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My Confession

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As a 53 year young wife with a great 30 yr marriage and have enjoyed a few years of swinging post empty nesters, I have a confession I’ve wanted to put into words for sometime now. I had a couple of secret sexual encounters when I turned 40, pre swinging days and most probable to my agreement with my husband when he brought up the subject of swinging together. Actually it was a relief to my somewhat guilty conscious over a couple of years. I never really regretted my doing it as it was someone I just had to have sex with and that was all it ever was. And great it was! The excitement, the eroticism, the scents and the first time with another male still tingles.

Ok, here goes. I was 40 and my kids friend had an uncle in his early 30’s. He was black about 6 foot 3 and a hunk. Actually I’ve only ever really know a few black people in my life and this guy was something special to me I’ve never been able to explain. Just an aura and presence and a mutual chemistry just happened. At first that seemed to be all there was. A great match of personalities and seldom ever seen much of each other. He was married to one of my kids friend older sister and they only visited our town now and then.

One day as he came to pick up his nephew he stopped in and we chatted for a half hour waiting on the kids to get it together. He had such a great smile and so easy to get to know. I must say he was a natural flirt and just during normal conversations he would wink, chuckle and had a way of making me flirty as well. I don’t know how it really happened but as he was preparing to leave we just naturally hugged for whatever spontaneous reason. I recall a sorta lustful groan when we did and he chuckled and winked and I suddenly had this embarrassing tingle in my nether region. I’m sure I was blushing and at the time I had to cut things short and get my senses back together. What was I doing!!

Well the tingling didn’t subside much. I found myself consumed with fantasy. It wasn’t the normal thoughts anyone might naturally have. I was thinking naughty and liking it. I began pondering of the typical stereotype thoughts of size and how sex might be. I kept trying to convince myself these we’re goofy thoughts but I couldn’t deny my desire. As days progressed I almost felt an obsession. I have seldom been one to masterbate but in the mornings after my husband left for work I would lie naked in bed and bring myself to orgasm thinking of having sex with my black friend. I soaked many towels over a month and trying to fight my wicked thoughts to no avail.

Finally, I told myself I had to make a decision. I did. I want to fuck this guy at least once. How, was my immediate reaction! Maybe he would have no part of it. But then the recall of his winks told me he would. Ok, I thought long and hard and convinced myself this is ok. I’ll just boldly pursue and hope it works. A guy who even refuses would never tell and would be flattered at an opportunity, I told myself. I had my nerve up to the peak and decided if we were to do it, it would be here at home during the day. No motel sneaks. Just hiding things right up front.

To make the story short, I went for it and minus the details of how I set it up I’ll cut to the chase of the actual event. I wanted it fast and furious and I had let him know this. He now knew my obsession and was a willing participant and knew it was all for lust and eroticism sake. Early afternoon weekday he showed up. We were both so hot for the action there was little time for anything else. I took him straight to the bedroom where I swiftly stripped to my panties and bra. He stood there somewhat stunned and I actually wanted him to stay mostly clothed. I hugged him taking in his scent and ground my hips into his groin as I was finally going to cure my curiosity and lustful wants. I felt his bulge growing. We did not kiss but the groans were growing and we nipped each others necks as the heat began building. He kneaded my ass cheeks and my crotch was getting soaked. I pulled away enough to grasp and knead his manhood. Yes, I was shocked and size was what I had hoped for for so long. He slid his hand under my panties and his finger touched my slick clit. I unzipped him and began trying to extract him but his size was making it difficult. He then laid me on the bed and positioned a pillow under my hips. I now had a view of this big man standing between my legs and bulging mound in my white panties. He unbuckled his belt and pulled away his pants and was standing with his black boxers with a huge bulge stretching the cloth. He slowly tugged his boxers down and with a spring his enormous manhood stood erect and swaying. I had never seen such a sight. Not only long but his girth was intimidating. He separated my legs and stepped forward as his manhood hovered only inches above my panty cladded mound. He began to rub his cock over my panties causing them to press into my slit. The feeling of it was amazing. He was leaking pre cum over my now wet panties and the heat of the friction was driving me over the edge. I had an immediate orgasm before anything has even happened.

I had to mention he please take things slow and easy. He chuckled and winked to try and put me at ease. He told me he knew I wanted this to be naughty and he wanted to try and make things as kinky and erotic as I did. He said he wanted my panties to remain on and he gently pulled the crotch to the side as he continued rubbing the head of his cock along my labia. He put another pillow under my head to get a good view. My goodness I was wondering as I noticed his width was nearly as wide as my crotch how this was ever going to work! He then nudged carefully a couple of times and with a tug I saw the head disappear. He just held there for a minute and with a little pressure as I rotated my hips he began to slide in. About half way he stopped as we adjusted. I’ve never felt such a sensation and then he pushed as I felt a fullness that is impossible to describe. Almost a numbness as somehow he managed to bottom out into me and I felt his scrotum touching my butt cheeks. Then as he began to extract the feelings were so enhanced I was shuddering. He pulled about half and then back in doing this over and over and then he just ground deep and asked if I was ready.

It felt so good and I thought I was ready for a good pounding. He asked me to please hold my panties to the side as it was time to go at it. He began the same cycle for a few more times and then he nearly pulled out and began full thrusting. Wow! After a few full thrusts I was cumming over and over. It felt so good and he was beginning to groan and the sound and feel of his nuts slapping my ass was awesome. He seemed to have a lot of stamina and we went for what seemed like several minutes. I was so sloppy wet at this point it didn’t matter. Suddenly he was tensing and with a deep thrust he let out a groan like a bull. I felt his squirting deep inside me. I wondered how much sperm he was pumping into me! We lay exhausted in a sweat and as I noticed him soften he still felt big as he extracted from me with almost a plop. I now felt myself oozing cupfuls of semen and felt like I was open. In fact, I was. As a sat up and looked at myself, my vagina opening was open enough to watch the cum drip from me. I looked up as he was still standing in front of me and his cock was soaked and even when partially flaccid the veins were still pumped. I found myself licking his dick and sucking the head.

We both knew this was for fun and maybe this first time could be the last. However, we did have to do it one more time. I still find myself lusting for another time.

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