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My first MMFMM

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I have never thought I was an extremely sexy women I am attractive but pretty average. That is not how my husband says he sees me and I really appreciate that. I am a black woman and my husband is white. As we had been swinging a few years I had gotten used to the whole idea but never fully gotten into it unless I had several drinks. I had discovered my bi side with several women and with some couples. I had actually had more sex when we played then my husband had. As he is many years older then I am and sometimes he can’t get it up as long as he used to. So he does other things and enjoys watching. For a long time he had suggested that we include some play with men. I love him and I thought it would not be fun for him and it might make him a bit jealous. However as time went on and he kept talking about it I was aroused by the idea. While I love sex with women it has never given me the intense orgasms I got when I make love to my husband. Even the male half of couples rarely gave me earth-shaking orgasms. Well one weekend that all changed and I now totally love swinging as long as there are a few good dicks around.

It was a spring weekend and promised to be a warm evening. We had a very nice house and back yard with a hot tub which we had entertained other sexy people a few times. My husband had made the initial contact with some men and asked me to select from those which ones to invite over. I talked to a few and from their personality and their sexy pictures I selected two guys that I thought would be nice to meet. My husband made the arrangements to meet at a local bar for drinks on a sat night. He also invited two other guys as well but I did not know that until I got there. I dressed pretty sexy and at my husbands insistence I wore no bra, something I rarely go without. My breasts are 38D and I have large very protruding nipples. So I didn’t think the outfit was appropriate for public. I went anyway but wore a sweater over my almost shear top. We got to the bar at 6pm and we set outside at a table and had a drink. The guys were told to be there at 6:30. They were all early and I didn’t get a chance to really chicken out like I wanted to. I was surprised by the two guys I had not selected and I whispered to my husband "what’s up" He said " more for you to choose from" Well the guys were all nice looking and very attentive especially after a few drinks when I got warm and took off the sweater and they could all see my nipples clearly. There was small talk and some teasing for about an hour when my husband announced that it was time to get the party started. The four guys (Ted early 40s very tall and thin, Ronald late 40s long white hair and beard, Chris late 30s med build and Mike 30s black and looked like a football lineman) all stood and followed us back to the parking lot. I had enough to drink that I was less mad and more excited now. They followed us back to our house that was just 15 minutes away. We wasted no time once we got there my husband and the guys were naked 15 minutes after we walked in the door. I guess I just obeyed when I was told to undress Dam Alcohol!

Well I was very turned on by the display of maleness around me, I had already seen pictures of two of the guys Ted and Ronald and they had nice bodies hairy chests which I like and above average size dicks but not large. The other guys Chris and Mike were younger had very nice bodies not much hair on them but they obviously workout. Both of them looked to have even larger dicks but Mike’s dick was the largest by far. Once again the old fable that black men have the largest dicks is shown to be true. I mustered all my courage when my husband took my arm and led me to the hot tub with the guys following. I knew that I was in for some intense sex. Actually it all came about very easily. Once in the hot tub all hands and mouths were all over me but they would ask first “ may I touch your pussy or breasts? May I kiss you?” How could I refuse? I was transported to another place I laid my head back on the pillow of the hot tub and while they were busy arousing me I was busy feeling for all the cock I had at my disposal. I had my first orgasm of the day after about 30 minutes of this attention. I don’t even know which man was responsible but my breasts were being sucked on I was kissing one guy and there were fingers in my pussy and my ass. I suppose I know that in one of my hands was Mike’s cock because of the size of that hard dick. I had another hard dick in my other hand but I didn’t know which one. My orgasm lasted a long time the men just kept up there playing with my clit, pussy and nipples. After about 15 minutes and well on my way to another orgasm Chris took my hands and led me to sit on his hard cock. It was a very thick cock that really felt wonderful in my very wet pussy. The other guys didn’t stop playing with my breasts and ass all the time I was riding on Chris’s dick. At times one of the guys would stand and let me suck on their dick for a minute but it was hard to stay focused on that because of the splashing water and the hard fucking I was getting. I had been so close to cumming that I didn’t last too long and had my second orgasm. Before I could calm down from my second orgasm Chris stood and fed me his hard thick cock to suck and he was obviously close to cumming too because I sucked on it only a minute before he filled my mouth with a huge load of cum. Normally I don’t swallow but I do love it when I get cum in my mouth however this time I really enjoyed feeling and tasting the cum I was getting and I swallowed every drop and sucked for every last drop. I felt exhausted and drained yet very sexy. I knew I would be getting more and wondered if I could last. I decided to ask for a break to hydrate so we all got out and went into the family room where the guys started watching some porn. I returned with some drinks for everyone, the guys were all sitting on the couch porn on the big screen TV and they all were playing with their hard dicks. What a great fucking sight! I have always loved seeing men play with their cocks but seeing five hard cocks gave me all the energy I needed to continue. We talked a few minutes and had our liquid refreshment. All the time those dicks were hard and I could not take my eyes off of them I knew I was wet again. I asked the guys to help me move the table that was in front of the couch got a pillow and started at Mike the first guy at one end of the couch. I knelt between his legs and took his huge cock in my hands. Erect it must have been more then nine inches long and thicker then my hand could hold. I was impressed that I could suck over half of it before I gagged on it. I sucked each guy for several minutes before I moved on to the next one. Each one was getting me hornier then the last one. As I got to the last guy Mike came up behind me and started to eat my pussy. That was all I needed to give me my third orgasm. I just kept saying Oh my God, Oh my God over and over. Mike was lying on the floor now on his back and my husband and one other guy helped me up and guided me over to Mike so I could sit on his huge dick. This actually was the biggest dick I had ever fucked and I was a bit nervous but Mike reassured me it would not hurt and it didn’t. It did feel like I had been stretched in two directions because it was both very thick and very long. A couple of times I came down too hard on his dick and I felt it hit the bottom but It didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I tired after a few minutes so Mike got on top and fucked me hard and fast I was making so much noise moaning and almost screaming from that incredible fucking I could not hear all the dirty talk coming from my husband and the other guys. I know I must have had another orgasm or a few from that big dick fucking before Mike finally came inside of me shuddering but at this point I was way past keeping track. I had no break before Ted got on top of me and because of how wet I was I barely felt his dick enter me. He stared slow gentle fucking, which started feeling good then as he started picking up speed Ronald straddled my face and gave me his cock to suck. I was truly in heaven; I sucked Ronald deep in my mouth and gladly accepted his hot load of cum swallowing every drop just as Ted emptied his cum in me. My husband had been really enjoying all this and my last fuck of the evening was with my husband. He said, “ Dam your pussy is wet” of course it was wet I had two guys cum in my pussy and had “god only knows” how many orgasms. My husband fucked me for quite awhile for him at least while all the guys were sitting around playing with their dicks again and they were hard once again. They kept telling my husband to fuck me harder and harder which he did. The four guys came over to me and with all their dicks at attention pointed at my face one by one they jacked off all over my face and breasts just as my husband shot his load in my pussy. I had another orgasm I remember that but I have no idea at all how many orgasms I had that night or how much cum I tasted but I don’t regret one drop. I had been a somewhat reluctant swinger till that night but now I know my full potential. There were no bad feelings from fucking all those men only pleasant memories. I know we have talked about having more of these adventures but I don’t know how anything could ever top that first MMFMM orgy.

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