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My Fantasy come true

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let me start off saying that i was a very later bloomer.. most men i knew were friends and nothing more... i had a girlfriend that iwould go to clubs with and had a great time... most of the men that came on to me were afro-american .and please [forgive me if that isnt the correct term... ]. me being the catholic italian girl i always would say no.. but secretly i thought alot of them were very good looking but not enough to make me want to go against everything that i was brought up to believe(inter-racial couples were a no-no}. anyway i met my husband when i was 30 and we married when i was turning 32..needless to say my experience with men was limited to 3. i know shocking....prior to our marriage i had met one of his friends that he hadnt seen in quite awhile...i almost fell to the floor..he was afro-american and gorgeous. my face turned red my palms started to sweat... i was actually surprised that my vaginal muscles started to twitch and throb... i excused my self to the rest room and when i pulled my panties down i was soaked thru ..that night i took it all out on my husband and yes i told him the reason for it and he was actually amused...and told me most women have the same reaction.... hes not dark but more like a caramel color with br eyes and short man other then my husband had ever done that... i made sure he was invited to my wedding and he did show... my husband had spoken to me about a 3-some and i said for his b-day we had our 1st 3-some.. i told him that i wanted one but i wanted it with this specific person but because of the friendship my husband declined and i understood....we had them over to dinner often and yes he is married...over the years we saw less of him because of careers and distance but from time to time we would get together and each time we did i flirted with him just a little made sure i wore low cut blouses...made little innuendos but they all seemed to fly over him without any notice... well how wrong i recent day he e-mailed my husband some pictures of women with big breasts and jokingly i told him that he can send them to me as well .... he asked why since i was a woman and playing around i told him i was bi... we batered back and forth with him thinking i was my husband until i used my micro-phoneso he could hear it was actually me.... i told him that i liked things like that and that one of my fantasies was to be with a blk man...he thought i was joking and asked where my husband was..i told him downstairs.... i also told him i wasnt the prude he thought i was and that i like to play and have pictures of myself that my husband took of me....ok he said send me one... i said ok and so i did i instant imaged him and sent him one of me with nothing on lying on my bed with my legs spread ....he couldnt believe it he told me that he was instantly hard... and that he had always found me attractive and hot and wasnt able to look at me because he wanted to just grabbed me and do me wherever we were.. he noticed the taunts,the lowcut shirts... my body language....but since i was his friends wife it was hands off..well not for me..i continued to send him pics ... i was in a doggy styled position with nothing on...another of my breats lying down... he begged me to stop and thought ok i got him... he finally wished that i could be his..i cremed on my chair...he was as hot for me as i was for him... we made plans for the following night to get together. he called me to let me know where and what time and i said i will be there..we met in a motel a good distance away and when i saw him he cameover to the car and tongued kiss me...damn was it good.. iwas nervous and excited that i couldnt get aroused butthat did it... i was drenched... we got into the room and he grabbed me and kissed me and crushed me up to him..he was very hard and he was grinding his cock into me.. i couldnt wait to feel him inside me... i backed up to the bed and pulled us both down with him on top....he landed with his cock in the middle of my pussy my legs spread as wide as i could get them... i couldnt believe how hard he was..... finally i was able to get my shirt off his shirt off and our chests nipples were harder than a rock... he sucked one then the other.. i reached down and undid his pants pulling him out and pulling my pants off.. i slid my blk lace panties to the side and he just slipped right stopped and shuddered and told me it is exactly as he thought it would be..wet hot and tight.....with my legs around him i pushed him deeper and started to move my hips harder and harder into his making him pull back to slow down because he was going to cum....i told him no that i had waited 8 years for this and he said he waited just as long if not longer because he wanted me the 1st time he saw me.... i told him to suck my nipples harder and pump me harder and that was it ..he lost control and he pulled out cum oozing out of him... i surprised him by getting up and sucking him into my mouth because i needed to taste him...we talked to a few my hands never leaving his cock and balls and soon he was ramrod ..he spread my legs and gave me a wonderful sinful mouth watering tongue bath... he sucked and kissed and lapped up all my juices that was flowing.... i came in his mouth and he reached up to kiss me and share it with me... he knew i would be sweet and went back down for more...he fingered me and came out with it white my cum running down his finger me licking it off... i told him to lay down that i wantedto suck him and he did.... i took him as deep as i could with maybe 1/2 inch still out....he was a good 9 inches long and a little thick.... i ran my tongue up and down....swirled it around..sucked and licked his balls.. he couldnt take it and told me to ride favorite position....i got on top and boy did i ride him... i pumped hard and then soft..i went on my feet and rocked him that way and just before we were both going to cum i jumped off and sucked him again because i wanted it to last longer and not have him cum yet.... i played until he begged me to stop... his hands were gripping my hair... he hips were bucking into my chest..he was pumping hard into my mouth..this man was unbelieveably out of control which i didnt think could happen to him.... i stopped and climbed on top again and started to ride him gently and softly until i had my clit and pussy lips close to bursting... everytime i started to pump fast i slowed down until he grabbed me and turned me over and drove deep and hard into me and kept pumping harder and harder till we both came.. he pulled out and squirted.. we had a towel next to us i cleaned him off and told him i wasnt done...sensitive and all he re-entered and pumped me again and i came..i gripped his dick so hard because my muscles were contacting that i squezzed him down to nothing... he fell on top of me and told me he never experienced anything like that before...he put his fingers inside and he couldstill feel me throbbing ... he shifted and moved between my legs and drank up all my liquid ...we kissed ..talked a little more and then we dressed and said good night...i thanked him for my fantasy come true.....

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