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My Fun at the 55+ Park - Nicole

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Hi everybody. It?s me Nicole again. Sorry I haven?t written in a few. Been kinda busy with the holidays and stuff. I wanted to tell you guys about an adventure I had at my great aunts place in December. She lives in this 55+ mobile park and I go over there twice a month to clean and take her out shopping and for lunch. After dropping her off at her house, I then go to their indoor pool at the complex and go swimming. Most all the time, I am by myself in the pool area, so there is no issue. This last time, I got another wish fulfilled.

I buy my bikini?s on line from this place called wickedweasel. Check out their website with all of the contributors photo?s. I will tell you that I submitted mine about a year ago and got them rejected because they said I wasn?t old enough to wear these suits. That is my main problem. I look like a girl that is barely in her teens. I am only 4?10?, about 90 pounds, 32A-23-32, and long light brown hair. I enjoy dressing to reveal my body and love the attention as well. Typical girl, I guess.

Anyhow, after taking care of my aunt, I went inside the room where the indoor pool was and saw 4 men playing cards at a table. After saying hi to them, I noticed them all looking at me in the reflection of the window. I put my towel down on the lounge chair and turned to face them. My chair was about 3 feet from there table. While asking them what game they were playing, I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper all the way down. I definitely had there eyes focused on my zipper and I had to ask them again. The bikini I was wearing was a sheer white microminimus that in the front barely covers my lips and is just a string in the back. When this bikini gets wet, it is totally see through. If you go on the website, you will see what I mean. With my zipper pulled down all the way, there was no sight of the bikini bottom. I introduced myself to them and asked them if it was ok to swim there? One of the guys finally said it was fine. I pulled my tank top off and then proceeded to remove my jean, making sure that my bottoms came down with them by mistake (?). They all got quite a view of my smooth pussy as I then pulled my bikini bottom back up, apologizing for the exposure. They all said it was fine. After taking my jeans off, one of the guys asked my how old I was. I told him that I was old enough to wear this bikini and asked him if it looked ok on me. He told me it did, as all of them did. I then jumped into the pool and started doing laps, while they went back to their card game.

After about 20 laps, I decided to get out of the water. I knew that these guys were in for quite a show, with this bikini being sheer when wet. I got out of the pool and I heard one of them say, ?Oh my God?I?ve died and gone to heaven?! I giggled and walked over to them soaking wet and asked the biggest guy to wipe off my back. He trembled as he began toweling my back off, stuttering as he did. I reminded him to make sure my legs and bottom should be dry as well. Slowly he dried and massaged my butt and I could feel his breath on my butt cheeks as he did one leg at a time. I then turned around so he could do the front and now his face was about 3 inches from my pussy. It was my time to tremble, as I felt his breath now on my swollen lips. I then asked him how I looked and he said like a goddess. I took his head and pushed it towards my mound and felt his tongue slowly lick my outer lips. I moaned like a little girl as one of his friends then pulled aside my top to expose one of my tits. He then fingered and kneaded my nipple as the one licking my lips pulled my suit aside to dive his tongue deep into my soaked pussy. I was in heaven with these guys. The other two guys got up and left without saying a word (probably thought they would get busted having sex with a girl in the room) and now I was alone with these guys. Finally after what seemed forever, I asked the guy who was licking me to stand up. He must have been almost 7 feet tall. I reached up and pulled his workout pants down to reveal the smoothest black cock I had ever seen. Immediately I took the head of it and began to lick circles around the head and run my nails along the giant sack that held his balls. While I did this, they other guy proceeded to pull my bottoms down and picked up each of my feet to remove them completely. He then undid the back of my top to take this off as well. Now here I was totally nude in front of these guys, being fondled and licked and I did not even know there names! I continued to suck on this cock hoping he would get a massive erection, but it didn?t seem to get stiff. I thought this was probably because he was older than say 65 and this was not what he planned on doing when he decided to play cards this morning with his friends. The other guy had his dick out and was jacking himself off while squeezing and slapping my butt. All of a sudden, I heard him moaning, so I turned around and put his dick in my mouth just in time for him to come. I kept jacking him while he moaned and moaned tasting his cum in my mouth until he told me to stop. I then turned around to see the other guy stroking himself. I went over and laid a towel on one of the big tables and asked him to come over and lay on his back. I them climbed up and put my pussy right in his face as I took his dick and played with it while sucking the head. He came within a minute of this while licking and smacking my butt. I must have came 2 or 3 times this whole time. He then picked me up and laid me on the lounge chair, pleading with me not to tell anyone. I told him that his secret was safe with me as long as he made me lunch. I then got dressed and went to his trailer with my other new found friend and had a nice lunch. He asked me if I would go naked in his trailer so he can see my body again, which I had no issue with. We then spent the day talking and him and his friend continued to have sex with me (no intercourse) until about 5, when I told them I had to go home, but will be back again for a repeat performance. I gave both of them a kiss, put my bikini back on, and proceeded to leave his trailer in my bikini, carrying my jeans and top. I walked all the way down the driveway to the street and to my car dressed like this. I had about 15 different guys calling me over and stopped to give each one a hug and kiss (and got quite a few butt massages in the process) on my way to my car. I don?t think I will repeat this with the guys, since I like change so much, but it was nice being so appreciated. Younger guys don?t appreciate young girls as much. So you older gentlemen, beware of me! See you all soon!


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