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Paid to be watched, A slave story Part 6

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Marge read the note on the door as she approached the house: ?Have the slaves remove all their clothes. Marge, remove your clothes except your bra and underwear. Fold the clothes and place them by the door. Don?t worry about the neighbors, they?ve been informed and should be congregating in front of the house as you read this. Please show the crowd your assets. You and your slaves are free to leave if you wish to not abide by these instructions. However, you will not be given this assignment.? Marge turned and saw the crowd congregating on the sidewalk. It was the middle of the day and there must have been a dozen people, both men and women milling around. They were on a quiet street, in a Black neighborhood in south central LA, not far from the Los Angeles Airport.

As they stood in front of the bungalow style home, Marge had Elaine and Barry read the note. This was an interview for a week long assignment at a Jamacian resort. Elaine and Barry had already been trained to obey and please. Elaine turned to the crowd looking at her and began to take off her clothes. They hooted and hollered as she removed each piece of clothing. When she pulled down her panties, someone in the crowd shouted ?nice pussy.? Barry faced his audience and removed his clothes. He was so turned on, he was sporting a hard on when he pulled his underwear down. Barry said, ?It?s your call Marge?. The fee was high and half belonged to Marge. She, was a 55 year old woman with an extra 40 lbs. She was not going to lose this fee. She did as she was instructed. In her bra and panties, her round belly and thick thighs were exposed to the crowd. She ignored the pleas to take it all off.

Marge knocked on the door. A Black woman, in her 60?s, opened the door and let them in. She was wearing a lose robe, and it was clear that there was nothing underneath. They all stepped in and were greeted by a tall woman in her mid 30?s. She introduced herself as Mary. She pointed to the Black woman, now standing next to her husband, and said ?Barbara and Herman were nice enough to lend us their home. As I told you over the phone I am an agent for a resort in Jamaica. One of the things we do is provide slaves for our guests. You passed the first test. You obey instructions. We will also photograph you and take some short videos. We compile a list of coupled slaves for our guests to choose from. The 40 and 50, year old groups from the United States are the most popular. We do not use any of the local population, nor do we use single women. All slaves must be married couples, no exceptions. No couple can remain in slave status more than 14 days. Our fee is $5,000 a week. Any questions.? They shook their head no.

Mary had Elaine pose for the camera. Then had Barry do the same. She also took some ?couple shots? with Barry and Elaine in intimate poses. She told the slaves that she would need same sex videos. All slaves were required to be comfortable with both sexes. With the camera recording, Mary told Barbara to play the part of Mistress with Elaine. She walked over to Elaine, grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees. She took Elaine?s head and slammed it into her pussy. Stick that tongue up my hole you bitch. Elaine complied trying to please Barbara to loosen her grip on her hair. Elaine found her clit, sucking on it and mashing it with her lips. After Elaine brought her to climax, Mistress Barbara put her on all fours and told Barry to lick his wife?s ass. He did as he was told. To prepare her asshole for Herman, Barry slobbered and lick Elaine?s hole as much as he could. Mistress Barbara handed Barry some lube. He rubbed it over Elaine?s hole, coating the insides of her bowels with two fingers. Herman took his 9? black cock and shoved it hard into her hole. He couldn?t fill Elaine with his cream, he needed to save it for Barry. He took his cock from Elaine?s ass and fucked Barry in the mouth. Barry kept stroking that Black rod with his mouth and hand until Herman pulled out and pumped his load over Barry?s face for the camera.

Mary noticed Marge rubbing her crotch watching the shoot. She instructed Elaine to go to Marge. ?Take off the rest of her clothes.? Marge started to protest. ?I?m the Head Mistress Marge, and you must obey. You can always opt out and take your sluts with you, but you opt out of the fees as well. As far as I?m concerned you?re nothing more than a pimp slut, no better than your slaves.? Marge splits the fees 50/50 with her Elaine and Barry. She wasn?t about to walk out on this one. She allowed Elaine to unhook her bra. ?Elaine, I want to see you play with Marge?s nipples, and then suck them.? Elaine followed her orders. ?Now remove those granny pants.? She pulled down the underwear kneeling in front of Marge as Marge stepped out of them. Marge looked over and saw Barbara and Herman, sitting naked on the couch, staring at her. ?Please take Marge to the couch and make her comfortable.? She placed Marge on the couch next to Barbara. ?Now I want to see you lick her pussy.? Elaine knelt before Marge, supporting herself with one hand on Marge and one on Barbara. Elaine took her tongue and licked the entire length of Marge?s pussy before focusing her efforts on her clit. Barbara took Elaine?s hand, placed in on her pussy and guided her fingers to her clit. Elaine couldn?t believe she was playing with two clits at the same time, one with her tongue and one with her fingers. She deftly managed to take care of both women. She knew Marge was cumming, she felt the goose bumps on her thighs before her whole body shuddered. She moved her face to Barbara?s pussy so that she could finish Barbara off properly with her mouth. Barbara screamed, took Elaine?s head in her black hands and brought her face to hers so that she could kiss her.

The clothes were still outside by the door. Mary told Elaine to go fetch them. A few young men were still on the sidewalk to notice Elaine?s breasts droop and her exposed ass, when she bent down pick up the bundle of clothes. They shouted their approval and asked for more. She strutted towards them down the walkway as model would, turned around to give them a 360 degree view before she returned to the house picking up the clothes along the way, leaving the whistles and shouts behind her. Mary and Marge smiled as they watched this from the window.

Mary told them they would work out fine. She would let them know when they were requested.

Two weeks later they were told to report to Barbara and Herman?s house the night before the flight. They were to bring nothing. Everything would be provided.

Marge dropped them off right after dinner. Herman told Barry and Elaine to take off their clothes and give them to Marge. Now that they were in the slave mode they didn?t question anything and did as they were told. Marge left and told them she would pick them up the following week.

Herman thought he would take advantage and make some extra money. He invited some friends over for a live sex show, charging $25 a person. Ten men came over and sat around a mattress on the floor. After everyone was seated, Elaine and Barry, naked, walked into the room holding hands. They knelt on the mattress in front on one another and kissed. They kept their faces far enough apart so that everyone could see their tongues going into the other?s mouth. Then they made love, moving around so that everyone had good view of all the positions. The men roared their approval when Elaine on all fours, gave the men a good view of her asshole as Barry licked and fucked her hole with his tongue. They also loved seeing Elaine on her side, legs spread to show her pussy being rammed by Barry?s cock as he pumped it in and out. Some shouted for Barry to fuck her up the ass. Elaine told Herman to get the lube. Then she invited him onto the mattress and asked if he would lube it himself. She got on all fours and presented him her hole. He rubbed the lube around the hole and everyone watched as he shoved his fingers in. She asked him to guide Barry in. Herman grabbed Barry?s cock as he positioned himself behind Elaine and guided the cock into her ass. He pumped to the shouts and hollers of the men in the room unloading his cream in her ass. She presented her leaking ass to each of the men around the mattress, and each one patted her as she went by. After the show, Barry watched as Elaine stood by the door, hugged, kissed and thanked each man as they left. He saw some men sucked the nipples on her tits as they walked by. Others grabbed her ass or groped her pussy on their way out. Barbara smiled as she watched from the other side of the room. Not only did they get a fee from Mary, they made an additional 250 bucks, a nice addition to their retirement. Since Barry and Elaine were slaves she and Herman didn?t have to share any of it with them. She was hoping she could do this again.

They car picked them up at 5:00 Am for the flight. Barbara handed them their flight outfits, blue jogging outfits with ?Unit 26? stenciled on the front and back and a pair of sandals. They presented their passports at the ticket counter and were issued their tickets. Elaine saw 3 other couples in similar outfits, in the waiting area as they boarded the plane for Jamaica. They caught up with each other on the flight and noticed they each couple had a different unit number.

Mary met the 4 couples when they got off the plane. Since they had no luggage she immediately directed them to a van. They all piled in for the hour drive to their destination. A security guard waved the van through the gate. Then they passed another security gate before the van stopped to let them off. Elaine got out and took in the view on the ocean and the condos surrounding the beach. Mary took them to into a building to be processed. All the couples were told to remove their outfits. Everyone checked out each other. Elaine saw another couple the same age as herself and Barry. The other 2 couples were in their early 20?s and reminded Elaine of her own children. She couldn?t imagine her children being here.

They were brought to the next room, where an attendant tattooed each slave with their unit number on their left arm. The tattoo was temporary, and would outlast their stay. Another attendant clamped a leather collar, also marked with the unit number, around each slave?s neck. This allowed the guests to leash their slaves. Mary told them they were to wear nothing but their collars and sandals during their stay. Mary explained the other rules:

1) Each slave was to follow the master and mistress?s instructions. They were expected to do domestic chores around each unit, including cleaning and cooking. They were to service their master and mistress?s sexual needs. They were to address the guests as master or mistress, and could add their first name if required.

2) Slaves were not allowed to have sex with other guests, slaves, or staff members unless directed by their master or mistress.

3) Slaves could be rented to guests in any of the adjoining resorts. Slaves could also be rented to any of the sex theaters in the village. All fees go to the master or mistress.

4) Slaves are not allowed outside the immediate condo compound unless accompanied by their master or mistress. Leashes were required outside the compound. This was for the slaves? own safety.

5) If any rules were broken, punishment would be severe and all fees due the slaves for their services would be forfeited.

Mary asked if there were any questions. There were none. ?Good? she said ?let?s go meet your masters.?

Part 7 to be continued.


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