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My wifes 1st time with 2 blacks.

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My wife Hammy and I have been married since 1999 and sex today is still as good as the first time we had it. We are an interesting couple as I'm a hispanic male and she is east Indian. She has a very pretty caramel skin color and stands 5'3" 105, 34c,and a 27 inch waist shaved smooth and always horny.

When we first met we soon found out that we are both have a very open mind when it came to sex. Her boyfriend before me was just your normal guy that would get it up, put it, put it out bust and roll over. Due to this and my wifes horniness she decided that she needed to move on to bigger and better things ☺

When night during a hot and heavy pounding that I was giving her pussy from behind I decided to ask her if she like how I was giving it to her and she of course had to say yeah and I would give it to her harder and smack her lovely little ass. After our hot session I asked her what her fantasies were and although she was hesitant at first I finally got her to open up but not before she made me tell her mine.

I had no problem telling Hammy that although I've been part of a threesome a couple of years prior MFM that I wanted to do that again and also FMF. She said to me that she has always had the fantasy of being with 2 or more guys at a time but was always to embarressed with previous boyfriends as they never asked her such questions. She said she watched lots of movies and was especially interested in the ones where women would get fucked by a couple of big black cocks.

I asked Hammy if I was able get a couple of black guys for her to try would she be okay with being there watching and joining in. She said that I would have to be there and not only watch but that I would have to join in and not leave her alone. I asked her if there was a minimum of inches that they needed to have and I was surprised at how quickly she responded without hesitation and said that at least a thick 10" inches. Now I'm a very thick 8 but I thought wow no problem I will set it up.

I got on-line searching for potential candidates that had a thick 10 inches. I got in contact with two good friends that liked fucking wife with their anaconda cocks. One stated in his profile that he had 11" while the one had 10" and I thought great, you're hired. We chatted back and fourth and I told them the whole story that would need to try her like a lady the whole time as she had never done anything like this but was very willing and horny just thinking about it.

A few days later while I was taking Hammy doggie style in the ass (she loves anal,she never tried it until she met me)when I told her that I met this black guy at the bar and I told him about our fantasies and he wanted to know where he could fill out an application to be able to play with her. She moaned louder and asked me if he had another friend that might be interested. I told her that I could ask him and I could tell them that we wanted to meet with them the following weekend. She said to set it up and she would get really horny everything she thought it especially since she confessed to me.

I set up the meeting with the two guys for Saturday at a real nice hotel in downtown L.A (at their expense, hey I'm supplying the pussy). Hammy and I got to the bar waiting for them, I made sure to get there early to where I would get some drinks for Hammy to help calm her down of any nervousness. By the time Andre and Tony got there Hammy was already a little buzzed and they quickly complimented her on how pretty she was.

They both sat next to her and she was now sitting between two black guys that wanted to fuck her brains out and not only did not have a problem with it, she couldn't wait. After some conversation and introductions Andre said he wanted to get this party started and asked if we wanted to go up to the room. I looked at my Hammy and I noticed that she had both hands under the table and just to her sides obviously rubbing their cocks throught their pants.

Without thinking about it she said she couldn't wait. We all got up and headed for the room. As soon as we got in the elevator I saw Andre massaging her ass while Tony just went for it and started kissing her on the lips and grabbing some tit. Andre then got a little bolder and lifted her skirt and pulled the her thong down all the way down and she stepped out of them with ease and he started rubbing her pretty shaved pussy while I watched in amazement.

When the elevator stopped in our floor just before we started walking Tony said to Hammy "Wait" she turned to face him and he unbuttoned her shirt all the way made her take it off and walked only in her bra the rest of the way. Hammy was obviously enjoying this as she was getting to do things that she always wanted to do but was always to scared to try anything as her upbringing is very different then what we're used to.

The moment we got in the room Tony and Andre started taking off her bra and skirt. My wife was really enjoying it as she kept giggling like a little high school girl and looking at me and putting her head down. Tony got behind her and started massaging her tits from beind while Andre started kissing her lips and neck while rubbing her pussy softly. She was obviously loving this as she reached out with both hands searching for their cocks. Andre then went down to suck on her dark nipples then worked his way all the wasy down to her smooth pussy.

Tony seen this and started taking his clothes off in rapid time. When he was naked Hammy reached for his cock right away and when she felt that thing she realized how big he was and immediately turned her head to look at it to see what she was dealing with. Tony noticed this and whispered in her ear that it was 11" and all she could say was "WOW" and moaned in approval.

After a little while of this Andre got up and did the same thing with his clothes and he already had his 10" cock rock hard. Hammy looked at it and again said "Wow, you guys look great" never taking her eyes of their big black cocks. Tony looked at me and asked if there was anything they couldn't do. Hammy surprised me and answered for me saying "You can do anything you guys want to my mouth, pussy and ass". I looked at them and said "You heard the lady", with that Tony put both his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed down on them and knew right away what was wanted.

When she got on her knees to started rubbing his cock and balls and admired the thickness and was amazed at how hard it was getting in her mouth. She looked over at me as to get approval when I gave her the yes motion with my head she opened her mouth and licked the tip of his cock, giggled and open wide and tried to take it all in. His cock was so big and she could only get the past the tip in it. Let me tell you that as much as Hammy likes to suck my cock and swallow my cum she looked like a kid with a new toy and boy did she like her toy.

Tony was now the recipient of a awesome blowjob while Andre came around in front of her while stroking his big cock put his up close to her mouth. Hammy being a good cocksucker turned to his cock and started sucking on the tip really hard making slurping noises as she was doing it. Andre complimented her on her skills and said that the way she was sucking his cock she was going to make him cum in no time the first time. Hammy pulled it out of her mouth looked up and him and told him "Don't threaten me with a good time".

This went on for about another 10 minutes when Tony announced that he wanted some of that cute Indian pussy since he never had that kind before. He got behind her in the doggie style position and got ready to put it in. She turned to him and then at me and asked us out loud "What if it doesn't fit"? Andre answered for us all and he told her that Tony would make it fit. With that she went back to sucking Andre's dick while Tony was now working his big 11" cock into her married pussy.

I was surprised at how hard and horny I was from watching my own porno movie live that I stared stroking my cock very gently and slowly cause I didn't want to cum to soon. Soon Tony and Andre build a ryhthem and while Tony would push into her pussy Andre would go out of her mouth. Hammy was moaning and groaning and occasionally lookking back at Tony as he now had his 11" black cock balls deep. Andre reached down and starting rubbing her nipples she they fucked her on both ends.

After a little while they switched positions but this time with Hammy on her back while again sucking one while fucking the other. Andre now wanted my wife to ride his cock and she was all to happy to comply with his request. She started to ride his huge black cock while Tony grabbed her by the hips to bounce her on that cock harder. Then Tony started massaging her pretty little asshole and my wife just moaned and turned to look at him and said "You want some of my Indian ass"?

Without answering her Tony reached for the lube I threw on the bed and worked some onto his finger and her ass. Slowly he worked his finger in and out of her ass until she told him she was ready for his cock if he wanted to put it in there. He didn't need to be told twice as he got behind her and pushed her forward onto Andre's chest then aimed his cock at her tight little ass.

He put the tip in and she moaned out loud and said "Shit, it's so big". He kept working his way into my wifes ass while his friend fucked her pussy. After a few minutes when she was used to the feeling of being stuffed in both of her holes for the first time in her life. She told him to fuck her good and make her love it. They didn't need to be told twice as they once again built a nice rythem and while one went out the other went in.

This went on for quite sometime and Hammy my wife of 7 years was screaming all kinds of nasty things like how much she liked getting fucked in both holes at the same time, how she liked having her pussy streched while getting her ass fucked. My wife looked so damn sexy on the bed with those two black guys fucking the hell out of her.

When Tony announced that he wanted to cum she told him to hold it cause she wanted Andre to cum at the same time. He announced that he too was ready to cum and they both worked at a rapid pace to cum. She kept telling them to fuck her faster and to push it in real deep when they came. As they were about to explode they kept talking to her and telling her to take their cum in her pussy and ass at the same time and telling her what a sexy little slut she was.

She quickly agreed with them and told them that she was a slut and and she loved their black cocks making her a slut. Finally they both screamed and moaned and breathed deeply and started to shoot their cum into both my wifes holes her pussy and in her ass. She kept telling them that if felt so good to have their hot cum shooting in there and how nasty it was making her feel and it only made her want more.

They continued to fuck her for a few more hours until Andre said he had to start work at 5am the following day and it was already 1am. Tony said he didn't have to work the next day and looked at me as if asking if he could stay. I looked at Andre and told him that his friend would tell him about the rest of our night later as I knew my wife wasn't done yet. He left and we continued the party.

My wife came over to me and sat on my lap facing me and kept thanking me over and over again kept kissing me all over my face. I that moment I think I fell in love all over again. Tony was hard again and she looked at him and then at me and asked me, "May I". I said go ahead and she turned around while staying seated on my lap. Tony came over to her face and put his cock really close to her face again.

She played with it in her hands for a little bit before trying to take his anaconda like cock into her mouth again. I was grabbing and rubbing her tits while whispering in her ear how sexy she looked with a big black cock in her mouth. This pumped her up even more and really began sucking in his cock hard and fast. It was one of the sluttiest blowjobs I've ever received from her. I continued to talk to her into ear asking her if she like sucking on strange black cock, and she would only groan her answer. Every so often she would take that thing out of her mouth and tell me that she not only liked it, but that now she was starting to love sucking on black cock.

I opened her legs and rubbed her pussy while she continued sucking on his cock. When he announced that he was going to cum, I softly asked her in her ear. "What are you going to do with his cum, are you going to take it in the mouth or in the face"? She took his cock out of her mouth and told him to cum in her mouth cause she was also curious about swallowing black cum. This triggered something in him cause he immediately pulled out and stroked it a few times and shot off into her mouth. Husbands and wifes out there, let me tell you, seeing another guys cock shoot off in her mouth made me shoot my cum without even touching my cock. She continued taking all his cum in her mouth then putting the tip in her mouth again without swallowing his load yet.

When he was done cumming she turned to me while still sitting on lap open her mouth to show me and gave one big swallow. God that was such a turn on, she then went back to sucking every last drop of cum from his cock. He backed up and she got up turned around and she started sucking on my cock. I guess he wasn't done yet cause he grabbed his cock and aimed it at her pussy again.

She looked up at me and said "I want him to fuck me in the ass honey". I looked at him and told him, "you heard her". With that he didn't need to be told twice as worked his cock into her ass once again and starting fucking deep while she sucked on her husbands cock. She kept saying how she could get used to this would mind being fucked by black guys from now on. After we both came again it was close to 3am and Tony now had to leave. He got dressed while Hammy kept sucking my cock and eventually fucked me while he watched for a little bit and left but not before giving us his and Andre's number and telling us to call them whenever we wanted. Hammy, my wife again surprised me by saying "We will call you when you can get 5-10 more of your black friends with cocks as big as yours and Andre's then giggled.

As we laid in bed she kept thanking me and telling me how much she loved me. She then asked me if I would be willing to let her continue to fuck black guys with big cocks. I looked at her and told her, "Only if I can watch and join in". She said, "I wouldn't want it any other way"......


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