's Sinful Wife

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A couple days had passed since Becky's encounter with Dale and Randy. Suprisingly, she felt no guilt.

"I had a good time, it was wonderful, why should I feel guilty," she thought, "I am ready for more."

So, on Thursday night, she put on her lowest cut top, she had only a few, her favorite shorts, the ones she had on when she met Dale and Randy, sandals, no bra, no panties and brushed her hair until it was shining.

A half hour later, she was at that little bar and grill where Randy had taken her and ordered her a sandwich. Not much was going on, but there was one guy, a tall, muscular, black guy that drew her attention, he was sitting a couple tables away.

"I remember Rodney in high school,I always wanted him, but it wasn't popular in our town, I wonder how he is in bed," she thought.

When the black gentleman looked her way again, she shyly smiled and winked at him, and the music started.

Wilbur, the black man, came and introduced himself to Becky, and Becky asked him to sit with her while she finished her sandwich and tea.

"Becky, you come here often?," Wilbur asked the beautiful preacher's wife.

"This is second time, my husband works long hours, the food and atmosphere is great here, so here I am, again," she smiled, feeling a moistness between her legs.

Wilbur was polite. "What does your husband do?," he asked.

Laughing, she said, "he is a preacher." Wilbur smiled, and said, "let me take a guess."

"Sure,go for it," Becky said smiling, taking a drink of her tea, looking into his big eyes.

"He is good at his job. The church is growing, and with growth comes more visitation, more counseling, more vists to the hospital, and the beautiful wife is left at home way too much," he said. "Am I close?," he asked the beautiful pastor's wife.

"Yes, you are. I love him, but I need him and I can't tell him not to vist these people. I just wish I could have a night or two a week with him," she said sincerely.

"And you were here one other time and left with a man and you made that fatal leap into infidelity,didn't you?," Wilbur asked, his voice strong and seductive.

"Yes, actually two men and I loved it! I should be ashamed but I'm not. I hope you don't think less of me Wilbur, but I needed just what I got," she explained.

"It's ok Becky. Really. As long as you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, it's ok. When you hate yourself when you wake up, that's when it isn't all right," Wilbur explained, holding the young Becky's hand, looking into her blue eyes.

"Becky, you have beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile," Wilbur said.

Blushing, Becky said, "Thank you, that is nice of you to say," she replied.

Wilbur asked Becky to dance, and she accepted and he kissed her ear softly and they slow danced to three different songs.

Becky was soaked between her legs, she loved being held by the muscular Wilbur and when she moved close she could feel the hardness of his cock against his jeans.

They sat at a table to rest a few minutes and were talking and Becky asked, boldly, "Do black men really have bigger cocks?," she asked curiously.

Wilbur laughed,and said,"Well, I don't know but I know after dancing with you, sexy lady, mine is a lot bigger than it was when I came in here."

The two exchanged a kiss right there at the table, and Becky was in an estatic state now, very vulnerable.

"Look, I live down the road, the big brown house on your right when you leave here, about a mile. My friend, Michael and I would love to show you our video equipment if you want to stop by when you leave. If you don't I understand. But, I like you, a lot. I bet you are wild in bed, but the decision is yours because unlike a lot of black men, I will respect your decision not to stop if you don't feel comfortable. If you stop, we can stop at any time you say you feel uncomfortable, that's a promise. There will be only one tape, and it's yours when you leave,regardless of when you leave," Wilbur explained very politely."We just enjoy ourselves. That's all, no exploiting, no busting of families. Howeve, we have never had a sexy preacher's wife," he winked and smiled.

He paid her bill and left. Becky finished her tea and her heart was racing, not knowing what to do. She got in her car and started home but when she saw that big brown house on her right, she turned her car in there, heart racing and went and knocked on the door.

Wilbur answered, he smiled and said,"I am so glad you came. This is Michael, Michael this is Becky, the lady I told you I met a few minutes ago," he said.

They exchanged pleasantries and Michael was examining her body.

"So, where is the video equipment?," Becky asked curiously.

Smiling, Wilbur took her hand and led her into a big,luscious, lavish,nice room, with a couch, a bed, a desk, and probably thousands of dollars worth of cameras and the two sat on the couch.

Becky was still a little nervous, and Michael and Wibur could sense that as the gorgeous preacher's wife sat in btween them and just as if at home,kicked off her sandals.

"You sure you are comfortable Becky?," Wilbur asked, kissing her softly.

"How could I not be?," she replied, "you two have done nothing to make me fear."

She turned to look at Michael and he gave her a short,passionate kiss and she thought she felt a little tongue.

Both men had a hand her thigh and she could see the big bulges in their pants.

Michael stood and walked to a camera and said, "Ok, if you feel comfortable, give Wilbur a slow,long passionte kiss, hugging his neck and all," Micahel said.

As if in a trance she did and kissed Wilbur as told, and Wilbur's hands roamed down her back and pulled her shirt over her head, she was putty in his hands now.

"Honey, you are beauiful, now pull those shorts off and we are going to make you feel like the beautiful lady you are," Michael explained.

Wilbur was kissing each one of Becky's toes, sucking slowly, deliberately on each one and Becky was in total ecstasy. She barely noticed Michael had stripped naked until his huge, at least 10 inch cock, beautiufl black meat, she later called it, was just an inch or so from her lips.

"MMMMMMMMMMM, I had supper, now let's have desert," she said, taking the huge cock into her mouth.

With the huge black cock in her mouth she forgot about the camera being on and Wilbur,he also had stripped naked and was running his hands up her legs and got to her wet,wet pussy.

"Wow, you are one soaked little slut aren't you Becky?," Wilbur said gently. " You like these black cocks,don't you honey?," he aked.

"MMMMMM, yes," she barely said, not wanting to remove Michaels huge cock from her mouth.

"Dayum Wilbur, don't make her stop, hell she loves this cock," Michael said.

"Let's put her on the bed,where we have more room," Wilbur said, turning a switch to start another camera.

"MMMMMM," was all Becky could say as they carried the naked lady to the bed.

Each man took turns kissing her and running their hands down to her pussy before Wilbur pulled out four scarves and began securing her to the bed.

"What you doing?," the wanton lady asked curiously, but not fighting.

"It's just for the camera," Wilbur explained,kissing, comforting the young and horny Becky.

Michael was first to let his big black cock enter Becky's wet pussy and she screamed with delight.

"Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd, fuck me harder, fuck me," she yelled, then Wilbur stuck his huge cock in her mouth and all you could hear was,"mmmmmmmmm."

In just minutes Becky had cum twice and Michael had shot what Becky thought was a gallon of smen into her pussy.

Then Wilbur took his turn, sticking his huge piece of black meat into the white preacher's wife pussy.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMm" was all the horny wife could say, and again had multiple orgasms until Wilbur shot his load in her pussy as Michael came in her mouth.

As she was getting dressed they asked her if that was the first black sex she had in her life.

"Yes, but I hope not my last," she winked and kissed each of them good buy, carrying her new tape home to watch in the privacy of her own home.

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