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Never say Never

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She had been chatting with this guy on the site then on a separate chat platform for awhile and had said she found him interesting enough to meet. So she texts him for a couple of days and we set up a time to have him over. She was attracted to him because he was not like the other guys and could hold a conversation about more than sex and whenever she did tell him her fantasy that she wanted him to fulfill he heard it and did not make her go into detail which she liked. She has had trouble lately with guys just wanting to chat for their own gratification or masturbating while she IM's. She does not get it because if you want her to tell you the details why don't you just come over and do them is her thought. Anyway so she is talking to this guy and it did not even to occur to her to ask for pictures which we always do now or web cam after again people looking nothing like their profiles or having pictures from the 80's passing them off as current. But she liked this guy for his conversation so it was cool. The one picture she did see she thought he might be bi-racial and when she met him it would be a game time decision if she was going to do more than talk with him.

A little bit of history, she has always told me she will do anything for me and with almost anyone but will not have sex with a black guy because the times she dated them or had sex with them it was drama filled and it was not that great, that the hype was not worth the gain. She dated a couple 15 years ago and they just did not work for her and she was disappointed all around. I understood this and thought it was fine even though I kind of wanted to see her get fucked by a black guy just one of my fantasies but knew her boundaries so I don't push her.

Well the time comes and the guy shows up at the door and she goes down to meet him. As she is coming up the stairs she mouths to me so only I could see that he was black and sure enough he was black as black could be. We started talking and had a lot of the same job experiences and some other personal things in common so it seemed to be going well. I pull her outside and ask her if she is doing Ok and what she thought, she said he was nice and was having fun. I told her she did not have to go through with this and that we could just hang out with no playing involved and she said that she was good and would decide later. Well after talking to him for a bit and all of us getting more comfortable she tells me that when she finishes her beer that she would go upstairs then come down and get him. I asked her again if she was sure and she says you know you want to see this and the guy is cool but that she was only going to do it this once and that if it was not good she was never doing it again, I agreed.

So she goes upstairs, comes back down and tells us to follow her to our bedroom. I bring our computer to video it from one angle then start our camera to view it from another angle. I love to video them so we can go back and watch plus use for our personal pleasure later. So she tells me to lie down and that this guy was going to fulfill one of her fantasies, I go Ok. I lay down and she takes one of my ties and blind folds me but it only partially blinded me. This is what she wanted because she knows I have to watch and boy so I love to watch. There is nothing like seeing my wife getting fucked by a guy and watching her suck his cock and hearing her orgasm. So blind folding me was a huge turn on for her and me because I could only see some of the action and had to listen to her moan and suck him off. She also undoes my pants and lays my cock out so she can see me get hard and the pre-cum that drips off my cock when I am hard. But she also tells me that I cannot touch it or she would stop what she was doing or even worse make me leave the room while she fucks this guy.

She then has the guy stand at the end of the bed and starts having him caress her body and neck. He then lifts her tight shirt she had been wearing that her pierced nipples could be seen all night through off and onto the floor. She then takes his shirt off and feels his shaved chest which she likes, not a big hair on body girl, then he takes off his pants to expose his boxer briefs which is another huge turn on for her. She slides her tight ass hugging pants down and he drops his boxer briefs so that they are both naked with me laying blindfolded and clothed on the bed. I barely see them but she is sitting on the edge of the bed and I see her head bobbing up and down which means she is sucking his cock and I hear him comment how good it feels and how well she sucks. And she does suck very well, I don't know how she does it but it feels amazing and she does this thing where she sucks on the tip of your cock and you just want to explode. So I see her head going up and down, it is driving me crazy. When she is done sucking his cock she lays back on her arms and has one hand on me while he is kissing her neck, sucking on her tits and working down her body. She is then laid back and he starts to lick her pussy with his hands under her ass to make sure he get his tongue deep into her pussy and lick that clit well. It also helps she has piercings down there to help him and her get the most out of the experience. I am laying there hearing her moaning and him licking that wet pussy and it is driving me wild. And she gets really really wet when she is excited. She then reaches over and grabs my cock and slides her hand up and down it feeling the pre-cum and using it as lubricant. Then I feel her start to wiggle and that means she is about to cum really good and of course she does with a loud sexy moan to finish it. He is aggressively sucking and licking that pussy making her moan louder, now when she is done with that first orgasm she has to take a breath to regain control but if you don?t let her then she will orgasm over and over until she is out of breath completely. She tries to free herself from his tongue and grip on her ass but he does not let go and she just relents and lets him go again. So of course she is having multiple orgasms now when she finally just tells the guy to fuck her please. He then stands up and she gets close to the edge of the bed and slides his cock inside her already wet as hell pussy and I hear her let out a moan of pleasure that I love to hear. Again, I am still lying right next to her blindfolded while she is getting pleased over and over again. By this time it is killing me to have to listen and only see partially of what is happening.

So he continues to fuck her hard and his black cock was nice and large so that is appealing to me as I watch sort of. He then lifts her legs over his shoulders so he can get deep into that pussy and I hear the wetness with the slamming of each thrust. She is gripping his ass to make sure he gets all of his cock deep into her; she likes it deep and hard. This leads her to another orgasm that is loud which can be heard above the pounding she is enjoying. He then lifts her ass off the bed to where not only are her legs on his shoulders but they are on her shoulders as well ? she is very flexible also. In the middle of her getting fucked she rips my blindfold off and I see my wife getting nailed by this black guy that mind you she was only trying for me again and never enjoyed before was enjoying every minute of it this time. So I get a good look at the action as she is getting fucked, I go to the back and see this black guy?s cock being rammed in her pussy full tilt all the way to his balls and listen to her take it. He pushed her all the way from one end of the bed to the other and now her head was over the side of the bed moaning so I walked over and stuck my cock in her mouth. There is nothing like watching your wife get fucked and have her moan on your cock in her mouth. She continues to get fucked and continued to suck my cock swallowing all my pre-cum that I spurt in her mouth. She even continues to have my cock in her mouth as she lets out another orgasmic moan. He then decides to flip her around and have her on all fours on our bed. I then insert my cock back onto her mouth fully while he rams his cock into her pussy fully and all three of us are moving in the same motion back and forth. He then grabs her shoulders to really get a good thrust in her while I grab her head to keep my cock deep into her throat. The beautiful thing is she has no gag reflex so having my cock all in her throat is no problem for her. He continues to fuck her pussy well to the point she has to unleash my cock from her mouth so she can moan loudly for us but still has her hand holding my cock. He then pulls a move I have never seen from behind and that he lifts her by her ankles and drives in deeper on her, kind of impressive actually. While he is still fucking her with a force I reach and grab her tits and pinch them a little and grab them forcefully. He is using such force it is rocking the bed and her head into my cock and he is pushing down on her hips and gripping that ass so drive home his cock into her. By this time she has more than we count orgasms which only make her wetter and hotter. He finally gets the last push in and fucks her so rapidly he is a blur on the camera until he lets one hard push in and cums in her hard, leaving her reaching for air and knowing she was treated well.

As he is cleaning up I ask her if she is Ok and she says yes plus that she really enjoyed it and he was really good. They sat together on the bed and chatted for awhile naked about everything and she apologized for stereotyping him and that he was a good experience and would like to do it again plus would like to stay friends since we had more than just sex in common. After a break I am standing in the corner watching them talk he leans in and positions her on the bed so he can go lick her pussy again-she does not object one second instead she guides his head right to her still wet horny pussy. By the way I have all my clothes back on and am not allowed to touch myself-she can be really mean sometime and dominant, love it though. She is enjoying him lick and suck her pussy so I unzip my pants pull out my cock and make her stroke it. I can tell when she is about to orgasm or he is hitting the right spot because she grips my cock with force. She gripped it a lot in this manner this time. After she has another big orgasm she pulls me over on top of her and pushes him out of the way, I quickly slide my hardened cock right into that wet wet pussy. I start fucking her hard and long plus I am whispering in her ear how turned on I am, grateful she is doing this for me and other naughty ideas I have like him and I putting both our cocks in her pussy (one of her favorite positions). As I am fucking her she hits another orgasm and she reaches over and is holding his hand while I am still fucking her. As I am fucking her we start deep kissing (which she really enjoys and turns her on a lot) the she pushes me over to the side and while I am still fucking her she leans over and makes the other guy lean over and she starts to deep throat kiss him, I am fucking her watching her tongue explore another guys mouth. This is one of the things we never do is kiss other people because we try to keep some things to each other but OMG did it turn me and make me rock hard in her. I can tell she was into it, she had her hand on the back of his head and was giving him all her tongue, and it was so hot. They started to really get into it while I am right there fucking her, she and him are holding each other?s head in a tongue lock on their mouths seeming like I was not even there. The more they kissed the harder I got and the harder I fucked her up to the point I could not hold it anymore and I shot a fucking hard load into her that she said she could feel shoot into her. But did she stop kissing; no she kept it up just to show me she could and he was obviously enjoying it more and more. Even when I got out of her pussy they were kissing and finally broke free for a minute. As soon as I rolled off he rolled her to her side and stuck his dick into her mouth and grabbed the back her head to let her take it all. She did too, all the way to the base and balls. I then decided to go suck her pussy right after I came in her and suck that pussy with my cum dripping out. She loves to taste the cum on my lips of both of her and I. When I was done licking her pussy, she sucked his cock for a minute longer than had him roll onto her and he started sucking her tits, then leaned in and lipped locked her again. She again grabs the back of his head and they stick each other?s tongues as far into each other?s mouths as possible. She wraps both arms around him and gets him to lie on top of her while they are exploring each ones mouth or tonsils. He then goes and sucks on her tits for bit but then she wants him to fuck her again so he lines up and sticks his cock right back into her pussy while he also leans in and starts to search for her tonsils again, the whole time I am lying next to them watching and hard as hell. While he is fucking her and kissing her she reaches over and strokes my cock with my pre-cum again. Again she is gripping my cock hard as he is fucking her harder and she is moaning while they are kissing which leads her to another huge orgasm making it a ton for the night. All you can hear is the bed rock, him fucking her hard and her moaning as they kiss. She is so fucking wet at this point, he puts her legs on his shoulder and bends them to her shoulder then leans in to kiss her some more. She then leans over while he is fucking her and kisses me hard. He then continues to fuck her hard and I go to her head that is leaning over the bed and stick my cock back into her throat. After a while he is fucking her so hard she has to remove my cock from her mouth and grabs him to get him closer and then grabs my cock and strokes it. After she is fucked for awhile, she flips over and makes him enter from behind while she goes back to work on my cock deep in her throat. He grabs her shoulders and ass as he fucks her with force which alms her mouth deep onto my cock and I grab her hair and pull her face to my balls. She still manages a fucking loud ass orgasm while sucking my cock. I continue to watch her get fucked and she gets to another orgasm just as quick as the first, I am telling you if you do it right she will orgasm all night long and get wet as fuck. He then fucks her with a lot of force and she actually lays her front down with her ass in the air for him to get even deeper and they are in the moment. He fucks her so hard that he knocks her off the bed and she is literally holding herself up off the floor while her ass is still on the bed. This only leads to him fucking her harder until he cannot take it anymore and has to thrust hard into her pussy and cums just as hard as he did the first time.

So all in all it was a great night, she had so much fun on all different levels to the point she is trying to get him into her other fantasies which I will definitely post when they happen. But the moral of the story is Never say Never because you could be missing out on something great and we almost did. She actually ranks him in the top two of guys we have swinged with so that is good.

All of our stories are 100% true and really did happen, we love to live on the edge and try all kinds of things and always looking for that new adventure, so stay tuned for more stories. This also will lead into our next story ?Hurricane Irene guy? because even when bad weather hits we still can get lucky, stay tuned??.

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